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Snippage Makes Desktop Widgets from Any Web Page [Downloads]
Windows/Mac (Adobe AIR): Desktop widget application Snippage displays snipped portions of web pages as widgets on your desktop, so you can keep your eye on your to-do list, email, or anything you'd like.
Once you've installed the application, you can create a snip of a page by expanding the widget to full-size view, browsing to the site you want to snip, and then just positioning the square over the portion you'd like to see. Click the scissors icon, and you'll have a widget that you can place anywhere on your desktop. You can create multiple snips and put them wherever you'd like, set the links to open in a new window, and even disable automatic page refreshing if you choose.
The widget toolbar will auto-hide once you've switched focus to something else, so they appear to be sitting right on the desktop background—it's a great way to put your web-based todo list on your desktop, especially for XP users that miss the Active Desktop feature that was removed in Windows 7 and Vista. Snippage is a free download for Windows and Mac, requires the Adobe AIR platform.
Snippage [via Shell Extension City]
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Ommwriter Creates Serene, Unadorned Writing Space [Downloads]
Mac only: We've featured many distraction-free writing solutions, but Ommwriter takes it further by setting your words against a serene background and calming music, helping you concentrate and relax. Cheesy, perhaps, but possibly effective.
The full-screen text editor isn't exactly powerful, but it will certainly work well enough, especially if you're writing a longer document that doesn't require a lot of formatting. You can choose from three font types, three font sizes, seven different background sets of background music, and seven keyboard sound effects (and, yes, you can turn them off entirely). You can save your documents in either Ommwriter's own .omm document format or standard .txt. We're at a loss for any reason to save in .omm, considering Ommwriter can open and handle plain text documents just fine, but it's there. After you finish the heavy, focused writing in Ommwriter, it's easy enough to move that text to a more feature-filled document editor for final touches, revision, and collaboration.
Ommwriter is a free download, Mac only. Thanks, John!
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61 Free Apps We're Most Thankful For [Downloads]
As we prepare to stuff our faces with a bountiful Thanksgiving feast, we turn our Thanksgiving spirit to the gobs of free software we love to say thank you to the developers, and to give our computers a feast of their own.
Earlier this week we asked you to share the free apps you're most thankful for, and after rounding up thousands of your suggestions, considering our own favorites, and performing a little spreadsheet magic, we've cooked up our own cornucopia of excellent free software and webapps we're extremely thankful for. So whether you're an American celebrating the season or not, the selection of apps below is like gravy-drenched turkey and mashed potatoes for your computer. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!
61 Free Desktop Applications, Webapps, and Tools We're Most Thankful For Firefox (see also: Power User's Guide to Firefox 3, Top 10 Firefox 3.5 Features) VLC (see also: Master Your Digital Media with VLC, VLC Hits 1.0 with Better Playback and File Support) CCleaner (see also: Five Best Windows Maintenance Tools) Dropbox (see also: Use Dropbox for More Than Just File Syncing, Sync Files and Folders Outside Your My Dropbox Folder) 7-Zip (see also: Five Best File Compression Tools) OpenOffice.org (see also: OpenOffice.org 3.1's Usability Tweaks, OpenOffice.org Screenshots Preview a Ribbon-Like Toolbar) Google Chrome (see also: The Power User's Guide to Google Chrome, 2009 Edition) µTorrent (see also: Tweak uTorrent's Settings for Faster Downloads, Five Best BitTorrent Applications) Notepad++ (see also: Five Best Text Editors, AutoSave Adds Reassurance to Notepad++ Editing) Gmail (see also: Our full Gmail coverage) GIMP (see also: Gimp 2.7 Beta Improves Text Editing, Streamlines Saving) Paint.NET (see also: Paint.NET Releases Big Update, Still a Killer Photoshop Alternative, Paint.NET Plugin Lets You Open Photoshop Files) Microsoft Security Essentials (see also: Microsoft Security Essentials Free Antivirus App Leaves Beta, Stop Paying for Windows Security; Microsoft's Security Tools Are Good Enough) Revo Uninstaller (see also: Lifehacker Pack 2009: Our List of Essential Free Windows Downloads) Evernote (see also: Evernote 3.5 Beta Brings Tons of Tiny Fixes to Windows, Expand Your Brain with Evernote) Thunderbird (see also: Thunderbird 3 Release Candidate Available for Download) Audacity (see also: Geek to Live: Make a ringtone from any MP3) ImgBurn (see