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A command-line tool that reorganizes your Xcode project folder to match your Xcode groups
xcode  macosx 
november 2014 by timriley
Create Xcode Playgrounds for the Swift programming language with rich documentation generated from Markdown
swift  playgrounds  xcode  documentation  markdown 
june 2014 by timriley
The Super Debugger (superdb for short) is a dynamic, wireless debugger for iOS (and theoretically, Mac) apps. It works as two parts: a static library that runs built in to your app and a Mac app to send commands to the app, wirelessly. Your app starts up the debugger via this library, which broadcasts itself on your local network. The Mac app can discover these debug sessions via Bonjour and connect to them.
iOS  debugging  xcode  objectivec 
may 2014 by timriley
Set of handy LLDB commands that will dramatically improve your debugging workflow
xcode  lldb  cocoa  debugging  json  objectivec 
april 2014 by timriley
Chisel is a collection of LLDB commands to assist debugging iOS apps.
debugging  iOS  xcode  objectivec  cocoa  lldb 
march 2014 by timriley
Use custom fonts for your iOS projects directly in Interface Builder, the WYSIWYG way
xcode  iOS  macosx  tools 
november 2013 by timriley
Crafter - setup your Cocoa projects with ease - Krzysztof Zabłocki
A ruby gem to help automate the setup of new cocoa projects.
xcode  ios  development  ruby  gems  tools 
may 2013 by timriley
Debug Method in Xcode
I often find myself add a bunch of #ifdefs for code that I only want executed during the development but not in the shipped products. In order to make the code a bit easier to read I decided to make a small method that takes a C block (available in iOS 4.0 and Mac OS X 10.6) instead.
xcode  objectivec  cocoa  cocoatouch 
august 2010 by timriley
more brain > blog.html: Using Xcode with Git
.gitignore and .gitattributes for xcode projects.
macosx  xcode  git 
april 2010 by timriley

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