50 Tutorials For Creating Vector Graphics Using Inskape | Creative Nerds
The article consists of 50 of the very best Inskape tutorials, as well as video tutorials included with the roundup...
see - Flourishes, Vector Compass, ?Heart Sketch & Urban Design
Inkscape  design  graphics 
4 days ago
14 Book Nook Shelf Inserts That Are Shockingly Creative And Cool
Book Nook: a little shelf insert that goes between books and looks like a tiny door leading to an incredible place, or depicting unique sights.
books  BookNook  Art  Creativity  Make  Modelling 
4 days ago
inkscape special editions | Full Circle Magazine
a free, independent, monthly PDF magazine dedicated to the Ubuntu family of Linux operating systems. Each month, it contains helpful how-to articles and reader submitted stories.
art  Inkscape  tutorials 
8 days ago
Peppertop Comics - YouTube
All of the old heathenX Inkscape tutorials and extras
Art  Inkscape  VectorGraphics 
8 days ago
Robots and Generative Art and Python, oh my!
...the power of modern-day machine learning and artificial intelligence tools with the interactivity and quick feedback loops of modern software development paradigms piped directly into your plotter to make art
GenerativeArt  GeoffreyBradway  Python  AxiDraw 
12 days ago
Why Star Breach is a sci-fi tabletop skirmish game you should be paying attention to / Boing Boing
Slow Death Games... has upped the ante on awesome with their latest project, Star Breach... this "multiverse" narrative-style skirmish game has free and simple downloadable rules [PDF] and is miniatures agnostic.
gaming  tabletop 
17 days ago
XYZen Garden Kit : 9 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
...build your own mechanical zen garden with laser cut plywood parts, nuts and bolts, and some tubing. Enjoy a focused, meditative state as you turn the cranks to create your own designs in the sand.
Make  ZenGarden 
23 days ago
Patterned Plywood Bookcase Speakers : 8 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
...goals for this design were to build something that looks cool, gets reasonably loud, and has some decent bass response in a relative small package...using a technique to get the diamond patterns in the outer panels of the speaker enclosure that involves a lot of cutting and gluing.
Make  design  speakers  Art 
23 days ago
How to build your own VPN if you’re (rightfully) wary of commercial options | Ars Technica
... it may be time to look into how to get your data out from under your ISP's prying eyes and grubby fingers intact. To do that, you'll need a VPN.
networking  privacy  security 
23 days ago
(A few) Ops Lessons We All Learn The Hard Way
a few lessons in operations that we all (eventually) (have to) learn; often the hard way
software  sysadmin 
24 days ago
The tools and tricks that let Ars Technica function without a physical office | Ars Technica
Looking at the “future of work” with a team that’s been living it for two decades.
remote-working  journalism  technology 
24 days ago
"Out of Home Advertising": the billboards that spy on you as you move through public spaces / Boing Boing
Note: see chaffbox in comments thread
Outdoor advertising companies are tapping location data brokers like Placeiq (which aggregates location data leaked by the spying dumpster-fire that is your phone's app ecosystem) and covertly siting Bluetooth and wifi sniffers in public space to gather data on the people who pass near to billboards: "gender, age, race, income, interests, and purchasing habits."
surveillance  privacy  advertising 
5 weeks ago
Security expert offers hacking advice to students whose campuses have implemented pervasive wireless surveillance / Boing Boing
...security researcher Lance R Vick (previously) tweeted an offer to students to explain how they could "dismantle such a system."

@lrvick is worth a look
security  surveillance  privacy 
5 weeks ago
Re-keying every lock in your house all by yourself – A Whole Lotta Nothing
I could teach myself how to re-key locks using a ~$100 set from amazon that takes a few hours of practice to master.
