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7 weeks ago
iOS Dev Tools
"iOS Dev Tools is a list showcasing the greatest iOS development tools, including websites, desktop and mobile apps, and back-end services. I've tried to group the tools into logical categories and will mark any newly added tools as NEW."
development  ios  programming  tools  xcode 
november 2013
Introducing OCUDL - Dustin Bachrach
"OCUDL is an experiment to bring user defined literals to Objective-C. A literal is a shorthand expression that creates a value of a certain type. For example, 25ul creates an unsigned long of 25, and @"hello" creates an NSString of hello. User defined literals bring this brevity and expressivity to our own types.

Literals are usually baked right in to the compiler. OCUDL, however, does not extend the compiler; it simply uses what already exists in the Objective-C runtime. You can learn more about OCUDL’s internals at OCUDL In Depth."
iOS  objectivec  literals  objective-c  objc  development  code  OCUDL 
november 2013
How GitHub (no longer) Works
"A lot of my talks like How GitHub Uses GitHub to Build GitHub and posts like How GitHub Works are nifty, but they represent a snapshot of the company when we were 30-75 employees. We're 217 today, and things inevitably changed to grow the company to that scale.

This talk is a retrospective: it takes a closer look at specific things that we've said over the last few years, and then details the adjustments that were made as we've grown."
github  management  presentation  presentations 
november 2013
Why GitHub is not your CV – The If Works
"So, I’ve been saying for months that using open-source software contributions in general, and GitHub profiles in particular, as a hiring filter is bad for our industry. This has been in response to the seemingly increasingly popular notion that GitHub is your resume now. I increasingly see companies’ job ads asking for GitHub profiles, and have recruiters ask me for mine, or tell me they are contacting me having already seen it. The logic goes that interviewing software engineers is really hard, and anything to make it easier must be great, and looky here there’s this one giant website full of code we can read to figure out if people are any good or not. There’s even entire new recruitment companies springing up to take advantage of this assumption. Our job of finding new people to join our companies just got a whole lot easier!"
career  github  opensource  work 
november 2013
iOS 7 Custom transitions - Think & Build
"The release of iOS 7 is a breath of fresh air for both development and aesthetics (which I personally love). We can finally create stunning animations for our apps, so I think it’s time to write about how to do it.
If you remember my previous post about custom transitions you already know the hard part was drawing a “fake” view using the graphic representation of the views we wanted to animate.
Starting from iOS 7 we can follow a new path suggested by Apple. That’s exactly what I’m going to show you here, but before diving into the code, let’s see a quick preview of the final result of this tutorial."
animation  development  ios 
november 2013
Tutorial: An In-Depth Guide To Objective-C Block Debugging
"The following tutorial by Damien DeVille was submitted by Thibault Lemaitre from Realmac Software, and provides an in-depth guide on how to debug blocks in Objective-C."
code  objc  debugging  blocks 
november 2013
How To Efficiently Display Large Amounts of Data on iOS Maps
"This tutorial will demonstrate how to handle and display thousands of points of data on an iOS map in a way people understand and enjoy.

We are going to make an iOS app which ships with 87,000 hotels, each with a coordinate, a name and a phone number. This app will never ask the user to "redo search in area"; it will update the map as the user pans and zooms, allowing the user to freely explore the data.

This will require us to come up with an ultra quick data structure built for the task. We will need to build it in C for it to be performant."
data  ios  mapkit  maps 
november 2013
Home · thecodepath/android_guides Wiki
"Welcome to the open-source Codepath Android Cliffnotes! Our goal is to become the central crowdsourced resource for complete and up-to-date Android content and tutorials."
android  code  development  guide  tutorial 
november 2013
Xcode Key Bindings & Gestures : NSHipster
"Xcode key bindings and gestures not only shave off seconds of precious work, but make you look more confident, competent, and cromulent in the process. Learn the following tricks of the trade and join the elite set of Xcode power users.

