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The 'Future Book' Is Here, but It's Not What We Expected | WIRED
Nice overview of a lot of trends, with a bit of historicism for fun.
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4 weeks ago by tkbr
MT:Omnivore - Why Walmart, Why Kobo; Summer Reading; Delicious Links
Kobo's Michael Tamblyn on their new ebook partnership with Walmart
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september 2018 by tkbr
Apple and Walmart Inject New Life Into Sleepy E-Book Market
Interesting report on Kobo's new Walmart deal and the role that might be played by Shelfie, the e-book bundling service (a Vancouver startup) that Kobo acquired.
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january 2018 by tkbr
Re: Thoughts on the future of EPUB 3 from Jiminy Panoz on 2018-01-19 ( from January 2018)
Some speculation and details on the extent to which Amazon works around the EPUB spec.
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january 2018 by tkbr
Why the print vs ebook story is a bit more complicated than that, actually
Very brief and to-the-point commentary on UK Publisher's stats for 2016
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april 2017 by tkbr
The rise of reading analytics and the emerging calculus of reader privacy in the digital world | Lynch | First Monday
Clifford Lynch provides a really well researched analysis of reader tracking strategies, tactics, and models, and why we should care.
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april 2017 by tkbr
Go To Hellman: Maybe IDPF and W3C should *compete* in eBook Standards
More commentary on the IDFP/W3C merger, which is controversial but still moving ahead.
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october 2016 by tkbr
Portable Web Publications Use Cases and Requirements
The W3C's first public draft of the PWP standard... this doc is use cases and requirements, and actually makes for fascinating reading!
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september 2016 by tkbr
Some bare facts about self-publishing | BC Booklook
Local writer Susan J Crockford offers some insights in to the mechanics of self-publishing in 2016.
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june 2016 by tkbr
Baldur: Thoughts On Standardization
Baldur consolidates his arguments on the proposed IDPF-W3C merger
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may 2016 by tkbr
Tim Berners-Lee: Let's Merge eBook, Web Trade Groups to Make Spying on Readers Easier | The Digital Reader
Nate Hoffelder has strong words for Berners-Lee and the W3C's apparent embrace of DRM.
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may 2016 by tkbr
E-Book Sales Weaken Amid Higher Prices -
The effect of agency pricing is to split the market?
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september 2015 by tkbr
Madrid's 24symbols partners with Facebook for | The Bookseller
Zuckerberg's Internet-for-all campaign picks up an ebook partner.
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january 2015 by tkbr
Business Musings: What Traditional Publishing Learned in 2014
Nice examination of the increased importance of ebook backlist in publishers' balance sheets
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december 2014 by tkbr
Adobe Confirms It’s Gathering Ebook Readers’ Data | Digital Book World
DRM authentication system used to track wide-reaching reader behaviour.
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october 2014 by tkbr
The Minigraph: The Future of the Monograph? | Sprint Beyond the Book
David Berry's excellent and well researched article on affordances of screen reading, implications for scholarly publishing
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december 2013 by tkbr
Self Published Author | Bowker Self Publishing Report: 2012
Bowker's short report on the scale of self-publishing (and the consolidation of self-pub service providers) in 2012
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november 2013 by tkbr
W3C on Pagination
Very interesting notes on implementing finer typographical structures in OWP reading systems
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november 2013 by tkbr
Eight Years Later, the Google Books Fight Lumbers On
James Grimmelmann provides some perspective on the now-old Google Books legal battle.
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september 2013 by tkbr
Why Publishers Are Making a Push for EPUB3 Now | Digital Book World
Bill McCoy trails about the upside for EPUB3. A nice articulation of how the standard connects to the larger web.
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august 2013 by tkbr
The Enkindling Reciter: E-Books in the Bibliographical Imagination
Alan Galey's brilliant bibliographic/political analysis of the various editions of The Sentimentalists.
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june 2013 by tkbr
Ebooks: What Kind of Innovation
Baldur on ebooks as a sustaining technology, not a disruptive innovation.
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may 2013 by tkbr
Books In Browsers 2011: Joseph Pearson,"The Ebook's Ambit" - YouTube
On interaction models in ebooks: pre-defined vs. late-bound
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march 2013 by tkbr
A Publisher’s Job Is to Provide a Good API for Books - Tools of Change for Publishing
Fabulous article by Hugh McGuire explains what a book API is, and shows exactly how to make it work.
