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Electronic Pop for the Surveillance Era | The New Yorker
The popular fear of algorithms reflects the anxiety that our lives will simply become patterned according to a program—that our autonomy will evaporate as computers tell us what songs we will like, when we need to buy more toilet paper, or what move we should make in a chess game.
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11 weeks ago by timcowlishaw
Can emotion-regulating tech translate across cultures? | Aeon Essays
Gadgets and algorithms give a robotic materiality to what the ancient Greeks called doxa: ‘the common opinion, commonsense repeated over and over, a Medusa that petrifies anyone who watches it,’ as the cultural theorist Roland Barthes defined the term in 1975.
culture  society  mentalhealth  depression  algorithms  technology  emotions  CUI  VUI  ai  machinelearning  therapy  psychology 
july 2018 by timcowlishaw
Want Less-Biased Decisions? Use Algorithms.
A not-so-hidden secret behind the algorithms mentioned above is that they actually are biased. But the humans they are replacing are significantly more biased. After all, where do institutional biases come from if not the humans who have traditionally been in charge?
bias  algorithms  accountability  fatml  ml  machinelearning  psi  society  politics  fat  fairness  transparency 
july 2018 by timcowlishaw
ConceptNet Numberbatch 17.04: better, less-stereotyped word vectors – ConceptNet blog
I wonder if the excessive focus on Mikolov et al.’s analogy evaluation has exacerbated the problem. When a system is asked repeatedly to make analogies of the form male word : female word :: other male word : other female word, and it’s evaluated on this and its knowledge of geography and not much else, is it any surprise that we end up with systems that amplify stereotypes that distinguish women and men?
wordembeddings  debiasing  nlp  word2vec  machinelearning  machine  learning  computerscience  bias  racism  sexism 
october 2017 by timcowlishaw
Facebook and Google, Show Us Your Ad Data - Bloomberg
"And just as my friends and I used to socialize at the mall when we were teenagers, nowadays we socialize online in commercial spaces like Facebook and Twitter."
parp  psi  algorithms  machinelearning  fatml  transparency  politics  technology  society 
september 2017 by timcowlishaw
Detecting Tanks
There's a story that's passed around to illustrate the ways machine learning can pick up on features in your dataset that you didn't expect, and probably gained the most exposure through Yudkowsky using it in "Artificial Intelligence as a Positive and Negative Factor in Global Risk" (pdf, 2008):

Once upon a time, the US Army wanted to use neural networks to automatically detect camouflaged enemy tanks. The researchers trained a neural net on 50 photos of camouflaged tanks in trees, and 50 photos of trees without tanks. Using standard techniques for supervised learning, the researchers trained the neural network to a weighting that correctly loaded the training set—output "yes" for the 50 photos of camouflaged tanks, and output "no" for the 50 photos of forest. This did not ensure, or even imply, that new examples would be classified correctly. The neural network might have "learned" 100 special cases that would not generalize to any new problem. Wisely, the researchers had originally taken 200 photos, 100 photos of tanks and 100 photos of trees. They had used only 50 of each for the training set. The researchers ran the neural network on the remaining 100 photos, and without further training the neural network classified all remaining photos correctly. Success confirmed! The researchers handed the finished work to the Pentagon, which soon handed it back, complaining that in their own tests the neural network did no better than chance at discriminating photos.
It turned out that in the researchers' dataset, photos of camouflaged tanks had been taken on cloudy days, while photos of plain forest had been taken on sunny days. The neural network had learned to distinguish cloudy days from sunny days, instead of distinguishing camouflaged tanks from empty forest.
bias  machinelearning  ai  tanks  science  datascience  data 
august 2017 by timcowlishaw
Apple's kangaroo cookie robot
The browser has to be part of the answer. If the browser does its job, as Safari is doing, it can play a vital role in re-connecting users with legit advertising—just as users have come to trust legit email newsletters now that they have effective spam filters.

Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention is not the final answer any more than Paul Graham’s “A plan for spam” was the final spam filter. Adtech will evade protection tools just as spammers did, and protection will have to keep getting better. But at least now we can finally say debate over, game on.
tracking  advertising  internet  politics  usability  privacy  machinelearning  society  psi  parp 
june 2017 by timcowlishaw
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