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Don't Bleed on My ****in' Sofa! - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Jason is passed out on the sofa, the telltale leather jacket giving it away since his face is buried in a throw pillow. An arm hangs limply off the side, blood trickling down the bare hand to land on the glove he’d managed to remove. Already, a small pool has formed.

The rest of the groceries hit the ground and Tim doesn’t spare a moment to think about the eggs as he races forward. “Jason!” he shouts, kneeling beside the man. Blood soaks into the knees of his black sweatpants, but let’s face it, this isn’t the worst thing he’s been up to his knees in.

pairing:jason/tim  genre:humor  genre:fluff  type:fic  trope:medical(injury)  author:chibi_nightowl  char:tim-drake  pov:tim-drake  trope:domestic  f:dcu  char:jason-todd  relationship:established-relationship  genre:h/c  wc:1k5k  trope:tending-to-sick/wounded 
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Prompt Fill: Prompt Fill: “This is me time, I’m enjoying me time, so, GET OUT!” (Jason & Dick)
Right about now, Jason would kill for some alone time. The last week has been absolutely insane and thanks to Arkham’s revolving door policy, he’s had to interact with his family more than he’d like. Considering he can easily go for months without seeing their ugly mugs, the fact that he’s had to partner with them and even go to the Cave a few times puts his quota at it’s maximum for the next year or two.
wc:<1k  char:jason-todd  pairing:gen  wc:drabble  pairing:dick+jason  genre:humor  f:dcu  char:dick-grayson  author:chibi_nightowl  type:fic  pov:jason-todd 
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Don't Say a Word - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Are you seriously asking me if I want to lose my job? Because it sure sounds like you are.”

Tim shrugged, safe in the knowledge that after a year of dating Jason, if he really didn’t like an idea then he would have said no outright. “It’s completely up to you. I just thought it might be something different we could try.”

trope:kinks  pairing:jason/tim  wc:1k5k  trope:massage  relationship:established-relationship  au:no-capes  char:jason-todd  author:chibi_nightowl  f:dcu  genre:smut  genre:fluff  pov:tim-drake  char:tim-drake  type:fic  kink:finger-fucking  kink:negotiation 
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On a Cold Winter’s Night (You’ll Keep Me Warm) - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Jason opens his backpack and removes a pair of velvety Santa hats, as well as two Christmas stockings. The hat he plops down onto Tim’s head. “I thought it might be fun to see you in that tonight. And nothing else.”

Tim laughs at Jason’s mischievous eyebrow waggle. “Oh really? And just how am I supposed to keep warm?”

type:fic  trope:holidays(christmas)  author:chibi_nightowl  char:tim-drake  trope:shenanigans  wc:1k5k  char:jason-todd  f:dcu  relationship:established-relationship  trope:holidays  genre:fluff  pairing:jason/tim  genre:smut  pov:tim-drake 
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On the Clock - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Words and numbers blur together, and Tim starts to think that maybe he should just put this one to the side and deal with it after a few hours of sleep. Those thoughts vanish as the overhead lights go out. Instantly on alert, he gropes under his desk for the collapsed bo staff hidden there.

Hands grab him from behind, yanking his arms out and around the back of his chair in a rough hold. “Ah, ah, ah, Timmers,” a familiar voice chides. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

It’s Jason.

Rather than relaxing him, Tim struggles harder. If he’s here, then that means Dick is too.

genre:smut  genre:pwp  pairing:dick/jason/tim  pairing:jason/tim  author:chibi_nightowl  kink:threesome  genre:fluff  wc:1k5k  f:dcu  pov:jason-todd  relationship:polyamory  pov:tim-drake  pov:multiple  char:tam-fox  char:tim-drake  pairing:dick/jason  relationship:established-relationship  type:fic  char:jason-todd  pov:dick-grayson  char:dick-grayson 
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Warm Me Up Inside - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
In the middle of the Canadian wilderness, Dick and Jason find themselves working together on a mission that goes sideways fast. On the run and lost in a blizzard, the last thing they need is for someone to fall through the ice of the frozen lake.

“I want to go on the record and say I think this idea sucks ass.”

char:jason-todd  kink:jason!whump  trope:childhood-crush  author:chibi_nightowl  trope:sticky-situations  trope:pining  trope:gallant-rescues  trope:protectiveness  setting:winter  trope:cuddles  trope:huddling-for-warmth  pairing:dick/jason  trope:danger  wc:1k5k  trope:confessions  genre:h/c  genre:humor  trope:bed-sharing  trope:sleeping-together  trope:trapped  char:dick-grayson  pov:dick-grayson  trope:mental-health-issues(PTSD)  relationship:getting-together  trope:medical(hypothermia)  genre:smut  f:dcu  trope:daring-escapes  type:fic  wc:5k10k 
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Tuesday Nights: The Wedding - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Seriously, what the fuck is goin’ on around here? It’s like everyone knew I was takin’ the week off,” Jason vents.

“These things happen,” Tim replies, sounding all too reasonable. “Do you need a hand tomorrow?”

“Nah, I’m good. You do your office and red tape thing.”

“Trust me, I think I’d rather be cleaning the ice machine than dealing with all this damned paperwork.”
pairing:jason/tim  f:dcu  author:chibi_nightowl  char:jason-todd  series:Tuesday-Nights  pov:jason-todd  wc:wip  trope:weddings  char:tim-drake  char:tam-fox  char:koriand'r  trope:medical(injury)  char:dick-grayson  kink:piercings  trope:occupation(bartender)  char:stephanie-brown  genre:fluff  au:no-capes  setting:bars/pubs  pairing:jason+kori+roy  genre:smut  char:leslie-thompkins  genre:humor  char:roy-harper  type:fic  pairing:kori/roy  relationship:established-relationship  relationship:friendship-is-magic  char:colin-wilkes  trope:domestic 
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Across the Desk - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“My last relationship ended about a year ago when my boyfriend said I loved work more than him.” Jason keeps his tone light. “Which I can’t say was entirely untrue, but he went into it knowing I worked odd hours and would rarely be around.”

“I completely understand,” Tim says with a shake of his head. “I wouldn’t mind a serious relationship someday, but right now, all I want is just no-strings-attached sex. The last guy I messed around with said he was cool with that, but then got all whiney when I had to leave on a business trip for three weeks.”

“Exactly! Why’s it so hard to find someone who just needs to get off as badly as me and is sick and tired of using their hand?”
f:dcu  pairing:jason/tim  author:chibi_nightowl  char:jason-todd  kink:table-sex  type:fic  genre:smut  au:no-capes  au:office  char:bruce-wayne  relationship:coworkers  setting:office  char:jack-drake  wc:5k10k  char:tim-drake  pov:jason-todd  kink:self-fingering  wc:1k5k  kink:bottom!jason 
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Where the Shadows Lie - GoAwayOlivia, chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“He’s a fae,” Jason snaps. “And he had to return to the Faelands because our world was slowly killing him.”

