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Every screen resolution and shape that visited us this month, ranked by popularity
I made a quick visualization of all 1,217 screen resolutions (to scale) that have visited this month:
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Turn your sketches on paper into interactive app demos with the iPhone app, free on the App Store
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Creative And Innovative Navigation Designs | Smashing Magazine
Delightful examples of innovative navigation, including personal fave from Second Story via
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myBalsamic: Design user interfaces collaboratively, online.
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Internet Librarian 2011, Day 2: Designing for Optimal UX
Nate Hill, Web Librarian, San Jose Public Library

Chris Noll, Noll & Tam Architects

Slide on the screen:

Because of the Internet, access to:
Books and other documents have gone from Read to Read/Write
Photo and video output has gone from View to View/Edit
Music and other audio has gone from Listen to Listen/Remix

Nate is introducing the topic of libraries starting to support content creation, and the models behind that.


Contra Costa has used vending machines in shopping malls, etc. Washington County is using reserve boxes.

Boston Chinatown Storefront Library – community driven library

Houston – small small branch…

DC – Kiosk branches…

Greenbridge Library – took a community center, and developed part of it into a library

Idea Stores in London. Mix up libraries, cafes, etc.

Morgan Hill Library – self checkout, check in, self help holds, etc – very self-driven


talking about the Digital Public Library or America project and their beta sprint. Realized we will still need physical spaces to create digital content.

LibraryLab idea:

broken into modules like audio and video creation, scanning, collaboration, etc

Chris: talking about creating furniture for these creative types of spaces …

Give people access to tools. Some libraries check out tools or musical instruments. Why not video cameras, microphones, etc?

Why not have design tools – desktop publishing, CAD/CAM tools, 3D printers, etc? The library could support these things.

They want this project to happen … but need funding, etc.

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Thunderbird Conversations
During the Summer of 2010 I helped Jonathan Protzenko refine the UI for his Thunderbird add-on, Thunderbird Conversations. TB Conversations is a much requested feature which gives Thunderbird the ability to render emails as threaded conversations the same way Gmail does.

This Summer Jonathan visited from Paris once again to work on TB Conversations, during which time we worked together on improving some features of his add-on.

Current Quick Compose
One point of interest is the new Quick Compose we worked on. The current Gmail and TB Conversations Compose shows a singular text box within which you would type your reply. The problem with the singular text box is that it doesn’t implicitly tell you whether you are replying to an individual, or to an entire conversation. Though I’m admittedly happy with my Gmail default of ‘reply all’ 99% of the time, there have been more than a few times I have replied to an entire thread by accident.

Gmail’s compose with a somewhat ambiguous text box

Gmail does allow you to choose individual actions such as ‘reply’, ‘reply all’ and ‘forward’, however these are presented as small targets in comparison to the nice big text box.

Quick Compose Revised
For the revision of the TB Conversations Quick Compose we chose to implement two large, clearly labeled text boxes as the main call to action, with lesser used actions still available on the right. By doing this we avoid user confusion, but still maintain a simple one click composition flow.

The revised Thunderbird Conversations Quick Compose

There’s a quick demo of the interaction here. The actions above the Quick Reply area are all placeholder in the demo, and in the live version there is an indication as to what you have chosen (reply vs. reply all, with an ability to toggle between the two).
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