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Sharing economy as an anti-concept | Pedroni | First Monday
The notion of neoliberal entanglement economy is proposed to replace that of sharing economy.
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22 days ago by tkbr
Something is wrong on the internet – James Bridle – Medium
On "infrastructural abuse" stemming from algorithmically driven scale online. And the kids that watch.
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november 2017 by tkbr
“This book is an action”: Notes on Creating a Feminist Small Press – Hook & Eye
Part of a 2-(or more) part blog series on the establishment of Toronto's Gap Riot Press.
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september 2017 by tkbr
Books after the Death of the Book | Public Books
Matt Kirschenbaum on the realpolitik of ebooks and unofficial supply chains in the digital era.
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april 2017 by tkbr
This is The New York Times’ digital path forward » Nieman Journalism Lab
Summary and analysis of the new NYTimes 2020 Path Forward report.
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january 2017 by tkbr
Publishing in Wartime | if:book
Melville House publisher Dennis Johnson on why the boycott of Simon & Schuster (re Yiannopoulos) is right and important.
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january 2017 by tkbr
Post-Press Literature: Self-Published Authors in the Literary Field
Nick Levey's excellent discussion of "post-press" publishing
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august 2016 by tkbr
The Business of Culture in Our Post-Industrial Times
An older piece, from 2014, but where Nash talks about successive revolutions in communications resulting in more and more writers (as opposed to the popular discourse about writers being driven out)
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august 2016 by tkbr
Everything You Wanted to Know about Book Sales (But Were Afraid to Ask) — Electric Literature
Good, reasonably comprehensive, American-centered overview of the book trade.
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july 2016 by tkbr
Baldur: Thoughts On Standardization
Baldur consolidates his arguments on the proposed IDPF-W3C merger
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may 2016 by tkbr
W3C and IDPF: Better Together? — Medium
Dave Cramer responds to pessimism about the W3C-IDPF merger
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may 2016 by tkbr
Tim Berners-Lee: Let's Merge eBook, Web Trade Groups to Make Spying on Readers Easier | The Digital Reader
Nate Hoffelder has strong words for Berners-Lee and the W3C's apparent embrace of DRM.
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may 2016 by tkbr
Why the future of web browsers belongs to the biggest tech firms | Technology | The Guardian
Cory Doctorow's critical take on the evolution of web standards ecology.
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may 2016 by tkbr
What can a technologist do about climate change? A personal view.
Paul Ford's CODE was a novelty. This is the real deal; a serious interactive essay.
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november 2015 by tkbr
The pop star and the prophet - BBC News
On the "crisis of proliferation" that has struck music -- and by extension, books, and, he argues, 3d-printed things.
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september 2015 by tkbr
The Web We Have To Save
An appeal to nurture the decentralized Web
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july 2015 by tkbr
Will the newly united Penguin Random House weaken Canadian publishing, or save it?
Nice long piece on PHRC reflecting on itself and its recently completed merger.
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june 2015 by tkbr
Thanks & So Long | Lemon Hound
End-of-the-road statement from Lemonhound's Sina Queyras; talking about the sustainability of free labour.
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may 2015 by tkbr
Perspectives on The Future of Publishing
Brian O'Leary keynote on publishing innovation, startups, ideas
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april 2015 by tkbr
Facebook May Host News Sites’ Content -
You heard it here first: Facebook as publishing platform. The stream paradigm is ascendant.
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march 2015 by tkbr
The Big Reverse of the Web | Dries Buytaert
The web paradigm is shifting from "pull" to "push"
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march 2015 by tkbr
The Elephant in the Room is a Phone - Scholarly Kitchen
Excellent by Joe Esposito on how publishers don't really get mobile yet.
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february 2015 by tkbr
Medium Publications — The Story — Medium
Medium launches a new organizing principle called "Publications"
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january 2015 by tkbr
Publishing’s Future: When Editors Eat Robots | Thought Catalog
Richard Nash's provocative comments at The Next Chapter conference.
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august 2014 by tkbr
Uber and the appropriation of public space - Boing Boing
Nominally about Uber's disruption of the taxi business, but has insights for many Internet business models, like Amazon.
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july 2014 by tkbr
Welcome to the new Safari - Safari Blog
Nice description from Andrew Savikas as Flow takes over Safari
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july 2014 by tkbr
The industrial era of the culture is ending — Futurists’ Views — Medium
Richard Nash offers excellent perspective on publishing models, copyright, Amazon, and algorithms.
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may 2014 by tkbr
Twelve steps: Brian O'Leary
Brian O'Leary lays out 12 steps for publishers facing the digital future.