Stephanie stares. “A fae.”


She keeps staring. “You had a relationship with a fae.”

“That’s what I said.”

“You got it on with a fae.”

“Fucking— yes, Blondie, he’s a fucking fae, how many times do you want me to say it?”
warning:kidnapping  author:GoAwayOlivia  wc:wip  series:Moon-Snow-and-Ice  char:bruce-wayne  trope:cultural-differences  trope:peril  author:chibi_nightowl  trope:protectiveness  pairing:jason/tim  trope:monsters  trope:magic  au:magic  trope:creatures  trope:medical(injury)  trope:tattoos  pairing:cass+jason  au:fae  trope:pining  type:fic  au:urban-fantasy  f:dcu  char:stephanie-brown  trope:creatures(fae)  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  relationship:separated  char:alfred-pennyworth  char:damian-wayne  trope:jealousy  char:dick-grayson  trope:pining(mutual)  pov:jason-todd  char:cassandra-cain  pairing:jason+steph  relationship:past-meetings  trope:danger 
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To Gotham, With Love - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Too many words and Jason about keels over from the coughing fit. The pressure in his head blinds him and he slumps even harder against the wall.

Yup, definitely not living up to the Red Hood name tonight.

Behind him, the officer sighs. “This is completely against regulations, but is there somewhere I can take you? An urgent care clinic? Some hidden hospital for vigilantes?”

Jason wheezes a small laugh. “If I took you there, it wouldn’t be secret anymore.”
relationship:established-relationship  trope:medical(illness)  pov:jason-todd  f:dcu  trope:danger  trope:holidays(christmas)  kink:jason!whump  pairing:jason/tim  genre:sickfic  char:jason-todd  author:chibi_nightowl  type:fic  wc:1k5k  trope:medical(illness:pneumonia)  genre:h/c  trope:tending-to-sick/wounded  trope:domestic  trope:holidays  char:tim-drake 
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Rite of Passage (Lessons in Stupidity) - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Tim rolls his eyes and pulls out his phone to start the timer. “Okay, two idiots wearing nothing but scaly green Robin panties and pixie boots versus the snowbank in three…two…one!”
char:damian-wayne  genre:humor  char:dick-grayson  char:tim-drake  wc:<1k  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  char:stephanie-brown  wc:drabble  genre:light  pairing:gen  trope:shenanigans  f:dcu  trope:bets/wagers  pov:tim-drake  char:jason-todd  trope:contests/competitions 
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What's Wrong With this Picture? (Dick & Jason & Tim)
“Does anyone else see what’s wrong here?” Jason asks, pointedly looking straight down at the newly rounded curves of his body. “I can’t be the only one.”
trope:spells&curses  trope:gender-changes  genre:light  type:fic  char:jason-todd  genre:crack  f:dcu  wc:<1k  char:tim-drake  char:dick-grayson  author:chibi_nightowl  genre:humor  trope:transformation  pairing:gen  wc:drabble  pov:dick-grayson 
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Chilidogs and Coffee Milkshakes (Dick & Jason & Tim)
Dick knew he was pushing his luck even attempting something like this. But when he saw the headline on his phone about National Chili Dog Day while scrolling through the news, he couldn’t resist. Jason was in Gotham for a change and this could be a good chance for him to spend some time with his brother in a situation that didn’t involve guns and grenades. 

Or RPGs and minivans. 
pov:tim-drake  author:chibi_nightowl  char:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  pov:dick-grayson  pairing:jason+tim  type:fic  pov:jason-todd  f:dcu  trope:shenanigans  pairing:dick+jason  relationship:family-bonding  genre:fluff  pairing:gen  char:tim-drake  wc:1k5k 
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Prompt #1 (Jason & Bruce)
Jason peered nervously out of a crack between the big curtains. He could just glimpse of the crowd seated in the large auditorium. This was it. The last night of the Christmas pageant. Bruce promised he’d be here to see his performance.
pairing:bruce+jason  f:dcu  trope:robin!jason  genre:fluff  char:alfred-pennyworth  trope:kid!jason  wc:1k5k  char:jason-todd  trope:music  pairing:gen  char:bruce-wayne  char:clark-kent  char:dick-grayson  genre:angst  pov:jason-todd  pairing:alfred+jason  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl 
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What Happens in Vegas... - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Tim can feel his jaw drop in amazement. “Wow. Okay. I thought the drive-thru wedding was the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard of, but this takes the cake. Who would want to get married at Denny’s?”
char:jason-todd  pov:tim-drake  type:fic  pairing:jason/tim  relationship:marriage  author:chibi_nightowl  trope:drunken-shenanigans  genre:humor  char:tim-drake  f:dcu  trope:intoxication  wc:1k5k 
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It Takes a Thief - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Why does this sound like a plot for one of the Ocean’s Eleven movies?” Jason asks, arms crossed over his skintight black bodysuit. “Seriously, all you’re missing are George Clooney and Brad Pitt.”

Reminding himself that he can’t do this without Stray, Tim answers. “Well, we’ve got an international antiquities smuggling ring, a ton of bored rich people with nothing better to do than show off how much money they have, and we get to dress up in ridiculously expensive tuxedos, all the while concealing weapons and tech that will undoubtedly get us kicked out or worse if the bad guys find it. This almost sounds like something that happened to me last month but without the antiquities part.”
pairing:jason/tim  trope:espionage  char:bruce-wayne  trope:pining  author:chibi_nightowl  f:dcu  trope:obliviousness  char:barbara-gorden  type:fic  trope:crime  char:dick-grayson  trope:pining(mutual)  genre:fluff  char:cassandra-cain  trope:dates  char:alfred-pennyworth  char:damian-wayne  au:catlad  genre:smut  pov:tim-drake  char:tim-drake  kink:bottom!jason  wc:20k50k  char:jason-todd  genre:plot  genre:casefic 
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Clowns of the Corn - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“What on God’s green earth was that?” Uncle Jon asks, holding the lantern high against the dark and angry laughter that emanates from his cornfield.

“Fucking demon clowns,” Jason swears as he lurches out of the field.

Sighing, Dick flops down by Uncle Jon’s feet. “Your cornfield is infested with little demonic clowns.”

