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Before That, And Colder - SomeBratInAMask - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
It's been over a year since Dick left Spyral. The BPD has rehired him (awesome), he's had a whirlwind romance with a blue-haired manic pixie street artist (started out awesome, turned noticeably less awesome towards the end), and he's back in blue (roughly same amount of butt jokes made as when Spyral had him in cargo pants). He's finally settling back into his old life, but his time undercover has unsettled the dust that once collected over the past. Now Dick has a barrage of untouched memories to sort through and yet another Batman case summoning him away from the 'Haven. And while Dick is catching up to his past, Jason's is catching up to him.
pov:jason-todd  pov:dick-grayson  author:SomeBratInAMask  trope:mystery  genre:casefic  char:jason-todd  trope:protectiveness  char:bruce-wayne  relationship:strained-family-relationships  genre:plot  pov:multiple  trope:banter  pairing:dick/jason  char:dick-grayson  f:dcu  type:fic  wc:wip  pairing:bruce+dick 
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A Little More Like Home - RedHeadedWoman - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
‘Red?’ Jason realised that it was in fact Red Robin.
The kid turned around to look at him and his shoulders drooped in relief.
‘Hood. You’ve been gone for two nights.’ Tim accused, though there was a small smile on his face as he said it.

The story of how Jason comes to live back at the Manor with his family after a little hunger and a whole lot of pain.

trope:gallant-rescues  trope:protectiveness  f:dcu  warning:torture  pairing:jason+tim  trope:captured  trope:mental-health-issues(PTSD)  char:bruce-wayne  pairing:bruce+jason  kink:jason!whump  trope:panic-attacks  trope:captivity  pairing:damian+jason  type:fic  char:dick-grayson  char:tim-drake  wc:10k20k  trope:banter  trope:near-death-experiences  trope:interrogation  wc:5k10k  char:batfamily  series:Tales-of-the-Batfamily  char:damian-wayne  trope:danger  trope:medical(injury)  genre:h/c  char:jason-todd  pov:tim-drake  pairing:gen  char:alfred-pennyworth  trope:hunger/starvation  trope:batfamily-feels  pov:jason-todd  trope:peril 
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Chapter 8: Jaydick: Werewolves/Vampires 2
Dick apparently catches Jason’s reaction anyway and hides his mouth behind his palm. The astonishment doesn’t wear from his eyes. “A feeder? You must be joking.”
His incredulity puts Jason on the defensive. “It’s no big deal.”
Dick more or less giggles. “Oh, man. Can I, in a good conscience, take advantage of your desperation?”
Jason glares. “Fuck you.”
“Is that part of your offer?” Dick taunts.
trope:creatures(vampires)  relationship:pre-relationship  trope:creatures  au:crime  char:dick-grayson  trope:monsters  pairing:dick/jason  trope:creatures(werewolves)  pov:jason-todd  trope:deals/bargains  genre:angst  char:jason-todd  type:fic  au:urban-fantasy  relationship:strained-family-relationships  fav  au:organized-crime  char:tim-drake  char:bruce-wayne  pairing:bruce+jason  genre:humor  au:monster  trope:banter  au:werewolf  trope:crime  author:SomeBratInAMask  au:vampire  f:dcu  wc:1k5k 
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to see me through - Windmire - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
Jesus. Who even tranqs someone, handcuffs them, then ties them to a chair? It'd almost be flattering, how much trouble they went through for him, if his head didn't hurt so damn much.