xcode  ios 
october 2013
My First 5 Minutes On A Server; Or, Essential Security for Linux Servers
"Server security doesn’t need to be complicated. My security philosophy is simple: adopt principles that will protect you from the most frequent attack vectors, while keeping administration efficient enough that you won’t develop “security cruft”. If you use your first 5 minutes on a server wisely, I believe you can do that."
linux  security  server  sysadmin  ubuntu  debian 
august 2013
From C declarators to Objective-C blocks syntax | Nils Hayat
"In this post, I start with the simplest C declarator and build in complexity until we get to Objective-C blocks syntax. It took me a while to get block syntax but once you understand how it is organized and where it comes from, there is no looking in Google every time you need to declare a block anymore."
blocks  c  development  objc  objectivec 
august 2013
Home - Clank
An open source HTML/CSS framework for prototyping native phone/tablet applications.
html5  mobile  framework  css  iOS  demo  wireframe  wireframing  prototype  prototyping 
august 2013
Leveling Up » Big Nerd Ranch BlogBig Nerd Ranch Blog
"I’ve been programming professionally (that is, actually making a living at it) for 23 years now. That’s longer than some of my coworkers have been alive. That’s a scary thought. Get off my lawn. Over the years I’ve fallen into a style of learning and exploration that’s paid some pretty good dividends. Of course, everyone is different, but here’s how I would answer his question."
books  programming  ios  code  ideas 
june 2013
[no title]
"NSRegularExpression Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference"
regex  regularexpression  regularexpressions  regexes 
may 2013
New Lemurs Press Page | mur.mu.rs
"After my post about our press release and all the help we got from awesome people, folks wanted to know more about the press page, so here are some diagrams I made in the spirit of Chris Phin."
business  ios  promotion 
may 2013
Ilicco - Coffee Shops
"Independent Coffee vendors. Not a Star-Nero-Costa-Bucks in sight. Mainly London based but more likely just where I've been."
coffee  coffeeshop  independent  london 
may 2013
Like a Bear in a Foxhole... • You mean the generation that paid three times as...
"You mean the generation that paid three times as much for college to enter a job market with triple the unemployment isn’t interested in purchasing the assets of the generation who just blew an enormous housing bubble and kept it from popping through quantitative easing and out-and-out federal support? Curious."
finance  economics 
may 2013
Mobile DevCon New York - How We Built Facebook for iOS - Facebook Live
"Hear the story of how we rebuilt the Facebook app - moving to native code instead of WebViews - from one of Facebook's very own iOS engineers."
Facebook  code  ios  howto  talk  conference  talks 
may 2013
Dabblet: A visual IDE for rapid prototyping of client-side web development
"Dabblet is a web application that lets users quickly prototype HTML, CSS and JavaScript, save the result online and share it with others. While similar applications existed before Dabblet, Dabblet offered a few significant competitive advantages that enabled it to take a cut of the pie and gain a loyal following of a couple thousand visitors per day"
dabblet  ide  prototyping  css  html  javascript 
may 2013
ReactiveCocoa/ReactiveCocoa · GitHub
"ReactiveCocoa (RAC) is an Objective-C framework for Functional Reactive Programming. It provides APIs for composing and transforming streams of values."
cocoa  github  ios  objective-c  reactivecocoa  functionalprogramming 
may 2013
How GitHub Uses GitHub to Build GitHub
"Build features fast. Ship them. That's what we try to do at GitHub. Our process is the anti-process: what's the minimum overhead we can put up with to keep our code quality high, all while building features as quickly as possible? It's not just features, either: faster development means happier developers."
code  git  github  presentation  talk 
may 2013
dkduck/FLKAutoLayout · GitHub
"FLKAutoLayout is a category on UIView which makes it easy to setup layout constraints in code.

FLKAutoLayout creates simple constraints with a readable syntax and provides many convenience methods to setup more complex constraints between multiple views at once. It automatically adds the constraints to the nearest common superview of the views involved and sets the translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints property on those views to NO.

