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Solo Virtuoso by Vae
Adam Lambert, rising star of the LA music theatre scene, doesn't get much chance to meet potential boyfriends. Performing six nights a week limits the possibilities for socialising so when his friend Alisan suggests he try a lunchtime speed-dating event, it seems like the solution to his problems. Musician Kris Allen, at the same event because he lost a bet, appears perfect for Adam. Cute and confident, there's only one snag: once bitten, twice shy, Kris has decided that he doesn't want to have sex with other people.

Kris has a few things to teach Adam about the kinds of solo fun to be had with sex toys, but can Adam convince Kris to change his mind and take another try at the joys of sex with a loving partner?
airps_au  adam/kris  brad/cassidy  bigbang  wordcount:40.000-49.999  sextoys  to_read  itinerant_vae 
february 2014 by tittakv
5-Star Service by samanthahirr
At the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, assistant manager Kris does whatever it takes to keep his guests happy...even if it means taking their prostitutes shopping.
airps_au  adam/kris  samanthahirr  bradbell 
november 2012 by tittakv
Bella Rosa by amproof
Prince Adam, unseen for a decade, has long been rumored dead, and the otherworldly wails that come from the castle seem like proof to the provincial townspeople. Kris Allen has no time for rumors, busy as he is with his family's restaurant, Bella Rosa. However, when he must sneak onto palace grounds for a precious ingredient, misfortune leads him to a man who won't show his face and broadcasts overwhelming loneliness.

Prince Adam turned his back on his duties and his heart a decade ago, but the unexpected arrival of a man who doesn't judge his appearance--aided a great deal by Lord Brad forcing Kris to be blindfolded at all times--has caused Adam to ease out of his comfort zone. Even a hermitage as large as a castle can become too small. Too long he's hidden in the dark, and now, with this offering of solace and friendship Kris gives him, Adam wonders if he can reveal his true identity at last.
airps_au  adam/kris  amproof  bigbang  to_read 
august 2012 by tittakv
Hard Drives and Heartbeats by AraSigyrn & deannawol
When you’re on top of the world, the only way is down.

Against all the odds, Adam ‘Silverfyre’ Lambert and Kris ‘Juniper’ Allen not only survived the job of a lifetime, they completed it. Rich, successful and freshly moved to NYC, they're on top of the world. They’ve done the impossible and lived to tell the tale but what comes next?

Is there life after ‘happily ever after’?
airps_au  adam/kris  arasigyrn  deannawol  bigbang  to_read  cyberpunk 
august 2012 by tittakv
Treat This Right by akavertigo
With half of Club Idol's strippers and wait-staff out sick, Kris is praying for a miracle—and reinforcements. What he gets is leather, eyeliner, glitter, and Crayola-colored highlights wrapped up in a Queen song and a brilliant smile. Is it any wonder Kris forgets to actually ask if Adam is there for a job? It's only the next day that Kris finds out just who he'd stripped naked and shoved onstage...and gone to bed with.
angst  airps_au  adam/kris  akavertigo  bigbang  strippers 
august 2012 by tittakv
Wheel in the Sky by cjmarlowe
It was supposed to be a short-term pursuit into the Badlands. It turned into a 70,000-light-year journey home.

Ensign Allen wasn't that long out of Starfleet Academy, the USS Voyager only his second posting. Crewman Lambert had been fighting with the Maquis since the Federation had abandoned his home planet, and serving aboard the Val Jean for as long as anyone. When the two crews were thrown together by circumstances, with a seventy-year journey home ahead of them, they both had to learn a whole new set of rules. They all did.

Almost two years on, the reality of the situation has set in—home really isn't just around the corner, and people's life decisions are starting to reflect that. Unlikely friends from early on in the journey, coming to terms with that reality helps transform Kris and Adam into something more. But out in the far flung reaches of space, it's never as easy as that.
airps_au  adam/kris  cjmarlowe  bigbang  st:voyager  crossover  to_read 
august 2012 by tittakv
Dawn Over The Dragon Wings by AraSigyrn
All Adam ever wanted was to be a Wizard (or a rockstar). Unfortunately for him, Fate (with a little help from some fairies) has other plans. A magical gift given on his tenth birthday looks to set Adam's future in stone but after a chance meeting with another boy, Adam finds some things are worth fighting for as War sweeps across the mortal world and Kris is sent to fight and die in the Fae Lands.