While researching every option, I kept coming across the Kwikset line’s “Smart Key” feature that offered simple re-key abilities built-in. About 3/4 of my locks were by Kwikset, and the main front door lock was Kwikset, so I decided to see if I could do this myself.
locksmith  keys  security  DIY 
5 weeks ago
Wireheading: when machine learning systems jolt their reward centers by cheating / Boing Boing
Machine learning systems are notorious for cheating, and there's a whole menagerie of ways that these systems achieve their notional goals while subverting their own purpose
MachineLearning  cheating  data 
5 weeks ago
William Gibson: ‘I was losing a sense of how weird the real world was' | Books | The Guardian
The writer who invented ‘cyberspace’ – and possibly the most influential living sci-fi author – on the challenges of keeping up with a reality even stranger than fiction
cyberpunk  writing  future 
5 weeks ago
Blender 2.8 Grease Pencil Scripting and Generative Art
Blender is a very rich ecosystem, and Grease-Pencil in version 2.8 is a powerful and versatile tool. Generative art is a captivating way to showcase the tool potential: if you love Python and don’t feel like learning Processing, or are still unsure about venturing with p5.js or Three.js, here you will find the perfect playground.
art  GenerativeArt  Blender 
6 weeks ago
Rhasspy: a free/open voice assistant toolkit that's fully offline / Boing Boing
a privacy-oriented alternative to surveilling "voice assistant" products like Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri
voice-assistant  privacy  Alexa  RaspberryPi 
6 weeks ago
Everything you wanted to know about money-laundering but were afraid to ask / Boing Boing
...the introduction to CZ Edwards' amazing Twitter thread about the nuts-and-bolts of money-laundering and how it applies to modern geopolitics, including Trump's assassination of an Iranian government official and the role that Trump's real-estate, failed businesses and casinos played in the global money-laundry, without which most serious crime would collapse
money-laundering  fraud  investment  finance 
6 weeks ago
bellingcat - Guide To Using Reverse Image Search For Investigations - bellingcat
This guide will walk through detailed strategies to use reverse image search in digital investigations, with an eye towards identifying people and locations, along with determining an image’s progeny. After detailing the core differences between the search engines, Yandex, Bing, and Google are tested on five test images showing different objects and from various regions of the world.
search  images  identification 
6 weeks ago
Aric Toler on Twitter: "Brief walk-through on how to geolocate this photo from Rudy Giuliani's spokeswoman (subject of this @politico piece https://t.co/qOspINwzmH) without using any mapping services:… https://t.co/4HSb4Ftyr5"
...what we need to do is reverse search the full image to feed as many pixels as possible into the algorithm, but taking out the person so it doesn't just focus on finding other women standing in front of things. I use Snagit to blur her out...
6 weeks ago
How much of a genius-level move was using binary space partitioning in Doom? | Ars Technica
...this post is about John Carmack and Doom, but it is also about the history of a data structure: the binary space partitioning tree (or BSP tree)...The BSP tree is a solution to one of the thorniest problems in computer graphics. In order to render a three-dimensional scene, a renderer has to figure out, given a particular viewpoint, what can be seen and what cannot be seen. This is not especially challenging if you have lots of time, but a respectable real-time game engine needs to figure out what can be seen and what cannot be seen at least 30 times a second.
7 weeks ago
Clever holiday gift-wrapping hack goes viral / Boing Boing
The Internet is getting all aflutter about a gift-wrapping hack shared by DIY lifestyle site Blossom.
@BlossomHacks - some interesting stuff here, actually...
hacks  lifestyle 
9 weeks ago
Leviathan: an eight foot tall, seven foot wide assemblage sculpture "ghost ship" / Boing Boing
Last year, artist Jason Stieva completed work on "Leviathan – Ark of the Apocalypse," a spectacular, 7-foot-long, 8-foot-high sculpture of a ghostly pirate ship. Steiva is an assemblage sculptor and tattoo artist from Whitby, ON who spent 15 months on the ship, which is populated by a variety of readymade Warcraft miniatures and other findings.
art  modelling  fantasy  sculpture 
9 weeks ago
A technical look at Phone Extraction | PI
In this piece we examine mobile phone extraction, relying on publicly available information and Privacy International’s experience from conducting mobile phone extraction using a Cellebrite UFED Touch 2
privacy  mobile  phone  data  extraction 
10 weeks ago
Bitrot and atomic COWs: Inside “next-gen” filesystems | Ars Technica
...a filesystem bug could wipe out everything you've ever done... and it could do so in ways most people never imagine.
