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Shoot a Hole into the Sun by keire_ke, PR Zed (przed)
It was Nat who'd noticed the pattern. Every afternoon at exactly the same time, Steve and Barnes would share a heart-in-their eyes-hug, and then moon over each other at a table in their favourite coffee shop in the Tower.

Sam and Nat spend their afternoons making fun of the old people in love. Which maybe isn't the smartest thing in the world when they just might be in love themselves.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  natasharomanov/samwilson  przed  bigbang  wordcount:20.000-29.999  h/c  to_read 
5 days ago by tittakv
Cadence and the Pearl by luninosity
Cadence Bell sat on uncomfortable grey rocks at the far end of the curve of the dull grey shore, and watched the waves crash over and over under the looming grey sky. He’d been sitting on stone long enough for his left leg to go numb. He ignored it.
original_fic  omc/omc  luninosity  wordcount:20.000-29.999  to_read 
8 weeks ago by tittakv
Forever Is Composed Of Nows by Bre, So_Caffeinated (so_caffeinated)
Sometime in the not-so-distant future, things aren't going all that well. At least that's the story Oliver and Felicity are told when a supposed time-traveler (and their supposed friend who is a supposed superhero supposedly named The Flash) pops up in the lair with a toddler in tow... who calls them momma and daddy.
arrow  oliverqueen/felicitysmoak  bre  so_caffeinated  bigbang  kidfic  wordcount:>200.000  angst  schmoop  to_read 
january 2019 by tittakv
The Reluctant Whore by phantisma
In a world where prostitution is legal and high-end whores earn large sums of cash, Chris Kane is on a collision course with destruction, until Jeffrey Dean Morgan finds him, uses a whore to seduce him and gets him to sign away five years of his life in return for rescuing him. Chris finds himself in a world of wealthy men and their sexual diversions, where money is just a means of getting pretty men to submit to their every whim.
cwrps_au  chris/steve  chris/jdm  phantisma  hookerfic  sextoys  bdsm  painplay  impactplay  wordcount:20.000-29.999  unfinished  to_read 
december 2018 by tittakv
I've done some things that I shouldn't have done (but I haven't stopped loving you once) by musette22
After the release of Infinity War, Chris and Sebastian each take some time off to recharge. Chris is staying in Scarlett’s lake cabin on his own and invites Sebastian up to come and spend some time with him. Due to busy work schedules and a number of other, more personal reasons, Chris and Seb haven't been as close lately, something which neither of them are very happy about. This mini-vacation presents a chance for them to revive their friendship and maybe (definitely) explore if there might be something more. Over the course of a week, and with a little help from meddling friends and co-stars, the boys learn to build bridges, to be vulnerable and take chances, and to stop letting fear rule their lives.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  musette22  wordcount:50.000-74.999  to_read  h/c  first-time  rimming 
december 2018 by tittakv
Bargains Untenable by tielan
Her last sight of them was of Torren's eyes filling with tears again as John walked to the door with resolute steps.
sga  john/teyla  tielan  angst  bigbang  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
november 2018 by tittakv
Heart on the Trigger by djchika, Stucky1980
Bucky is a rockstar, one year sober, his sober chips shaped into guitar picks. Steve is an army vet wrangled by a friend who needed an additional bodyguard for the tour. Their time together is made up of small moments, quiet stretches where the whirlwind of the tour and Bucky’s thorny past fades into the background. But nothing stays in the past for long and Bucky will need to face up to it sooner or later.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  djchika  bigbang  rockstar_bucky  wordcount:30.000-39.999  to_read 
november 2018 by tittakv
Fill Your Heart Without Trying by Kellyscams
Steve Rogers is a caster with one very big problem.

He's accidentally turned himself into a puppy.

When trying to cross the scary, busy street to get to Wanda Maximoff's Shoppe of Witchcraft to reverse this spell and get himself back to normal, Steve's picked up by someone trying to do a good deed and rescue a few pounds of pathetic puppy. Instead of getting to Wanda's place, Steve goes home with Bucky Barnes--his adorably shy rescuer.

Unfortunately, Bucky doesn't come off as terribly talented with magic and Steve has a feeling he might have to go to extremes to get someone to notice that he's not a normal puppy. Then again, maybe Steve's not the only one around here who's not what he seems.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  kellyscams  to_read  wordcount:30.000-39.999 
october 2018 by tittakv
The Hottest Blood of All by tigerlady (shetiger)
Rodney was trying to catch his eye, but John didn't need the prompting. "I'm afraid you're mistaken in your assumptions, then, because Lorne is bonded. So give him back before this gets really nasty."