also: Turn Your PC into a DVD Ripping Monster, Five Best CD and DVD Burning Tools) Picasa (see also: Picasa 3.5 Organizes Your Photos with Facial Recognition) Skype (see also: Our full Skype coverage) Pidgin (see also: Ten Must-Have Plug-ins to Power Up Pidgin, Five Best Instant Messengers) Ubuntu (see also: First Look at Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu in Perfect Harmony) iTunes (see also: iTunes 9 Improves Syncing, Network Sharing, More) foobar2000 (see also: Screenshot Tour: The beautiful and varied world of foobar2000, Hack Attack: Roll your own killer audio player with foobar2000) Foxit Reader (see also: Five Best PDF Readers, Lifehacker Pack 2009: Our List of Essential Free Windows Downloads) FileZilla (see also: Five Best FTP Clients, Build a Home FTP Server with FileZilla) VirtualBox (see also: The Beginner's Guide to Creating Virtual Machines with VirtualBox) TrueCrypt (see also: Geek to Live: Encrypt your data, Five Best Portable Applications) Avast! (see also: Five Best Antivirus Applications) Defraggler (see also: Five Best Disk Defragmenters) KeePass (see also: Eight Best KeePass Plug-Ins to Master Your Passwords, How to Use Dropbox as the Ultimate Password Syncer) Opera (see also: Opera 10.10 with Unite Media Server Released) AVG (see also: AVG 9 Free Now Available for Download) Digsby (see also: Five Best Instant Messengers, Digsby Sees the Light, Removes (Some) Bundled Crapware) Google Reader (see also: Our full Google Reader coverage) Winamp (see also: Win7shell Adds Windows 7 Jump List Support to Winamp) Google Earth (see also: Google Earth 5.1 Speeds Up Your World Browsing) TeraCopy (see also: Five Best Alternative File Copiers) Launchy (see also: Our full Launchy coverage) Transmission (see also: Lifehacker Pack 2009: Our List of Essential Free Mac Downloads) Eclipse IDE SpyBot Search & Destroy (see also: Five Best Malware Removal Tools) Adium (see also: Adium Updates with Security Fixes, Better Facebook Integration) PuTTY (see also: Add Tabs to PuTTY with PuTTY Connection Manager) Songbird (see also: Songbird 1.0 Release Official, Fixes Bugs, Plays iTunes Purchases, Killer Add-ons Make Songbird So Much Better) Sumatra PDF (see also: Sumatra 1.0 is a Blazing Fast Replacement for Adobe Reader) XBMC (see also: Build a Silent, Standalone XBMC Media Center On the Cheap, Customize XBMC with These Five Awesome Skins, Turbo Charge Your New XBMC Installation) Blender (see also: Learn Blender with free e-book) CDBurnerXP (see also: Five Best CD and DVD Burning Tools) Everything (see also: Everything Finds Windows Files As You Type, Top 10 Tiny & Awesome Windows Utilities) HandBrake (see also: HandBrake Updates to 0.9.4 with Over 1,000 Changes, 64-Bit Support) Rainmeter (see also: Rainmeter 1.0 Brings the Enigma Desktop to Everyone) AutoHotkey (see also: Turn Any Action into a Keyboard Shortcut, Hack Attack: Knock down repetitive email with AutoHotKey) Google Calendar (see also: Our full Google Calendar coverage) MediaMonkey (see also: MediaMonkey 3.2 Syncs with More Devices, Adds Auto Folder Watching) Quicksilver (see also: A beginner's guide to Quicksilver) WinSCP Google Voice (see also: Make Unlimited Free Calls on Your Cellphone with Google Voice, How to Ease Your Transition to Google Voice) Boxee (see also: Build a Cheap But Powerful Boxee Media Center, Boxee to Launch Beta with Loads of New Features) AdBlock Plus (see also: Top 10 Must-Have Firefox Extensions, 2009 Edition) Media Player Classic (see also: Five Best Video Players) In case you're curious, here's a broad look at how your votes broke down among the 10 most popular:

The list above represents every application that garnered roughly ten votes or above. The highest vote-earner, Firefox, pulled in a couple hundred. If you're interested in how the full count went down, you can check out a Google Spreadsheet of the results here. Happy Thanksputering!
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TinyGrab Captures and Shares Your Screen [Downloads]
Mac OS X: TinyGrab makes instant screenshot sharing a snap on the Mac. With a simple keyboard command and a free account, you can share screenshots in a matter of seconds.
Once you've installed TinyGrab and plugged in your account credentials, any time you hit Command + Shift + 4 your cursor will change to a crosshair. You can select all or a portion of your screen which will be automatically uploaded to TinyGrab.
When the upload is complete a chime will sound and a shortened URL will be placed directly into your clipboard. Paste the link to share it and you're done. Check out the video below to see it in action.

The free version of TinyGrab allows for 3 screenshots per day. Upgrading to the $16 premium account—a one time fee—uncaps your screenshot limit, allows you to search through your previously uploaded screenshots, and gives you the ability to upload screenshots via FTP.
TinyGrab requires Mac OS X.
