Jordan Hoover
"Hi, I'm Jordan Hoover - a full-stack developer from Dallas, Texas"
wagtailsite  wagtail  resource  usa 
Greek mobile ad startup running Wagtail
wagtailsite  agency  commercial 
Simmons Center for Cancer Research
Simmons Center for Cancer Research
Brigham Young University
wagtailsite  education  usa  health 
10 days ago
Antares Home - Antares
a project from NOAO: NOAO is the national center for ground-based nighttime astronomy in the United States and is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA
wagtailsite  astronomy  education  usa 
14 days ago
small cypriot agency building wagtail sites
wagtail  resource  agency  cyprus 
16 days ago
Creative digital team with 20 years experience in the likes of Drupal, Django and Rails | Vohm
"A creative digital team with over 20 years experience in the likes of Drupal and Django. We are a registered company in the United Kingdom

Site made with love and Wagtail."
wagtailsite  wagtail  resource  agency  uk 
5 weeks ago
Home - TES
cool amsterdam agency, running wagtail, working on interesting stuff
wagtailsite  wagtail  agency  netherlands 
10 weeks ago
BCW | Integrated Communications Agency
massive global agency using wagtail "one of the world’s largest full-service global communications agencies"
wagtailsite  agency  usa  lead 
10 weeks ago
Will Garside
Django / Wagtail developer - can't find contact details!
resource  wagtail  freelancer  uk  wagtailsite 
september 2018
AGG Design
chinese? interior designers
wagtailsite  china  design 
september 2018
Andrew Lomax
built newamerica.org on wagtail
wagtail  resource  freelancer  salesforce  d3  gatsby 
september 2018
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