A joint mission with Lorne's team seems harmless enough--but that's how they all start, isn't it?
sga  john/rodney  john/rodney/lorne  tigerlady  first-time  wordcount:20.000-29.999  to_read 
october 2018 by tittakv
Ardhanarishvara by auburn, monanotlisa
"Tell me, Colonel, did you take a look around and think, hey, it's the Planet of Sex Changes?"

*** I think I've read this, back in the day
sga  john/rodney  john/ronon  rodney/ronon  auburn  monanotlisa  genderswap  angst  wordcount:>200.000  to_read 
september 2018 by tittakv
in cayenne and honey, in vinegar and lime by Nonymos, alby_mangroves
M’Baku fought for T’Challa. But should he keep fighting for T’Challa’s vision? The king is professing change, such deep change, while the Jabari are supposed to be the guardians of tradition.

It’s a complex problem, which demands a cool head. So M’Baku could really do without an old love coming back to haunt him, an obnoxious royal teenager, and T’Challa’s secret one-armed guest.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  buckybarnes/m'baku  m'baku/okoye  nonymos  bigbang  wordcount:20.000-29.999  to_read 
june 2018 by tittakv
Bulletproof Heart by boopboop, luninosity
Infiltrate the Organization, they'd said. Seduce the adorable super-powerful empath, they'd said. Be a Resistance hero.

Arthur was pretty sure that falling in love with said adorable empath hadn't been part of the plan.
original_fic  luninosity  boopboop  omc/omc  wip  bdsm  angst  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
may 2018 by tittakv
Saltwater for the Soul by AustinB
Steve is a Captain in the Navy, but finds something is missing from his life.

Captain Barnes commands The Winter Soldier, the most notorious pirate ship of the last century.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  austinb  angst  schmoop  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
april 2018 by tittakv
Maṭṭaltu by LithiumDoll
Things are going pretty well for the Leverage crew until Lindsey McDonald shows up on their doorstep. Then, not so much.
leverage  ats  crossover  gen  lithiumdoll  post-series  wordcount:40.000-49.999  to_read 
february 2018 by tittakv
Survival By Eliot (The Eliot Spencer Guide to Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse) by lorax
When a virus ends the world in a plague of zombies, Eliot Spencer travels the country around with Parker and Hardison, helping pick up the pieces. Hardison builds a website.
leverage  alec/eliot/parker  lorax  wordcount:5.000-9.999  apocalypse  to_read 
january 2018 by tittakv
In Ascension, By Descent by lorax
The pattern of Doug and T.J.'s lives were set even before they set foot in the White House. Somewhere along the way, things changed.
political_animals  thomashammond/omcs  douglashammond/anneogami  lorax  thomashammond/ofcs  douglashammond/ofcs  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read  pre-series  angst 
january 2018 by tittakv
Uncertainty of the Law by mambo
Steve didn't expect to fall in love with the lawyer looking at his painting.