“That’s new,” Aunt Martha comments blandly. “How do we get rid of them?”
pairing:dick+jason  char:jason-todd  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:gen  char:martha-kent  char:jonathan-kent  type:fic  trope:holidays  genre:crack  genre:light  char:dick-grayson  genre:humor  wc:1k5k  trope:holidays(halloween)  pov:dick-grayson  f:dcu 
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Trick Or Treat - chibi_nightowl - Batman: Arkham - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Jason still isn't entirely sure how he became the responsible adult keeping an eye on a bunch of villain-themed kids out to collect candy on Halloween night. Kids who seem to have no qualms whatsoever about following the former Arkham Knight around on his patrol route. A route that has been significantly modified to accommodate the shorter legs of his new army.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
author:chibi_nightowl  trope:holidays(halloween)  wc:1k5k  pairing:barbara+jason  char:barbara-gorden  trope:babysitting  type:fic  char:jason-todd  au:Arkham-Knight  f:dcu  trope:childcare  trope:holidays  trope:children  genre:light  pov:jason-todd  genre:fluff  trope:de-aging  pairing:gen  char:tim-drake  genre:humor  pairing:jason+kids  trope:kids 
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The Sound of Silence - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“One minute,” Jason said, eyes locked on the massive hulk that was the Titan growing closer as their ship rocketed toward it. The chill was already seeping into his bones and Jason tried to keep his breathing steady. His air supply was fine and the suit he wore had little heaters that would keep the worst of the icy nothingness of space from killing him right away. He knew this, but no matter how many times he repeated it in his head, his heartbeat grew louder as the clock ticked closer to zero.

“Stay with me, Jason,” Tim said, twisting around in his seat to grab hold of Jason’s gloved hand. “We’ll be docked in less than five minutes.”

Five minutes. That was four minutes and forty seven seconds too long.
author:chibi_nightowl  type:fic  f:dcu  pairing:jason/tim  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  au:no-capes  au:scifi  setting:space  au:space  trope:panic-attacks  genre:h/c  trope:danger  trope:peril  wc:1k5k  pov:tim-drake  pov:jason-todd  trope:death  trope:resurrection  trope:mental-health-issues(PTSD)  kink:jason!whump  relationship:established-relationship  relationship:breakups  genre:angst  trope:reconciliation 
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The Best Parenting T-shirt Ever
It comes out of nowhere. Tim stares in absolute awe at Bruce because it’s so freaking perfect and so unexpected from the World’s Greatest Detective. He almost suspects Dick of having a hand in this, but from the look on his face, he’s in a state of shock as well.
char:batfamily  genre:humor  pov:tim-drake  wc:<1k  genre:crack  char:damian-wayne  char:tim-drake  wc:drabble  genre:light  type:fic  f:dcu  char:jason-todd  char:bruce-wayne  trope:domestic  trope:shenanigans  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:gen  trope:parenthood  trope:contests/competitions  char:alfred-pennyworth  char:dick-grayson 
september 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Private Investigator AU (JayKyle)
“You used to be a cop?”

Kyle is used to this. Really. He knows he doesn’t exactly fit the mold of what a PI looks or acts like. Probably the ink staining his fingers and the paint smear on his shirt. His office is also his studio.
type:fic  wc:drabble  author:chibi_nightowl  char:jason-todd  trope:occupation(artist)  trope:art  trope:occupation(detective)  pairing:jason/kyle-rayner  trope:first-meetings  wc:<1k  f:dcu  au:no-capes  char:kyle-rayner  pov:kyle-rayner  au:detective 
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A Quiet Night - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Tim…” Jason called out, not taking his eyes off the massive ginger striped cat sprawled across the kitchen table. “When did you get a cat? And why does he have red eyes?”
Jason and Tim have a long needed talk. It may raise more questions than answers, but it’s a start.
char:jason-todd  wc:5k10k  f:dcu  pairing:jason/tim  pov:tim-drake  trope:domestic  type:fic  wc:1k5k  pov:jason-todd  trope:animals(cats)  char:tim-drake  series:Casebook-of-Detective-Timothy-Drake  author:chibi_nightowl  genre:fluff  relationship:established-relationship  trope:dates  char:klarion-the-witch-boy  trope:animals 
september 2018 by toobufftorebuff
A Freudian Slip - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Dick replays the last thing he said in his mind. Oh shit. “I meant, shut you up. Technically, since I'm a dick and you're the asshole, I could do the former, but uh... maybe buy me dinner or a drink first. I don’t usually put out on the first date.”

“That’s a lie and you know it.” Jason takes out his lighter again and lights the cigarette he somehow managed not to bite in half. “You so put out on the first date.”
type:fic  f:dcu  trope:sleep-deprivation  char:dick-grayson  trope:awkward-situations  kink:teasing  relationship:pre-relationship  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:dick/jason  trope:flirting  pov:dick-grayson  char:jason-todd  genre:humor 
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Red Riding Hood - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Grand theft auto?” Jason teased as Tim got in and started messing with the wires under the steering column. “I’m shocked, Red.”

The engine purred to life and Tim gave him an arch look. “I take it that means you don’t want me to fuck your mouth while I’m driving?”
f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:jason/tim  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  genre:pwp  genre:smut  kink:car-sex  wc:1k5k  pov:jason-todd  kink:voyeurism  relationship:established-relationship  kink:blowjobs  kink:face-fucking  kink:riding  kink:exhibitionism 
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Under a Starlit Sky - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Does it work?” Dick asked, gaze flicking to the open water and back to Jason.

“Does what work?”

“That,” Dick said, gesturing at the pool. “Just…drifting.” There was a wistful note in his voice, one that made Jason remember that he wasn’t the only one who’d had a lifetime of shit and misery to deal with.
wc:1k5k  char:jason-todd  f:dcu  genre:angst  trope:self-esteem-issues  trope:mental-health-issues  pov:jason-todd  trope:insecurities  genre:h/c  author:chibi_nightowl  type:fic  char:dick-grayson  pairing:dick/jason  relationship:fuckbuddies 
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The Heart of the Matter - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“You want me to what?” Tim asked incredulously as he buttoned his shirt.

“I want you to see a cardiologist, Tim,” Dr. Thompkins repeated.

“I am 25 years old. I’m too young to have heart problems.”
trope:medical(illness:serious)  pov:tim-drake  pairing:jason/tim  genre:angst  char:jason-todd  genre:h/c  f:dcu  au:no-capes  relationship:established-relationship  wc:1k5k  type:fic  trope:medical(illness)  char:leslie-thompkins  char:tim-drake  author:chibi_nightowl 
august 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Wooden Fans - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
He was distracted from his thoughts as the Ambassador ran a thick finger along Tim’s face, forcing his attention back on him. “You’ve got such a pretty mouth, little boy. It reminds me of those cocksucker princes. You ever have a chance to dress up for them and put those skills to good use, huh? Or do they bend over and let you fuck them too?”