zfs  btrfs  Linux  filesystem  bitrot 
10 weeks ago
CADO-NFS is a complete implementation in C/C++ of the Number Field Sieve (NFS) algorithm for factoring integers and computing discrete logarithms in finite fields. It consists in various programs corresponding to all the phases of the algorithm, and a general script that runs them, possibly in parallel over a network of computers. CADO-NFS is distributed under the Gnu Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1 (or any later version).
cryptography  algorithm  programming 
11 weeks ago
Star Wipers Makes the Rags That Clean Up All Your Messes
Few consumers, anywhere, have heard of the wiping-rag industry. But it bails out everyone. Approximately 30% of the textiles recovered for recycling in the U.S. are converted to wiping rags, according to Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles (Smart), a trade association. And that’s probably an undercount. The 45% of recycled textiles that are reused as apparel eventually wear out, too. When they do, they’re also bound for the wiping-rag companies.
rags  wipers  recycling  business 
11 weeks ago
Behind the One-Way Mirror: A Deep Dive Into the Technology of Corporate Surveillance | Electronic Frontier Foundation
This paper will focus on corporate “third-party” tracking: the collection of personal information by companies that users don’t intend to interact with. It will shed light on the technical methods and business practices behind third-party tracking. For journalists, policy makers, and concerned consumers, we hope this paper will demystify the fundamentals of third-party tracking, explain the scope of the problem, and suggest ways for users and legislation to fight back against the status quo.
privacy  tracking  cookies 
11 weeks ago
Murals - Finnest selection of Odeith Murals painted around the World
Odeith was born in 1976, in Damaia (Portugal)...showed a special interest in perspective and shading... in an obscure style which he later called “sombre 3D”, the compositions, landscapes or portraits, messages or homages, stood out for their realism and technique...in2005 Odeith was internationally recognized for his groundbreaking incursions in the anamorphic art field... painted on different surfaces, such as 90º corners or from the wall to the floor, creating an optical illusion 3-D effect.
Odeith  anamorphic  art  murals 
11 weeks ago
Macro photography in your back garden: TOP TIPS AND TRICKS! - YouTube
Andrew Lanxon Photography

In this week's video tutorial, I explore the joys of macro photography, finding a world of amazing subject matter right beneath my feet in my own back garden.

I show the lenses, the lighting and the post production of how to get great macro results without having to travel to the farthest corners of the Earth.
photography  macro  insects 
12 weeks ago
Seeing Like a Finite State Machine — Crooked Timber
...collective wisdom is that China is becoming a kind of all-efficient Technocratic Leviathan thanks to the combination of machine learning and authoritarianism... a new and far more powerful form of authoritarianism will emerge... as a more efficient competitor that can beat democracy at its home game (some fear this; some welcome it)
authoritarianism  democracy  AI  China 
12 weeks ago
Preventing Injury: 8 Best Hand and Wrist Exercises for Computer Users - Ergonomic Trends
...clinics, such as the Miller Health Care Institute at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Medical Center, use a combination of non surgical procedures, including hand exercises, to treat serve hand and wrist injuries in white collar workers
fitness  health  CTS  hands  wrists 
november 2019
Geneva: Evolving Censorship Evasion @ UMD
...a novel genetic algorithm that evolves packet-manipulation-based censorship evasion strategies against nation-state level censors. Geneva re-derived virtually all previously published evasion strategies within hours, and has discovered new ways of circumventing censorship in China, India, and Kazakhstan.
security  anonymity  Python  algorithm 
november 2019
...a video project that takes videos while walking around cities in Japan and shows people around the world the real life of Japan.