FLKAutoLayout provides methods on UIView instances for simple layout constraints like width and height or constraining an edge of one view to another. Furthermore it provides methods on the UIView class for more complex layout constraints where more than two views are involved.

autolayout  cocoa  code  ios  tool  github 
may 2013
mikeash.com: Friday Q&A 2013-02-22: Let's Build UITableView
"Let's Build UITableView
UITableView is a powerful and full featured class, but its internal workings can seem mysterious. Most of the time use of the class is straightforward: in return for following the prescribed practice in the documentation, the developer gets a responsive scrolling table that is frugal with memory even when the row count is high. But when pushing the class hard, for example with large tables where each row may have a different and varying height, it helps to have a deeper understanding of how the class works.

In this article, I am going to implement a basic version of a table view class. This will show how the class works its magic and also show just why UITableView asks what it does - and when - of its data source and delegate."
cocoa  code  ios  uitableview 
may 2013
Putting a UICollectionView in a UITableViewCell
"So you want to put a collection view inside of a table view cell, eh? Sounds easy, right? Well, to do it right requires a little bit of work. We want a clear separation of concerns so that the UITableViewCell isn't acting as the data source or delegate for the UICollectionView (because that would be very, very bad). You can follow along by downloading the sample code."
uicollectionview  ios  uitableview  uitableviewcell  code 
may 2013
Beginning Android for iOS Developers; or, How to Build a Real-World Android App - clayallsopp's posterous
"Part 1: Overview
Part 2: Tools; or, get up on my API Level
Part 3: Activities; or, getting your Vibrams Five Fingers wet
Part 4: ListActivities; or, "Why are table view chapters always so long?"
Part 5: Files and Objects; or, I prefer JSON Bateman's early work
Part 6: HTTP Requests; or, "Oh, you have to download that? Put it on my Tab."
Part 7: HTTP Requests Part Deux; or, "It's my Intent to be POSTed up right here"
Part 8: Files and Objects Part Deux; or, I prefer my breakfast with Serial
Part 9: Preparing for the Market; or, "Wow, this is actually really easy""
android  development  iphone  programming  tutorial 
april 2013
Adding Full Text Search to a Core Data App Using SQLite
"SQLite offers full text search functionality through the optional FTS3 and FTS4 extensions."
howto  search  ios  coredata  sqlite  database  xcode  objectivec 
april 2013
furbo.org · Logging with Xcode Breakpoints
"If you don’t already know about it, setting actions for breakpoints in Xcode is a great way to monitor repetitive code without adding a bunch of NSLog() to your code."
debug  development  ios  xcode 
april 2013
SSL Pinning for Increased App Security by Jay Graves of Double Encore
"Using SSL for network connections is the de facto method of ensuring secure data transmission in today’s mobile apps. A few articles have recently been published, including one by our own QA Lead – Nick Arnott, that show some apps that use SSL are not taking the extra step necessary to ensure eavesdropping cannot occur on the data connection. This “extra step” is known as SSL Pinning."
code  ssl  security  https  ios  objectivec  xcode 
april 2013
Advanced Jenkins for iOS and Mac | Sailmaker Blog
"When putting the following configs together I had to wade through a great many sources, so I thought it would be useful to put everything I’ve learned together in one document. I’m going to walk you through creating a fully instrumented Jenkins setup from scratch for iOS and Mac OS X projects. It will monitor errors, static analyser results, unit tests and code coverage for you, mail you when anything goes wrong, and present the results graphically"
git  ios  tdd  cii  jenkins  continuousintegration 
april 2013
25 iOS App Performance Tips & Tricks - Ray Wenderlich
"This article gathers together 25 tips and tricks that you can use to improve the performance of your apps, in the form of a handy checklist."
performance  ios  objectivec  code  xcode 
april 2013
From JS to UICollectionView – Building a custom Roulette Wheel Stack Control in iOS | Cogito Ergo Sum
"Using UICollectionView was awesome. Not only was the animation super smooth (helped by the god-send shouldInvalidateLayoutForBoundsChange:), and you get features like center snapping for free. It drastically reduced the amount of custom code I had to write, and offered far greater performance with FPS going through the roof. UICollectionView was definitely the greatest developer feature of iOS6.