That was it. Tim was going to utterly destroy Corben, even if it meant he had to declare war on Lex Luthor himself.
f:dcu  type:fic  pairing:jason/tim  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  char:oswald-cobblepot  pov:tim-drake  au:no-capes  au:fantasy  au:royalty  trope:royalty/nobility  wc:1k5k  author:chibi_nightowl  trope:espionage  trope:unwanted-advances  trope:flirting  wc:oneshot  relationship:established-relationship 
july 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Parent-Teacher Conferences - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Tim glanced at his daughter again and caught her looking away from him, but not before he saw the barest hint of a smile on her face. He knew that look. He’d seen it on Steph’s face a million times.

“What are you up to, little bean?” Tim asked bluntly.

Wide blue eyes gazed back at him. “Nothing, Daddy! I promise!”
f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:jason/tim  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  char:stephanie-brown  au:no-capes  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  trope:kids  trope:children  trope:childcare  trope:matchmaking  genre:fluff  wc:1k5k  pov:tim-drake  au:single-parent  trope:parenthood 
july 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Take It All Away - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes, Jason felt as though he were about to completely crawl out of his own skin. He needed to let go, to have all his anger and rage and frustration stripped from him, to have his control completely and utterly taken away.

Dick was there to guide his fall.
f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:dick/jason  char:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  genre:h/c  genre:smut  genre:pwp  kink:sub!jason  kink:bondage  kink:aftercare  kink:rough  kink:negotiation  wc:1k5k  pov:jason-todd  kink:bdsm  kink:blindfold  kink:sensory-deprivation  kink:hair-pulling  relationship:fuckbuddies  kink:bottom!jason  kink:finger-fucking  kink:anal  kink:subspace  kink:praise  kink:bathing 
july 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Summertime of Youth - chibi_nightowl - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Jason flipped himself over, scales redder now that he was fully out of the water. “Did you bring cookies?”

Dick’s eyes widened. “Cookies! And what about those barrettes you told me about last year? I have shells I saved to braid into your hair.”

Tim stood and grinned down at his friends. “I did, and shells are fine if you sucked the crabs out this time.”
trope:cultural-differences  pairing:dick/jason/tim  genre:kidfic  trope:creatures(merfolk)  pairing:dick/jason  au:merfolk  trope:kids  au:no-capes  pairing:jason+tim  wc:1k5k  author:chibi_nightowl  char:dick-grayson  pov:tim-drake  genre:fluff  relationship:childhood-friendship  trope:kid!jason  relationship:friendship-is-magic  char:tim-drake  pairing:jason/tim  type:fic  f:dcu  char:jason-todd  pairing:gen  trope:kid!dick 
july 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Tim Drake: Vigilante Babysitter - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Tim gave the little redhead a gimlet eye of his own. “Now, let’s get these hung back up so you can go to bed, missy. You’ve already won a couple hours and you’re skipping school tomorrow. I’d call that a win.”

Lisa grinned impishly at him. “Only if you do too, Uncle Timmy. Daddy says your bags have bags.”

“Your daddy talks too much.”
wc:1k5k  pairing:gen  genre:fluff  f:dcu  series:Parenthood(Alternate-NSO-Timeline)  trope:shenanigans  char:jason-todd  trope:childcare  pov:tim-drake  trope:children  trope:kids  genre:humor  trope:babysitting  series:Jason-Todd:The-Not-So-Outlaw  author:chibi_nightowl  type:fic  char:tim-drake  char:stephanie-brown 
july 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Fluffy Socks and Batman Onesies - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Dick is ten years old. It’s a strange feeling, being this short and all knobby knees and bony elbows again. His body doesn’t ache either; in fact, it was rather refreshing to wake up and not need to pop a couple of anti-inflammatories along with his morning coffee.
f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:gen  char:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  char:tim-drake  char:damian-wayne  pov:dick-grayson  genre:fluff  genre:humor  trope:de-aging  trope:kids  trope:children  wc:1k5k  genre:kidfic  trope:batfamily-feels  char:batfamily  trope:kid!jason  trope:kid!dick  trope:spells&curses  trope:shenanigans 
june 2018 by toobufftorebuff
The Officer and the Hood (Part 1)
“Why do you always do this?” Officer Dick Grayson shouts, launching himself over a chain-link fence without missing a beat as he pursues the infamous Red Hood down a dark alley. His partner, Gannon Malloy, is somewhere up ahead in their patrol car, trying to box the criminal in. 

“Why do I do what, Officer Pretty Boy?” the masked man taunts right back. He doesn’t even sound winded
f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  series:The-Officer-and-the-Hood  pairing:dick/jason  char:dick-grayson  char:jason-todd  pov:dick-grayson  relationship:pre-relationship  relationship:enemies  trope:crime  trope:occupation(police-officer)  trope:occupation(law-enforcement)  au:law-enforcement  wc:1k5k  trope:chase-scenes  trope:flirting  au:no-capes  trope:UST 
june 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Teacher AU (Jason and Bruce)
Jason can’t help but feel a little nervous. After all, it’s not everyday he gets to sit down and talk to Bruce Wayne, one of the richest men in the world. Then again, he never would have expected to have his son Damian in his class either. This is a public school, not a private school.
f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:bruce+jason  pairing:bruce/jason  pairing:gen  char:jason-todd  char:bruce-wayne  pairing:damian+jason  au:no-capes  trope:first-meetings  wc:1k5k  pov:jason-todd  au:professor  au:single-parent  trope:childcare  setting:school  trope:occupation(teacher/professor) 
june 2018 by toobufftorebuff
The Great Minivan Escape - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“So what’s the plan? Shoot the bad guys and send them home crying for mommy?” Jason hefts one of his guns for emphasis.

Another idea comes to mind, one that sounds even better as Dick watches one of the guys open the trunk of the van. “We’re stealing the minivan.”

f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:dick+jason  pairing:gen  char:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  wc:1k5k  trope:shenanigans  trope:daring-escapes  genre:humor  trope:danger  trope:peril  trope:fight-scenes  pov:dick-grayson  pairing:dick/jason  trope:chase-scenes  genre:light  trope:banter 
june 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Down the Rabbit Hole - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Jason has seen a lot of strange shit in his life but he’s willing to bet a bottle of Bruce’s best bourbon and say this ranks right up there at the top. Wonderland. Or would that be Underland if he goes by the movie? Either way, Blondie has to be the White Rabbit. The outfit is definitely an improvement. Who else is going to appear in his hallucination?