Japan  video  nighttime  art 
november 2019
Pantone®, Color, And What I Wish I'd Known
...how to properly handle color output...properly utilize that swatch and ensure its consistency across all print and web mediums...
colour  design  Pantone  RGB  CMYK  art 
november 2019
File Types, Compatibility and Clarity - Josh Collinsworth
...a resource that’s hopefully a handy reference on the matter of discerning file type supports and behavior.
colour  design  fileformats  RGB  CMYK  art 
november 2019
Meet the hairdresser to Japan’s sumo wrestling elite / Boing Boing
In this video, we meet Kato Akira, who had been the hairdresser for elite sumo wrestlers for over 50 years. He uses both hands and his mouth to tie knots in the wrestlers' hair, and uses a number of beautiful wooden combs.
hairdressing  Sumo 
november 2019
How to Spy on Your Neighbors With a USB TV Tuner | Tom's Guide
Today, dirt-cheap technology and free software make it possible for ordinary citizens to run their own Tempest programs and listen to what their own — and their neighbors' — electronic devices are doing.
security  privacy  surveillance  radio 
november 2019
Bubble Packed Chart with R using packcircles package
Tableau has chart type called “Packed Bubble Chart”, while I haven’t really utilized packed bubble chart much, I always thought they are fun and beautiful. I wanted to try creating same chart using R, and I came across package called packcircles.

Reading vignettes was really helpful to figure out how to use the package...
Chisato  Art  GenerativeArt  R 
october 2019
Tessellated Menagerie (12 months of aRt, January) | Will Chase Designs
Welcome to the inaugural post of my 12 months of aRt project! In these posts I’ll walk through my motivations, technical aspects, and design choices for various generative/data art projects I make using R
R  WillChase  Art  GenerativeArt 
october 2019
Frankenstein | Fronkonstin
A Voronoi diagram divides a plane based on a set of original points. Each polygon, or Voronoi cell, contains an original point and all that are closer to that point than any other.

This is a nice example of a Voronoi tesselation.
Voronoi  GenerativeArt  Art 
october 2019
Procedural one-page dungeon generator / Boing Boing
Oleg Dolya (last seen here for his amazing procedural medieval city-map generator) is back with a wonderful procedural one-page dungeon generator that produces detailed, surprisingly coherent quickie dungeons
RPG  dungeon  procedural  generation  maps 
october 2019
We Stopped Facial Recognition From Invading Music Festivals
The surveillance dystopia of our nightmares is not inevitable — and the way we kept it out of concerts and festivals is a lesson for the future.
surveillance  privacy  facial-recognition 
october 2019
Down with God! How the Soviet Union took on religion – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian
Marx said religion was the opium of the people – and in the Soviet Union, atheism became government policy... encouraged by anti-religious posters... These have been collected in Roland Elliott Brown’s new book... 'Godless Utopia: Soviet Anti-Religious Propaganda'
posters  propaganda  religion  atheism  Soviet 
october 2019
How to color calibrate your monitor in Linux - Real Linux User
...it is very important that your monitor displays colors accurately and with the correct brightness, tone and intensity...In this blog I will describe how to color calibrate your monitor in Linux.
linux  colorspace  colour  monitor  cailbration 
october 2019
John James Audubon's Birds of America | Audubon
John James Audubon's Birds of America is a portal into the natural world. Printed between 1827 and 1838, it contains 435 life-size watercolors of North American birds (Havell edition), all reproduced from hand-engraved plates, and is considered to be the archetype of wildlife illustration. Nearly 200 years later, the Audubon prints are coming to life once again, thanks to our vibrant digital library. Roam around below and enjoy one of the most treasured pieces of Audubon's grand and wild legacy. Each print is also available as a free high-resolution download.
nature  birds  ornithology  art 
october 2019
"RGB to XYZ: The Science and History of Color" by John Austin - YouTube
This talk will be a deep dive into the history and science of color and the fascinating world of human perception and the scientists that attempt to define it.

