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Bucky tries to avoid social media in general but he’s like a fucking easter egg on everyone elses’ accounts. The fans love it. He’s often in the background of Steve’s vids or getting trolled in Tony and Sam’s, but he rarely ends up saying anything. SO WHEN HE DOES, that shit is extra popular. 

Finally one day Sam catches Bucky singing to himself as he shaves. Bucky catches sight of him right before the Vine ends and spends the next hour chasing him around trying to steal the phone back and destroy it.
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february 2015 by timberwolfoz
Reality Check — kingsgrave: rdjinspiringlybeautiful: Fic...
was talking to Seizure7 and I realized that yes, above and beyond all others I ship Steve/Tony, emotionally, physically, spiritually and always will. With Tony/Natasha coming in a close second. BUT, I pretty much enjoy pairing Tony with anyone (with some obvious exceptions) and then I promised a fic rec list of said ships and also my favorite fics in general.

And so:

(This by no means even a dent in all the stuff I have bookmarked. Just a sort of ‘fic I would crawl through broken glass to save’ list)
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february 2014 by timberwolfoz
Diary of a Not-So-Secret Fangirl - This Girl's Very Big Rec List of Avengers Gen Fic
I come bearing recs! See below the cut for 28 Avengers Gen fics that I have really enjoyed. There's a range of POV characters, and plots, basically all sorts of goodies.
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june 2013 by timberwolfoz
The Butterfingers G. D. I. Stark Guide to Problem Solving - Epiphanyx7 - The Avengers (2012), Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Dummy," Tony says, resting a hand on the robot's still-warm side. "Why would you-- god, you're such an idiot, I have no idea why I keep you around," except that is a blatant lie and tears are prickling sharp and uncomfortable at the corner of his eyes.

"Is he okay?" Steve asks.

"No," Tony says, his voice rough. "He-- he opened himself up and used himself for parts," and Tony never thought Dummy would have been paying attention all the times Tony had told him he was only good for spare parts. Hadn't Dummy learned by now that Tony's insults and threats were just jokes? Not meant with any amount of sincerity? Tony has never hated himself more than this moment.

"I didn't mean it," Tony tells Dummy. "I didn't-- I never meant it, Dummy. You're my friend, I would never... I don't like seeing you hurt."

Dummy raises his arm enough to curl himself a little bit more around Tony, as much of a hug as a one-armed bot can manage.
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may 2013 by timberwolfoz
I Do Not Speak Tumblr, Gen and Teamfics?

I have a friend who has asked to crowdsource my followers (that’s you!) and ask for good genfics and teamfics to read because she’s having a hard time with some personal stuff and doesn’t want to be reading fluffy romance right now.

She’s looking for genfics/teamfics in Due South, SGA, or Avengers. Plot is a bonus, as are bizarre shenanigans. Your recommendations are appreciated!
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may 2013 by timberwolfoz
An all-fandoms multi-media flashworks community - Avengers: Fanfic: The Once and Future King
“Uh,” Tony says, noticing that Logan seems nervous, as though he’s showing up to escort his date to the prom. Tony for the life of him cannot recall a single time previous when he’s seen Logan look rattled, and this is disconcerting.
“I need to see Steve,” Logan says.
“Steve?” Tony repeats intelligently. “You call Captain America Steve?” just as Steve, still favoring his left side and sporting remnants of a black eye from the night before walks into the common room off the kitchen and stands stock still, staring at Logan as though he's stumbled onto a haint.
"Christ, it is you," Logan breathes.
Steve's smile is a slow bloom from disbelief to sheer delight. “Yeah," he confirms softly, and then, "So, I hear D-Day was pretty exciting.”
-- n.b. I think I have this saved from A03
fic  avengers  team 
may 2013 by timberwolfoz
Improvise - jenna_thorn - Marvel (Movies), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh, aren’t you boys cute. Congratulations, by the way.”

Rogers said absentmindedly, “Thank you ma’am,” as he tucked the starfish under one arm and the duffle under the other. They slipped around the landscaping and ducked into a corner of shrubbery. “Congratulations for what?” Rogers asked as Barton scooped handfuls of polypropylene fill out of the toy.

“New York State legalized gay marriage a couple of months back. I’m betting that’s what she was thinking of.” He pulled the shield handles through rough torn holes in the back of the toy. “ Try that.”

“Much better. Wait, we’re married?”

“Nah, just dating. I mean c’mon. I won you the big prize. That should get me second base, easy.”

“Second base is still shirts off, right? So that’s hand-to-hand on Wednesdays.”

Mitch glanced sideways at James, who had both hands over his mouth and his eyes closed.
fic  avenger  team  *splorfle* 
april 2013 by timberwolfoz
cap_ironman: A Gift of Fic for metaallu!
Bruce is studying the empty coffeepot with a look of deep and abiding disappointment. He transfers the stare to Steve for a long moment before shuffling over to the cupboards to find the coffee beans.

“If she lived here, I think we'd know,” Steve says, choosing to ignore the unspoken reprimand. He doesn't drink it, so there's no reason he should be expected to prepare it, right? He doesn't ask any of them to make him eggs in the morning.

“There's a purple sports bra drying in the gym,” Bruce says. “It's not mine, so unless you want to tell me something, I think we have a new roommate.”


Coulson will neither confirm nor deny that the Black Widow has taken up residence in Stark Tower.

