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hybridshade: An Honest Charade (RPS-AU)
Jared puts an ad in the classifieds, looking for a fake boyfriend to take home to his none-too-pleasant parents. He gets a whole lot more than he bargained for. (3,000 words)
author:hybridshade  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:fake/arranged  ((a)) 
july 2015 by todokanai
SammysGirl666: Hot For Teacher (RPS-AU)
Jared is an omega in college, trying to enjoy himself by having casual hook ups and being, generally, unattached. But then he walks into economics where Professor Ackles, the substitute Jared had forgotten they were going to have, proceeds to change his world irrevocably. (2,600 words)
author:SammysGirl666  2015  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:a/b/o  g:teacher  ((a)) 
july 2015 by todokanai
theshyauthor: But This Is Gonna Take Me Down (RPS-AU)
Jensen and Jared have been dating for a while. Jared started acting strange a few weeks ago. Jensen thinks he might be dating a maybe possibly serial-killer. It's complicated. Featuring definitely a NOT serial killer Jared. (3,500 words)
author:theshyauthor  2015  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:misc  ++ 
march 2015 by todokanai
marlowe78: The Jester (RPS-AU)
Sometimes villains are heroes and heroes are villains... Jensen is Robin and loves dedicating his life to help people. What nobody knows is that Batman has been sexually abusing Jensen since he took the boy in as his ward. Jared is a young supervillain named The Jester that kidnaps Jensen after a fight and discovers the truth. (7,000 words)
2015  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:superhero/powers  author:marlowe78  ((a)) 
march 2015 by todokanai
JuneValentine: An Omega for Christmas (RPS-AU)
Jared is Jensen's Omega step-cousin, who- even if he's thirteen, is so excited for Christmas morning that he can't go to sleep. (Or the one where Jared and Jensen share a bed during the holidays and Jensen struggles to keep it in his pants because- holy shit, that Omega is his Omega.) (1,300 words)
author:JuneValentine  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:a/b/o  g:family/friend/ex  (a) 
december 2014 by todokanai
dimeliora: Helping Hands (RPS-AU)
Jared, an everyday superhero with a little secret, is in love with the Captain of the world's most powerful supergroup. (4,000 words)
author:dimeliora  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:superhero/powers 
december 2014 by todokanai
x_posed_again: #FML (RPS-AU)
You don’t just meet the potential love of your life at 2:00 a.m. while drunk and waiting in line for the best hotdogs this side of the state, you just don’t. Except that apparently Jensen does. (8,600 words)
author:x_posed_again  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:college  (a) 
december 2014 by todokanai
tebtosca: Delicious (RPS-AU)
Jensen the Narcoleptic goes in search of the Big Bad Wolf to get his best friend's red cape back. (2,100 words)
author:tebtosca  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:tale/historic 
december 2014 by todokanai
meus_venator: Watch Me, Video (RPS-AU)
Jensen was a top of the line video surveillance camera, until he wasn’t. And yep, J2 are cameras... (5,500 words)
author:meus_venator  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:creature/magic 
september 2014 by todokanai
wincestplease: The One With The Kissing Booth (RPS-AU)
So yeah. Jensen's perfect. But Jared's not crushing, or anything. (2,300 words)
author:wincestplease  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:highschool  ((a)) 
september 2014 by todokanai
fairygrrl45: So This Is How I'm Slipping Away (RPS-AU)
Jensen knew in that moment, as all feeling left him…sensation draining out of his fingertips, and everything stiff and immovable except for his eyes, still tracing the distance for that familiar red shirt, he knew…he would never see him again. Jared was gone. He was gone forever. (24,000 words)
author:fairygrrl45  2014  fandom:supernatural  fic  RPS-AU  g:family/friend/ex  read  (a) 
september 2014 by todokanai
enablelove: three way experiment (RPS-AU)
Someone propositions Jared and Jensen for a threesome. They guys aren’t quite sure about it. (1,600 words)
author:enablelove  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:misc 
july 2014 by todokanai
probablyonfire: go on and tear me apart (RPS-AU)
Jensen has been avoiding Jared ever since Jared's superpower turned out to be mind-reading. (2,000 words)
author:probablyonfire  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:superhero/powers  (a) 
july 2014 by todokanai
sanshal: Convincing the Consort (RPS-AU)
Breaking up with his boyfriend might have been the hardest thing Crown Prince Jensen Ackles had had to do in the line of duty... Except; it turned out that convincing said boyfriend that he wanted to make-up and marry him might just be even more difficult. (5,000 words)
author:sanshal  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:a/b/o 
june 2014 by todokanai
dugindeep: Planting a Seed (RPS-AU)
Jared thinks the hot guy frequenting the gas station is kind of an asshole for never donating to charity. So of course Jared runs into him at said-charity event. (2,300 words)