Dick gets into some unexpected trouble. Jason just happens to be close enough to help.
relationship:pre-relationship  trope:captured  warning:noncon-drugged  trope:sticky-situations  trope:danger  trope:trapped  author:Windmire  f:dcu  trope:intoxication  trope:flirting  char:jason-todd  trope:banter  pairing:dick/jason  type:fic  trope:drugged  pov:dick-grayson  trope:daring-escapes  trope:gallant-rescues  trope:childhood-crush  wc:1k5k  trope:crushes  char:dick-grayson  trope:tending-to-sick/wounded  relationship:getting-together 
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Impulsive Interest - Skalidra - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Slade makes a habit of keeping track of his children, at least in regard to the important things, and while he's checking up on Rose he learns something interesting. That she, at some point in the not-so-distant past, had something of a short relationship with one of the Bats. That, at the least, deserves a personal visit from him, just to make sure this Bat knows exactly what he's signed up for.
f:dcu  type:fic  author:Skalidra  pairing:jason/slade  char:jason-todd  char:slade-wilson  pov:slade-wilson  genre:smut  genre:pwp  wc:10k20k  pairing:jason/rose-wilson  trope:protectiveness  trope:fighting-leads-to-fucking  kink:age-difference  kink:overpowered  kink:pinned-down  kink:sub!jason  kink:manhandling  trope:UST  kink:size-difference  kink:wall-sex  kink:lifted/held-up  kink:rough  kink:violence  relationship:one-night-stand  kink:biting  insp:abo-jayslade-au  insp:omega!jason  kink:hair-pulling  kink:spanking  kink:held-down  kink:masochism  fav  pov:jason-todd  trope:kinks  kink:bdsm  kink:bottom!jason  kink:choking  kink:breath-play  kink:finger-fucking  kink:anal  kink:subspace  kink:coming-untouched  kink:aftercare  trope:banter  char:roy-harper  char:koriand'r  pairing:jason+kori+roy 
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Angels and Demons - Pixeltasumi - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
Jason Todd is a demon who loves to pick on, and tease, certain celestial beings. Especially one named Timothy Drake. Tim being assigned to keep an eye on the demon, who’s assigned to wreak havoc in Gotham.
pairing:jason/tim  char:tim-drake  au:demon  relationship:friendship-is-magic  wc:1k5k  genre:light  trope:flirting  trope:creatures(angels&demons)  relationship:enemies  trope:banter  trope:shenanigans  pov:jason-todd  trope:kiss  au:angel  kink:kissing  au:no-capes  trope:mythological-creatures  char:jason-todd  relationship:opposing-sides/romeo-and-juliet  f:dcu  type:fic 
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Chaotic Good Will - strikeyourcolors - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
With a week off from heavy caseloads, Tim decides to run a sting operation against a drug ring. The sting just happens to involve setting Dick up with a burlesque act. As a burlesque act. It's an educational bonding experience for all of them; that wasn't something Tim expected.
"Control yourself, Todd," Damian says with a noise of disgust. "You don't even know where that bread came from or how old it is."

"Don't care," Jason replies. "That crust looks really buttery, doesn't it?"

This is getting into territory that Tim didn't anticipate.
f:dcu  type:fic  author:strikeyourcolors  pairing:gen  char:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  char:tim-drake  char:damian-wayne  genre:fluff  genre:humor  trope:dancing  wc:1k5k  trope:stripping  trope:burlesque  char:batfamily  relationship:family-bonding  pov:tim-drake  trope:undercover  genre:light  trope:banter  trope:shenanigans  genre:crack  trope:batfamily-feels 
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The Great Minivan Escape - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“So what’s the plan? Shoot the bad guys and send them home crying for mommy?” Jason hefts one of his guns for emphasis.

Another idea comes to mind, one that sounds even better as Dick watches one of the guys open the trunk of the van. “We’re stealing the minivan.”

f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:dick+jason  pairing:gen  char:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  wc:1k5k  trope:shenanigans  trope:daring-escapes  genre:humor  trope:danger  trope:peril  trope:fight-scenes  pov:dick-grayson  pairing:dick/jason  trope:chase-scenes  genre:light  trope:banter 
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Claustrophobia - Driverpicksthemooseic (Ratkinzluver33) - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
He feels rope digging at his skin. It's not metal, and not tied particularly tight. He surmises they're in one of two possible situations: they've been kidnapped by idiots, or they're being set up to run around like rats.

(OR, A Court of Owls Casefic that DC Rebirth inspired within me. Bless the entire series, and may it continue to give us all life.)
trope:mental-health-issues(PTSD)  fav  pairing:dick+jason  trope:captivity  trope:protectiveness  trope:daring-escapes  trope:banter  pov:dick-grayson  wc:10k20k  pov:jason-todd  trope:danger  char:jason-todd  trope:trapped  f:dcu  type:fic  trope:captured  pairing:dick/jason  trope:sticky-situations  genre:casefic  relationship:pre-relationship  genre:plot  trope:Court-of-Owls  genre:h/c  wc:wip  trope:peril  char:dick-grayson 
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there to see - Windmire - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
"What do you fucking mean he talked? He just stood there in that ballroom all 'Hey! Richard Grayson? Went and got married to his wannabe mobster boyfriend 'cause Daddy doesn't approve!' That what he did?"