uicollectionview  ios  code  xcode  development  objectivec 
april 2013
Thinking like a Bézier path : David Rönnqvist
Using Bezier paths to create multiple rounded corners on a polygon
ios  bezier  coregraphics 
march 2013
Designing for iOS: Blending modes
"We’ll start out with a simple image that we need to tint to our new color scheme. It has an alpha channel, but it’s a flat color and the new color is going to be flat as well.

The smart way to do this would be to redraw the image using a new color using CoreGraphics. Let’s consider the steps needed to make this happen:

Create a new image context to draw into.
Set the new tint color to be the fill.
Get the image size.
Draw the source image with the new color while retaining the alpha information.
Get the image out of the current context and return it."
code  ios  coregraphics  blendmodes 
march 2013
10 Things You Need To Know About Cocoa Autolayout – Ole Begemann
"Working with Cocoa Autolayout for the first time is very different from the springs and struts model Cocoa developers have known for more than a decade. Despite the complexity of autolayout, I have found that you need to understand just a few basic rules to make the concept click. This article is an attempt to list those rules."
ios  autolayout  uiview  cocoa  development  xcode 
march 2013
Declaring Blocks in Objective-C - Informal Protocol
"Blocks in Objective-C are super useful for making your object-oriented code a bit more functional. But as blocks are an extension to the C language, they have to play by the rules of C, so the syntax is a little obscure, and the documentation can be a little hard to find. So here’s a guide on how to declare blocks so you can use them in various scenarios."
blocks  ios  objc  objective-c  reference  development  code 
march 2013
MVC in Objective-C (I): Introduction
"MVC stands for Model View Controller, and it is a pattern that allows developers to differentiate code depending on three different roles. It is extremely popular due to its simplicity and it is implemented in different ways in almost every single technology out there -in different ways though. MVC helps you making your code lot more reusable, maintainable and easier to extend."
objectivec  objc  objective-c  ios  development  code 
march 2013
A Baseline for Front-End Developers - Adventures in JavaScript Development
Here are a few things that I want to start expecting people to be familiar with, along with some resources you can use if you feel like you need to get up to speed.
css  development  javascript  webdev 
march 2013
hugs/appium · GitHub
"Appium is a test automation tool for use with native and hybrid iOS applications. It uses the webdriver JSON wire protocol to drive Apple's UIAutomation. Appium is based on Dan Cuellar's work on iOS Auto."

There are two big benefits to testing with Appium:

