Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria - The Atlantic
Interesting post-mortem on the late Google book scanning project.
802  google  book 
6 days ago
Amazon 2016 Letter to Shareholders | Amazon.Com
Bezos 2016 letter, also including his 1997 letter
802  amazon 
9 days ago
The rise of reading analytics and the emerging calculus of reader privacy in the digital world | Lynch | First Monday
Clifford Lynch provides a really well researched analysis of reader tracking strategies, tactics, and models, and why we should care.
802  reading  ebooks  privacy  data 
24 days ago
Books after the Death of the Book | Public Books
Matt Kirschenbaum on the realpolitik of ebooks and unofficial supply chains in the digital era.
802  ebook  models 
25 days ago
FiresideFiction: About Our New Site
Nice piece by Pablo Defendini about running a side outside of the norms of Wordpress, Medium, etc.
802  cms 
6 weeks ago
Ethical imperatives in AI and generative art
An article based on Liza Daly's talk at SFU in Feb 2017
art  bots 
7 weeks ago
DRM in HTML5 is a victory for the open Web, not a defeat | Ars Technica
On the adoption of DRM architectures withing web standards
802  open  web  drm 
7 weeks ago
Impacts of the education sector’s interpretation of “fair dealing” - Access Copyright
Access Copyright's summary case against educational fair dealing exceptions.
802  copyright  education 
8 weeks ago
The Copyright Modernization Act: A Guide for Post-Secondary Instructors - viewcontent.cgi
Focusing on the educational fair-dealing exceptions added in Canada's Copyright Modernization Act (2012)
802  copyright 
8 weeks ago
The Futures of Typography
Via Alessandra B, a really nice essay on the deep history and future of typography
802  type  design  history 
9 weeks ago
The rising price of knowledge: University of Calgary cuts 1,600 academic resources
"U of C’s libraries and cultural resources department has cancelled academic journal subscriptions valued at $1.5 million."
802  scholarly 
10 weeks ago
W3C and EME: it isn't about preventing DRM but saving the W3C – Baldur Bjarnason
"There are no practical reasons to do any standards work at the W3C in the long term, only moral ones."
802  web  standards  DRM 
10 weeks ago
Research, Evaluation and Performance Measurement
...evidence-based research, program evaluation and performance measurement activities related to the Council’s priorities and commitments
802  funding  arts 
11 weeks ago
The Cabbage Tree Method: Open Source Collaborative Product Development
A book about web-first editorial and production processes, produced by the web-first editorial and production processes described in the book.
802  web  book  production 
11 weeks ago
Canadian Scholarly Publishing Working Group: Interim Report, January 2017
A short report from the Canadian Assn of Research Libraries that provides a good overview of the scholarly publishing landscape, infrastructure, and initiatives in Canada today.
802  scholarly 
11 weeks ago
Global Kids Connect Surveys China, Latin America and Brexit
From the Bologna Children's Book Fair... a bit about MPub alum Xiaoyan Huang and her company, Everafter Books.
802  rights  international  kidlit 
12 weeks ago
This is The New York Times’ digital path forward » Nieman Journalism Lab
Summary and analysis of the new NYTimes 2020 Path Forward report.
802  models  journalism 
january 2017
Publishing in Wartime | if:book
Melville House publisher Dennis Johnson on why the boycott of Simon & Schuster (re Yiannopoulos) is right and important.
802  models  ethics 
january 2017
Renewing Medium’s focus
"we are reducing our team by about one third — eliminating 50 jobs, mostly in sales, support, and other business functions. We are also changing our business model to more directly drive the mission we set out on originally."
802  blogging 
january 2017
Julia Hildebrand on Webbygetariiaaniaanism – Adam Hyde
Interesting take on the apparent trend away from indie blogs
802  blogging 
january 2017
Yes, Digital Literacy. But Which One? | Hapgood
Fascinating discussion of how to tech information literacy in the age of the web.
802  literacy  web 
january 2017
Go To Hellman: Maybe IDPF and W3C should *compete* in eBook Standards
More commentary on the IDFP/W3C merger, which is controversial but still moving ahead.
