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has_many :bugs, :through => :rails: save! > save
But I’d want to take this a step further. When you’re not expecting something to fail, always use the methods that raise exceptions on failure.
rails  exceptions  programming  bestpractice  ruby  controllers 
august 2009 by timriley
Exceptional | Exception tracking and managing for Rails folks and their apps
Exceptional is an exception tracking and managing utility for Rails folks and all their apps.
webapps  rails  deployment  bestpractice  exceptions 
february 2009 by timriley
exceptional confusion - Technomancy
We should be subclassing StandardError here, as well as for anything else that's non-fatal. Save Exception subclasses for very serious things. Running out of memory should raise an Exception. When a user presses control-c, it raises Interrupt, which is descended directly from Exception rather than StandardError. Sending a Unix kill signal to a process does the same thing. If you rescue Exception or Interrupt, then you have to resort to kill -9 to stop your application externally, leaving it with no chance to clean up after yourself.
ruby  exceptions 
october 2008 by timriley
Little green friend
Hoptoad is a webapp that will handle and track exception notification from your rails app in an intelligent way.
webapp  rails  exceptions  monitoring 
july 2008 by timriley
poocs.net — Fighting invalid page exceptions
How to work around invalid page exceptions fired off by will_paginate when spam bots pass non-integers to the page URL param.
rails  will_paginate  pagination  exceptions 
february 2008 by timriley
Ryan's Scraps: What's New in Edge Rails: Better Exception Handling
A new rescue_from method in edge rails to cleanly handle exceptions.
rails  exceptions  controllers 
september 2007 by timriley

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