As far as cases go, one where Dick has to pretend to be married to Jason is still not the worst one he's had to take.

But it sure is freaking complicated.
author:Windmire  char:barbara-gorden  trope:fights/arguments  f:dcu  trope:rumors  trope:cohabitation  type:fic  trope:awkward-situations  trope:holidays(christmas)  pairing:dick/jason  trope:gift-giving  relationship:assumed-to-be-together  trope:undercover  trope:misunderstandings  trope:pining  trope:UST  setting:party  trope:banter  trope:gallant-rescues  trope:holidays  genre:plot  char:jason-todd  wc:20k50k  trope:kiss  pov:dick-grayson  setting:gala/ball  char:tim-drake  trope:espionage  fav  trope:cruel-words  relationship:assumed-to-be-dating  char:dick-grayson  trope:apologies  trope:danger  relationship:fake-relationship  relationship:marriage  trope:holidays(new-years)  genre:casefic 
january 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Why Blow My Cover When You Could Blow Me Instead? - Chrystie, kate882 - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
“You know there’s a rumor going around that the Red Hood and Nightwing are dating,” he mentioned as he typed away at his laptop.

Dick didn’t really think about it as he just automatically answered with, “That’s probably because we usually are.”

The typing came to an abrupt stop and Tim looked up at him with wide eyes. “What?”
char:jason-todd  trope:flirting  trope:espionage  setting:gala/ball  wc:1k5k  genre:humor  pairing:dick/jason  char:roy-harper  char:tim-drake  trope:undercover  relationship:fake-relationship  pov:dick-grayson  trope:occupation(police-officer)  genre:light  pov:multiple  char:koriand'r  pairing:jason+kori+roy  type:fic  char:dick-grayson  pov:jason-todd  trope:banter  f:dcu  relationship:accidental-relationship 
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Clockwork - heartslogos - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Do you even hear yourself when you talk?” Tim wrinkles his nose. “Also stop trying to hide the coffee. I’ll always find it. You just put it out of reach or opposite the peanut butter. I am on to you.”
f:dcu  type:fic  author:heartslogos  char:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  char:tim-drake  char:bruce-wayne  char:alfred-pennyworth  pairing:gen  char:batfamily  trope:batfamily-feels  trope:shenanigans  trope:banter  genre:humor  genre:light  genre:fluff  wc:1k5k  pov:bruce-wayne 
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Damian's Crush - jor77 - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
"What's wrong Damian?" asked Dick.

Damian didn't answer, instead opting to get up and storm out of the room. Jay looked to Dick. "What's his problem?" Dick shrugged in response.