But he did.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  mambo  wordcount:20.000-29.999  to_read 
january 2018 by tittakv
Entreat Me Not To Leave Thee by MarcellaBianca
And Ruth said, "Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God: Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do so to me, and more also, if aught but death part thee and me."
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  marcellabianca  angst  post-ca:tws  schmoop  wordcount:40.000-49.999  to_read 
january 2018 by tittakv
The Weighing of the Heart by divingforstones
James tries to blunt down his anger, in the urgency of explaining it to Innocent so that she’ll listen. Because something is very wrong here. Lewis wouldn’t just go. Without a word to — anyone. There’s no way he would just up and leave. And one thing James knows, from years of being Lewis’ backup, is that Lewis wouldn’t agree to this for his own personal safety.
lewis  hathaway/lewis  divingforstones  h/c  to_read  wordcount:50.000-74.999 
december 2017 by tittakv
Five Minutes to Midnight by So_Caffeinated (so_caffeinated)
Finding out that Michael is still alive and has been held by The Company for four years might be life-altering for Sara and Lincoln, but it's also just the beginning...
prisonbreak  michaelscofield/saratancredi  lincolnburrows/sofialugo  so_caffeinated  post-series  wordcount:30.000-39.999  to_read 
october 2017 by tittakv
After Hours by chasethewind
There was a time when IT specialist Felicity Smoak's life wasn't complicated. She had a decent paying job at Queen Consolidated and a small apartment in Starling City that she loved. But the crushing debts of her student loans from MIT had put her in some rather compromising positions outside the office, earning money doing things only a girl from Vegas would dare to do. A chance encounter with none other than Queen Consolidated's new CEO quickly changes her life and turns it upside down.
arrow_au  oliverqueen/felicitysmoak  oliverqueen/felicitysmoak/saralance  chasethewind  bdsm  voyeurism  spanking  ptsd  impactplay  pegging  injury  noncon  wordcount:>100.000  to_read  hookerfic 
october 2017 by tittakv
Cadence and the Pearl by luninosity
Cadence Bell sat on uncomfortable grey rocks at the far end of the curve of the dull grey shore, and watched the waves crash over and over under the looming grey sky. He’d been sitting on stone long enough for his left leg to go numb. He ignored it.
luninosity  omc/omc  wordcount:20.000-29.999  to_read  original_fic 
september 2017 by tittakv
The Scottish Boy by BetteNoire (WeAreWolves), maichan
The year is 1333. The English are at war with Scotland. 19-year-old West Country knight Sir Steven excels at jousting, but yearns to prove himself in real action. So he jumps when his sponsor, Baron Alexander Pierce, invites him on a secret mission with a dozen elite knights. They ride north to a crumbling Scottish keep, capturing the feral, half-starved boy within and putting the other inhabitants to the sword. And nobody knows, or nobody is saying, why the flower of English knighthood snuck over the border to capture a savage, dirty teenage boy. Pierce gives the boy to Steve as his squire, with only two rules: don't let the boy escape, and convert him to the English cause.

At first, it's hopeless. The Scottish boy is surly, violent, hoards sharp objects, and eats anything that isn't nailed down. Then Steve begins to notice things: that, as well as Gaelic, the boy speaks flawless French, far better than Steve's own. That he can read it – Latin, too. That he isn't small so much as desperately under-fed. That when Steve finally convinces the boy – James Buchanan, Bucky – to cut his filthy, matted curtain of hair, the face revealed is the most beautiful thing Steve has ever seen.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  bettenoire  bigbang  wordcount:>100.000  to_read  angst  first-time 
august 2017 by tittakv
Sixpence In His Shoe by scifigrl47
Steve and Tony should really read the fine print on what they're signing. Then again, some mistakes are not really mistakes.
avengers  steverogers/tonystark  scifigrl47  to_read  wordcount:>100.000 
july 2017 by tittakv
How to Tell Your Daughter You're Dating a Porn Star by Savoytruffle
The one where Jim and Leonard meet because their daughters know each other.

Also, Jim happens to be a porn star.

Leonard is...familiar with Jim's work.
st:reboot_au  kirk/mccoy  savoytruffle  pornstars  unfinished  to_read  wordcount:10.000-19.999 
june 2017 by tittakv
Dark Lights of Brooklyn by jwdish98
Steve Rogers is a private investigator who is barely skating by. He spends more time in his office than his apartment, and he continues to watch all his friends live out their lives while he sits on the sidelines.

However, when a case falls into his lap that dredges up past mistakes Steve's life starts to veer off course- in a good way. Probably.

(He's not entirely sure yet.)
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  jwdish98  wordcount:30.000-39.999  bigbang  to_read 
june 2017 by tittakv
Patriotic Vice by superheroresin
Six months, utterly wasted.

Six months re-tasking surveillance satellites, deploying harried field agents, combing through terabytes of intelligence data, and carefully maneuvering Director Hill’s hawkish tactics while hunting down Washington D.C.’s most dangerous assassin.

Six months, and CIA analyst Steve Rogers finally arrests the Winter Soldier. A highly paid, highly confused... male escort.

Well, shit.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  buckybarnes/brockrumlow  buckybarnes/alexanderpierce  superheroresin  bigbang  hookerfic  noncon  wordcount:>100.000  to_read 
may 2017 by tittakv
Traveling Light by wearing_tearing
When Steve wakes up, it is a surprise.

The last thing he remembers is the bottom of the lake, sharp teeth and yellow eyes, and the cold pressure of not being able to breathe. But he isn’t dead. He didn’t drown. He is not in the water anymore.

Instead, he is warm, very much alive, and wrapped in a cocoon of feathers.