author:dugindeep  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:shop/bar/retail 
june 2014 by todokanai
nyxocity: Burn the Land and Boil the Sea (RPS-AU)
Eight years ago, Jared spent his entire summer on a tropical island off the coast of Mexico with Jensen. He fell head over heels for Jensen, but their lives were going separate directions at the end of the summer, and they never quite got together. Jensen left for Greenpeace and Jared went off to college—but he never truly got over Jensen. Now, in present day, Jared is a marine biologist working on a project in the gorgeous panhandle of Alaska. He’s amazed to discover the captain of the ship he’s chartered is none other than Jensen Ackles himself. Jared’s overjoyed, but Jensen is less than thrilled—he’s a changed man since that summer so long ago; withdrawn, passionless and solitary. Still something of the bond between them remains, and neither of them seem to be able to escape its pull completely. When Jared’s project leads them into danger and leaves them running and fighting for their lives, Jensen’s secrets begin to come out, drawing them back together—but can they survive long enough to figure out this thing between them? (53,000 words)
author:nyxocity  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:family/friend/ex  (a) 
june 2014 by todokanai
anon: Tie Me Up and Kiss Me (RPS-AU)
Jared likes being tied up, but not pain. His abusive boyfriend didn't get that memo so Jared ran away. When he meets Jensen, he's afraid to do anything but making out. On New Year's Eve when Jared finally has to the courage to tell Jensen what happened with his ex, then he asks Jensen if he would tie him down. They don't actually have sex that night, they just kiss and cuddle into the new year.
author:anon  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:agent 
june 2014 by todokanai
deirdre_c: The Best Part (RPS)
Jensen always goes with Jared to watch him get his hair cut. He pretends that he's just along for the ride, but he really, really likes it. (930 words)
author:deirdre_c  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS 
june 2014 by todokanai
ephemeralk: from the mud (reborn) (RPS-AU)
When Jensen pulls Jared out of the crumbling house in a mudslide, it’s his job—he’s paid to respond to disasters—nothing more. He doesn’t expect to fall for Jared. Especially since neither of them are gay. (2,700 words)
author:Ephermeralk  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:doc/guard 
may 2014 by todokanai
BabyyCakess: Easy A (RPS-AU)
Jared is the nerd, Jensen is the jock. When they're forced to work together on a class project, everything changes. (1,600 words)
author:babyycakess  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:highschool 
may 2014 by todokanai
akintay: Fic: The Art of (Not) Falling in Love (RPS-AU)
Jared is pretty sure Jensen Ackles isn't human, because nobody is that perfect. (4,700 words)
author:akintay  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:college 
may 2014 by todokanai
rockstarpeach: Play Me A Memory (RPS-AU)
Jensen is away on a business trip when he gets dumped by his wife. He stumbles into a piano bar to drown his sorrows and the entertainment catches his eye. (1,700 words)
author:rockstarpeach  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:artist/musician 
may 2014 by todokanai
compo67: Hello There (RPS-AU)
Rejection of a Soul Mate can end in death. Jared is a House boy ordered by a Guest. The Church controls everything--even the successful, Christian-themed show Supernatural--but that doesn't mean some of its members don't indulge. The star of Supernatural has a dark vice and everything to lose. (3,200 words)
author:compo67  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:hooker/stripper/porn 
march 2014 by todokanai
riyku: Freak Show (RPS-AU)
The circus comes to town and brings a surprise or two with it. (3,600 words)
author:riyku  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:creature/magic 
march 2014 by todokanai
alezig: The Courtesan (RPS-AU)
Jared should have noticed what was happening. He should have booked a time with a Courtesan days ago. That was how things should have been done. But then he wouldn't have ended up with this Courtesan. (3,700 words)
author:alezig  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:a/b/o 
march 2014 by todokanai
alezig: Primae Noctis (RPS-AU)
Lord Ackles of Stonemere seldom gets directly involved with his subjects' lives, and yet he is the one arranging Jared's marriage to a girl from town. Jared has no idea what to expect when the lord arrives at the wedding feast with a surprising demand. (5,500 words)
author:alezig  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:tale/historic 
february 2014 by todokanai
the_green_bird: Worth Having (RPS-AU)
Jared's family has always hated him for being an omega. So hen they discover that the son of the king has certain preferences, they jump at the chance to both rid of Jared and increase their social standing by an arranged marriage. As his family told him, Jared expects to be treated like a pet, pregnant and barefoot... Of course he's completely unprepared when the king's alpha son Jensen treats him like something precious and appears interested in actually getting to know Jared better.
