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Frank Chimero · The Good Room
If we’re setting out to change the character of technology in our lives, we’d be wise to learn from the character of places.
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11 days ago by tkbr
The Futures of Typography
Via Alessandra B, a really nice essay on the deep history and future of typography
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february 2017 by tkbr
Design machines | Louder Than Ten
An insightful reflection on how templated design has led us to a less-than-lovely place in terms of web design.
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august 2015 by tkbr
CSSconf EU 2014 | Bram Stein: The State of Web Typography - YouTube
Great detail on web typography in CSS, circa winter 2014/2015
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june 2015 by tkbr
The Web's Grain by Frank Chimero
Chimero's characteristic wisdom... On the Web, edges, and whether less is really more
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march 2015 by tkbr
If We Assume: Best Selling Book Covers
Very cool visualization of bestselling titles from the past decade.
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october 2014 by tkbr
Requirements for Latin Text Layout and Pagination
The W3C Publishing Workgroup's draft on pagination and typography
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october 2014 by tkbr
The Leanpub Blog | Why Don't I Use Leanpub?
Discussion of Leanpub's role in the publishing landscape, and a really interesting comment thread that follows, in which some very smart people display some really muddy thinking about design.
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september 2014 by tkbr
Automating Layouts Bring Flipboard’s Magazine Style To Web And Windows | TechCrunch
Interesting description of how Flipboard's automatic page layouts work.
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march 2014 by tkbr
Crafting link underlines on Medium — Designing Medium — Medium
Marcin Wichary's uber-detailed account of getting typography *right* online... best article I've read in months.
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march 2014 by tkbr
Doing Responsive Typography
Nice how to on line lengths, columns, and breakpoints
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february 2014 by tkbr
Inflection points (2014)
Brian O'Leary on crisis of imagination in publishing and design. Lots of Frank Chimero quotes.
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january 2014 by tkbr
What Screens Want by Frank Chimero
Lovely meditation on maps, metaphors, screens, and constraints
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november 2013 by tkbr
Books In Browsers 2011: Joseph Pearson,"The Ebook's Ambit" - YouTube
On interaction models in ebooks: pre-defined vs. late-bound
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march 2013 by tkbr
Co.Branding: Q&A with Fast Company’s Cliff Kuang | Sparksheet
Interesting comments on role of design, social, SEO, in attractive, sustaining audiences online.
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january 2013 by tkbr
The Immersive Web And Design Writing | Smashing Magazine
New writing and publications about Web design. In print!
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november 2012 by tkbr
Game Over, Amazon Wins
On the controversies re: IDPF and CSS WG and innovation vs standards
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march 2012 by tkbr
Contents Magazine
interesting new magazine about content strategy, publishing, editing, design, andvrelated intersections.
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november 2011 by tkbr Where Are All the Ed-Ex Designers?
Interesting take on the print-design v UxD divergence: "editorial exerience designers"
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october 2011 by tkbr
On TermKit | Steven Wittens -
Nice re-realization of unix terminal. Amazing bit of unix culture in the comments thread.
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may 2011 by tkbr
Solarized - Ethan Schoonover
A seriously well thought-out colour palette for syntax-coloured text in terminals and text editors.
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april 2011 by tkbr
Rethinking the Mobile Web by Yiibu
Fabulous slide deck on thinking about mobile web design
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february 2011 by tkbr
Rebooting Web Publishing Design | Monday Note
Nice exploration of the facets of web publishing going forward. With a magazine focus.
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january 2011 by tkbr
Typograph – Scale & Rhythm
Yet another lovely browser typography pieces
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january 2011 by tkbr
Less Framework 3
more nifty reading interfaces in CSS
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january 2011 by tkbr
A List Apart: Articles: A Simpler Page
Craig Mod on approaches to designing long form text in browsers.
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january 2011 by tkbr

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