"Ooh, I've got a list." said Tim, taking out his phone. "Let's see: entitlement, insecurity, annoying, mean, often yells unnecessarily, he doesn't like Toy Story which is outrageous--"
f:dcu  type:fic  pairing:dick/jason  pairing:damian+jason  char:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  char:tim-drake  char:damian-wayne  char:alfred-pennyworth  trope:batfamily-feels  relationship:family-bonding  trope:crushes  trope:pining  genre:light  genre:humor  genre:fluff  trope:secrets-revealed  trope:unrequited-feelings  trope:banter  char:batfamily  pov:jason-todd  pov:damian-wayne  wc:1k5k 
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kink:porn  kink:riding  kink:rough  kink:self-fingering  kink:size-difference  kink:spanking  kink:sub!jason  kink:subspace  kink:teasing  kink:toys  kink:toys(dildo)  kink:violence  kink:voyeurism  kink:wall-sex  pairing:alfred+jason  pairing:bruce+dick  pairing:bruce+jason  pairing:bruce/hal-jordan  pairing:damian+jason  pairing:dick+jason  pairing:dick/jason  pairing:gen  pairing:jason+kori+roy  pairing:jason+steph  pairing:jason+tim  pairing:jason/matches  pairing:jason/rose-wilson  pairing:jason/slade  pairing:jason/tim  pairing:kon/tim  pov:alfred-pennyworth  pov:bruce-wayne  pov:damian-wayne  pov:dick-grayson  pov:hal-jordan  pov:jason-todd  pov:multiple  pov:slade-wilson  pov:stephanie-brown  pov:tim-drake  relationship:accidental-relationship  relationship:assumed-to-be-dating  relationship:assumed-to-be-together  relationship:courting/wooing  relationship:developing-relationship  relationship:enemies  relationship:established-relationship  relationship:fake-relationship  relationship:family-bonding  relationship:friendship-is-magic  relationship:fuckbuddies  relationship:getting-together  relationship:marriage  relationship:one-night-stand  relationship:opposing-sides/romeo-and-juliet  relationship:pre-relationship  relationship:secret-relationship  relationship:strained-family-relationships  relationship:strained-relationships  series:Earth-83  series:Tales-of-the-Batfamily  setting:bars/pubs  setting:coffee-shop/bakery  setting:gala/ball  setting:party  setting:store  trope:addiction  trope:animals  trope:animals(cats)  trope:apologies  trope:awkward-situations  trope:babysitting  trope:banter  trope:batfamily-feels  trope:bets/wagers  trope:breaking&entering  trope:burlesque  trope:captivity  trope:captured  trope:car-accident  trope:chase-scenes  trope:childcare  trope:childhood-crush  trope:children  trope:cohabitation  trope:confessions  trope:confrontations  trope:contests/competitions  trope:cooking/baking  trope:Court-of-Owls  trope:creatures  trope:creatures(angels&demons)  trope:creatures(vampires)  trope:creatures(werewolves)  trope:crime  trope:cruel-words  trope:crushes  trope:dancing  trope:danger  trope:daring-escapes  trope:deals/bargains  trope:denial-of-feelings  trope:domestic  trope:drugged  trope:drugged(sex-pollen)  trope:drunken-confessions  trope:emotional-constipation  trope:espionage  trope:family-drama  trope:fight-scenes  trope:fighting-leads-to-fucking  trope:fights/arguments  trope:first-meetings  trope:flirting  trope:g/s(coming-out)  trope:g/s:gender/sexuality-tropes  trope:gallant-rescues  trope:gift-giving  trope:ginger!jason  trope:guilt  trope:hangovers  trope:holidays  trope:holidays(birthdays)  trope:holidays(christmas)  trope:holidays(new-years)  trope:hunger/starvation  trope:incompetent-fools  trope:interrogation  trope:intoxication  trope:introspection  trope:jason-feels  trope:kid!jason  trope:kids  trope:kinks  trope:kiss  trope:medical(disability)  trope:medical(disability:blindness)  trope:medical(disability:deafness)  trope:medical(illness)  trope:medical(injury)  trope:medical(injury:serious)  trope:medical(recovery)  trope:memory-loss  trope:mental-health-issues(PTSD)  trope:mistaken-identity  trope:misunderstandings  trope:monsters  trope:morning-after  trope:movie-night  trope:mystery  trope:mythological-creatures  trope:near-death-experiences  trope:obliviousness  trope:occupation(firefighter)  trope:occupation(law-enforcement)  trope:occupation(police-officer)  trope:panic-attacks  trope:parenthood  trope:perfect-characterizations  trope:peril  trope:pining  trope:pining(mutual)  trope:playing-chicken  trope:porn  trope:pranks  trope:protectiveness  trope:puns  trope:reconciliation  trope:resurrection  trope:reunions  trope:robin!jason  trope:rumors  trope:schemes  trope:secret-identity  trope:secrets  trope:secrets-revealed  trope:self-blame  trope:self-esteem-issues  trope:sexting  trope:sexual-frustration  trope:shenanigans  trope:slow-burn  trope:snooping  trope:sports  trope:sticky-situations  trope:stripping  trope:tending-to-sick/wounded  trope:tragic-backstories  trope:trapped  trope:undercover  trope:unexpected-meetings/encounters  trope:unrequited-feelings  trope:UST  type:fic  warning:abuse  warning:alcohol  warning:alcoholism  warning:child-abuse  warning:child-neglect  warning:drugs  warning:kidnapping  warning:noncon-drugged  warning:substance-abuse  warning:torture  wc:1k5k  wc:5k10k  wc:10k20k  wc:20k50k  wc:<1k  wc:drabble  wc:oneshot  wc:wip 

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