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Preload factories (Factory Girl) just like fixtures. It will be easy and, probably, faster!
rails  testing  factories  fixtures  github  gems 
september 2014 by timriley
Crafter - setup your Cocoa projects with ease - Krzysztof Zabłocki
A ruby gem to help automate the setup of new cocoa projects.
xcode  ios  development  ruby  gems  tools 
may 2013 by timriley
Big Spoon adds ActiveRecord::Base-style before_* and after_* callbacks around ANY Ruby method.

It's like a sandwich, where your method is the meat and your callbacks are the bread.
ruby  gems  callbacks 
august 2012 by timriley
randym/axlsx · GitHub
xlsx generation with charts, images, automated column width, customizable styles and full schema validation. Axlsx excels at helping you generate beautiful Office Open XML Spreadsheet documents without having to understand the entire ECMA specification.
github  ruby  gems  spreadsheets 
august 2012 by timriley
Rails plugin for Cloudinary image storage service: "Need lightweight attachment (photos and raw files) handler for any of your model, in either has_one or has_many relation, without altering your models' schema and with zero effort? Attachinary is the tool for you!"
rails  gems  fileuploads  images  cloud 
july 2012 by timriley
rauhryan/ghee · GitHub
Ruby client gem for the GitHub v3 API
gtihub  ruby  gems  api 
april 2012 by timriley
A plugin for versioning Rails 3 based RESTful APIs. Versionist supports three versioning strategies out of the box:
rails  api  ruby  versioning  github  gems 
april 2012 by timriley
Cashier: Tag Based Caching for Rails. Manage your cache keys with tags, forget about keys!
github  gems  ruby  rails  caching  keys 
april 2012 by timriley
randx/six - GitHub
Six - is a ultra simple authorization gem for ruby!
github  ruby  gems  authorization  rails 
august 2011 by timriley
meskyanichi/hirefire - GitHub
HireFire automatically "hires" and "fires" (aka "scales") Delayed Job and Resque workers on Heroku.
github  gems  ruby  deployment  scaling  heroku 
april 2011 by timriley
remiprev/annyong - GitHub
Annyong starts a public static Web server in the current directory, allowing people in your local network to browse your files
github  gems  ruby  sharing  filesharing 
april 2011 by timriley
jeremyevans's home_run at master - GitHub
Ruby's date and time classes, re-implemented in C for massive performance gains.
ruby  gems  performance  optimisation  bestpractice 
august 2010 by timriley
Skinny daemons | Head Labs
How to build your own webapps as daemons distributed via gems.
ruby  daemons  gems  rack  sinatra  rubygems 
august 2010 by timriley
jamesgolick's rollout at master - GitHub
Conditionally roll out features with redis.
github  ruby  gems  redis 
july 2010 by timriley
samleb's sexy_scopes at master - GitHub
sexy_scopes is a small wrapper around Arel::Attribute that adds a little syntactic sugar when creating scopes in ActiveRecord. It adds an attribute class method which takes an attribute name and returns an Arel::Attribute wrapper, which responds to common operators to return predicates objects that can be used as arguments to ActiveRecord::Base.where.
github  ruby  gems  activerecord  arel  rails  rails3  namedscopes 
june 2010 by timriley
javan's whenever at master - GitHub
Provides clean ruby syntax for defining messy cron jobs and running them Whenever.
github  ruby  gems  cron 
june 2010 by timriley
Rethinking PDF Creation in Ruby
Library using webkit to generate PDFs from HTML. Like Prince but without the price tag.
ruby  gems  pdf  html  webkit 
june 2010 by timriley
wycats's artifice at master - GitHub
Artifice allows you to replace the Net::HTTP subsystem of Ruby
with an equivalent that routes all requests to a Rack application.

You can use Sinatra, raw Rack, or even Rails as your application,
allowing you to build up an equivalent to the remote service you
are mocking out using familiar and convenient tools to route
requests and build up responses.
github  ruby  gems  networking  api 
march 2010 by timriley
jsmestad's pivotal-tracker at master - GitHub
Ruby wrapper for Pivotal Tracker API, no frameworks required. Simply Ruby.
github  ruby  gems  pivotaltracker 
march 2010 by timriley
has_many :bugs, :through => :rails: Introducing Cramp
Cramp is good at holding and working with a large number of open connections. Hence it’ll work great for things like comet, long polling, streaming API or even when your application needs to handle thousands of concurrent connections.
ruby  gems  frameworks  comet  persistentconnections 
january 2010 by timriley
botanicus's rango at master - GitHub
Rango is ultralightweight, ultracustomizable, ultracool web framework inspired by Django.
ruby  gems  frameworks  rack  github 
december 2009 by timriley
mynyml's nanotest at master - GitHub
Super simple ruby testing: "When all you need is #assert"
ruby  testing  github  gems 
december 2009 by timriley
be9's acl9 at master - GitHub
Acl9 is yet another solution for role-based authorization in Rails. It consists of two
subsystems which can be used separately.

Role control subsystem allows you to set and query user roles for various objects.

Access control subsystem allows you to specify different role-based access rules
inside controllers.
github  ruby  rails  plugins  gems  authentication 
november 2009 by timriley
codeforpeople's bones-2.4.2 Documentation
Mr Bones is a handy tool that builds a skeleton for your new Ruby projects. The skeleton contains some starter code and a collection of rake tasks to ease the management and deployment of your source code. Mr Bones is not viral — all the code your project needs is included in the skeleton (no gem dependency required).
ruby  gems  rubygems 
april 2009 by timriley
Red Artisan: Comma, CSV for all
Comma, a small and simple (just over 60 lines implementation) gem that adds CSV generation support to arbitrary Ruby objects.
ruby  gems  csv 
march 2009 by timriley
Robby on Rails : Question: Plugins or Gems? (or both?)
Interesting discussion in the comments about the merits between plugins and gems. Looks like people are tending towards gems, as we do in the AMC.
rails  plugins  ruby  gems 
january 2009 by timriley
Cheap barcode scanners and a corresponding ruby library. This could be very useful for future work projects.
ruby  gems  hardware  barcodes 
november 2008 by timriley
Ultraviolet Introduction
Ultraviolet is a syntax highlighting engine based on Textpow. Since it uses Textmate syntax files, it offers out of the box syntax highlighting for more than 50 languages and 20 themes.
ruby  gems  syntax  textmate 
november 2008 by timriley
The New Queue
Yesterday we moved to a new queue, Shopify’s delayed_job (or dj).
rails  ruby  gems  messaging  queues 
october 2008 by timriley
Chris Lloyd
Using Dr Nic's "newgem" without the fluff: That’s it. It generates everything you need to release a gem through either GitHub or Rubyforge. RSpec is included, and that’s about it
ruby  gems 
september 2008 by timriley
Building Static Websites with Webby
Webby (created by Tim Pease) takes text files written in your favorite markup language, combines them with layouts, helpers, and partials, and generates HTML files. You upload these HTML files to your web server and away you go. Simply put, Webby makes it easy to build static websites without duplication.
ruby  gems  static  cms 
august 2008 by timriley
Trollop: Simple Yet Powerful Command Line Option Processor
Trollop is a command-line argument processing library for Ruby. Developer William Morgan says Trollop is "designed to provide the maximal amount of GNU-style argument processing in the minimum number of lines of code."
ruby  gems  arguments  shell 
july 2008 by timriley
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