Because seriously, what else could it be?
trope:peril  char:batfamily  char:cassandra-cain  pairing:jason/tim  char:stephanie-brown  char:jason-todd  trope:fairy-tale-themes  genre:plot  trope:drugged(fear-gas)  trope:drugged  f:dcu  char:alfred-pennyworth  char:j'onn-j'onzz  char:damian-wayne  kink:jason!whump  char:tim-drake  char:barbara-gorden  char:dick-grayson  char:harleen-quinzel  trope:medical(hallucinations)  relationship:established-relationship  wc:20k50k  char:bruce-wayne  type:fic  char:joker  warning:noncon-drugged  au:f/b(alice-in-wonderland)  author:chibi_nightowl  trope:protectiveness  pov:jason-todd 
june 2018 by toobufftorebuff
The Fire Inside - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“What are the chances we’re going to get some actual privacy around here?” Tim asked.

“Slim to none,” Jason replied. “We’re being watched, you know.”

“Just kiss already!” Kon’s voice erupted from the other side of the garage. “I got money on this, Tim! You owe me!”
f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  char:kon-el/conner-kent  char:dick-grayson  au:no-capes  pairing:jason/tim  genre:humor  wc:1k5k  pov:tim-drake  trope:occupation(firefighter)  trope:occupation(photographer)  trope:pining  relationship:friendship-is-magic  trope:crushes  trope:photography  trope:sexual-frustration  trope:shenanigans  trope:pining(mutual)  trope:matchmaking 
june 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Divine Disaster - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Ever since Jason came back to life, he’s been of the belief that he must have a guardian angel looking over his shoulder. One night, he discovers that he does.

“Cosmic events must really blow, huh?” Jason comments rhetorically as he takes in the sight of the celestial being who just literally fell out of the sky above him to land in a crumbled mess at his feet.

“No place is safe right now,” the angel replies. “Heaven and Hell are battling it out, the Endless stand aside and watch, and I’m fairly certain I saw one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse earlier.”
char:bruce-wayne  trope:creatures(angels&demons)  au:alternate-history  trope:protectiveness  au:angel  pov:jason-todd  type:fic  char:tim-drake  char:jason-todd  wc:1k5k  trope:occupation(guardian-angel)  pairing:jason/tim  trope:gallant-rescues  char:alfred-pennyworth  f:dcu  author:chibi_nightowl  trope:first-meetings  trope:wings  trope:medical(injury)  kink:bottom!jason 
may 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Hidden Depths - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“May I kiss you?” Tim asked, pressing his forehead against Jason’s. He was so close they were sharing the same air. “I know you said mers don’t, but god, that’s been almost all I could think about for the last six months.”

“You’re talking too much.” Jason punctuated his statement by sealing his lips over Tim’s.
f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:jason/tim  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  au:no-capes  au:merfolk  trope:creatures  trope:creatures(merfolk)  wc:1k5k  pov:jason-todd  trope:cultural-differences  trope:first-meetings  relationship:courting/wooing  genre:fluff  genre:smut  kink:xeno-anatomy  kink:xeno  kink:rimming  kink:oral  kink:blowjobs  kink:riding  kink:anal 
may 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Sweet Treats - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Jason smiles again. “You really like a challenge, don’t you?”

“I love a good challenge,” Tim agrees, grinning back at his hero.

“So do I.” Jason hesitates, then reaches out and runs his thumb over Tim’s cheek. It comes back red, which Tim swears could probably be from the amount of blood rushing to his face because Jason just touched him. “You always covered in frosting?”

For once, Tim’s brain lines up with his mouth and he says something that sounds clever. “Only on special occasions.”
char:tim-drake  char:damian-wayne  trope:first-meetings  author:chibi_nightowl  char:alfred-pennyworth  char:jason-todd  pov:tim-drake  genre:fluff  setting:coffee-shop/bakery  type:fic  char:dick-grayson  f:dcu  trope:occupation(chef)  char:stephanie-brown  char:bruce-wayne  pairing:jason/tim  trope:holidays(birthdays)  trope:flirting  wc:20k50k 
may 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Par For the Course - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m sure I have no idea why you thought a video game would help you learn to play golf,” Alfred chides him as he helps Tim adjust his stance.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Tim replies innocently.
pairing:jason+tim  trope:shenanigans  author:chibi_nightowl  wc:1k5k  char:jason-todd  genre:light  char:alfred-pennyworth  relationship:family-bonding  char:tim-drake  char:dick-grayson  pairing:gen  f:dcu  char:stephanie-brown  char:bruce-wayne  type:fic  genre:humor  char:damian-wayne  pov:tim-drake  char:batfamily  series:myth-bats 
april 2018 by toobufftorebuff
chibinightowl — A Freudian Slip
Sometimes, Dick really hates it when his brain lags behind his mouth. He can usually claim sleep deprivation as the reason behind it, but other times…yeah. Sometimes he wishes the ground would just swallow him whole.
wc:drabble  type:fic  pairing:dick/jason  f:dcu  char:dick-grayson  pov:dick-grayson  genre:h/c  char:jason-todd  author:chibi_nightowl  trope:sleep-deprivation  wc:<1k  genre:humor 
april 2018 by toobufftorebuff
A Night on the Town - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Forward or back,” Jason repeats and rolls his eyes. “Okay, let’s be real here. I know I’m not in Kansas anymore and I’m positive there’s some kind of catch if I ask for your help outta here. So what is it?”

The man honest to god pouts. “You’re taking the fun out of this.”

“Yeah, well, it’s not the first time I’ve been told that.”
char:roy-harper  trope:cultural-differences  trope:supernatural-elements  trope:deals/bargains  trope:first-meetings  pairing:jason/tim  trope:magic  f:dcu  char:tim-drake  type:fic  series:Moon-Snow-and-Ice  trope:creatures(fae)  pov:jason-todd  trope:UST  char:jason-todd  trope:flirting  au:fae  wc:10k20k  trope:fairy-tale-themes  au:urban-fantasy  trope:creatures  author:chibi_nightowl 
april 2018 by toobufftorebuff
The Neighbors - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Gesundheit!” a voice shouts from somewhere.

Finally stopping, Jason sniffs hard and rubs at his eyes, looking around. He knew the walls were thin in this place, but he didn’t think they were that bad. “Thanks?” he says, slightly louder than normal.

“You’re welcome!”

Jason stares at the wall his new bookcases stand upright against. Well, at least that neighbor isn’t totally psycho. Or he is and he’s just being lulled into a false sense of security. Burnley may not be the Bowery, but it’s still Gotham.
f:dcu  type:fic  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  pov:jason-todd  pov:tim-drake  au:no-capes  relationship:neighbors  author:chibi_nightowl  genre:fluff  trope:first-meetings  char:roy-harper  pairing:jason+roy  char:stephanie-brown  char:kon-el/conner-kent  trope:photography  wc:5k10k 
march 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Follow the Leader - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Alfred approaches the car first and opens the driver’s side door. “Is everyone all right…” he trails off, eyes widening as he takes in the sight before him.

