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Evergreen is a React UI Framework for building ambitious products on the web. Brought to you by Segment.
react  javascript  design  ui  frameworks  designsystems  components 
may 2019 by timriley
Horror Vacui — About Codecademy — Medium
After the launch of Codecademy’s redesign on April 23rd, some people reached out to us wondering how we were able to embrace such a clean, minimal interface. Designers are of course renowned for their lust for white space and unconfined content, yet for us, this was not just a preference or arbitrary choice, but a very intentional pursuit.
design  webdesign  whitespace 
august 2014 by timriley
groove25/DrawingKit · GitHub
A collection of scripts for Sketch
sketch  ios  drawing  design  scripts 
july 2013 by timriley
A huge list of frontend development resources I collected over time. Pull requests are welcome. Website coming soon.
css  design  html  javascript  links 
june 2013 by timriley
The Button Test — Design/UX — Medium
Buttons can be your site's most recognizable brand element besides your logo. A well-designed,unique button style can be the key to establishing and maintaining trust in your site.
buttons  design  ux  ui 
january 2013 by timriley
Free simple icons for your next project. Get the latest updates on Twitter!
icons  design 
july 2012 by timriley
This is The Open Brand, a framework for clearly and properly defining a brand. The Open Brand aims to help open source projects, companies, and people develop brand definitions that can be used properly, developed quickly, and referenced consistently.
github  design  icon  branding  documentation  logos  specifications 
march 2012 by timriley
Recent / iOS UI Patterns (beta)
A great blog full of categorised screenshots representing iOS design patterns.
ios  iphone  patterns  ui  design 
march 2012 by timriley
Placeholder images, but with kittens.
design  mockups  placeholders 
march 2011 by timriley
Non Hover
how to adapt hover-dependent web design for touch screens.
iphone  ipad  webdesign  design  hover  css  html 
july 2010 by timriley
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