Faced with losing Kris, can Adam make the hardest choice of all?
airps_au  adam/kris  arasigyrn  bigbang  to_read 
august 2012 by tittakv
I'd Still Find You by sweet_poeia
Adam wasn’t drunk when he made the dating profile. He was, in fact, rather harshly sober at the time. It was a deliberate act.
airps_au  adam/kris  sweet_poeia  long  rockstar_adam 
july 2012 by tittakv
By The Light of the Silvery Moon by Itinerant_vae
Adam’s gay, and Kris is a werewolf. They’re both being honest about it.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  itinerant_vae  werewolves 
april 2012 by tittakv
Contracts With Werewolves by itinerant_vae
Adam turns into a werewolf and meets werewolf counselor Kris
airps_au  adam/kris  itinerant_vae  long  wip  werewolves 
april 2012 by tittakv
The Eighth Man by celli
The one where they're all NASCAR crew members, and Celli takes immense amounts of dramatic license.
airps_au  adam/kris  celli 
april 2012 by tittakv
Rituals of Life and Love by Jerakeen
Kris doesn't worry that he's going to die alone and cats will spontaneously manifest or whatever. He knows he has people—good people—who care about him. He just sometimes worries that the love of his life is out fucking the glittery hoards of hopefully-of-age boys and that this is it for Kris. That Adam is it.

In a perfect world, that would be a comforting thought. In this one, it makes Kris want to bite someone.
airps_au  adam/kris  jerakeen  futurefic 
april 2012 by tittakv
Don’t You Even Dare (Give Me That Come Back Stare) by Spikedluv
Kris Allen participates in a charity bachelor auction; Adam Lambert wins a date with him.
schmoop  airps_au  rps  adam/kris  spikedluv  bigbang  harlequin  wordcount:20.000-29.999 
april 2012 by tittakv
Bottoms Up by house_of_lantis
For the most part, Kris knew how to handle Adam Lambert, international diva rock god and prince of the tabloids.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  house_of_lantis  spanking 
march 2012 by tittakv
Something Good by amproof
Adam drops to his knees and demands to choke. Adam isn't happy about it, but he's never said "no."
rps  airps_au  adam/adam  amproof 
february 2012 by tittakv
Electrohead by Litsasecret
Adam meets a Tommy at a rave, and sparks fly. Cyberpunk AU
cyberpunk  bdsm  airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  litsasecret  short 
february 2012 by tittakv
Come As You Are by Samathahirr
Kris goes to his neighbor's party hoping to get Adam's phone number. He ends up getting a whole lot more.
pwp  bass  crossdressing  bdsm  airps_au  rps  adam/kris  samanthahirr 
february 2012 by tittakv
SING! by amproof
Kris moves to San Diego to get away from people. Adam loves people.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  amproof  long  injury 
february 2012 by tittakv
Aquarius by Akavertigo
The entire crew was assembled, everyone from Simon to Mike (who had been pulling the same graveyard shift as Kris and without the option of leaving for the sake of sleep and sanity) and each and every face was staring in naked wonder at what lay beyond the lit observation glass.

Or more specifically, at who.

"It's..." Kris voice's did something embarrass. He tried to cough up some dignity. "It's—it's impossible."