He’s also naked. And with a man lying right next to him.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  wearing_tearing  wingfic  h/c  wordcount:50.000-74.999  to_read 
may 2017 by tittakv
Martyrs Never Last This Long by out_there
The Suit stands for law, social control and all the things Mozzie fundamentally opposes, but he's married to someone Mozzie likes and he's sleeping with one of Mozzie's best friends, so he should probably know that Kate's in New York again.
white_collar  elizabeth/neal/peter  out_there  mozziehaversham  wordcount:20.000-29.999  to_read 
may 2017 by tittakv
Every Time a Bell Rings by scifigrl47
It's Christmas, and that means getting presents for the smallest Stark family member. And DJ's idea of a great Christmas present doesn't always match his parents'.
avengers_au  steverogers/tonystark  scifigrl47  kidfic  talesofthebots  wordcount:5.000-9.999  to_read 
january 2017 by tittakv
Growing Pains and Morality Tales by scifigrl47
Something big is coming, and the Avengers have to decide what side they're going to be on.

Back home in the tower, DJ's got choices of his own to make. Growing up isn't easy, but he's pretty sure he's got a handle on it now. His parents certainly don't, but DJ's got this. He can handle things.

He's pretty sure, at least.
avengers_au  steverogers/tonystark  scifigrl47  talesofthebots  wip  to_read  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
september 2016 by tittakv
Oh, my darling by boopboop
Murdered while walking home with his fiance, Steve turns his back on a chance at peace and is now trapped on earth with only the dead who can see or hear him. Unable to do anything but watch as Bucky becomes lost in his grief, Steve's real purpose for remaining becomes clear when he learns that his death wasn't just random, but planned by someone he trusted with his life. Facing the reality that Bucky is now in more danger than ever before, Steve's only chance at saving him and avenging his own death is in the hands of a psychic who adamantly doesn't want to believe in ghosts.
avengers_au  crossover  steverogers/buckybarnes  samwilson/riley  buckybarnes/brockrumlow  boopboop  angst  ptsd  wordcount:30.000-39.999  to_read 
september 2016 by tittakv
Halt and Catch Fire by onethingconstant
Steve and Bucky are back together and working with Sam to burn Hydra to cinders. But when a mission goes pear-shaped and Bucky is left in a questionable mental state, the boys must seek help from unlikely sources: a mysterious woman from their shared past and Hydra's newest secret weapon. The boys from Brooklyn still have a few secrets, even from each other.

They tell the story in their own words.
avengers  gen  onethingconstant  buckybarnes  steverogers  angst  wordcount:40.000-49.999  to_read 
august 2016 by tittakv
Moshi Moshi by sidnihoudini
Three years ago, Seb wondered how sustainable it could be to feel about someone like this. Man, would that guy have been in for a surprise if he could see them now.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  sidnihoudini  wip  to_read  wordcount:50.000-74.999 
july 2016 by tittakv
Strung Out by AgtSpooky
Partners in the field and out, Michael and Damien had been through hell together for the last four years and made it through standing side by side. But when their latest undercover op to bring down an arms dealer plunges them into a world of drugs, sex and violence, Damien must literally get in bed with the enemy in order to complete the mission. And Michael is forced to watch, helpless, as his partner is broken into pieces. Will love be enough to put them both back together or will this be their final mission?
strikeback  michaelstonebridge/damienscott  agtspooky  angst  h/c  wordcount:50.000-74.999  to_read 
june 2016 by tittakv
and let your heart beat over my heart by Anonymous
Sebastian takes care of everyone. When that weight piles on and makes to crush him, though: Chris is there.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  anon  h/c  schmoop  wordcount:1.000-1.999  to_read 
june 2016 by tittakv
My Arms Were Made To Hold You by portraitofemmy, rainbow_marbles
Tired of being kept awake at night by a screaming baby, Bucky decides to take matters into his own hands. Mostly he wants a good night's sleep, but what he gets is beautiful baby boy with big blue eyes, a lonely father trying to move on from tragedy, and a chance at a family he never expected to have.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  portraitofemmy  rainbow_marbles  kidfic  ptsd  h/c  angst  bigbang  wordcount:50.000-74.999  to_read 
may 2016 by tittakv
Fidelity by amireal
Fidelity to a cause is easy as long as you believe most of what they're doing is right. Fidelity to yourself is a lot harder, because it's easy just to see your life as a series of failures rather than a series of successful recoveries from failures. Learning something from each of them.

