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original work. Earn nominations. Big win to get on screen.
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13 days ago by topgold
Using to look at ways people make and .
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15 days ago by topgold
CT231 | Assignment #3: Social Media Reflection
Reimagines a creativity assignment set in #LITmw
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november 2013 by topgold
Creative Media Briefing 2013-01
Discussing the development and refinement of media texts.
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september 2013 by topgold
The Creative Environment - Anil Dash
Reviewing @anildash's creative environment: #edchatie
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december 2012 by topgold
Inside View from Ireland: Co-Creation in the Verge
Deriving inspiration from +Evelyn Rodriguez and +Sep Kamvar
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may 2012 by topgold
Apps Work Better for Creatives
I'm a big proponent of the mobile web but based on cross-talk on Google Plus, I've discovered I use native apps a lo...
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february 2012 by topgold
Lumi - Inkodye
Clever, creative transfers under sunlight.
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december 2011 by topgold
Finding Nemo Credits | Educasting on Blip
Learning how to like a foley artist by deconstructing parts of Finding Nemo.
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september 2009 by topgold

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