"Better," Allison said. "It's a mer."
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  akavertigo  mer_people  wip 
february 2012 by tittakv
The Other Arithmetic by akavertigo
Kris was very confused. The life of an urban werefox was not an easy one. There were schedules to juggle, moon phases clashing with precious studio time, and diet budgets, and apartment fines regarding claw marks for the nonexistent cat you were constantly trying to prove you had.
airps_au  adam/adam/kris  akavertigo  werecreatures 
february 2012 by tittakv
My Boyfriend's in the Band by mistresscurvy
When it comes time to deal with the rest of the school, Tommy knows the way to work the high school game. He knows how to stay out of the sightline of assholes, and how to blend in enough to avoid people's notice, but not so much that he feels like a ghost of himself. He gets pretty good grades, but nothing remarkable; he keeps his books in his music cubby, but that's just because he's in the band room three times a day for band practice and music theory and his free period. He's not popular, but he's got his friends, and they look out for each other. No one really pays him any mind.

That is not how Adam goes about his life.
airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  mistresscurvy  bigbang  high_school  wordcount:30.000-39.999 
february 2012 by tittakv
The Space Between by samanthahirr
Every move he makes to pull them closer only pushes them further apart.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  samanthahirr  pwp  space 
february 2012 by tittakv
'59 Sound by samanthahirr
He hears the first rumor at graduation. The name comes from a few rows back, whispers escaping hurried hands: Adam Lambert is back.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  samanthahirr  short 
february 2012 by tittakv
Gothic Fairy Cub by moodwriter
Tommy is too young to go to this particular club, but he's curious.
airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  moodwriter  werewolves 
january 2012 by tittakv
Spoil Of War by Toobusy2write
In the Realm of Ubertas, when a kingdom falls to another, its king becomes a Spoil of War; a slave to the royal family of the conquering kingdom. Through circumstances of fate, Tommy becomes that Spoil of War and Adam—prince and heir apparent to the throne of the kingdom left standing—becomes his master. But each has a secret that could change everything…
angst  bdsm  airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  toobusy2write  bigbang  slavefic  spanking 
january 2012 by tittakv
Pack Law by radiogaga33
For as long as anyone can remember, the planets Lycan and Vampiris have always been at war. Twenty-five years after the vampire occupation of Lycan, Tommy Ratliff, an omega werewolf comes of age to be claimed. Unable to defy Pack Law, Tommy resigns himself to a loveless match. That is, until Adam Lambert, infamous vampire/werewolf half-breed adds his proposal to the mix and turns Tommy’s world upside down. (In short, intergalactic werewolves).
airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  radiogaga33  bigbang  werewolves 
january 2012 by tittakv
Octopodia by AraSigyrn
Wherein Kris is a much-harried Marine Biologist and Adam is the Octopus that loves him.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  arasigyrn  crack 
january 2012 by tittakv
honey you're a star (but i like you anyway) by moirariordan
Adam is a lawyer, and Kris is his client, and this is a story about their feelings.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  moirariordan  long  wordcount:10.000-19.999 
january 2012 by tittakv
SBC: Old Friends, New Beginnings by arasigyrn
Set after Silver Bullets & Circuitry: Juniper catches up with an old friend.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  arasigyrn  short 
january 2012 by tittakv
Belly Up and sequels by Anon
It’s stupid. The human part of him knows that his cheetah is essentially a big cat, and that Adam’s wolf is essentially a big dumb dog and that they shouldn’t get along, but convincing his cheetah of that is harder than it should be. It’s only made worse when Tommy realizes that he’s really the only one that Adam’s wolf ever uses the Alpha-ness on.
to_read  airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  anon  werewolves 
january 2012 by tittakv
It's Not That Deep by toobusy2write
A chance encounter that proves industry parties aren't the devil's spawn after all. And Adam can still rock Tommy's world.
airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  toobusy2write  hookerfic  bdsm  rockstar_adam 
january 2012 by tittakv
You Only Live Forever by Rivers_bend
Adam hasn’t seen his best friend Tommy much since his family moved to the other side of LA when they were eleven, and hasn’t seen him at all since Tommy’s thirteenth birthday party. Then Tommy calls out of the blue and Adam discovers the whole thing where he thinks he’d like to kiss a boy someday isn’t just theoretical. But Tommy’s changed a lot since they were little, and Adam isn’t always sure what he’s thinking.
first-time  high_school  adam/tommy  rps  airps_au  rivers_bend  bigbang 
january 2012 by tittakv
Crazy Like a Fox by Dollydolittle
The fox, the fox that has been stalking him for weeks, gives a pitiful little sneeze and then shakes. Adam’s leather boots take most of the damage, prompting another sigh, but it ends up a chuckle as the animal has turned into a ball of fluffy fur. He scoops up the small fox, surprised by how little it weighs, and tucks it close against him.