Clint Barton has had very few precious things to feel that strongly about, but everyone has to grow sometimes. Like most of his life though, it's not exactly a straight line or an easy recovery.
avengers  clintbarton/philcoulson  amireal  angst  wordcount:30.000-39.999  to_read 
may 2016 by tittakv
Jacob and the Angel by ComplicatedLight
How is it that we can know someone - really know them, and yet be blind to the most fundamental things about them?
lewis  hathaway/lewis  complicatedlight  wordcount:5.000-9.999  to_read 
april 2016 by tittakv
think well, love well, sleep well by zarabithia
Good friends will be happy for you when you get laid, but great friends will run out and buy you supplies when you and your partner are getting low so you don't have to stop what you're doing. Other friends may just be horrified that they walked in on some surprise kitchen sex.

Or, the one in which Clint and Bucky are ultimately rewarded for being such good friends to Natasha and Steve, and the other Avengers may be traumatized.
avengers  natasharomanov/steverogers  clintbarton/buckybarnes  zarabithia  bdsm  wordcount:2.000-4.999  to_read 
february 2016 by tittakv
Just Hold Me by shanology
Bucky Barnes is living in Avengers Tower, and all he wants in the world is to be cuddled. He sets out to get his new friends to give him the snuggling he needs, because it's not something he can ask of Steve yet.

Steve doesn't see it in quite the same way.

Also, there are Avengers movie nights, possibly with a showing of The Covenant. Just saying.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  shanology  schmoop  angst  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
january 2016 by tittakv
heroes (for ever and ever) by luninosity
Everyone knows Sebastian’s a fairy, but for a fairy he doesn’t do anything much. Finding a lost kitten or two, healing Chris’s little brother’s broken arm, somehow always in the kitchen when blueberry pie exists. Barely magical, really, but it’s a good omen for the kingdom to have a fairy around.

He’s Chris’s best friend. He has been for almost two decades.
mcu_rpf_au  chrisevans/sebastianstan  luninosity  to_read  wordcount:10.000-19.999 
january 2016 by tittakv
a marvelous gift by biblionerd07
Bucky Barnes has a curse: he has to obey any orders he receives. It gets more complicated when he becomes best friends with Steve Rogers--the prince who will one day be king.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  biblionerd07  angst  royalty  to_read  wordcount:50.000-74.999 
january 2016 by tittakv
Will's World by MaxWrite
Their first official date was supposed to be coffee and conversation but quickly becomes more than Benji was prepared for. Like meeting Will's mother.
mission_impossible  williambrandt/benjidunn  maxwrite  wordcount:40.000-49.999  rimming  to_read 
december 2015 by tittakv
Absolution by Winginblood
All Clint wants to do when he gets back to the Tower is grab some food and get some sleep. Things don't go to plan.
avengers  ao_shield  clintbarton/philcoulson  winginblood  h/c  wordcount:5.000-9.999  to_read 
december 2015 by tittakv
Our Broken Parts (Smashed on the Floor) by This Girl Is (non_sequential)
Steve is sent undercover to catch an elusive Russian assassin. He didn’t want to do it in the first place; he’s damn certain he won’t be asked again.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  wintersoldier  non_sequential  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
december 2015 by tittakv
Choices We're Given by ecaitlin
Steve Rogers is a good man and a good agent. There's really no excuse for the assassin in his bed.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  clintbarton/natasharomanov/samwilson  ecaitlin  wordcount:50.000-74.999  to_read 
december 2015 by tittakv
The Life of Bucky Barnes by stephrc79
The story behind the pictures from the Instagram The Life of Bucky Barnes.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  stephrc79  schmoop  angst  wip  wordcount:>100.000  to_read 
december 2015 by tittakv
Out of Kilter by divingforstones
They’ve somehow managed to get cut adrift from one another in the early days of Robbie’s retirement.

But James has a tendency to make speeches when he’s drunk.

Luckily for Robbie.
lewis  hathaway/lewis  divingforstones  angst  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
november 2015 by tittakv
Overcome by fuck_me_barnes
In which Bucky is a terrible, cocksure, arrogant tease, and Steve...well, Steve gives him a very unexpected run for his money.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  fuck_me_barnes  bdsm  first-time  orgasm_delay/denial  wip  wordcount:5.000-9.999  to_read 
november 2015 by tittakv
In the Length of a Breath by linzeestyle
“You told me you didn’t know what they did.” Daisy rounds on him, eyes wide. “That’s a pretty goddamn big I don’t fucking know, Barnes.”

“I didn’t…” He swallows. There’s nothing missing, everything’s in better shape than it should be, really, all things considered. He’s missing at least two bullets that never came out; scarring from a shrapnel wound he got when he was sixteen. And the Aedia appears to have actually fused his bones to the reinforcements for his arm that once hooked clumsily across them, and Bucky rubs his shoulder joint and realizes it’s been weeks since he’s had any pulls or tears, that he’s been too wrapped up in Steve to notice. Steve…

“What did you ask for,” Daisy hisses.

