Ruby - Hashids
hashids = Hashids.new "this is my salt"
id = hashids.encode(1, 2, 3)
numbers = hashids.decode(id)
ruby  hashing  library  gem  uuid 
september 2018
A Definition Of Magic
Magic is an intangible quality of a codebase. Sometimes it’s amazing, allowing you to implement complicated functionality in just a few lines of code. Other times it’s scary, confusing, or frustrating.

Rails and Ruby are often accused of being “too magical,” but what does that mean, exactly? Here, I’d like to make the term more tangible by putting forward a definition: magic is implicitness without understanding.
ruby  magic 
july 2018
Consider static typing
Tom Stuart talk about typing in Ruby
programming  ruby  types  typing  talk 
july 2018
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