He’s rewarded by a cold nose against the sensitive skin behind his ear.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  dollydolittle  fox!kris 
january 2012 by tittakv
How I Learned My Lesson by Montmorency
Tommy works in a computer call center. Adam is a computer tech who is called in to fix his computer. Sparks fly! Camping, Burbank, Hollywood, computer geek!Adam, call center!Tommy, jealous Ravi, Sutan in a facial masque, squirrels and owls and bears oh my!
airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  montmorency  bigbang  losangeles  computergeek_adam 
december 2011 by tittakv
Captain Lambert & the Temple of Shadows by AraSigyrn
Kris is one of the Shadow-born, a nearly human sub-race with a knack for infiltration and fighting. Left alone in one of the most inaccessible corners of the world to hone his skills, the last thing he's expecting is visitors.
Captain Adam Lambert (AKA Capt'n Mitchell, The Star-born Captain, The Bane of the Skies) is the most infamous pirate in all the sky with a knack for turning a profit from every situation. When his ship is attacked in a desolate corner of the world, Adam gains a new crew-mate and an wholly unwanted bond. With his own secrets to hide, the last thing Adam needs is a wilful, inexperienced bondmate from an extinct species. Even if his newest crew-mate might know where to find the greatest treasure in the world; a treasure that could make Adam the King of the Skies...
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  arasigyrn  bigbang  steampunk  slavefic  bdsm  wordcount:20.000-29.999 
december 2011 by tittakv
That Kind of Girl by Shakespear's Girl
Kris is closing up shop, about to flip the “open” sign to the “closed” side, when he sees it. Or rather, sees her. She's walking quickly, trying to get away from what is either one half of a “Jay and Silent Bob” impersonation show, or a wanna-be tough who's just tough enough to cause trouble.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  shakespeares_girl  crossdressing 
december 2011 by tittakv
How I Met You 1/? by Moodwriter
Adam has done something stupid, and the whole school laughs at him. Tommy has just moved to San Diego with his parents, and he chooses the outcast over popularity because that's just his way.
to_read  airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  moodwriter  high_school 
december 2011 by tittakv
The Luck is Gone, the Brain is Shot, but the Liquor We Still Got. by wenchpixie
Tommy is a bartender with dreams of being a musician, even if he gets a little sidetracked sometimes, Adam is an amazing singer and Cassidy drinks too much but occasionally gives quite sage advice.
airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  wenchpixie  losangeles  tommy/ofc  adam/omc  cassidyhaley 
november 2011 by tittakv
Pop Goes The Camera by Fictionalcandie
Five mid-week lunches, two weekend sleep-overs, and one highly memorable trip to a club neither of them should have been seen at, and the tabloids were going crazy, their management had six almost-heartattacks and an aneurysm, and their fake relationship was born.

