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Libraries Take E-Book Lending Fight into Antitrust Territory | Copyright and Technology
More on American libraries pursuing antitrust leg against Amazon + Big 5.
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15 days ago by tkbr
Congress Looking into Anticompetitive Behavior in the Digital Library Market
'American Library Association officials told lawmakers that “unfair behavior by digital market actors—and the outdated public policies that have enabled them—is doing concrete harm to libraries.”'
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17 days ago by tkbr
Most Read Fiction | Amazon Charts
September 2018 snapshot of the actual activity on
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september 2018 by tkbr
Amazon 2016 Letter to Shareholders | Amazon.Com
Bezos 2016 letter, also including his 1997 letter
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april 2017 by tkbr
Amazon, Facebook, 3 Other Companies Take 70% Of Your Online Dollars - Fortune
New stats on marketshare in the winner-take-all world of Internet commerce
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november 2015 by tkbr
E-Book Sales Weaken Amid Higher Prices -
The effect of agency pricing is to split the market?
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september 2015 by tkbr
Repositories of culture
Brian O'Leary reflects on Shirky, Shatzkin, and Amazon.
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september 2014 by tkbr
Big publisher bashing again with fictional facts - The Shatzkin Files The Shatzkin Files
Mike Shatzkin trashes Clay Shirky's recent Amazon v Hachette post. But read the comments too.
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september 2014 by tkbr
Publishing and Reading — Medium
Clay Shirky's polemic on prestige and privilege in the Amazon-v-Hachette dispute.
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september 2014 by tkbr
The industrial era of the culture is ending — Futurists’ Views — Medium
Richard Nash offers excellent perspective on publishing models, copyright, Amazon, and algorithms.
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may 2014 by tkbr
Amazon, Apple, and the beauty of low margins — Remains of the Day
Nice explanation of Amazon's low-margin business strategy and why it is so successful.
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january 2013 by tkbr
How the DoJ's misunderstandings could destroy publishing
Mike Shatzkin's slide deck on Amazon, Agency Pricing, the DOJ, and a looming monopoly. Much to argue about here, but it is extremely well explained.
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september 2012 by tkbr
From books to infrastructure - Design - Domus
Great article by James Bridle in Domus explaining Amazon's place in the new world.
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june 2012 by tkbr
Mark Coker: Amazon Aims to Empty Competitor Shelves of Indie Ebooks
Some insights into Amazon's latest round of market consolidation moves.
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december 2011 by tkbr
eBooks, Privacy, and the Library « INFOdocket
Nice overview and insights into the Kindle-library lending system, with implications for borrower privacy.
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september 2011 by tkbr
Amazon’s new @author feature launches, and changes (just a bit) what a book is all about » Nieman Journalism Lab
Death of the author reports premature, says Nieman lab, in response to new @author thing from Amazon.
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september 2011 by tkbr
The domino project
Seth Godin + Amazon = new venture
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december 2010 by tkbr

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