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InfinitApps - Bezel
Bezel is a free developer tool for Apple® Watch™ developers who are running their apps in the iOS Simulator. It shows a window that looks like an Apple Watch and projects the contents of the Simulator’s watch window into it so that you can see what your app will look like in the context of a device frame surrounding it (the amount of extra black margin that it will have, etc.).
applewatch  iOS  simulator  macosx  cocoa 
january 2015 by timriley
Message passing between iOS apps and extensions.
iOS  cocoa  watchkit  extensions 
december 2014 by timriley
The Super Debugger (superdb for short) is a dynamic, wireless debugger for iOS (and theoretically, Mac) apps. It works as two parts: a static library that runs built in to your app and a Mac app to send commands to the app, wirelessly. Your app starts up the debugger via this library, which broadcasts itself on your local network. The Mac app can discover these debug sessions via Bonjour and connect to them.
iOS  debugging  xcode  objectivec 
may 2014 by timriley
Promisekit by mxcl
A delightful Promises implementation for iOS
iOS  promises  async  cocoa  cocoatouch 
april 2014 by timriley
The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain — Overthought
One major reason your battery could be draining too quickly is poor cellular service. When the iPhone detects that you are in a place of low signal, it will increase the power to the antenna in order to stay connected enough to receive calls (primarily) and maintain a data connection.
iOS  iphone  battery 
april 2014 by timriley
Easily adjust parameters for iOS apps in development.
github  iOS  facebook  cocoa  cocoatouch 
april 2014 by timriley
Core Data Ensembles
Ensembles is an Objective-C synchronization framework for apps using Apple's Core Data.
cocoa  iOS  cocoatouch  coredata  sync  iCloud 
march 2014 by timriley
Chisel is a collection of LLDB commands to assist debugging iOS apps.
debugging  iOS  xcode  objectivec  cocoa  lldb 
march 2014 by timriley
Expressive, flexible, and powerful stylesheets for native iOS apps.
iOS  cocoa  stylesheets  cocoatouch  uiappearance  uikit 
november 2013 by timriley
Container view controller that leverages UIKit Dynamics to provide a realistic drawer navigation paradigm.
github  iOS  objectivec  cocoatouch  basements  ui 
november 2013 by timriley
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