Appium uses Apple's UIAutomation library under the hood to perform the automation, which means you do not have to recompile your app or modify in any way to be able to test automate it.
With Appium, you are able to write your test in your choice of programming language, using the Selenium WebDriver API and language-specific client libraries. If you only used UIAutomation, you would be required to write tests in JavaScript, and only run the tests through the Instruments application. With Appium, you can test your native iOS app with any language, and with your preferred dev tools.
app  ios  testing  bdd  tdd  xcode  objectivec 
january 2013
Cue/hookshot · GitHub
"hookshot uses Objective C runtime hooks to help you understand where your app is spending its time."
code  debug  debugging  ios  performance 
january 2013
ArtSabintsev/Harpy · GitHub
"Harpy is a utility that checks a user's currently installed version of your iOS application against the version that is currently available in the AppStore. If a new version is available, an instance of UIAlertView is presented to the user informing them of the newer version, and giving them the option to update the application."
code  development  ios 
january 2013
CocoaPods Best Practices « IO 9elements
CocoaPods is a relatively new way to manage Xcode library dependencies like the Facebook iOS SDK et al. If you are coming from the Ruby world you know this kind of workflow from bundler. CocoaPods can be easily installed as a gem via ‘gem install cocoapods’ but this is where the pain begins.
cocoa  mac  osx  ios  objectivec  development  cocoapods 
january 2013
“Unit Testing” Asynchronous Tasks in Objective-C « Codly
"TL;DR: Use a polling technique to unit test asynchronous methods."
testing  unittests  sentest  objectivec  ios 
january 2013
petejkim/expecta · GitHub
A Matcher Framework for Objective-C/Cocoa
expecta  rspec  testing  tdd  bdd  objectivec  ios 
january 2013
github/specta · GitHub
A light-weight TDD / BDD framework for Objective-C & Cocoa.
objectivec  ios  xcode  tdd  bdd  testing  rspec 
january 2013
mapedd/TKRoundedView · GitHub
Simple rounded corners without images
code  github  ios  objectivec  uikit  graphics 
january 2013
iOS Programming Recipe 6: Creating a custom UIView using a Nib
Yet another (somewhat neat) way of subclassing UIView with a nib-based layout
objectivec  ios  xcode  uiview 
january 2013
nxtbgthng/SenTestingKitAsync · GitHub
"SenTestingKitAsync is an extension to the build in unit testing framework in Xcode, that enables real asynchronous testing. While other patterns (or frameworks) for asynchronous testing are usualy waiting in a while loop on the main thread, this extension breaks up the synchronous call stack of the test suite. With this in hand, testing of delegate-based APIs or other asynchronus methods is easy."
ios  library  testing  tdd  bdd  objectivec 
january 2013
cbess/CBIntrospector · GitHub
"Introspector is a small set of tools for iOS and the iOS Simulator that aid in debugging user interfaces built with UIKit. It's especially useful for UI layouts that are dynamically created or can change during runtime, or for tuning performance by finding non-opaque views or views that are re-drawing unnecessarily. It's designed for use in the iOS simulator, but can also be used on a device."
code  debug  debugging  ios  introspection  xcode 
january 2013
Working With Auto Layout on iOS - A Developing Story
"After spending a large percentage of my time over the last few months building a new app using Cocoa Auto Layout for iOS I thought I’d share some things I learned along the way. Auto Layout is pretty new, and I don’t claim to be an expert, but I personally found the following discoveries useful."
objectivec  ios  xcode  autolayout 
january 2013
luisespinoza/LEColorPicker · GitHub
A Cocoa-Touch system for getting a color scheme in function of an image, like iTunes 11 does. It is designed as a general purpose class set, in wich LEColorPicker is the interface for your client code.
ios  objectivec  tappu 
january 2013
autresphere/ASMediaFocusManager · GitHub
ASMediaFocusManager gives the ability to focus on any image by a simple tap. The image is automatically animated to a focused fullscreen image view. Another tap on the focused view shrinks the image back to its initial position.
ios  objectivec  tappu 
january 2013
toco/TCColorTest · GitHub
"Change colors within an iOS App without time-killing trial and error using build and run cycles."
ios  objectivec  tappu 
january 2013
detroit-labs/AmazeKit · GitHub
"AmazeKit is an image rendering library for iOS. Its goal is to retain the performance of using .png-formatted images in UIKit classes, while avoiding the chore of creating these images in Photoshop, as well as the extra download size of bundling the images in the app. Images are rendered according to a collection of “image effects,” ranging from a simple gradient or corner radius to blurs, masks, and inner shadows. AmazeKit also offers convenient UIKit support, automatically using the correct images as your controls change size. Retina displays are supported automatically, and AmazeKit aggressively caches rendered images to maintain optimal performance levels."
code  tappu  objectivec  ios 
january 2013
Case study: halving size of iPad app with ImageOptim+ImageAlpha
Disabling Xcode conversion and simply using ImageOptim instead was enough to reduce the application size by almost 30% (33.4MB down to 23.8MB) and halve initial display time in the benchmark.
image  ios  xcode  tappu 
january 2013
Understanding the Anchor Point
"The anchor point is defined in the unit coordinate space of the bounds which means that its x and y value both go from 0 to 1 within the bounds of the layer. "
cocoa  ios  objectivec  uikit  coreanimation  xcode 
january 2013
David Rönnqvist - Translate-rotate-translate?
When working with transforms and wanting to rotate around some other point than center or origo you hear that you need to translate (move), then rotate and then translate back. Let me explain what that means.
ios  objectivec  opengl  coreanimation  uiview  xcode 
january 2013
Windows Store App Development for iOS Developers | Channel 9
"Join the Big Nerd Ranch and Microsoft for this free, two-day training designed to jumpstart your Windows Store app development.