'verse: (Art Show)
author:the_green_bird  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:were/alphas  verse:open  sequel 
february 2014 by todokanai
tipsy_kitty: Be Still, Be Calm, Be Quiet (RPS-AU)
Jensen is a massage therapist, a business owner—and an immortal incubus. Jared is his favorite client. Incubus!Jensen. (2,000 words)
author:tipsy_kitty  2014  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:creature/magic 
january 2014 by todokanai
chef_geekier: ust As Planned (RPS-AU)
Jensen knows that his awesome neighbour's been fighting with his wife a lot lately. Who can blame him for taking advantage of the guy's desire to have kids? (2,000 words)
author:chef_geekier  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:were/alphas 
december 2013 by todokanai
stellamira: What a Lovely Day to Die (RPS-AU)
Jensen tries to kill himself – multiple times – but Jared simply refuses to reap him. (2,700 words)
author:stellamira  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:creature/magic  (b) 
december 2013 by todokanai
Ephermeralk: When Memory Fades
After Sam’s wall breaks, his mind continuously erases his recent memories when he sleeps to keep visions of hell from his conscious self. Today is day 1156. (3,700 words)
author:Ephermeralk  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:sam/dean  t:future!fic  c:curtain/domestic 
december 2013 by todokanai
TheResurrectionist: Jetstream (AU)
What do you get when you throw together exhaustion, irritable passengers and an airport? Preslash, of course! (1,700 words)
author:TheResurrectionist  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:shop/bar/retail 
december 2013 by todokanai
TheResurrectionist: I Find You Wherever I Go (AU)
Sam is the gay check out guy. People are haters. Dean comes to the rescue. What else could you ask for? (1,500 words)
author:TheResurrectionist  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:shop/bar/retail 
december 2013 by todokanai
LittleSparrow69: Executive Bitch (RPS-AU)
Jensen is a good looking snarky CEO who is rude and has no time for anyone at the office. Jared is a lowly mail room worker who gets the brunt of Jensen's attitude no matter how nice he tries to be. Jared hates Jensen. Hates him that is, in the way that he can't get him out of his head... (5,000 words)
author:LittleSparrow69  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:office/business/ast  (a) 
november 2013 by todokanai
blackrabbit42: A Delicate Balance (RPS-AU)
JA does not differentiate between the “Jared” he has constructed in his mind and JP the actual person. (3,200 words)
author:blackrabbit42  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:creature/magic 
november 2013 by todokanai
delanach: A Hopeful Christmas
When Dean wishes that he'd never been born, Castiel shows him what woulld have been. (7,000 words)
author:delanach  2012  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:sam/dean  t:S05  (b) 
november 2013 by todokanai
keep_waking_up: Hold Me Responsible
It wasn't abusive or anything. It was just a game of one-up between them, just like the prank wars of their youth. So what if ropes and sex was involved? (2,000 words)
author:keep_waking_up  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:sam/dean  t:S02 
november 2013 by todokanai
viviansface: Princess Parts (RPS-AU)
Jensen gets stoned and he really wants to touch and kiss Jared's "princess parts". Which basically means he really wants to blow him. (2,400 words)
author:viviansface  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:misc 
november 2013 by todokanai
alakewood: Won't Wave Goodbye (RPS-AU)
Jared's an undercover cop from LA following a case to Laguna Beach where he meets surf-instructor Jensen. (850 words
author:alakewood  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:agent 
november 2013 by todokanai
LittleSparrow69: Guided Meditation (RPS-AU)
Jensen has a high stress job and he's been seeing Jared for weeks now to help him find ways to deal with it. He was skeptical at first and though he doesn't really remember anything from their sessions - Jensen can't help but admit that he feels so much better after. So relaxed and almost...sated. (4,200 words)
author:LittleSparrow69  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:doc/guard 
november 2013 by todokanai
zubeneschamali: What You Need (RPS-AU)
