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Few Open Access Journals are Plan S Compliant[v3] | Preprints
Using DOAJ's journal metadata, an overwhelmingly large majority of open access journals are not Plan S compliant...
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22 days ago by tkbr
Library Acquisition Patterns | Ithaka S+R
The Library Acquisition Patterns (LAP) project examined trends in US academic libraries’ book purchasing.
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25 days ago by tkbr
Celebrating 30,000 Open Access Articles … PARs, RAPs, and Exploring Implications - The Scholarly Kitchen
Does the Wiley/DEAL Publish-and-Read agreement open new pathways to open access? And what's a PAR anyway?
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4 weeks ago by tkbr
How Can We Make Scholarship More Relevant? | University of Venus
About the Triangle SCI (SCholarly Communications Institute) meetings that Hannah recently went to.
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november 2017 by tkbr
Peer review: the end of an error?
On the use and usefulness of peer review
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november 2017 by tkbr
Current Affairs | Culture & Politics
Disturbingly necessary rebuttal to the "pro-colonial" article published in Third World Quarterly... Which also raises all sorts of questions about peer review, impact, and scholarly publishing
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september 2017 by tkbr
The rising price of knowledge: University of Calgary cuts 1,600 academic resources
"U of C’s libraries and cultural resources department has cancelled academic journal subscriptions valued at $1.5 million."
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february 2017 by tkbr
Canadian Scholarly Publishing Working Group: Interim Report, January 2017
A short report from the Canadian Assn of Research Libraries that provides a good overview of the scholarly publishing landscape, infrastructure, and initiatives in Canada today.
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february 2017 by tkbr
Letter from publishers' group adds to debate over Sci-Hub and librarians who study it
Friction between publishers and libraries as copyright architectures encounter networks.
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august 2016 by tkbr
Standing out in the world of scholarly publishing | University Affairs
On the challenges and opportunities of scholarly book publishing
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march 2016 by tkbr
Google’s Court Victory Is Good for Scholarly Authors. Here’s Why.
Pam Samuelson's somewhat partisan take on the Google fair-use victory.
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november 2015 by tkbr
OLH Launches | Open Library of Humanities
The Open Library of the Humanities is a bold new endeavour to fund and host scholarly publishing.
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september 2015 by tkbr
Ask The Chefs... SSC Meeting 2015
Really interesting sum up and comments
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june 2015 by tkbr
Narratives of Book Formation (Part II) | OPEN REFLECTIONS
Janeke Adema's chapter on the history of university presses
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february 2015 by tkbr
Towards an Interoperable Digital Scholarly Edition
Technical discussion of interoperability issues in TEI
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november 2014 by tkbr
Academic Publishing
Stats on monograph publishing in 2010-2012
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november 2014 by tkbr
Historians' association faces criticism for proposal to embargo dissertations | Inside Higher Ed
Summary of the debate over AHA's 2013 call for an embargo on OA dissertations
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april 2014 by tkbr
Publishers withdraw more than 120 gibberish papers : Nature News & Comment
Computer-generated papers infiltrate Springer, IEEE. Hoax, accident, or performance art?
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february 2014 by tkbr
Refurbishing the Camelot of Scholarship: How to Improve the Digital Contribution of the PDF Research Article
Discusses the advantages and limitations of the PDF as the basic packaging of online scholarly communications.
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january 2014 by tkbr
Aaron Swartz Was Right - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Provocative argument that the Aaron Swartz case last year--which ended with Swartz' taking his own life--was the end of an important act of civil disobedience.
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january 2014 by tkbr
From Markdown to JATS XML in one Step
Release of a markdown-based scholarly publishing tool
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december 2013 by tkbr
The Minigraph: The Future of the Monograph? | Sprint Beyond the Book
David Berry's excellent and well researched article on affordances of screen reading, implications for scholarly publishing
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december 2013 by tkbr
Why I’ve also joined the good guys « Gowers's Weblog
Nice informal introduction to the idea of "epijournals" - peer-reviewed overlays to a repository like ArXiv.
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january 2013 by tkbr
Open Review | MediaCommons Press
The word on open review, from Fitzpatrick & co.
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june 2012 by tkbr
Storm Clouds in Academic Publishing « PWxyz
Nice short piece by Brantley outlining trends in academic publishing.
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may 2012 by tkbr
Intellectual & institutional properties of scholarly communication
Willinsky and Provencal in NM&S on monastic culture and property
november 2011 by tkbr
AAUP: New Business Models
A report on innovation in scholarly presses. Much discussed this week.
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march 2011 by tkbr
The Journal of Electronic Publishing
13.2 - Reimagining the University Press
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november 2010 by tkbr

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