“What is it?” Bruce asks, rushing forward with Stephanie at his side. “Are they okay? Damage assessment, now.”

His oldest friend doesn’t say a word, but steps aside so Bruce can see. Frustration mounting, he peers into the car.
char:damian-wayne  genre:fluff  char:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  genre:humor  trope:spells&curses  type:fic  pairing:gen  trope:transformation(animal-transformation)  wc:1k5k  char:alfred-pennyworth  trope:transformation  char:bruce-wayne  trope:batfamily-feels  char:cassandra-cain  char:batfamily  pairing:jason+tim  trope:animals  pov:bruce-wayne  author:chibi_nightowl  char:stephanie-brown  f:dcu  char:tim-drake 
march 2018 by toobufftorebuff
A Night at the Museum - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Hello, Jason,” Stray purrs in his ear. “Fancy meeting you here.”

Jason’s heart about stops in his chest and it’s all he can do to not shout in surprise. “What the fuck are you doing here?” he snaps instead, trying to cover up his lapse. “I’m working.” Another thought occurs to him. “Shit, please tell me you’re not here to steal something. Can you at least wait until tomorrow night when I’m off so I don’t get sacked?”
pov:jason-todd  trope:crime  au:crime  trope:insecurities  series:A-Diamond-in-the-Rough  au:catlad  char:jason-todd  author:chibi_nightowl  trope:self-esteem-issues  trope:flirting  relationship:developing-relationship  pairing:jason/tim  char:tim-drake  type:fic  f:dcu  wc:1k5k 
january 2018 by toobufftorebuff
chibinightowl — To Rise Above (deleted scene)
For those who follow me on AO3, I have a Dragon Rider!Damian and Dragon!Tim story that I’m wrapping up titled To Rise Above. Damian and Tim have to learn how to work together in order to save Bruce and Dick (and their dragons Diana and Kori), as well as the people of Kandor, from a force comprised of the Joker, Circe, and Zod. Anyways, this scene is the deleted scene from the last chapter I just posted, so I wouldn’t read it unless you’ve read the rest of the story as it just won’t make much sense. But for those of you who have been reading the story, here are some answers for some of those things Damian is always wondering about between Jason and Tim.

Deleted Scene takes place between the two scenes in Chapter 7 of To Rise Above.
f:dcu  kink:bathing  trope:royalty/nobility  author:chibi_nightowl  type:fic  pairing:jason+tim  setting:historical  char:tim-drake  trope:animal-traits  trope:jealousy  trope:magic  char:jason-todd  series:To-Rise-Above  genre:h/c  au:fantasy  trope:transformation  au:historical  trope:creatures(dragons)  wc:1k5k  pairing:jason/tim  au:dragon  pov:jason-todd  trope:medical(injury) 
january 2018 by toobufftorebuff
The Night It All Came Crashing Down - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
After a difficult night on patrol, memories Dick would much rather forget come to the surface. Thankfully, Jason's there to catch him before he falls.


“All this has a point, I promise.”

Jason looks slightly affronted at the words. “Dickie, even if it didn’t, you couldn’t pry my ass from this chair with a crowbar.”
pov:dick-grayson  trope:flashbacks  type:fic  trope:confessions  trope:batfamily-feels  warning:unhealthy-coping-mechanisms  warning:noncon  f:dcu  warning:alcohol  char:dick-grayson  author:chibi_nightowl  genre:angst  trope:mental-health-issues(PTSD)  genre:h/c  series:Therapy-Sessions  warning:past-noncon  wc:1k5k  pairing:dick+jason  char:jason-todd 
december 2017 by toobufftorebuff
The Best Robin Origin Story Ever Told - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Tim makes a face at the bottle while Jason pours the shots. “I feel like it wasn’t all that long ago I took one of these away from you.”

“That was two months ago, Timmy. I haven’t had any since,” Jason says defensively. “Besides, I thought this was supposed to be therapy night?”
char:jason-todd  genre:h/c  warning:unhealthy-coping-mechanisms  char:tim-drake  relationship:established-relationship  pairing:jason/tim  trope:batfamily-feels  type:fic  genre:angst  pairing:dick+jason  pov:dick-grayson  trope:therapy  relationship:family-bonding  trope:movie-night  warning:alcohol  wc:1k5k  series:Therapy-Sessions  char:dick-grayson  f:dcu  genre:fluff  author:chibi_nightowl 
december 2017 by toobufftorebuff
A Hard Day's Night - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“You better not have had a heart-attack, you piece of shit. I refuse to give you mouth to mouth.”

Jason stands but before he can get his hands on the phone to dial 911, he’s stopped by the unmistakable feeling of something sharp at his throat.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” a low voice almost purrs from behind him.
char:tim-drake  trope:UST  au:villain  author:chibi_nightowl  series:A-Diamond-in-the-Rough  pov:jason-todd  trope:chase-scenes  wc:1k5k  warning:sexual-harassment  trope:first-meetings  trope:animals(cats)  pairing:jason/tim  trope:crime  type:fic  au:catlad  char:jason-todd  f:dcu  relationship:pre-relationship  au:no-capes 
november 2017 by toobufftorebuff
I (Don't) Want to Believe - chibi_nightowl, strikeyourcolors - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
FBI agents Tim Drake and Conner Kent are sent to Arkham Heights High School to investigate a series of unexplainable incidents that have both staff and students on edge. Tim's firmly of the opinion the school is haunted while Kon is positive the occurrences can be explained in a more reasonable manner. After all, he doesn't believe in ghosts.

Right? Right?
wc:50k+  char:jason-todd  genre:casefic  pairing:conner/tim  char:john-constantine  kink:voyeurism  trope:caught-in-the-act  genre:h/c  pairing:jason/kon  au:paranormal-investigator  trope:huddling-for-warmth  kink:bottom!jason  f:dcu  au:no-capes  genre:humor  kink:coitus-interruptus  char:kon-el/conner-kent  pairing:conner/jason/tim  trope:cohabitation  kink:self-fingering  pairing:jason/tim  trope:occupation(law-enforcement)  trope:UST  pov:kon-el/conner-kent  au:supernatural  trope:creatures(ghosts)  trope:cuddles  char:stephanie-brown  char:tim-drake  relationship:friendship-is-magic  kink:threesome  type:fic  au:scifi  trope:occupation(detective)  au:law-enforcement  trope:bed-sharing  trope:medical(hypothermia)  kink:exhibitionism  au:f/b(x-files)  au:f/b:film/book  trope:pining  trope:obliviousness  trope:pining(mutual)  trope:supernatural-elements  genre:plot  genre:smut  au:fbi  trope:danger  author:chibi_nightowl  relationship:polyamory  au:paranormal 
november 2017 by toobufftorebuff
To Rise Above - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“You heard your master.” Damian can’t help the snide tone in his voice. He’s never gotten along with Timothy so the chance to see the proud dragon put in his place was a bonus for the night’s endeavor.

