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Project Unbreakable
More than 2000 images of sexual assault survivors holding posters with quotes from their attackers.
tumblr  dadsanddaughters  from delicious
september 2013
freistil IT
Drupal and other tech that simply works. h/t @geewiz
litet  from delicious
august 2013
Is "I am sat" bad English
asking the stative verb folks, not you Brits.
litmw  usage  from delicious
july 2013
Trayvon Martin and the Irony of American Justice
and knowing that some of my oldest friends carry Gloks in their cars.
journal  from delicious
july 2013
Windows computing platform market share analysis
essential reading for those planning academic infrastructure. #edtechie
litet  from delicious
july 2013
Epson WorkForce Pro
WiFi printing of my boarding passes
wishlist  from delicious
june 2013
Five storytelling tips
online narrative has changed the way we read and listen.
litmw  narrative  from delicious
june 2013
Nokia's "advanced" acquisition talks with Microsoft collapse
bookmarked Nokia's "advanced" acquisition talks with Microsoft collapse:
nokia  litpr  from delicious
june 2013
I would like to meet at Orwell's grave
to discuss whether we are finally living in 1984.
privacy  from delicious
june 2013
MOOCs and Beyond
eLearning Papers 33 released #edchatie
ictedu  edchatie  from delicious
june 2013
E-learning and Digital Cultures
the course you can follow on Twitter. #edcmooc
edtech13  edcmooc  from delicious
may 2013
Useful iOS resources
bookmarked Useful iOS resources:
appdev  ios  from delicious
may 2013
Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder
much better than bog-standard Android audio recorder.
android  wishlist  from delicious
may 2013
Selection Process for Multiple Regression
needed if you really want to find out what moves the needle.
litwa  from delicious
april 2013
Temperatures outside
with Arduino, Ethernet and @conoro's breadboard.
arduino  coderdojo  from delicious
april 2013
Stories We Tell Ourselves
while switching from Story A to Story B.
litmw  999  from delicious
april 2013
Death etiquette
one of the most divisive topics I've skimmed on Twitter.
netetiquette  essential  litsm  from delicious
april 2013
Vega: A Visualization Grammar
data vis in JSON format with interactive views using either HTML5 Canvas or SVG.
litwd  datavisualisation  from delicious
april 2013
Musical Instrument Samples
chromatic scales note-by-note throughout the range.
resources  audio  samples  from delicious
march 2013
Roku 3
more proof streaming services are eclipsing broadcast TV
litet  wishlist  from delicious
march 2013
McDonald's hamburger recipes
lifted from Geocities and scraped from the 60s.
history  recipes  from delicious
march 2013
Photos of Children From Around the World With Their Most Prized Possessions | Feature Shoot
bookmarked Photos of Children From Around the World With Their Most Prized Possessions | Feature Shoot:
photos  litsm  from delicious
march 2013
The Old Reader
can it move to an entirely new level?
google  rss  from delicious
march 2013
I like mud caked on egg shells
bookmarked I like mud caked on egg shells:
litmw  food  from delicious
march 2013
There's no horse in Doritos Locos
bookmarked There's no horse in Doritos Locos:
food  from delicious
march 2013
Thinking of @dermdaly
and the requisite focus on experience.
litet  appdev  from delicious
february 2013
Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets
essential if you want a compelling epub for iPad.
litep  eprdctn  from delicious
february 2013
China’s Genome Factory
may sequence an entire human genome for less than an iPhone.
litet  from delicious
february 2013
Why I still buy paper
I think some app devs have never read newsprint.
litet  apps  newspapers  from delicious
february 2013
There you go--comfort is relative
useful facts for Ireland's Minister for Austerity.
sustainability  from delicious
january 2013
Download Android App APKs From Google Play Store To Your Desktop
bookmarked Download Android App APKs From Google Play Store To Your Desktop:
android  from delicious
january 2013
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