TinyGrab [via TechCrunch]
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Glow Doodle Makes Painting with Light Simple [Downloads]
Windows/Mac: Glow Doodle turns your webcam into an extended exposure camera, perfect for creating hand-drawn light streak art.
We've previously showed you how to use extended exposures to photograph light trails left behind by moving objects, including stars. While your web cam is nowhere near the level of sophistication you'd need for capturing star trails, thanks to the simple app Glow Doodle, you can use it capture images created with bright lights, like LEDs. The red spiral shown above was created using a small red keychain LED flashlight.
Glow Doodle works best in a darkened room, although the galleries at the link below show off ways people have used Glow Doodle under regular lighting conditions for cools effects. If you make a doodle you're proud of, make sure to share a link in the comments below. Glow Doodle is freeware and available for Windows and Mac Glow Doodle [via Make]
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Blank Canvas Manages Multiple Gmail Signatures [Firefox]
Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Blank Canvas is a handy little signature manager that automatically inserts HTML signatures into your Gmail messages based on which email address you're sending from.
The extension supports up to four unique signatures for each address you've designated. Signatures are automatically inserted in both new messages and in replies and forwards. If you'd prefer to use a Greasemonkey script to manage your signatures instead of an extension, make sure to check out Gmail Multiple Signatures and GMail Signature Float. If you have another technique for managing signatures—Gmail or otherwise—we'd love to hear about it in the comments. Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures
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Transmute Transfers and Backs Up Bookmarks Between Browsers [Featured Windows Download]
Windows only: Some browsers stash all your bookmarks and their metadata in a single folder that's easy to import to any other browser. For everything else, Transmute makes the work of shuttling bookmarks between Windows browsers much simpler. The simple but powerful application, also available as a no-install portable folder, supports nearly every major browser for Windows—Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Safari, and, of course, Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can set Transmute to export bookmarks to a particular folder, with or without timestamp dates, and have it create its own backup files in case things get messy. That's about it, but that's certainly no small feat. Transmute is a free download for Windows systems only, requires .NET 2.0 framework to operate.
Transmute [via Life Rocks 2.0]
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How to Burn Any Video File to a Playable Video DVD [How To]
With your BitTorrent addiction in full swing, you've filled hard drives with media but can't seem to figure out how to burn any of the videos you downloaded to a DVD. Sound familiar? It's a common problem, and there was a time that it didn't have many simple (or free) solutions. Luckily that's no longer the case, and today we're taking a look at two dead simple solutions for burning virtually any video to a DVD you can pop into your DVD player and enjoy.
DVD Flick First and foremost, there's DVD Flick, a free, open-source application that supports over 45 different file formats, includes subtitle support, and makes creating a DVD from most common (and even uncommon) video files a breeze. I detailed how to burn almost any video file to a playable DVD with DVD Flick almost two years ago now, but the app is better than ever. Since I last wrote it up, DVD Flick has added support for creating custom menu screens and has pushed out a load of bug fixes.
Free DVD Creator If DVD Flick isn't your thing, then check out Free DVD Creator. It's not open source like DVD Flick (we do love our FOSS), but it's still free, and it offers most of the same features as DVD Flick.
Also like DVD Flick, the Free DVD Creator wizard is dead simple to use. First select the movies you want to burn and arrange them in the order you'd like them to playback and appear on the DVD menu. On the next screen, you can completely customize your DVD menu screen. Once you've made it that far, just start burning. Free DVD Creator (like DVD Flick) will handle all of the file conversions necessary, then write the DVD-ready video to a DVD complete with your custom menu.
If you have trouble with the one step convert-and-burn (when I tested it, Free DVD Creator created the DVD but didn't immediately burn), just re-open Free DVD Creator and this time select Video DVD Burner instead of Create Video DVD. Then just point the Burner at the VIDEO_TS folder that Free DVD Creator made the first time around (by default it's located at C:\DVDTemp\ and hit Burn. That worked for me without a hitch.
Got a favorite tool for burning your various videos to DVD? Whether we mentioned it above or not, let's hear more about your tool-of-choice in the comments. Free DVD Creator [via Life Rocks 2.0]
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GDataCopier Syncs Google Docs to Your Desktop [Featured Download]
Windows/Mac/Linux: Looking for a quick way to upload and download files from a Google Docs account? If you're familiar with command line tools, check out GDataCopier. Once I installed a new version of Python (2.5 or higher required) and the GData API for Python, it was just a matter of running gdata-cp.py and I had every document in my Google Docs account backed up to a folder on my desktop. It would also work great for uploading a batch of documents to Google Docs. And of course you can set it up with a crontab to schedule regular backups. Looking for alternatives to futzing in a terminal window? Windows users can use DocSyncer, sync between OpenOffice.org and Google Docs with OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs or download Google Docs from Firefox with a Greasemonkey script. GDataCopier is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux, requires Python to run. Thanks, TerrenceMarburger!
