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Stats on the size, growth, and shocking consolidation of the self-published sector.
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12 days ago by tkbr
New Record: More than 1 Million Books Self-Published in 2017
Note that these numbers are based on ISBNs issued. Amazon does not require an ISBN...
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october 2018 by tkbr
Post-Press Literature: Self-Published Authors in the Literary Field
Nick Levey's excellent discussion of "post-press" publishing
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august 2016 by tkbr
Some bare facts about self-publishing | BC Booklook
Local writer Susan J Crockford offers some insights in to the mechanics of self-publishing in 2016.
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june 2016 by tkbr
Behind the Authors Guild's New Proactive Approach
Some stats on authors' earnings from the US Authors Guild.
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september 2015 by tkbr
Is genre fiction creating a market for lemons? | Dear Author
Best, most sophisticated discussion of self-publishing markets I've seen
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march 2014 by tkbr
Authors deserve better | The Bookseller
Self published bestseller Barry Eisler takes on literary agent Robert Gottlieb in The Bookseller.
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january 2014 by tkbr
Self Published Author | Bowker Self Publishing Report: 2012
Bowker's short report on the scale of self-publishing (and the consolidation of self-pub service providers) in 2012
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november 2013 by tkbr
Publishing Is Broken, We're Drowning In Indie Books - And That's A Good Thing - Forbes
David Vinjamuri on the rise of "indie" publishing -- that is, self-publishers, and how the majors will have to respond.
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august 2012 by tkbr
The Self EPublishing Bubble
Ewan Morrison on the near end of the hype.
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january 2012 by tkbr
2011: The Self-Publishing Year In Review | David Gaughran
Interesting (and nicely linked) chronicle of all the self-publishing events of 2011.
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january 2012 by tkbr

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