You will learn the ins-and-outs of the Windows platform from iOS developers who are now building Windows apps. Sessions will follow a low-key, interactive format where iOS terms and concepts will be mapped to Windows alternates. You will also get hands-on time to apply what you've learned."
windows  windows8  windowsmobile  c#  development  code  tutorial  training 
january 2013
Demystifying iOS Application Crash Logs
"In this tutorial, you’ll learn about some common crash log scenarios, as well as how to acquire crash logs from development devices and iTunes Connect. You will learn about symbolication, and tracing back from log to code. You will also debug an application that can crash in certain situations."
crash  debugging  development  ios  xcode  objectivec 
january 2013
Mock Server - Unit Testing Network Code | Born Sleepy
"The second solution is essentially to implement a real (albeit very cut down) server. Bind a local port, listen on it for a connection, and respond to it as if you were a server.

Providing that you're happy to require that your tests all connect to a custom port on localhost, rather than to real addresses, this solution is infinitely flexible."
code  networking  server  testing  tdd  bdd 
january 2013
inessential.com: UITableViewCell Is Not a Controller
In a previous post I wrote that passing model objects to a UITableViewCell subclass is a bad practice.

Some people asked me why, so I’ll explain.
cocoa  development  ios  uitableview  uitableviewcell  xcode  programming  objectivec 
january 2013
Understanding Auto Layout
Indepth review of AutoLayout and how to use it
ios  objectivec  development  autolayout  xcode 
december 2012
Peeking Inside App Bundles | Neglected Potential
"With iOS being a relatively closed system, it’s easy for developers to get lulled into a false sense of security; believing their apps are a black box that users can’t look into. Exploring a few different apps from the App Store, it’s clear that some developers either don’t realize that users can explore their app bundles, or they simply forget this fact. Using a tool like PhoneView or iExplorer, we’re going to peek inside app bundles and look for curious bits that developers may not have intended for others to see."
security  ios  cocoa  apple 
december 2012
Easing Functions Cheat Sheet
"Easing function specifies the speed of animation progresses to make it more realistic.
The real object doesn’t begin its movement instantly and at a constant rate. When we open the drawer, we first give it acceleration, and then we slow it down. When something falls, it first goes down faster and faster, and then bounces back after it hits the floor.
This page will each time help to pick the desired easing function."
easing  animation  code  ui  ux  xcode  ios  objectivec  jquery  css 
december 2012
Ingress (game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MMORPG - "Ingress is an augmented reality massively multiplayer online video game created by NianticLabs@Google released for Android devices"
mmorpg  game  gaming  android  realworld  multiplayer 
december 2012
JSONModel | Touch Code Magazine
Automagic JSON parsing library:

"JSONModel is a data model framework for iOS. It's written in Objective-C and helps you in several different ways."
data  ios  json  programming  code 
december 2012
mattt/rack-push-notification · GitHub
"Rack::PushNotification generates API endpoints that can be consumed by iOS apps to register and unregister for push notifications. Along with the registration API, Rack::PushNotification spawns an admin console that gives you a convenient interface to manage device tokens and compose targeted push notification messages."
rack  ruby  ios  github  code  development  push  notifications  pushnotifications 
december 2012
goosoftware/GSProgressView · GitHub
Library to create circular "pie-chart"-style progress views
ios  code  xcode  objectivec  iphone  ipad  development  progressview  uiprogressview 
december 2012
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