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Indie Booksellers Incensed as Amazon Breaks 'Testaments' Embargo
Amazon seems to have shipped copies of Margaret Atwood's 'The Testaments' in spite of the fact that it's on-sale-date is nearly a week away.
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14 days ago by tkbr
Everything You Wanted to Know about Book Sales (But Were Afraid to Ask) — Electric Literature
Good, reasonably comprehensive, American-centered overview of the book trade.
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july 2016 by tkbr
The Ubiquitous Bookstore | The Scholarly Kitchen
On the possibility of "post-destination" online bookselling.
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march 2015 by tkbr
The end of the independent bookstore (and a new golden age for books) - The Domino Project
Seth Godin provides some lovely perspective on the evolution of bookselling over the past few decades.
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august 2013 by tkbr
There's A Reason That No One in Publishing Bought Goodreads - The Digital Reader
On Goodreads' acquisition, but also has some choice words for the publisher-backed Bookish service.
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march 2013 by tkbr
The Hulu For Books That Never Was - The Digital Reader
Mike Cane's strategy for publishers to beat Amazon. Not sure it's right, but it's interesting!
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february 2012 by tkbr

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