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Song-a-Matic Editor - Lady Madonna
{title:Lady Madonna - Beatles}
{define: A frets 0 4 5 4 fingers 0 1 3 2}

Intro: A D A D A D A F G A
[A] Lady Ma[D]donna [A]children at your [D] feet [A] Wonder how you [D] manage [A] To [F] make [G] ends [A] meet

[A] Who finds the [D] money [A] when you pay the [D] rent [A] Did you think that [D] money [A] was [F] hea[G]ven [A] sent

[Dm] Friday night arrives without a [G7] suitcase [C] Sunday morning creeping like a [Am] nun
[Dm] Monday's child has learned to tie his [G7] bootlace [C] See [Bm] how they [E7sus4] run [E7]

[A] Lady Ma[D]donna [A] baby at your [D] breast [A] Wonder how you [D] manage [A] to [F] feed [G] the [A] rest

[A] [D] [A] [D] [A] [D] [A] [F] [G] [A]
[Dm] Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba [G7] Ba ba ba [C] Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba [Am] Ba ba ba ba ba
[Dm] Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba [G7] Ba ba ba [C] See [Bm] how they [E7sus4] run [E7]

[A] Lady Ma[D]donna [A] lying on the [D] bed [A] Listen to the [D] music [A] playing [F] in [G] your [A] head
Instrumental: A D A D A D A E G A
[Dm] Tuesday afternoon is never [G7] ending [C] Wednesday morning papers didn't [Am] come
[Dm] Thursday night your stockings needed [G7] mending [C] See [Bm] how they [E7sus4] run [E7]

[A] Lady Ma[D]donna [A] children at your [D] feet
[A] Wonder how you [D] manage [A] To [F] make [G] ends [A] meet
[D] [F7] [Asus4] [A] [A] [D] [F7] [Asus4] [A]
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