It's an open secret among the staff that Mr. Padalecki goes through assistants so quickly because once he "convinces" them to let him have them - in his en-suite, over his desk, while sitting in his ergonomic chair - Jared gets bored and wants them gone. None of the remaining assistants in the pool want to have anything to do with him, but Jared needs an assistant - Jensen is an outside hire, and he is much more then Jared expects or can handle. (4,000 words)
author:zubeneschamali  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:office/business/ast 
november 2013 by todokanai
anon: Flavor Grind (RPS-AU)
Jared is a hooker, but he can't get the shy, quiet barista Jensen out of his head and returns as often as he can afford to the shop to admire the handsome man. He huddles in the corner and tries not to be noticed as he nurses his coffee until closing then goes back out to work. One night his pimp finds him in the coffee shop when he should be working. (2,000 words)
author:anon  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:hooker/stripper/porn 
november 2013 by todokanai
morrezela: Going Off Script (RPS-AU)
Kitsune AU: Jared was adamant that he was never getting married. (2,500 words)
author:morrezela  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:creature/magic 
november 2013 by todokanai
morrezela: Cross-Species Reproduction (RPS-AU)
Alien AU: Jared is a placental humanoid who falls in love with and decides to start a family with his marsupial humanoid boyfriend. (3,870 words)
author:morrezela  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:sci-fi/apocafic 
november 2013 by todokanai
hunters_retreat: If You Don't Mind, I Will (RPS-AU)
knotting in space, prison au-ish. "Damn it, Jared, I realized I was in love with you and no matter how I tried to stop it, I felt the bond forming. I was becoming something, for you.” (4,400 words)
author:hunters_retreat  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:sci-fi/apocafic 
november 2013 by todokanai
syncop8edrhythm: Lost (Gen)
"It's not real, Sammy," his brother pleaded, and Sam wished he could believe him, wished he could believe he was free. But wishes don't come true, not in Hell. "I'm sorry," he whispered, resting the knife against his brother's chest, "but it is." (2,600 words)
author:syncop8edrhythm  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  p:gen  t:S07 
november 2013 by todokanai
agelade: Who Says Brother (Gen)
After a series of hunts gone wrong, inexplicably made right again, Sam starts to come to some conclusions. A Season Nine quicktime fic. (4,000 words)
author:agelade  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:gen  t:S09 
november 2013 by todokanai
oddishly: Brother, I'm your sex kitten, and we're purrfect together
For Halloween, Dean was turned into a kitten. A freaking kitten. A little gray fluffball with squashy paws and stupid ears and-- hey, was that a stick of butter someone left out? Ho ho ho ho, was the world made up of fools? (1,400 words)
author:oddishly  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:sam/dean  t:S09  (a) 
november 2013 by todokanai
jedisapphire: De Profundis (Gen)
The boys split up and Sam gets in trouble. Set in the second haf of S6. Spoilers through to 5.22, Swan Song. (4,300 words)
author:jedisapphire  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:gen  t:S06 
october 2013 by todokanai
fatebegins:Silk and Steel (RPS-AU)
As a child, Jared was gravely injured defending a young member of his pack against a poacher. Now, he walks with a severe limp in human form, and cannot run and hunt with the other wolves in his pack. He long ago accepted that he would never mate or have a family of his own. When the pack's alpha dies without an heir, distant alpha relatives come in from out of town to compete for the title of pack alpha. One of them is Jensen Ackles. When he sees sweet, dimpled Jared, he falls hard, but Jared knows his place well. He gently brushes off all of Jensen's attempts to woo him, reminding Jensen that he owes the pack a strong, healthy mate, not a gimpy omega. Jensen makes it his mission to convince Jared that he's the perfect mate for the pack alpha, and that he's worthy of everything. (34,500 words)
author:fatebegins  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:shifters 
october 2013 by todokanai
radiumgirl: Siberia
When stuffing an angel inside your dying brother backfires. (2,500 words)
author:radiumgirl  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:sam/dean  t:S09 
october 2013 by todokanai
jasmineisland: Too Far Gone (Gen)
