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We could simply declare ourselves to be a product company, and assign everyone to newly unfamiliar roles. Big bang. Before announcing any organizational change, though, it’s worth guessing at likely objections, pushback, skill differences, and cultural norms. Your situation may be different, but at services firms I see every process tuned to say “yes” whenever a client wants to pay for something.  Sales brings in a prospect, we size the work, and we jump to deliver a uniquely bespoke solution for that one company. Company metrics are about project-based margin and keeping our development organization busily billing for their time.  That’s diametrically opposed to how product companies think – product companies want repeatable, low-friction installations with as little handholding as possible, in order to sell hundreds/thousands/millions of users a single codeline at prices well below what customers would spend to build it themselves.
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29 days ago
The Triumph Of Customer Capitalism
"At the heart of customer capitalism today is the idea that the world has changed. Power in the marketplace has shifted from the firm to the customer. Abruptly, frighteningly, and to the great surprise of command-and-control managements of big firms, the customer is now the boss."
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4 weeks ago
Themes vs Epics vs Features vs User Stories
"Even if you do find yourself in that situation, experience has shown me that you don’t need four separate backlogs with four separate levels of hierarchy to coordinate the efforts of over 90 teams split across multiple locations. A two level hierarchy and some good old fashion communication can work wonders."
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4 weeks ago
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