They broke seven publicists before they got to Kris.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  tommy/katy  fictionalcandie  long  losangeles 
november 2011 by tittakv
Girl, You're Like A Weird Vacation (The Howl-At-The-Moon Remix) by Arasigyrn
"Dear Adam Lambert. Hello! My name is Kristina Allen, and I live in Conway, Arkansas. My parents are Kim and Neil Allen, and I am a lesbian. What about you? “
werewolves  airps_au  rps  adam/kris  remix  arasigyrn 
november 2011 by tittakv
To Taste by Samanthahirr
In the game of love, food has an unfair advantage. In which Kris is a gourmet chef, and Adam is a Hollywood PA on a simple lunch run.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  remix  losangeles  chef!kris  samanthahirr 
november 2011 by tittakv
The hum of silence never seemed so far by summerstorm
Kris walks into Adam's café in an effort to get away from his routine and stop dwelling on the end of a relationship. That's only the first step. My Blueberry Nights fusion.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  summerstorm  nyc  cafe!adam 
november 2011 by tittakv
Flick of the Wrist by autoschediastic
Not caring one bit about how Frank's heart is trying to break through his ribs, but apparently totally into how his dick is trying to bust out of his jeans, Tommy says, "Frank likes it."
airps_au  rps  my_chemical_romance  crossover  tommy/frank  adam/tommy  blue_soaring  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
november 2011 by tittakv
If Wishes Were Seahorses by jerakeen
When Adam was young, he thought seahorses mated for life.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  jerakeen  crack 
november 2011 by tittakv
Clueless by Peacockcock
Kris and Darren are stupid and date each other when the ones they want have been right there all along.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  kris/darrencriss  darrencriss/chriscolfer  peacockcock  crossover  glee 
october 2011 by tittakv
Guard My Body, Baby by Cydsa
“If I kill him would it be considered dereliction of duty?”
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  cydsa  rockstar_adam 
october 2011 by tittakv
Untitled College AU by peacockcock
AU in which Kris goes to California for college and is Adam's first love.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  peacockcock  long  college  losangeles  bradbell  tommyjoeratliff  allison_iraheta 
october 2011 by tittakv
I’m Not as Think as You Drunk I Am by Cydsa
“That was an accident, I swear!” Adam babbled. Sure, he always ‘accidentally’ fell on boys’ faces. Kris opened dazed eyes. “Nice,” he murmured and his voice was scratchy and sounded like he’d been thoroughly fucked. “No!” Adam protested. “Not nice at all!”
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  cydsa 
october 2011 by tittakv
Dazed and Clueless by Jerakeen
In Brad’s defense, there’s really nothing better to do in this town.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  jerakeen  long  bradbell 
october 2011 by tittakv
Huff! Puff! (And Blow Your Man Down!) by Akavertigo
"It's late, it's cold, and I'm still goddamn pregnant. Get out of my way, Adam."
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  akavertigo  mpreg  werewolves  werecreatures 
october 2011 by tittakv
(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave by pennilesspoet
Kris discovers a new kind of music called rock n roll; Adam discovers Kris.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  pennilesspoet  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
october 2011 by tittakv
Subjugate, Subdue, Submit by litsasecret
"Sometimes I dream I'm an exterminating angel, a traveling executioner sent from Heaven. Sent to give you the prettiest death I knew."
airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  litsasecret  short 
october 2011 by tittakv
This Kiss by Spikedluv
Kris recognized the voice before he saw the man’s face. He remembered the feel of hard, insistent hands moving over him as that very same voice spoke in his ear, low and rough, whispering things that made Kris blush just thinking about them; gorgeous and sweet and perfect.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  spikedluv  schmoop  rockstar_adam  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
october 2011 by tittakv
The Alien Inside by amproof
Kris decides to rescue the alien sex slave he may have accidentally fallen in love with despite the alien's tendency to be a) drugged and b) a murderer (maybe). Naturally, everything goes to hell. Matt and Anoop help it get there that much faster.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  amproof  long 
october 2011 by tittakv
A Kiss From a Rose by Sweet_poeia
Some people looked forward to carnation day all year; for others, it was a personal hell.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  sweet_poeia  high_school 
october 2011 by tittakv
Peace Under the Moon by moodwriter
Tommy is the omega of his pack, cursed and lonely. He wants something else for himself.
airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  moodwriter  long  angst  h/c  werewolves 
september 2011 by tittakv
Shadow Play byautoschediastic
There's a heaviness in Adam's limbs that makes this feel like a dream, heat-hazy and unreal. As unreal as the soft click of claws on tile. His eyes slip shut as he smiles. "I was wondering when you'd find me."
airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  blue_soaring  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
september 2011 by tittakv
Holding the Pose by house_of_lantis
Kris is in his last year at UC-Berkeley’s School of Music and he needs to come up with enough money to record his demo as part of his final portfolio project. He finds out that the eccentric Professor Simon Cowell is looking for a nude model for his senior seminar drawing course and Kris applies for the job, desperate for the money. What he didn’t know was that the job comes with a gorgeous male partner named Adam and that all of the poses are sexual.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  house_of_lantis  long  to_read  college  berkeley 
september 2011 by tittakv
The one where Adam is a Cullen and Kris moves to Washington by Mary
The first time Kris meets Adam Lambert, this is how it goes: Kris is reloading the lunch cart down in the kitchen, dressed in scrubs that he's had to roll up at the cuff because they're too big and too long. He feels like he's wearing a pair of pajamas or something.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  crossover  vampires  sharpest_rose  twilight 
september 2011 by tittakv
You Lack Integration and a Cheap Pursuit by blue_soaring
Tommy has a plan. A very careful, weeks-long in development, not-so-shabby plan. The internet's pretty good for learning shit, but his mom's crazy, and disappointingly computer-savvy. Way more savvy than Tommy is. Tommy found out about the clubs through news articles, a few details through some message boards not filtered out by parental controls tighter than Fort fucking Knox, but not the real nitty-gritty stuff. Like if weres can smell how old you are.
werewolves  airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  blue_soaring  long  first-time  wordcount:50.000-74.999 
september 2011 by tittakv
Caesar's Palace by lc2l
Adam can taste the soul of every person to touch him, reaching inside for the wickedness and tugging at it until the crowd truly let go, screaming and fighting each other for another touch.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  lc2l 
september 2011 by tittakv
You're dumbstruck baby (by my lovin') by jeyhawk
Musical Tour AU. The one where Kris is almost painfully clueless but Adam wants to date him anyway.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  jeyhawk  first-time  angst  allison_iraheta  theater_adam 
september 2011 by tittakv
A Matter of Timing by butterfly
Adam Lambert is looking for his other half in a universe where love can come with a guarantee.
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  kris/katy  adam/drake  butterfly  long  ai_au 
august 2011 by tittakv
Skin This Cat by blue_soaring
Summer air is close and charged in Tommy's lungs, the music is thrumming in his bones, the drums guide his heartbeat, and there's nowhere, fucking nowhere, he'd rather be than where he is, down on one knee, fingers on the frets, Adam's gaze on him crackling thunderstorm-thick.
airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  blue_soaring  long  touring  werecreatures  wordcount:10.000-19.999 
august 2011 by tittakv
Off the Menu by blue_soaring
Also at: http://archiveofourown.org/works/233824