Dean and Castiel are becoming good friends and Dean is coming to depend more and more and Castiel on hunts. Sam however, is feeling more and more isolated and lonely because all of a sudden, Dean doesn't seem to trust him or his opinion. No matter what, Dean wants to check things with Castiel and Sam's becoming more and more depressed that an angel has replaced him as Dean's hunting partner and and he begins to drink. Cue guilty!angry!Dean realizing that he's been neglecting his big!brother duties and helping Sam kick his borderline alcoholism. (6,800 words)
author:jasmineisland  2012  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:gen  t:S05 
october 2013 by todokanai
gleefulmusing: Whisper to Spark
An irrevocable act makes an indelible mark. This is a dark story which examines the aftermath of a Winchester rape. (4,470 words)
author:gleefulmusing  2011  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:sam/dean  t:S02 
october 2013 by todokanai
simplemishap: Alpha in a Bottle (RPS-AU)
A way for an omega to ward off unwanted attention from Alphas is to smell like they're already mated. Science has come up with a way for this to be possible. Sperm donation. An Omega gets a spray and he will then smell like he's been mated. It's been working fine for years. Except once in while there is a mix up or two, and instead of the alpha's donation being sent to a different country it stays local. This is how Omega Jared comes face to face with 'his' alpha. (5,800 words)
author:simplemishap  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:a/b/o 
october 2013 by todokanai
brutti_ma_buoni: A State of Calm Prevailing (RPS-AU)
Night Vale fusion with DJ Jensen pining for newly-arrived scientist Jared. (750 words)
author:brutti_ma_buoni  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:writer/reporter/radio 
october 2013 by todokanai
ar_richardson: A Little Familiar (RPS-AU)
Ever wonder how sorcerer's wind up with their familiars? Well J1, a mild mannered IT professional is about to discover that J2, the hipster in marketing isn't all he appears and the word 'Master' will never mean the same thing to him again.
author:ar_richardson  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:creature/magic 
october 2013 by todokanai
fatebegins: Innocent Fire (RPS-AU)
Historical Alpha/Beta/Omega AU. Jensen is a rich debauched Lord who is known for his wild parties and wilder ways. Jared is a shy country mouse. Arranged marriage is fixed between the two by their families. (29,999 words)
author:fatebegins  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:were/alphas 
october 2013 by todokanai
killabeez: Looking Glass (Sam/Jensen)
Sam gets an idea in his head. That never goes well. (5,400 words)
author:killabeez  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:sam/jensen  p:other  t:PostS08  (b) 
october 2013 by todokanai
ratherastory: I See My Light Come Shining (From the West to the East) (Gen)
With the Trials at an end, Dean thought that Sam would be fine and that they'd be able to turn the page on it all. As it turns out, he was wrong... (9,100 words)
author:ratherastory  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:gen  t:PostS08  ((a)) 
october 2013 by todokanai
benedictcumberlongpond: Of Low Fat Soya Half Shot Latte’s and Masterpieces (RPS-AU)
Jensen is an artist who is having trouble sketching his new creative muse (that shy barista with the floppy hair), but Jared is more than happy to come to his studio for a little one-on-one. (3,885 words)
author:benedictcumberlongpond  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:artist/musician 
september 2013 by todokanai
stripysockette: Missing Piece of the Puzzle (Jared/Genevieve/Jensen)
In a world where women can no longer have children, genetically engineered Omegas fill this function- if you can pay the price (and live with the consequences.) Jared and Gen are happily married, and buying Omega Jensen Ackles for the birth of their child seems like the perfect solution. The only downside is that Omegas can't survive the birth of a child- and that by design they degenerate after a certain age. Not that Omegas know this. (38,000 words)
author:stripysockette  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:sci-fi/apocafic 
september 2013 by todokanai
meus_venator: Yours, Mine, [A Different view] (RPS-AU)
Jensen saves his slave from bounty hunters, but gratitude has never been Jared’s strong suit. Space!pirate!Jensen & Slave!Jared although their relationship is equal. (4,800 words)
author:meus_venator  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:sci-fi/apocafic 
september 2013 by todokanai
juice817: Unintended Consequences (RPS-AU)
Jared's suppressants fail him and he's going to be outed as an omega... unless alpha!Jensen helps him out.
