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Scrollable Badge
I definitely need this $60 scrollable #microbit Bear Badge:
microbit  wishlist 
january 2019 by topgold
Build a Raspberry Pi acft scanner
Acft overhead provide yet another reason to keep building with Raspberry Pi: #maker
wishlist  maker  4dylan 
november 2018 by topgold
Buidling a Class D Power Amplifier
Have you always wanted to build your own audio power amplifier? An electronic project where you not only see the results but also hear them? Then here is an article explaining how Class D amplifiers work along with a guide to make the magic happen all by yourself.
november 2018 by topgold
DIY Power Amp
If your soldering skills are ok and you have a steady hand, you could create a power amp for a tenth of the price.
diy  wishlist 
november 2018 by topgold
Crab Multi Tool
Cute beechwood by Kikkerland Design
november 2018 by topgold
Jabra - Evolve 75E BT earbuds
Certified for Skype and more. EUR 190.
march 2018 by topgold
Need Mini Display Port to HDMI
2m cable Latitude to Everio EUR 30
wishlist  999 
january 2018 by topgold
bellroy pencil case
39, Holds pens, pencils, cables and personal items. 240 x 75 x 50mm. Folds out into a tray. YKK zip and pull loops on both ends for easier handling. Durable woven fabric and leather highlights.
december 2017 by topgold
VXi BlueParrott® B450-XT
Heavy and durable bluetooth headset
november 2017 by topgold
Loudness Traffic Light
I would like @jabit to create a USB Pi Loudness Light so I can enjoy a more productive work space:
june 2017 by topgold
Portable Audio Rig
Actionable suggestion from Rode.
wishlist  rode  ytfm 
june 2017 by topgold
Accessories RICOH THETA
Hard Case waterside and soft case
december 2016 by topgold
iRig 2
Patch the iOS devices to Bossjock
wishlist  thomann 
december 2016 by topgold
iRig Pro Duo
Leverage those XLR devices with Lightning and USB-OTG.
wishlist  audio 
august 2016 by topgold
Shed Door
This external Liffey Stable Door is made of Mahogany Timber and it comes with clear or frosted glass 14mm thick. Stable door 44mm thick. We need four hings to hang this stable door.
wishlist  shed 
august 2016 by topgold
1670 Ink
Goulet Pens h/t @goharosen
july 2016 by topgold
Anyone wanting to take on the chore of scanning 35mm slides or Negatives needs to understand that there is a lot more involved than the scanner in this process.
wishlist  scanner 
may 2016 by topgold
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