802  ebooks  standards 
october 2016
Greg Younging—Indigenous editorial issues | Iva Cheung
From the ABPBC's seminar on Indigenous editorial issues last week.
802  indigenous  editorial 
october 2016
Idle thoughts on modularity and loose coupling in digital media – Baldur Bjarnason
Baldur: Any ad-supported web media that can be replaced with a kitten picture, will be replaced with a kitten picture
802  advertising  web 
october 2016
Toward a Constructive Technology Criticism - Columbia Journalism Review
Fabulous comprehensive assessment/typology/guide to technology criticism
802  tech  theory  internet  culture  journalism 
october 2016
A Lion in Winter | The Nation
Nice review of a new biography of Jurgen Habermas, and introduction to his ideas
802  101  publics 
september 2016
Portable Web Publications Use Cases and Requirements
The W3C's first public draft of the PWP standard... this doc is use cases and requirements, and actually makes for fascinating reading!
802  Ebooks 
september 2016
Facebook Versus the Media – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Facebook is Not a Media Company. Except it totally is.
802  facebook 
september 2016
Publishers Lose Another Round in GSU Copyright Case
2016 renewal of the judge's decision against publishers in "fair use" challenge re: electronic reserves at Georgia State University
802  copyright  libraries 
august 2016
Teen Magazine Industry - Seventeen Teen Vogue YM
Interesting set of interviews about the state of print in the teen magazine sector
802  magazines 
august 2016
The Business of Culture in Our Post-Industrial Times
An older piece, from 2014, but where Nash talks about successive revolutions in communications resulting in more and more writers (as opposed to the popular discourse about writers being driven out)
802  models  writers 
august 2016
Letter from publishers' group adds to debate over Sci-Hub and librarians who study it
Friction between publishers and libraries as copyright architectures encounter networks.
802  scholarly  copyright  Libraries 
august 2016
Everything You Wanted to Know about Book Sales (But Were Afraid to Ask) — Electric Literature
Good, reasonably comprehensive, American-centered overview of the book trade.
802  bookselling  models 
july 2016
Some bare facts about self-publishing | BC Booklook
Local writer Susan J Crockford offers some insights in to the mechanics of self-publishing in 2016.
ebooks  self-publishing 
june 2016
2016 Internet Trends Report
Mary Meeker's annual slide deck -- 2015 edition -- outlining global internet trends
802  meeker 
june 2016
Baldur: Thoughts On Standardization
Baldur consolidates his arguments on the proposed IDPF-W3C merger
802  models  open  web  Ebooks 
may 2016
W3C and IDPF: Better Together? — Medium
Dave Cramer responds to pessimism about the W3C-IDPF merger
802  models  web  open 
may 2016
Books, in a browser — Medium
Peter Brantley's call to arms for books on the open web
802  web  open 
may 2016
Tim Berners-Lee: Let's Merge eBook, Web Trade Groups to Make Spying on Readers Easier | The Digital Reader
Nate Hoffelder has strong words for Berners-Lee and the W3C's apparent embrace of DRM.
802  models  ebooks  drm  w3c 
may 2016
Why the future of web browsers belongs to the biggest tech firms | Technology | The Guardian
Cory Doctorow's critical take on the evolution of web standards ecology.
802  drm  models 
may 2016
A Fistful of Data: Franco Moretti and the stuplime experience of big data | PUB802
a wonderful take on how big data in DH "results in an emotional response akin to awe and boredom"
802  dh  da 
april 2016
Here we go again: latest GSU ruling an odd victory for libraries - Scholarly Communications @ Duke
Detailed commentary on the new (revised) ruling on Fair Use in course reserves at U Georgia. A new definition of Fair Use is being tested in court.
802  copyright 
april 2016
The Future of Academic Style
Why citations still matter, by Kathleen Fitzpatrick
802  writing 
march 2016
Julie Rubicon
Robin Sloan's story about the Facebook employee who discovers the frightening truth about big data.
march 2016
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