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Birrieria Zaragoza

4852 S. Pulaski Rd. Chicago, IL 60632-4116
(773) 523-3700

Monday - Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Saturday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Sunday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
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february 2016 by tofias
Mobile First | Benedict Evans
> … instead of thinking about the constraints of mobile - of the things you can't do because the screen is smaller and there's no keyboard - we should rather think of the PC as having the basic, cut-down, limited version of the internet, because it only has the web. It's the mobile that has the whole internet.
tech  ilike 
may 2015 by tofias
Back End Trouble | Reply All
> The whole internet decides to look at one famous butt at the same time. One guy has to make sure nothing breaks.
podcast  ilike 
may 2015 by tofias
The Women of Don Draper
> An illustrated collective of all the women Don Draper has slept with.
In chronological order.
funny  ilike 
april 2015 by tofias
▶ The Tragically Hip - Ahead By A Century - YouTube
Sloan. Sloan. Sloan. When will The Tragically Hip get their due?
music  ilike 
february 2015 by tofias
The Talk Show Bond Anthology - David Smith
> Below are each of their discussions and the associated The Talk Show episode. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
podcast  film  ilike 
december 2014 by tofias
Daring Fireball Linked List: 'Liz Taylor Knows It, the President Knows It, the Bum Knows It, and You Know It.'
Andy Warhol:

> What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest. You can be watching TV and see Coca-Cola, and you know that the President drinks Coke, Liz Taylor drinks Coke, and just think, you can drink Coke, too. A Coke is a Coke and no amount of money can get you a better Coke than the one the bum on the corner is drinking. All the Cokes are the same and all the Cokes are good. Liz Taylor knows it, the President knows it, the bum knows it, and you know it.
apple  culture  ilike 
september 2014 by tofias
Brent on the shifting sands of social platforms –
> Brent Simmons:

>> My blog’s older than Twitter and Facebook, and it will outlive them. It has seen Flickr explode and then fade. It’s seen Google Wave and Google Reader come and go, and it’ll still be here as Google Plus fades. When Medium and Tumblr are gone, my blog will be here.

> This is why I’m still championing blogs, RSS, and using your own domain even though supposedly “everyone” has moved to social networks.
blogging  good  toblog  internet  socialmedia  ilike 
august 2014 by tofias
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