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february 2013 by tkbr
The Print-Academic Complex and the New Regime |
Some interesting comparisons of innovations in scholarly books, particular
Arly around the relationship between form and content.
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january 2013 by tkbr
The P&L Sheet: ALA Preview 2013
Brian Kenney at PubWeekly on libraries, publishers, and ebooks: "And you wonder why we’re so ticked off?"
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december 2012 by tkbr
Going Public
Brantley on ebooks, publishers, libraries, and the reading public.
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september 2012 by tkbr
How the DoJ's misunderstandings could destroy publishing
Mike Shatzkin's slide deck on Amazon, Agency Pricing, the DOJ, and a looming monopoly. Much to argue about here, but it is extremely well explained.
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september 2012 by tkbr
Streaming Digital Books
Liza's presentation on de/re- composable epubs.
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july 2012 by tkbr
The web and ebooks have little in common – Baldur Bjarnason
Great analysis of what's wrong with the ebook world.
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may 2012 by tkbr
What’s the greater fear for publishers? Amazon or piracy? – The Shatzkin Files
Pottermore releases Harry Potter eBooks, DRM free, yet available through major e-vendors.
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march 2012 by tkbr
Exquisite Informational Immersion: Fusing the Visions of Readers’ Advisory and Technologist Librarians | PLA 2012
Heather McCormack on the Public Library Association Conference and thoughts and worries about digital futures.
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march 2012 by tkbr
Create rich-layout publications in EPUB 3 with HTML5, CSS3, and MathML
Liza Daly writes the book (a short book) on ePub3. A great reference!
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march 2012 by tkbr
Game Over, Amazon Wins
On the controversies re: IDPF and CSS WG and innovation vs standards
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march 2012 by tkbr
The Self EPublishing Bubble
Ewan Morrison on the near end of the hype.
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january 2012 by tkbr
The iBooks 2.0 textbook format – Baldur Bjarnason
Insights into the technical details of the iBooks file format... it isn't simple ePub after all.
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january 2012 by tkbr
iBooks Author for Authors - Matt Gemmell
A little criticism of iBooks Author as a production environment.
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january 2012 by tkbr
A First Take on Apple’s New Education Tools « The Scholarly Kitchen
Joe Esposito on iBooks2 -- some initial impressions and analysis.
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january 2012 by tkbr
Mark Coker: Amazon Aims to Empty Competitor Shelves of Indie Ebooks
Some insights into Amazon's latest round of market consolidation moves.
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december 2011 by tkbr
At close of day: the library alternative « PWxyz
Brantley's strongest statement yet about the future of libraries... Almost a manifesto.
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december 2011 by tkbr
Fast Devices, Walled Gardens « PWxyz
Brantley: "The future is not about social reading. It’s about social content, social experience, and interactive design."
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november 2011 by tkbr
Paradise Regained « Snarkmarket
Nice bit of colour commentary on the origins of Project Gutenberg's etexts.
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october 2011 by tkbr
Publishers Launch | Insights from an eBookseller
Kobo's Michael Tamblyn offers some nice little insights on ebook markets today. A slide deck
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october 2011 by tkbr
Google launches UK eBooks store, Australia and Canada 'soon' | The Bookseller
On the heels of my pronouncement yesterday that Google's ebooks store hadn't gone anywhere, here they go.
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october 2011 by tkbr
Price-Fixing Case Against Apple, Major Book Publishers Mushrooms | paidContent
Worst headline of the year, but a good summary of legal actions against the Agency Model.
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october 2011 by tkbr
eBooks, Privacy, and the Library « INFOdocket
Nice overview and insights into the Kindle-library lending system, with implications for borrower privacy.
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september 2011 by tkbr
Lending E-Books is About B-2-C « PWxyz
Peter Brantley's insights into the new Kindle-library lending scheme.
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september 2011 by tkbr
In E-Books, Publishing Houses Have a Rival in News Sites -
It's easy to publish ebooks, as non-book publishers have discovered.
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september 2011 by tkbr
Publishing Next: India |
A generous dose of James Bridle's insights, in the context if India's Publishing Next conference.
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september 2011 by tkbr
Michael Hart (1947 - 2011): Prophet of Abundance
Diplomatic cables show some shameful backroom tactics around recent Cdn copyright reforms.
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september 2011 by tkbr
Michael S. Hart - Gutenberg
The father of real ebooks, Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg back in 1971, passed away Sept 6th.
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september 2011 by tkbr
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