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Random Acts Of Kindness - LananiA3O - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
All he wanted to do was pick up some replacement parts for his AC that decided to break in the middle of a heat wave. When Jason's empathy makes him take a detour to perform a service to the public and Nightwing and Robin misinterpret his intentions, the crushing heat quickly becomes the least of his problems.
trope:animals  author:LananiA3O  warning:past-abuse  type:fic  warning:animal-cruelty  f:dcu  wc:1k5k  warning:child-abuse  pairing:dick+jason  char:damian-wayne  char:dick-grayson  relationship:strained-family-relationships  genre:angst  char:jason-todd  pairing:gen  warning:abuse  trope:death  wc:5k10k  genre:humor  pov:jason-todd  setting:summer  genre:h/c 
august 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Torture me with all I've wanted - crookedspoon - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
Dick's gaze is trained intently on Jason and it'd look fucking goofy if it weren't so unbearably sexy. And, you know, if he weren't holding a switchblade to Jason's chest.
kink:knife-play  setting:summer  pov:jason-todd  pairing:dick/jason  wc:<1k  kink:marking  trope:scars  char:jason-todd  author:crookedspoon  kink:sub!jason  type:fic  wc:drabble  f:dcu  char:dick-grayson  kink:blood 
august 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Hot Spell - firefright - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
It's the height of summer, and Jason's heat couldn't have come at a worse time than when the city is caught up in the middle of a heat wave. But at least he has Tim to help him through it, who no matter the circumstances, always knows how to give Jason exactly what he needs.
f:dcu  type:fic  author:firefright  pairing:jason/tim  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  pov:jason-todd  setting:summer  au:abo  trope:abo-dynamics  kink:omega!jason  kink:heat  kink:intersex  genre:pwp  genre:smut  relationship:established-relationship  wc:1k5k  genre:h/c  insp:abo  insp:omega!jason  kink:self-lubrication  kink:abo  kink:boypussy  kink:finger-fucking  kink:nipple-play  kink:riding  kink:orders  kink:biting  kink:knotting  kink:subspace  genre:fluff  kink:aftercare 
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au:abo  au:alternate-history  author:crookedspoon  author:empires  author:firefright  author:LananiA3O  char:barbara-gorden  char:bruce-wayne  char:damian-wayne  char:dick-grayson  char:jason-todd  char:talia-al-ghul  char:tim-drake  f:dcu  fav  genre:angst  genre:fluff  genre:h/c  genre:humor  genre:pwp  genre:smut  insp:abo  insp:omega!jason  kink:abo  kink:aftercare  kink:anal  kink:awkward/bashful  kink:biting  kink:blood  kink:blowjobs  kink:bottom!jason  kink:boypussy  kink:finger-fucking  kink:heat  kink:inexperience  kink:intersex  kink:knife-play  kink:knotting  kink:marking  kink:nipple-play  kink:omega!jason  kink:oral  kink:orders  kink:riding  kink:self-lubrication  kink:sub!jason  kink:subspace  pairing:bruce/talia  pairing:dick+jason  pairing:dick/jason  pairing:gen  pairing:jason/tim  pov:dick-grayson  pov:jason-todd  relationship:established-relationship  relationship:frowned-upon  relationship:strained-family-relationships  setting:summer  trope:abo-dynamics  trope:animals  trope:crushes  trope:death  trope:insecurities  trope:jealousy  trope:kid!jason  trope:kiss  trope:obliviousness  trope:perfect-characterizations  trope:pining  trope:robin!jason  trope:scars  trope:self-esteem-issues  trope:sexual-frustration  trope:teaching  trope:UST  type:fic  warning:abuse  warning:animal-cruelty  warning:child-abuse  warning:past-abuse  warning:underage  wc:1k5k  wc:5k10k  wc:<1k  wc:drabble 

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