author:juice817  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:were/alphas 
september 2013 by todokanai
the_rant_girl: Teacher, Teacher I declare.... (RPS-AU)
Teacher/student hook-up. Bonus points if Jared is the professor/teacher and Jensen's the student who tops him. (2,900 words)
author:the_rant_girl  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:teacher 
september 2013 by todokanai
scarlet_wilde: Harbor of Echoes (RPS-AU)
Jared Padalecki’s been running all his life from one thing or another. He’s finally found a safe haven… until private investigator Jensen Ackles turns up, having been hired by Jared’s husband to find him. (21,500 words)
author:scarlett_wilde  2010  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:ranch/cabin/town  (pdf) 
september 2013 by todokanai
anon: My Father, My Mate (RPS-AU)
Jared's a single father who gave birth to his son,Jensen, during his early teens. Now a teen-aged 17 years old Jensen is attracted towards his sexy father and madly in love with him.
author:anon  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:were/alphas 
august 2013 by todokanai
morrezela: The Taking (RPS-AU)
Jared was on vacation on the mysterious and beautiful Parnath. He had known about the ‘takings’ that could happen; he just never thought that he would be that one tourist that would have it happen to him. (3,600 words)
author:morrezela  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:slave 
august 2013 by todokanai
hpautumngrl: The "Sam" Fall (AU)
Dean never thought he'd fall in love with his best friend. Sam never thought Dean would fall in love with him either. (2,000 words)
author:hpautumngrl  2010  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:family/friend/ex  (b) 
august 2013 by todokanai
januarycafe: I'd Rather Die (AU)
AU, non-brothers. How do you want to spend your last moments? Dean always thought his would be with Sam. Two years ago, Sam disappeared from his life. Now he's back and won't say why. (6,000 words)
author:januarycafe  2012  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:family/friend/ex  (c) 
august 2013 by todokanai
amosanguis: bibulous (AU)
It’s under a large oak in a San Francisco park, that the Winchester boys see their first Kaiju. Crossover with Pacific Rim. (1,300 words)
author:amosanguis  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:sci-fi/apocafic  g:movie  (a) 
august 2013 by todokanai
abydarned: Point A to Point B (RPS)
Jared's promiscuous and Jensen doesn't really know how to deal with it rationally without scaring his friend off. (5,900 words)
author:albydarned  2007  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS  (d) 
august 2013 by todokanai
gwendolynd: I got you (RPS)
While Jensen is trying out some new toys, he gets called back urgently to the set. Jared finds a remote and seeks out what it belongs to. (1,800 words)
author:gwendolynd  2011  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS  (b) 
july 2013 by todokanai
bravobeavo: C-O-double M-O-N (RPS-AU)
Jensen has been selling prints of famous paintings on the streets of Florence for the past five years. It's not glamorous, but at least he makes some money, especially from dumb tourists who will buy anything. One thing he's learned to do is avoid the police. Of course, sometimes he goes out of his way to catch the attention of Officer Padalecki. (2,300 words)
author:bravobeavo  2013  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:artist/musician 
july 2013 by todokanai
klloydbanks: This Is Me, On My Knees (RPS-AU)
Jensen liked to think of himself as old fashioned romance and waiting for the right man. Of course he’d never admit he’s so old fashioned and romantic is because the one time he went for spontaneous and slutty he got his heart crushed by his best friend. (2,500 words)
author:klloydbanks  2011  fandom:supernatural  read  fic  RPS-AU  g:family/friend/ex 
july 2013 by todokanai
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g:artist/musician  g:bdsm  g:college  g:creature/magic  g:crime/thief/prison  g:doc/guard  g:dragon  g:fake/arranged  g:family/friend/ex  g:flatmate/neighbour  g:highschool  g:homeless  g:hooker/stripper/porn  g:kidfic/mpreg  g:lawyer/politician  g:misc  g:movie  g:office/business/ast  g:ranch/cabin/town  g:sci-fi/apocafic  g:shifters  g:shop/bar/retail  g:slave  g:sports  g:superhero/powers  g:tale/historic  g:teacher  g:vampire  g:were/alphas  g:west/pirates  g:writer/reporter/radio  littlebro  p:dean/cas  p:dean/jared  p:gen  p:michael/sam  p:other  p:sam/cas  p:sam/dean  p:sam/dean/cas  p:sam/jensen  p:sam/lucifer  p:sam/river  postSPN  read  RPS  RPS-AU  sequel  sequel?  t:AU  t:future!fic  t:PostS01  t:PostS02  t:PostS03  t:PostS04  t:PostS05  t:PostS06  t:PostS07  t:PostS08  t:pre-series  t:S01  t:S02  t:S03  t:S04  t:S05  t:S06  t:s07  t:S08  t:S09  t:separated  t:several  t:stanford  verse:dropped  verse:open  wip 

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