Many of us are familiar with the RGB or perhaps even the sRGB color space. Generally, though, we stare at our color pickers, fiddle with the values, and pick something that looks right. However, the modern sRGB specification follows a long lineage. It extends all the way back to the turn of the century and the CIE 1931 XYZ color space -- one of the earliest specified color spaces and one which is still in use today.
colour  colorspace  mathematics  history 
october 2019
GitHub - trailofbits/algo: Set up a personal VPN in the cloud
Algo VPN is a set of Ansible scripts that simplify the setup of a personal Wireguard and IPSEC VPN. It uses the most secure defaults available, works with common cloud providers, and does not require client software on most devices.
linux  security  tools  VPN 
october 2019
The ArduBat
A Simple Bat Detector based shield for the Arduino Uno
arduino  bat  detector 
october 2019
Planting Tiny Spy Chips in Hardware Can Cost as Little as $200 | WIRED
security researcher Monta Elkins will show how he created a proof-of-concept version of that hardware hack ...to offer stealthy backdoor access... in a way that he says most IT admins likely wouldn't notice, yet would give a remote attacker deep control.
hardware  security 
october 2019
DIY Home Energy Monitor: ESP32 + CT Sensors + Emonlib | Savjee.be
Build a non-invasive energy monitor with an ESP32 and the SCT-013 sensor - a Fitbit for electricity consumption!
energy  monitor  Make 
october 2019
Hiding secrets in online text with zero-width characters / Boing Boing
Unicode includes six "zero-width characters" that are not visibly rendered in browsers (U+FEFF, U+200C, U+200D, U+200E, U+2060, U+180E). Inzerosight's browser extension allows you to insert and detect hidden messages encoded in zero-width characters...[which] do not show up at all, not even when the text is highlighted.
october 2019
GitHub - veltman/clmystery: A command-line murder mystery
There's been a murder in Terminal City, and TCPD needs your help.
To figure out whodunit, you need access to a command line.
cli  tutorial 
october 2019
GitHub - NUKnightLab/sql-mysteries: Inspired by @veltman's command-line mystery, use SQL to research clues and find out whodunit!
game from Northwestern University's Knight Lab...teaches the player SQL database query structures and related concepts while they solve imaginary crimes...inspired by The Command Line Murders, a murder mystery game that teaches you to master Unix command-line syntax.
learning  sql 
october 2019
Probe The Galaxy On A Shoestring With This DIY Hydrogen-Line Telescope | Hackaday
Foil-lined foam insulation board, scraps of lumber, and a paint-thinner...coupled with an SDR, a couple of amplifiers, and ...it’s possible to build your own hydrogen-line radio telescope and use it to image the galaxy.
astronomy  radiotelescope  Make 
september 2019
To Pay Attention, the Brain Uses Filters, Not a Spotlight - Quanta Magazine
We attend to only a fraction of the sensory data available to us. New results are helping to explain how the brain filters out the sensations least interesting to it at any moment.
brain  neuroscience 
september 2019
French application of international rules to cyberwarfare
The document is interesting as it defines the context for when cyberattacks may be interpreted as really serious, warranting State response; or how the situation looks like in existing conflict. How ransomware affects some interpretation, etc.
politics  security  cyberwarfare 
september 2019
New surveillance tech means you'll never be anonymous again | WIRED UK
Forget facial recognition. Researchers around the world are creating new ways to monitor you. Lasers detecting your heartbeat and microbiome are already being developed
biometrics  privacy  security  surveillance  technology  anonymity 
september 2019
This is your phone on feminism | The Conversationalist
Our devices are basically gaslighting us. They tell us they work for and care about us, and if we just treat them right then we can learn to trust them. But all the evidence shows the opposite is true.
privacy  technology  feminism 
september 2019
Face Morphing using Delaunay Triangulation
We can use various algorithms to generate the intermediary images while morphing an image say M to another image say N
art  morphing  Delaunay  triangulation 
september 2019
How Math and Computational Geometry Influence Digital Art • Filestack Blog
...a technique to triangulate source images, converting them to abstract, artistic images composed of tiles of triangles in an attempt to explore the fields between computer technology and art.
art  mathematics  Delaunay  triangulation 
september 2019
Making of the Illustrations of the Natural Orders of Plants - C82: Works of Nicholas Rougeux
If someone told me when I was young that I would spend three months of my time tracing nineteenth century botanical illustrations and enjoy it, I would have scoffed, but that’s what I did to reproduce Elizabeth Twining’s Illustrations of the Natural Orders of Plants and I loved every minute.
biology  art  botany  illustration 
september 2019
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