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How Zine Libraries Are Highlighting Marginalized Voices
"Zine libraries are making sure those histories aren't forgotten."
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16 days ago by tkbr
Publishers Lose Another Round in GSU Copyright Case
2016 renewal of the judge's decision against publishers in "fair use" challenge re: electronic reserves at Georgia State University
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august 2016 by tkbr
Letter from publishers' group adds to debate over Sci-Hub and librarians who study it
Friction between publishers and libraries as copyright architectures encounter networks.
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august 2016 by tkbr
OCLC Preview 194 Million Open Bibliographic Work Descriptions | Data Liberate
Big news in linked data, right on the heels of Laura Dawson's MPub talk.
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february 2014 by tkbr
The P&L Sheet: ALA Preview 2013
Brian Kenney at PubWeekly on libraries, publishers, and ebooks: "And you wonder why we’re so ticked off?"
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december 2012 by tkbr
Going Public
Brantley on ebooks, publishers, libraries, and the reading public.
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september 2012 by tkbr
Exquisite Informational Immersion: Fusing the Visions of Readers’ Advisory and Technologist Librarians | PLA 2012
Heather McCormack on the Public Library Association Conference and thoughts and worries about digital futures.
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march 2012 by tkbr
At close of day: the library alternative « PWxyz
Brantley's strongest statement yet about the future of libraries... Almost a manifesto.
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december 2011 by tkbr
eBooks, Privacy, and the Library « INFOdocket
Nice overview and insights into the Kindle-library lending system, with implications for borrower privacy.
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september 2011 by tkbr
Lending E-Books is About B-2-C « PWxyz
Peter Brantley's insights into the new Kindle-library lending scheme.
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september 2011 by tkbr
HarperCollins Puts 26 Loan Cap on Ebook Circulations
An unpopular move with libraries, to say the least; this limits the total number of times the book can be circulated.
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february 2011 by tkbr

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