“I didn’t, I swear I didn’t ask for anything.” Bucky stares up at the scan and his heart pounds, but he can’t help but think that this is Steve’s, too; if he can pull this off, if he doesn’t find a way to destroy this, too, he’ll be able to finally--give Steve something, instead of taking. He won’t be the reason Steve settles for less.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  linzeestyle  mpreg  space  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
august 2015 by tittakv
With Just a Hint of Caramel by OhCaptainMyCaptain
It’s amazing, really, that absolutely no one has caught on to them yet. If they have, they certainly haven’t said anything about it. Sometimes, Chris thinks that Scarlett suspects something. If he and Sebastian are standing a little too close, if Chris has his hand on the Romanian’s shoulder for just a second too long – she could be on the other side of the set and he’d still feel her eyes on him with that eyebrow raise thing that she does. Sometimes, Chris debates just telling her.

But that wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

Because this has always been half of the thrill; the fact that they’re sneaking around like this, as though they were just a pair of horny teenagers again. The fear of getting caught, the worry that if they’re not always 100% careful, a paparazzo could make them – snag just one compromising photo – and then their careers would erupt into chaos...

It’s just easier to keep things their secret.

Their dirty… dirty little secret.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  ohcaptainmycaptain  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
august 2015 by tittakv
Some days last longer than others by crooked, notallbees
Bucky moves onto Pastor Rogers’ farm on a Sunday.

“Can’t offer you much right now,” Rogers had said with a sad twist to his mouth, “but there’s an old cabin needs fixing up, you’re welcome to camp out there and do whatever you want with it.” He laughed. “Maybe you can even teach my boy to use a hammer.”

The pastor's seventeen year old son Steve is the last thing Bucky expects. He's got a smart mouth, a nose for trouble, and a habit of seducing members of the football team. Bucky didn't think he was looking for anything, but Steve 's got his own ideas about what Bucky needs.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  steverogers/omcs  crooked  notallbees  bdsm  crossdressing  rimming  spanking  wordcount:75.000-100.000  to_read 
august 2015 by tittakv
You or Someone Like You by scifigrl47
Bad things happen when you punch holes in the fabric of time and space. Things get lost.

Including things that really, really shouldn't be misplaced.
avengers  steverogers/tonystark  scifigrl47  angst  kidfic  talesofthebots  wordcount:50.000-74.999  to_read 
july 2015 by tittakv
Three Times Fondue (And One Extra) by jarofhearts, LeandraLocke
It’s the first New Year’s Eve for Chris and Sebastian as a couple. What better way to spend it than at home together with a delicious meal of fondue and something even sweeter for dessert?
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  jarofhearts  leandralocke  schmoop  wordcount:5.000-9.999  to_read 
june 2015 by tittakv
We Have Ways by sabinelagrande
Commander Morse will get the answers she requires, and Jemma will definitely give them to her.
ao_shield  bobbimorse/jemmasimmons  sabinelagrande  bdsm  spanking  wordcount:2.000-4.999  to_read 
june 2015 by tittakv
Need (When You Get Close) by luninosity
James did promise to wear something, on set, all day. Lots of sex, James and a vibrator on the film set, misuse of quotes from Lethal Weapon, BDSM experimentation, some emotional hurt/comfort, non-explicit mention of James's past abusive relationship, cuddling in an enormous hotel bathtub.
actor_rpf  michaelfassbender/jamesmcavoy  luninosity  epic_verse  bdsm  sextoys  h/c  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
may 2015 by tittakv
The Tones That Tremble Down Your Spine by luninosity
Tony tells him they’re planning a party for Steve’s birthday. He knows how parties are supposed to go.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  luninosity  angst  h/c  noncon  to_read  wordcount:10.000-19.999 
may 2015 by tittakv
Rhythm to the Fray by hitlikehammers
It's not a mark or a thread that distinguishes a soulmate; instead, it's a physical sensation, a bio-resonant connection—a rhythm to your breath, a cadence in your blood, the echo of an extra pulse inside your chest that proves your heart's not quite beating by itself, anymore; that it was always waiting for a matching set of notes to make a melody, and now it's singing, now it's soaring. Now you're whole.

