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just drink the water where you came from by eleanor_lavish
There’s the history that you own, and then there's the history that you don’t talk about, but that lives deep inside you all the damn time. Steve and Chin have that kind. Also, there is a lot of frottage.
hawaii_five-0  steve/chin  eleanor_lavish  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
november 2013 by tittakv
Put your mind at ease by Eleanor Lavish
Also at: http://archiveofourown.org/works/181321

Somewhere in the last year, while Steve was busy killing bad guys, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been erased from the books and guys like Jeff can marry whoever they damn well please.
hawaii_five-0  steve/danny  eleanor_lavish  first-time  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
november 2013 by tittakv
Make a Move ('Cause I Ain't Got All Night) by stillane
Danny is about 80% certain that there are deep waters buried somewhere in there. Writing Steve off as simply batshit insane is doing him a disservice; his partner is fully capable of being both batshit insane and terrifyingly complicated at the same time. He’s talented like that.
hawaii_five-0  steve/danny  stillane 
november 2013 by tittakv
Lonely People Do Stupid Things by waketosleep
Danny decides to show Steve the true meaning of Christmas, and does it by dragging him to New Jersey.
hawaii_five-0  steve/danny  waketosleep  first-time  wordcount:10.000-19.999 
november 2013 by tittakv
It's Just What Is by giddygeek
This is the thing that Steve was going to do today, Danny realizes. The thing he dressed for, the thing he smirked for, the thing he reassured Jimmy Hale of over Danny's shoulder. This.

And it doesn't make sense, because Danny didn't even know he was waiting for it, that he was looking for it, but he thinks, finally. Fucking finally.
hawaii_five-0  steve/danny  giddygeek  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
november 2013 by tittakv
A Close Shave by thegrrrl2002
“Listen, I knock. I can knock with the best of them.” Danny shoves his hands in his pockets, eyes shifting as he examines the couch, the window, the bookshelves.

“Okay, but not here,” Steve insists, unreasonably irritated. “You never knock here. It's weird.”
hawaii_five-0  steve/danny  thegrrrl2002  wordcount:1.000-1.999 
november 2013 by tittakv
The Wedding March by sheafrotherdon, thegrrrl2002
It's Kono and Adam's wedding, after all, and Danny's not going to spend it staring at Steve's ass.
hawaii_five-0  steve/danny  sheafrotherdon  thegrrrl2002  wordcount:1.000-1.999 
november 2013 by tittakv
Mr Rosso Goes to Hawaii by Siria
In which there is an undercover op, and no one looks like a waiter.
hawaii_five-0  steve/danny  siriaeve  long  wordcount:10.000-19.999 
november 2012 by tittakv
Tiger Soup by auburn
A bust leads to Wo Fat and a chance to discover who was really responsible for Steve's mother's death, but it might mean the end of Five-O.
to_read  hawaii_five-0  gen  auburn  long  angst  team  wordcount:30.000-39.999 
october 2012 by tittakv

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