Digital Hygiene — Real Life
Metabolic metaphors ignore the structural factors that place internet users in peril, putting the burden on individuals to know where their data exists, how they’re being tracked, who has access to the data, and how it is being used to make decisions about them. And while these habits might make people feel like they have a modicum more control, it distracts from the real issue, which is the corporations actually doing the extracting, and the systems that allow this in the first place.
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26 days ago
The Secret Tech Problem at Modern Art Museums
Art conservation museums technology timebasedmedia obsolescence maintenance
5 weeks ago
‘Robots’ Are Not 'Coming for Your Job'—Management Is
Robots automation ai labour politics managerialism guillotines
10 weeks ago
Daily Advice for Virgo — Real Life
"The videos are circulated not to try to trick people but to entertain them with their very fakeness. Calling attention to their fakeness may emphasize rather than diminish their impact, which is to convey a sense of permission to ridicule and slander and degrade enemies with any and all tactics, in a spirit of camaraderie and shared contempt"
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10 weeks ago
Group Chats Are Making the Internet Fun Again
Last year, the technology writer Navneet Alang wondered in a column in the Globe and Mail if it would be possible “to save social media from Facebook.” That is, could we extricate from the globe-spanning behemoth that is Facebook, Inc., the many uses and experiences that can make Facebook, the website and app, so enjoyable? The flowering of group chats points us in one direction. In almost all ways, I find the group chat an improvement over the machine-sorted feed. Freed from the pressure to stand out from thousands of other posts, conversations on group chats tend to be comfortably subdued — even appealingly boring — in a way that Facebook status updates or tweets never can be.
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11 weeks ago
Electronic Pop for the Surveillance Era | The New Yorker
The popular fear of algorithms reflects the anxiety that our lives will simply become patterned according to a program—that our autonomy will evaporate as computers tell us what songs we will like, when we need to buy more toilet paper, or what move we should make in a chess game.
music  ai  machinelearning  technology  culture  hollyherndon 
11 weeks ago
The Gardener’s Vision of Data — Real Life
Datascience gardenersvision gardening culture criticism politics society measurement
may 2019
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