But when what you've got is a pair of tricky lungs, faulty blood, and a bum ticker, it doesn't matter how strong your soul is: the harmony will barely rise above a whisper, the resonance will almost always strike too weak. So it's no one's fault, really, if a person misses the fact that his soulmate's standing right in front of him.

It's no one's fault if it takes the better part of a century to finally see.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  hitlikehammers  angst  schmoop  wordcount:50.000-74.999  to_read  soulmates 
april 2015 by tittakv
Hunting the Hero by scifigrl47
Some mistakes cannot be corrected. Some sins cannot be forgiven. Some things cannot be made right. And some roads, once taken, will never lead you home.

That doesn't people from trying. Especially people who've done the impossible before.
avengers  steverogers/tonystark  scifigrl47  angst  wip  to_read  bots&familyverse  wordcount:10.000-19.999 
april 2015 by tittakv
Preparation for Change by infiniteeight
Hansel is having a hard time adjusting to Ben and Edward joining him and Gretel. It doesn't help that they don't fully understand the limits the sugar sickness places on him. Then he meets an apothecary who might be able to change everything.
hansel&gretel  hansel/omc  infiniteeight  first-time  illness  wordcount:20.000-29.999  to_read 
march 2015 by tittakv
When Light Shines by awarrington, blue_jack
Kirk and Spock are negotiating Federation entry with the Athosian government while the Enterprise is away on delivery duties, when one misunderstanding leads to another.
st:reboot  kirk/spock  awarrington  blue_jack  first-time  aliensmadethemdoit  wordcount:30.000-39.999  to_read 
march 2015 by tittakv
Nine Syllables by jouissant
After the premiere of Trek 3, Zach and Chris take some time off to traipse around Europe, where one mysterious night in Italy has decidedly unexpected consequences.
st:reboot_rps_au  chrispine/zachary  jouissant  bigbang  mpreg  angst  wordcount:50.000-74.999  to_read 
january 2015 by tittakv
your left-hand man by hitlikehammers
Five times Steve was very appreciative of Bucky's left arm, and one time Bucky figured, yeah, sure, fine: that metal thing can stick around.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  hitlikehammers  rimming  fisting  h/c  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
december 2014 by tittakv
Pedigree by anon
In order to make him easier to manage, the Winter Soldier's handlers pick up crate training. The training proves so successful that they introduce an actual cage for use in the field.
avengers  gen  anon  buckybarnes  wintersoldier  puppy_play  wip  to_read 
december 2014 by tittakv
Is It Pretending If I Already Want You? by OhCaptainMyCaptain
Basic Steps to Getting Yourself In a Pickle With Both Your Family and The Guy You've Secretly Crushed On For Five Years (A Guide):

STEP 1: After being perpetually single and constantly making up excuses to your family, give in and lie about having a boyfriend.
STEP 2: Agree to bring said boyfriend to the family cottage for a week so he can be your date to your parents' wedding anniversary party.
STEP 3: Panic.
STEP 4: Say 'yes' when your best friend and closet crush - who you're convinced isn't interested in you that way in the least - offers to be your pretend boyfriend.
STEP 5: Try your best not to fall in love with them during the trip.
STEP 6: Fail miserably.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  ohcaptainmycaptain  to_read  wordcount:75.000-100.000 
december 2014 by tittakv
I can’t remember how this started (but I can tell you exactly how it ends) by gwyneth rhys (gwyneth)
“And this is the thing, Steve. I would rather relive this day for eternity than watch them win and you die, or see you be enslaved to them the way I was.”
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  gwyneth_rhys  angst  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
december 2014 by tittakv
band on the run! by ninemoons42
Bucky Barnes leads the viral sensation rock group De Corday to Kings University to shoot a pair of music videos. On the way, he finds a cover of one of their singles, performed on solo violin by Steve Rogers, and he maybe falls a little bit in love on the spot.

Then they get to Kings and the leader of the chamber orchestra that's going to play with De Corday IS Steve Rogers. Duets, emotions, unexpected news, and a passel of De Corday-themed teddy bears ensue.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  thor/janefoster  natasharomanov/brucebanner  ninemoons42  bigbang  wordcount:50.000-74.999  to_read 
november 2014 by tittakv
The Clockwork Murders by Selenay
Phil Coulson has two lives: by day he's a quiet, respectable Edwardian gentleman and his biggest risk is on a hand of cards at his club; at night he's a masked vigilante, fighting to make London safer. Keeping those lives separate is difficult enough when his closest friend is the head of a special task force within the Metropolitan police. It becomes even more difficult when his latest case gets dangerously close to home, bodies start washing up on the banks of the Thames, and Detective Inspector Fury's team is tasked with capturing the vigilante.

