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A Child Visits Heaven - YouTube
"Heaven is for Real" - story of a little boy who visited heaven.
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"Jesus and the Intellectual"
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The HOPE - The story of God's Promise for All People
Excellent quality video series on the story of the Bible. Great for new English learners. Watch it online or buy the DVD. Low cost for free distribution. Mars Hill Productions.

DVD is available in
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june 2012 by to
Your Personal Ministry: How to share the Gospel
How to share the Gospel with people you know and random people you meet so that they also can have a relationship with Jesus.
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march 2012 by to
"A safe place to ask questions about life and what it might be like to know God."
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november 2011 by to
Journey Answers
providing answers to your life issues: anxiety, brokenness, conditional love, death, emptiness, falsehood, guilt, hopelessness, illness, insignificance and shame.
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september 2010 by to
A place to start the change in your life.
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june 2010 by to
Global Short Film Network
Learn how to use films and thoughtful questions to springboard into deeper spiritual conversations with your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Here's you'll some great short films, quality training and sample questions to get you going.
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february 2010 by to
City On A Hill Productions | H2O
Excellent video series that starts by looking at the spiritual hunger we all share.
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november 2009 by to
The JESUS Film Project | Home
Watch the Jesus film in over 1,000 languages!
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Global Media Outreach - : Share and Link to GMO
Widgets are one of the coolest ways you can add a gospel presentation to your website, Facebook, blog or other pages. Click on the image to make your custom widget
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TruthMedia » Sites
TruthMedia outreach web sites
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