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Tumblr does more than you think.
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march 2013 by topgold
Can A Blog Post Be A "Work In Progress"?
Part of the Disruptive Conversations series
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november 2012 by topgold
Inside View from Ireland: Meeting Irish Pamphleteers
FACT: Ireland's first blogger meet-up happened in Dublin in Jul '04 with @gavinsblog and @dickobrien swapping stories.
july 2012 by topgold
Creative Media from Dundalk
It takes time to keep a vibrant blog.
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february 2012 by topgold
Mapping Irish Bloggers
AFTER FINISHING A cup of coffee with Feargal McKay, I wondered if we have a way of mapping Irish bloggers? It's something that Antoin O Lachtnain's postal code system could easily accommodate in the Republic.
lbs  blogging 
february 2012 by topgold
They Know Me by My Photostreams
Some people come just to look at photos.
january 2012 by topgold
Remembering Scobleizer's First Tsunami
With thoughts from Jeremiah Owyang and Sarah Lacey.
december 2011 by topgold
Humbled by Stories of Tsunami Survivors
Evelyn Rodriguez survived and wrote about it.
december 2011 by topgold
Snippets from Mailing Lists
From my Radio Weblogs blog 1 Jan 03.
december 2011 by topgold
Seismic lag
Watching the tsunami sweep over MSM faster than blogs.
december 2011 by topgold
Regret for Offence Caused
the longer I blog, the more I apologize. #litmw
blogging  correction  litmw  from delicious
september 2011 by topgold
Top Earning Blogs | Make Money Online Blogging
bookmarked Top Earning Blogs: revenue from banners, PPC and affiliates.
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august 2011 by topgold
HE blogs
spotted by Ninth Level Ireland #edchatie
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july 2011 by topgold
10 Factors Behind My 5000 Blog Posts
bookmarked 10 Factors Behind My 5000 Blog Posts:
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june 2011 by topgold
Print your blog book and facebook birthday calendar with FEEDFABRIK!
bookmarked Feedfabrik: makes a book from my blog, including my embargoed pages.
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june 2011 by topgold
Why Facebook and Twitter Are Not Replacing Blogging | Social Media Today
bookmarked Why Facebook and Twitter Are Not Replacing Blogging: it's a matter of ownership
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april 2011 by topgold
James Corbett does microbusiness in Ireland
Deep thinker and practical social entrepreneur.
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december 2010 by topgold

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