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Juice Researches Web Items in the Background [Featured Firefox Extension]
Windows/Mac/Linux (Firefox): Free search and research add-on Juice seems to be aimed directly at web browsers who are easily distracted by following links, viewing web videos, and other hey-look-here devices. The Firefox add-on creates a pop-out sidebar, and whenever you select and drag text, pictures, or videos every so slightly, Juice adds those items to its tracking list, then runs them through what the developers call an "intelligent discovery engine," searching Google, blogs, Wikipedia, or other sources, depending on what you grabbed, and showing them in the sidebar. Unlike other web clipping tools like Snipd or Google Notebook, Juice only stores your items in that particular Firefox browser, and there's no option (yet) to move the results pane off the right side. Still, for those looking to do some run-and-gun reading, Juice might just fit the bill. Juice is a free beta download, works wherever Firefox 3 does. Check out a video demonstration of Juice's deeper features below.

Juice [via ReadWriteWeb]
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Gmail Backup Archives Your Email Account [Featured Download]
Windows/Mac/Linux: Gmail Backup saves and restores complete archives of your Gmail email account using Gmail's built-in IMAP capability. The Windows version comes with a simple graphical interface — just enter in your email address and password, select a backup folder, and click the Backup button. It will save your messages in Microsoft's EML format complete with attachments. The Linux version (which also works with Mac OS X) is command-line only. Besides enabling offline access to your archives, you can use the restore feature to upload messages to another account, making it easy to transfer old messages to a new account. I supports regular Gmail accounts as well as Google Mail in Germany and Apps For Your Domain email accounts, as long as POP/IMAP access is enabled under Settings. Don't want to risk using a backup tool that's still in development? Try our guides to backing up your mail accounts to your computer with Thunderbird, Fetchmail or Getmail. Gmail Backup is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux. Thanks, jonny6pak!
Gmail Backup
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Six Experimental Firefox Extensions We Love [Experimental Firefox Extensions]
We love Firefox for its extensibility, but sometimes we run into an extension or two that dons the "Experimental" label on the Firefox add-ons site. We prefer highlighting extensions once they've been approved by Mozilla—both so we know they've been vetted and so we can save you the effort of registering with Mozilla to install something—so we generally pass them by. When enough of them pile up in our watch list, we highlight them in one big post (see our two previous posts) in an effort to give the extensions the extra push of popularity that can expedite the approval process. So without further ado, read on for a closer look at seven awesome Firefox extensions we're into.
FireStatus FireStatus lets you send simultaneous updates to multiple social networks—namely Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed. That's not a bad start, but it goes the extra mile by also displaying your friends' updates through notification pop-ups (uses Growl in OS X). It also integrates with the most popular URL shrinking site, TinyURL.
Tabgroups-Plus Tabgroups-Plus allows you to organize your Firefox tabs in even more tabs. An update to previously mentioned Tab Groups, Tabgroups-Plus does the same drag and drop organization of tabs within user-defined parent tabs, but this version supports Firefox 3 where the old version did not.
GCal Popup GCal Popup opens Google Calendar in an overlay over any web page, giving you quick access to your agenda without leaving the page you're already visiting. To toggle the calendar, simply click the Google Calendar icon in the corner of your status bar. [via]
Noise Noise adds user-defined sounds to browser events in Firefox. For example, you can set a sound to play every time you click a link, open a new tab, start a download, and so on. To be honest, the last thing we think Firefox needs is the irritating click-click that IE conditioned us with at one point, but sounds can come in handy when used properly—for example, to give you an audio heads-up that your download has completed. [via]
Fasterfox Lite Fasterfox Lite is the exact same extension as the popular Fasterfox extension with one small difference: It removes the controversial link prefetching built into Fasterfox. Prefetching automated retrieves pages linked to on the current page so that they'll load more quickly if and when you do click them, but it's generally considered poor form because it wastes server bandwidth and adds to the server load. Fasterfox Lite does everything else Fasterfox does, and incidentally, it supports Firefox while Fasterfox does not. [via]
Open in Browser Open in Browser adds an option to the Firefox download/save/open menu that allows you to redirect the download to open the file directly in Firefox. If you've ever clicked on an image or plain text script, for example, that forced a download when you just wanted to check it out in Firefox, Open in Browser lets you open it back in Firefox where you wanted it to begin with.
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Print Out PDF Graph Paper and Wireframes [Printables]
When you're hard up for just the right graph paper for your project or drawing, you can print out what you need at designer resource site Konigi. The site's offering of free PDF templates range from straight-up full-page graph paper, to wireframes, storyboards, and storyboard with notes. The templates are especially geared for web and visual designers, and made to scan as well (the title bar and grid lines are non-photo blue). For more ways to put your printer to good use, see our top 10 printable productivity tools. Graph Paper [Konigi via Evil Mad Scientist]
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