Timothy growled deep and lowered his long neck so that he was face to face with the youngest Wayne. He huffed and a wave of air washed over him, hot enough that he could feel his skin prickle and redden from the assault. “Let’s keep one thing straight, Damian. You need me as much as I need you right now. Under no circumstances will I ever kneel before you again.”
f:dcu  char:koriand'r  char:bruce-wayne  trope:royalty/nobility  wc:10k20k  author:chibi_nightowl  genre:plot  type:fic  pairing:jason+tim  char:tim-drake  char:damian-wayne  char:dick-grayson  pov:damian-wayne  trope:magic  char:jason-todd  series:To-Rise-Above  pairing:gen  au:fantasy  au:royalty  trope:gallant-rescues  trope:creatures(dragons)  trope:danger  char:diana-prince  au:no-capes  au:dragon  au:magic  setting:historical(medieval)  trope:medical(injury) 
november 2017 by toobufftorebuff
A Quiet Night - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Tim…” Jason called out, not taking his eyes off the massive ginger striped cat sprawled across the kitchen table. “When did you get a cat? And why does he have red eyes?”


Jason and Tim have a long needed talk. It may raise more questions than answers, but it’s a start.
series:Casebook-of-Detective-Timothy-Drake  trope:dates  pairing:jason/tim  type:fic  trope:animals(cats)  f:dcu  author:chibi_nightowl  char:jason-todd  pov:jason-todd  genre:fluff  relationship:established-relationship  char:tim-drake  wc:1k5k 
october 2017 by toobufftorebuff
Four Tablespoons - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
He could be putting me out of my misery and I wouldn’t care. Maybe when I’m dead I will. I’ll haunt him. Mess up his bookshelves and change the codes on his armory.

“You’ll do no such thing, Baby Bear. Touch my books, dead or alive, and I’ll make your life/unlife hell.”

“I need to stop thinking out loud.”

“Nah, keep it up, Replacement. It’s hilarious. Just be glad I’m not recording it.”
trope:tending-to-sick/wounded  pov:tim-drake  genre:fluff  pairing:jason+tim  trope:medical(illness)  genre:humor  f:dcu  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  wc:1k5k  genre:sickfic  author:chibi_nightowl  series:myth-bats  type:fic  pairing:gen  trope:batfamily-feels 
october 2017 by toobufftorebuff
Explosions (They're How Jason Shows He Cares) - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“So how many things are we going to make explode today?” Roy asks.

“Jawbreakers and a water heater for certain. After that, it depends on what we’ve got left for daylight," Jason replies.

“So what other options do you have back there?”

“Well, I couldn’t get my hands on a cement truck on this short of notice, but I do have a portable cement mixer and some dynamite.”
pairing:gen  type:fic  pairing:jason+tim  pairing:jason+roy  pov:jason-todd  trope:batfamily-feels  char:roy-harper  f:dcu  char:jason-todd  genre:humor  wc:1k5k  char:tim-drake  series:myth-bats  genre:light  trope:shenanigans  genre:fluff  pov:tim-drake  author:chibi_nightowl 
october 2017 by toobufftorebuff
I Never Get Sick - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Bruce never gets sick. Until he does. And then he thinks he's contracted some supervirus because he never gets sick.

“Have you stopped to consider that it’s just your turn to get a cold?” Dick asked. “I can remember it happening a few times over the years.”

“Colds don’t work that way. They don’t arbitrarily decide who to bring down next,” Bruce growled as his vision blurred.
f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  char:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  char:bruce-wayne  char:tim-drake  char:damian-wayne  char:alfred-pennyworth  char:batfamily  pairing:gen  trope:batfamily-feels  genre:sickfic  trope:medical(illness)  wc:1k5k  pov:bruce-wayne  genre:humor  genre:light  trope:shenanigans  pairing:jason+tim  pairing:bruce+jason  genre:h/c  genre:fluff 
september 2017 by toobufftorebuff
Milestones - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Okay, rich boy, ready for your nickel’s worth?”

A ghost of a smile appears on Tim’s face before disappearing. “But I’ve already told you this sob story. Shouldn’t you be laughing in my face?”

“Nah,” Jason says as he leans in towards Tim. “I like you. Besides, this shit storm’s not entirely of your own making.”