It's only been a couple of weeks since Adam came snarling out of the were closet. Maybe in a few more, Tommy'll be completely used to looking down to find a snow leopard crashed in bed with him.
airps_au  rps  adam/tommy  blue_soaring  werecreatures  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
august 2011 by tittakv
Silver Bullets and Circuitry by AraSigyrn, deannawol
It's his dream job; a chance at revenge and a payoff that will buy him the life he always wanted in one once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Adam 'Silverfyre' Lambert knows he's the best merc money can buy but for this job, he's going to need the very best systems-hacker/datarunner in the game. Lucky for him, he knows exactly who he's looking for...
airps_au  rps  adam/kris  allison/cale  arasigyrn  deannawol  bigbang  cyberpunk  angst  wordcount:>100.000 
august 2011 by tittakv
Festival by Moirariordan
Tonight, they don't have to pretend to be okay with anything. Tonight, they can just relax.
werewolves  airps_au  rps  adam/kris  preslash  moirariordan  short 
august 2011 by tittakv
Dearly Beloved, or: Adam is An Alien and Has To Marry Simon Cowell by Bexless
Simon leaned forward on the desk. “Adam,” he said gently, “why didn’t you tell me you were an alien?”
airps_au  rps  adam/drake  bexless  crack 
august 2011 by tittakv
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