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may 2014 by tkbr
Publishing has entered a new and different era | FutureBook
Brian O'Leary's excellent article on the inevitable, the possible, and the probable in publishing.
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february 2014 by tkbr
Publishers withdraw more than 120 gibberish papers : Nature News & Comment
Computer-generated papers infiltrate Springer, IEEE. Hoax, accident, or performance art?
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february 2014 by tkbr
Shimenawa » Blog Archive » Story as code: Books in Browsers IV
Peter Brantley's eloquent reflections on Books in Browsers IV (2013).
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february 2014 by tkbr
Authors deserve better | The Bookseller
Self published bestseller Barry Eisler takes on literary agent Robert Gottlieb in The Bookseller.
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january 2014 by tkbr
Things that matter
Brian O'Leary on what publishers should be worried about right now: net neutrality.
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january 2014 by tkbr
Inflection points (2014)
Brian O'Leary on crisis of imagination in publishing and design. Lots of Frank Chimero quotes.
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january 2014 by tkbr
Random, loosely connected, thoughts on the future | Studio Tendra
Baldur's pessimistic thoughts are still worth reading.
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january 2014 by tkbr
Code Meet Print » Why Publishers Must Sell Direct
Excellent brief discussion of data gathering and brand building for publishers
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december 2013 by tkbr
Harvard Business Review should pay a price for its fees -
Joshua Gans critique of the HBR debacle re: EBSCO vs course subscriptions.
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november 2013 by tkbr
Managing Two Companies at the Same Time | The Scholarly Kitchen
Joe Esposito on the challenges faced by established companies trying to support traditional and digital business models
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september 2013 by tkbr
Cavalier History of Situationism: An Interview with McKenzie Wark
Excellent interview w Ken Wark in Rhizome, on the Situationists and the Internet.
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august 2013 by tkbr
What is Publication? A talk by Matthew Stadler on Vimeo
The Hugo House talk wherein Stadler defines publication as the creation of a public.
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august 2013 by tkbr
The Future Symposium: Presentation by James Bridle on Vimeo
James Bridle on Network Realism and the uneven distribution of the Future.
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july 2013 by tkbr
The New Ones: The Only Horizon Is Before Us
Peter Brantley on the advantages of a lack of baggage.
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may 2013 by tkbr
Disaggregating supply
Brian O'Leary's 2013 keynote
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april 2013 by tkbr
VQR » On the business of literature
Richard Nash's eloquent piece on the business of literature, a far more optimistic place than the future of bookselling.
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march 2013 by tkbr
A Day in the Life of a Digital Editor, 2013 - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic
Alexis Madrigal has a beautiful rant about the real economics of long-form journalism in the digital age.
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march 2013 by tkbr
Q&A: Heidi Waechtler | EditFish
Heidi Waechtler on the new edition of The Canadian Writer's Market.
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march 2013 by tkbr
Tools of Change 2013: You Must Go On, I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On « LJNDawson
Laura Dawson talks about the "one-way conversation" between the web and the book.
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february 2013 by tkbr
The Print-Academic Complex and the New Regime |
Some interesting comparisons of innovations in scholarly books, particular
Arly around the relationship between form and content.
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january 2013 by tkbr
Subcompact Publishing — by Craig Mod
Lovely essay elaborating on Craig Mod's bib12 talk.
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november 2012 by tkbr
The content anarchist
Brian O'Leary on Hugh McGuire and Pressbooks
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november 2012 by tkbr
The Immersive Web And Design Writing | Smashing Magazine
New writing and publications about Web design. In print!
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november 2012 by tkbr
Capturing More Authoring: Liza & Keith’s Books in Browsers 2012 session | Safari Books Online
Keith Fahlgren's followup post on his and Liza's BiB presentation. A major push forward in thinking about authoring and editing online
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november 2012 by tkbr
Publishing Is Broken, We're Drowning In Indie Books - And That's A Good Thing - Forbes
David Vinjamuri on the rise of "indie" publishing -- that is, self-publishers, and how the majors will have to respond.
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august 2012 by tkbr
13 ways of looking at Medium, the new blogging/sharing/discovery platform from @ev and Obvious » Nieman Journalism Lab
Joshua Benton's excellent introduction to Medium and 2012's new online publishing tools and models.
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august 2012 by tkbr
The only necessary people « PWxyz
Brantley on the continued emergence of the web as publishing paradigm for this century
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june 2012 by tkbr
Lean back media: the shock of the old
Interesting slide deck from The Economist on tablet reading and business opportunities
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december 2011 by tkbr
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