Clint Barton, Coulson's new valet, is down on his luck and inexperienced at valeting but his skills from his former life may be exactly what Coulson needs. They just need to negotiate their way through Coulson's secret life and their growing attraction to each other. And save London from a terrifying new threat along the way.
avengers_au  clintbarton/philcoulson  selenay  steampunk  bigbang  wordcount:75.000-100.000  to_read 
november 2014 by tittakv
Issues by so_shhy
In which Steve has crippling crush on Tony Stark, Tony is oblivious and obnoxious, and Bucky expresses his disapproval via passive-aggressive comics.
avengers_au  steverogers/tonystark  natasharomanov/buckybarnes  so_shhy  bigbang  wordcount:10.000-19.999  college  humour  to_read 
november 2014 by tittakv
I wanna hold your hand by sirona
No one understands what it's like growing up rich and yet more alone than anyone should be able to stand - except for people who grew up just like you, that is. In which Tony Stark goes to Oxford University and meets people and makes enemies and makes friends and changes people's minds and falls in love - amongst other tales of mishap and adventure.
avengers_au  xmen  steverogers/tonystark  clintbarton/philcoulson  natasharomanov/buckybarnes  thor/loki  sirona  college  bigbang  wordcount:20.000-29.999  to_read 
november 2014 by tittakv
And If You Should Fall by torakowalski
Clint Barton has a home, a boyfriend, a dog, and a place at SHIELD Training Academy, so for the first time ever, everything seems to be working out for him.

Then he gets recruited to a secret organisation within SHIELD and it turns out that everyone there might not be working toward the same goal. Now he has to protect the people he loves from Hydra, without letting Hydra know he's onto them.
avengers_au  clintbarton/philcoulson  torakowalski  bigbang  wordcount:40.000-49.999  ao_shield  to_read 
november 2014 by tittakv
A Pretty Boy with a Bird Tattoo by Kryptaria, rayvanfox
Bucky Barnes is the wholesome, handsome boy next door, complete with the engineering major and the beloved younger sister (or three).

Steve Rogers is the punk artist loner with an unkindness on his arm and a never-ending fight against the world. His best friend, Natasha, is best left unmentioned, though there are rumors that if you kiss the Black Widow's spider, she'll give you a tattoo for free. But she never said where or what.

They shouldn't work together, until they do.
avengers_au  natasharomanov/steverogers/buckybarnes  kryptaria  rayvanfox  college  angst  to_read  wordcount:>100.000 
october 2014 by tittakv
Like Gene Kelly in the Movies by lyra_wing
Everything Tony Stark does is a dance. And it's super confusing for Steve.
avengers  steverogers/tonystark  lyra_wing  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
october 2014 by tittakv
festina lente (hurry slowly) by silverfoxflower
If anyone asked Steve – and a few reporters may well have, Steve wouldn’t know since Peggy had kept him from answering anything else outside controlled press conferences and faux-casual interviews – what his relationship was with Captain America, Steve would have said something like, “We’ve reached an understanding,” or, “He’s a good guy to have in a fight,” but nowhere in that statement would be the mention of friend, or partner or ally.

A role reversal fic featuring Steve Rogers (a.k.a Iron Man) as a billionaire, genius engineer with a heart of gold and Tony Stark (a.k.a Captain America) as a playboy American Hero who spent most of his backpay on his flashy lifestyle.
avengers_au  steverogers/tonystark  silverfoxflower  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
september 2014 by tittakv
it's not an epic romance (it's a love affair) by ErisDea
They come together at the worst possible time.

(And to be fair, the writing on his back and her unmarred skin literally promises that they will never have the romance of the century.)
avengers  steverogers/darcylewis  steverogers/darcylewis/buckybarnes  erisdea  bdsm  wordcount:40.000-49.999  to_read  unfinished 
august 2014 by tittakv
Fairy Tales and Clockwork Hearts by scifigrl47
DJ was raised by Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and the rest of the Avengers, with occasional help from the rest of New York's hero population, and SHIELD. Everything he knows about love and human relationships come from people who aren't really known for their safe and sane life choices.

It's pretty clear he's going to be utterly lousy at flirting. Luckily for him, he's cute.
avengers_au  steverogers/tonystark  scifigrl47  kidfic  to_read  talesofthebots  wordcount:75.000-100.000 
june 2014 by tittakv
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