A few thoughts about RSS news readers from someone who thinks about them way more than you probably do
"Primarily, the core technology itself (polled or pushed RSS/Atom XML feeds) is brittle, bloated and bewildering, and to make matters worse, the benefits of using it are pretty unclear to just about anyone outside the most heads-down techie."
april 2013
mperham/lunchy · GitHub
Lunchy aims to be that friendly tool by wrapping launchctl and providing a few simple operations that you perform all the time.
launchd  launchctl  software  osx  mac 
april 2013
Server Name Indication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As of November 2012, the only major user bases whose browsers do not support SNI appear to be users of Internet Explorer 8 or below on Windows XP and versions of Java before 1.7 on any operating system
ssl  sni  TLS  web 
april 2013
chrisdoble/django-celery-transactions · GitHub
django-celery-transactions holds on to Celery tasks until the current database transaction is committed, avoiding potential race conditions as described in Celery's user guide. Send tasks from signal handlers without fear!
django  transactions 
february 2013
algorithm - How to pair socks from a pile efficiently? - Stack Overflow
"Given a pile of n pairs of socks, containing 2n elements (assume each sock has exactly one matching pair), what is the best way to pair them up efficiently with up to logarithmic extra space"
january 2013
How much do maps cost and what are they worth? | asymco
"we have a perverse situation of a very costly, unprofitable asset requiring duplication of maintenance effort by politically motivated actors imprisoned by their own strategic interests"
Apple  Google  maps 
december 2012
The Quiet Wikideath of BBS History « ASCII by Jason Scott
"See, the problem is that people think of wikipedia as a SOURCE. It’s NOT a source. It’s REALITY SLASH FICTION"
wikipedia  archiving 
december 2012
space  hulk  spacehulk 
december 2012
Mavor's Rants: Planetary Annihilation Engine Architecture Update #1
"Basically the client is a transparent web browser (webkit) window over the top of an OpenGL context. All of the front end UI and the top level game UI is being written in Javascript"
games  planetaryannihilation  userinterface 
december 2012
Molyneux admits "it's not good enough" but don't you dare lose faith in Curiosity | Games industry news | MCV
“I mean, the number of willies on the cube is enormous,” he tells us. “That’s something we didn’t think to count in the analytics"
november 2012
Automated installation of the Microsoft IE App Compat virtual machines
ie  virtualbox  vm  windows 
november 2012
NSURLProtocol : NSHipster
NSURLProtocol is amazing and you can perform MUCH EVIL with it
cocoa  ios  programming 
november 2012
Some thoughts on "Dishonored" | mndaily.com - The Minnesota Daily
"Deus Ex" was fundamentally different from "Dishonored" (I only keep bringing "Deus Ex" up because it's so widely considered to be the gold standard of the genre) in that it's next to impossible to finish the game the way you initially wanted to. You're forced to employ a number of methods -- many of which feel like compromises of your predecided playstyle -- by decisions you knowingly or unknowingly made in the past. You make choices as the character, not the player.
games  from instapaper
october 2012
Open the Future: Digital Diplomacy, of a Sort
Rather than choose one name or the other, Apple went ahead and just cloned the islands. It’s as good a solution as any, I suppose — it’s not like you were going to drive there any time soon…
from instapaper
september 2012
I Am Not Making Any Of This Up And Really Kind Of Wish I Were
Glenn Beck figures out the real story behind Sean Smith’s death: Goonswarm Is Literally The CIA.
september 2012
S3itch - Sharing Skitch uploads on S3

As Skitch will soon shut down their own hosting and switch to Evernote, the only reasonable thing to do is to use WebDAV instead and put files on S3.
skitch  s3 
august 2012
Good News: Jet Set Radio HD Will Launch
Jet Set Radio will be coming to Steam on September 19th, and it’ll run you $9.99/£5.99.
games  from instapaper
august 2012
Coyote Tracks - Playing in Gatekeeper's sandbox
This is based on the increasingly pervasive notion that Apple hates apple pie, freedom and cute puppies, as evidenced by all those essential, everyday tasks you can’t do with an iOS device. Like recompiling its kernel. I can’t count the number of times I’ve pulled out my iPhone and urgently screamed, “Siri, recompile your kernel!” at it, then crumpled to the ground in despair. Same for you, I’m sure.
from instapaper
august 2012
Awakenings: An Android Design Process | Sebastiaan de With's blog
"Android devices come with TFT-LCD panels of varying quality and with various technologies: (S/)PVA, (S/H-)IPS, AFFS, each with their own unique dynamics and often manufacturer-calibrated specifically (yes, there’s different gamma curves), as well as AMOLED displays with similar varying characteristics"
android  hardware  development 
july 2012
Tumblr users baffled by tacky banner ads
some browser plugin inserting ads into the tumblr dahsboard? plugins are insane. I'm astonshed that apple allows them, to be honest.
july 2012
The real reason we’re upset about Sparrow’s acquisition
The real reason we’re upset about Sparrow’s acquisition... http://t.co/Di5ZyJsR -- Hacker News Bot (@hackernewsbot)
from instapaper
july 2012
JacksonInFiveMinutes - FasterXML Wiki
A nice fast JSON library for Java that both works on Android and doesn't make me want to claw my face off.
android  java  json  programming 
july 2012
I've got to come up with something I can gratuitously use this in.
python  progamming 
june 2012
Very nice and simple oauth implementation for Objective-C - specifically I'm using it in iOS and it's great. I especially like the way that it's not 300 different little files.
ios  oauth  objectivec 
may 2012
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