“You like me, huh? Nice to know someone’s not afraid to say it.”
char:stephanie-brown  char:tim-drake  char:viki-vale  pov:damian-wayne  author:chibi_nightowl  char:bruce-wayne  genre:h/c  wc:50k+  trope:occupation(bartender)  pairing:jason+kori+roy  au:no-capes  f:dcu  char:damian-wayne  char:roy-harper  pairing:jason/tim  type:fic  char:dick-grayson  char:cassandra-cain  char:tam-fox  char:jason-todd  pov:jason-todd  char:barbara-gorden  setting:bars/pubs  series:Tuesday-Nights  pairing:damian+jason  char:koriand'r  pov:multiple  genre:fluff  char:alfred-pennyworth  relationship:established-relationship  genre:plot  pov:tim-drake 
september 2017 by toobufftorebuff
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char:jonathan-kent  char:klarion-the-witch-boy  char:kon-el/conner-kent  char:koriand'r  char:kyle-rayner  char:leslie-thompkins  char:martha-kent  char:oswald-cobblepot  char:ra's-al-ghul  char:roman-sionis  char:roy-harper  char:slade-wilson  char:stephanie-brown  char:tam-fox  char:tim-drake  char:viki-vale  f:dcu  genre:angst  genre:casefic  genre:crack  genre:fluff  genre:h/c  genre:humor  genre:kidfic  genre:light  genre:plot  genre:pwp  genre:sickfic  genre:smut  insp:abo  kink:aftercare  kink:anal  kink:animalistic  kink:awkward/bashful  kink:bathing  kink:bdsm  kink:blindfold  kink:blowjobs  kink:bondage  kink:bottom!jason  kink:car-sex  kink:clothing-kink  kink:coitus-interruptus  kink:cross-dressing  kink:exhibitionism  kink:face-fucking  kink:feminization  kink:finger-fucking  kink:first-time  kink:hair-pulling  kink:inexperience  kink:jason!whump  kink:kissing  kink:making-out  kink:masturbation  kink:negotiation  kink:oral  kink:piercings  kink:praise  kink:riding  kink:rimming  kink:rough  kink:seduction  kink:self-fingering  kink:sensory-deprivation  kink:sub!jason  kink:subspace  kink:table-sex  kink:teasing  kink:threesome  kink:virginity  kink:voyeurism  kink:xeno  kink:xeno-anatomy  pairing:alfred+jason  pairing:artemis+bizarro+jason  pairing:barbara+jason  pairing:bruce+jason  pairing:bruce/jason  pairing:cass+jason  pairing:conner/jason/tim  pairing:conner/tim  pairing:damian+jason  pairing:dick+jason  pairing:dick/jason  pairing:dick/jason/tim  pairing:dick/kori  pairing:gen  pairing:jason+kids  pairing:jason+kori+roy  pairing:jason+leslie-thompkins  pairing:jason+roy  pairing:jason+steph  pairing:jason+tim  pairing:jason/kon  pairing:jason/kyle-rayner  pairing:jason/tim  pairing:kori/roy  pov:bruce-wayne  pov:damian-wayne  pov:dick-grayson  pov:jason-todd  pov:kon-el/conner-kent  pov:kyle-rayner  pov:multiple  pov:outsider  pov:tim-drake  relationship:breakups  relationship:childhood-friendship  relationship:courting/wooing  relationship:coworkers  relationship:developing-relationship  relationship:enemies  relationship:established-relationship  relationship:fake-relationship  relationship:family-bonding  relationship:first-kiss  relationship:forbidden-relationship  relationship:friendship-is-magic  relationship:frowned-upon  relationship:fuckbuddies  relationship:getting-together  relationship:marriage  relationship:mates  relationship:neighbors  relationship:one-night-stand  relationship:past-meetings  relationship:polyamory  relationship:pre-relationship  relationship:predator/prey  relationship:separated  relationship:soulmates  relationship:strained-family-relationships  series:A-Diamond-in-the-Rough  series:Adventures-in-Crossdressing  series:Casebook-of-Detective-Timothy-Drake  series:coffee-house-rules  series:coffee-house-rules:coffee-shop/university-au  series:Jason-Todd:The-Not-So-Outlaw  series:Moon-Snow-and-Ice  series:myth-bats  series:Parenthood(Alternate-NSO-Timeline)  series:The-Adventures-of-Sir-Timothy-Drake  series:The-Officer-and-the-Hood  series:Therapy-Sessions  series:To-Rise-Above  series:Tuesday-Nights  setting:bars/pubs  setting:coffee-shop/bakery  setting:historical  setting:historical(medieval)  setting:hotel/motel  setting:nightclub  setting:office  setting:school  setting:space  setting:winter  trope:animal-traits  trope:animals  trope:animals(cats)  trope:animals(dogs)  trope:art  trope:awkward-situations  trope:babysitting  trope:bad-parents  trope:banter  trope:batfamily-feels  trope:bed-sharing  trope:bets/wagers  trope:burlesque  trope:caught-in-the-act  trope:chase-scenes  trope:childcare  trope:childhood-crush  trope:children  trope:cohabitation  trope:confessions  trope:confessions-of-feelings  trope:contests/competitions  trope:cooking/baking  trope:creatures  trope:creatures(angels&demons)  trope:creatures(dragons)  trope:creatures(fae)  trope:creatures(ghosts)  trope:creatures(merfolk)  trope:creatures(vampires)  trope:creatures(werewolves)  trope:creatures(witches)  trope:crime  trope:crushes  trope:cuddles  trope:cultural-differences  trope:customer-service  trope:danger  trope:daring-escapes  trope:dates  trope:de-aging  trope:deals/bargains  trope:death  trope:domestic  trope:dreams  trope:drugged  trope:drugged(fear-gas)  trope:drugged(sex-pollen)  trope:drunken-shenanigans  trope:espionage  trope:fairy-tale-themes  trope:fight-scenes  trope:first-meetings  trope:flashbacks  trope:flirting  trope:food-service  trope:g/s:gender/sexuality-tropes  trope:gallant-rescues  trope:gender-changes  trope:grief/mourning  trope:holidays  trope:holidays(birthdays)  trope:holidays(christmas)  trope:holidays(halloween)  trope:huddling-for-warmth  trope:insecurities  trope:instincts  trope:intoxication  trope:jealousy  trope:kid!dick  trope:kid!jason  trope:kids  trope:kinks  trope:kiss  trope:magic  trope:massage  trope:matchmaking  trope:medical(hallucinations)  trope:medical(hypothermia)  trope:medical(illness)  trope:medical(illness:pneumonia)  trope:medical(illness:serious)  trope:medical(injury)  trope:medical(injury:serious)  trope:mental-health-issues  trope:mental-health-issues(PTSD)  trope:monsters  trope:movie-night  trope:music  trope:mystery  trope:mythological-creatures  trope:nightmares  trope:obliviousness  trope:occupation(artist)  trope:occupation(bartender)  trope:occupation(chef)  trope:occupation(cowboy)  trope:occupation(dancer)  trope:occupation(detective)  trope:occupation(firefighter)  trope:occupation(guardian-angel)  trope:occupation(law-enforcement)  trope:occupation(photographer)  trope:occupation(police-officer)  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  trope:panic-attacks  trope:parenthood  trope:peril  trope:photography  trope:pining  trope:pining(mutual)  trope:possessiveness  trope:pranks  trope:protectiveness  trope:realization-of-feelings  trope:reconciliation  trope:resurrection  trope:robin!jason  trope:royalty/nobility  trope:schemes  trope:secret-identity  trope:secrets  trope:secrets-revealed  trope:self-esteem-issues  trope:sexual-frustration  trope:shenanigans  trope:sleep-deprivation  trope:sleeping-together  trope:spells&curses  trope:sticky-situations  trope:supernatural-abilities  trope:supernatural-elements  trope:surprise-kisses  trope:tattoos  trope:tending-to-sick/wounded  trope:therapy  trope:transformation  trope:transformation(animal-transformation)  trope:trapped  trope:travel  trope:undercover  trope:unwanted-advances  trope:UST  trope:vacation  trope:vacations  trope:weddings  trope:wings  type:fic  warning:alcohol  warning:child-abuse  warning:kidnapping  warning:major-character-death  warning:noncon  warning:noncon-drugged  warning:past-noncon  warning:sexual-harassment  warning:unhealthy-coping-mechanisms  wc:1k5k  wc:5k10k  wc:10k20k  wc:20k50k  wc:50k+  wc:<1k  wc:drabble  wc:oneshot  wc:wip 

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