Steve doesn't actually see Natasha, but someone keeps drinking all the soy milk.

And Bruce is right. There's an alarming number of knives turning up in almost every drawer he opens.
fic  avengers  team  steve/tony 
march 2013 by timberwolfoz
Secret Identities - copperbadge - The Avengers (2012), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Roger Crown is a part-time artist studying on the GI Bill in New York City.

Are you a time traveller?

Shucks, no. I'm just in school where I'm taking a lot of history courses, and this comic is my way of working through it all.

Do you work in comics commercially?

Not yet! I have a day job, but it gives me a lot of spare time (between bouts of frantic, insane activity!) so I just draw for fun. Between work and school I need some downtime and DECADE is what I do. I wouldn't mind working in comics but I guess my work doesn't really allow for things like deadlines and rewrites. Besides, there are plenty of talented people who need those jobs more than I do.

I have a great idea for a story!

Good! You should write it. (Sorry, I don't do commissions -- learned that one the hard way!)

What kinds of comics do you like?

I read a lot of Batman and Superman. Also I like some of the independent comics like Powers, but sometimes they get kind of graphic. I don't like a lot of blood and guts.

But if you're on the GI Bill, does that mean you were a soldier?

Yes, I served in the Army for a few years. I was in active combat but that's pretty much why I don't like gore.

Is The Captain based on you?

Yes and no. Some parts are me, but he's much more brash. I mostly based him on a mixture of two friends of mine, James and Anthony. The loudmouth parts are mostly James and the brainy parts are Anthony. The rest is me.

What will happen to the Captain next?

You'll have to wait and find out!

At the bottom of the FAQ was a line: Like the comic? Don't like the comic? Have a question? Email me! crown@decadecomic.com.
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october 2012 by timberwolfoz
capkink - Prompt Post 001
Tony expected skin. He expected sexy moans and vigorous moevement.

What he found was what could only be described as a puppy pile.

He knew Thor radiated unnatural heat, part of his alien physiology perhaps. That would explain why he lay on his back in the centre of a massive, non regulation bed, with Avengers cuddled all around him.

Clothed Avengers. In their jammies. With pillows.
fic  avengers  team  awww 
october 2012 by timberwolfoz
bedrock and brick - lyra_wing - The Avengers (2012), Marvel (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Nah, not that." Steve sounded amused. "Pepper called me 'n told me to call you." His voice was rough and guttural, like he'd just woken up. He also bizarrely sounded more Brooklyn, although Tony had never noticed an accent before. -- One of many Avengers fics where they all move into the tower. Also the one where Steve has a Brooklyn accent when he's just woken up. Gah.
fic  avengers  team  ironman  captainamerica  steve/tony 
october 2012 by timberwolfoz
Five Ways to Get In Touch with Your Inner Mild-Mannered Scientist - thingswithwings - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
They started having team orgies pretty early on, mostly because Natasha having sex with Steve, and Steve having sex with Thor, and Tony having sex with Natasha, and Natasha having sex with Bruce, and Bruce having sex with Tony, and Tony having sex with Thor, and Thor having sex with Clint, and Clint having sex with Natasha, and Tony watching while Bruce had sex with Natasha and Clint, and so on, just wasn't very efficient, and led to the occasional misunderstanding and scheduling nightmare.

They'd all asked Bruce about the hulking-out-during-sex thing, but Bruce had just smiled a little smile and said he had that part of it pretty much under control, and they'd all nodded and gone on their merry orgiastic way; there was no one who was more cautious about the Hulk than Bruce, after all. They had ten or twelve team orgies under their belts by now, and that in addition to all the one-on-one sex made them feel that Bruce wasn't going to turn into a monster and squish them all in the middle of it, which was nice.
fic  avengers  team  tonystark  steverogers  hulk  brucebanner  natasharomanova  clintbarton  thor 
september 2012 by timberwolfoz
Consequences of Chemistry - Calico - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
It's unwise to underestimate the combined effects of a powerful aphrodisiac and Captain Jack Harkness.
fic  torchwood  team 
july 2011 by timberwolfoz
leupagus | Four Fics (if I could pay people in fic, that would be RAD)
There’s a godalmighty pounding on the door around one o’clock the next morning. Afternoon. Steve rolls over on the bed and wonders if he can smother himself to death with his pillow; if that’d get him away from the noise.

He’s got blurry memories of last night; one beer turning into tequila shots turning into Danny looking worried. He can’t remember exactly, but he thinks Danny might’ve been the one to wrestle his keys away from him at some point. He knows it was Danny who dumped him in bed, laughter and the press of something against Steve’s forehead, but he can’t quite--

The pounding starts again, and Steve groans himself upright. He’s still wearing his clothes, although at some point he lost his shoes and his pants got unzipped. He does himself back up as he stumbles down the stairs.

When he opens the door -- or rather, moves the door away from the doorframe, since the hinges are pretty much toast -- he’s faced with Kono, Chin, Danny, and Gracie blinking at him from the porch.
fic  fluff  h50  domestic  kidfic  team  grace 
january 2011 by timberwolfoz
pineapple_infested | you know what we need, is a fic meme up in here
"Please, that's nothing compared to some of the stuff I've seen you do. You fart like, constantly on stakeouts." He did. It was like Steve saved up a week's farts for right until he and Danny were locked in a car for eight hours.

Chin made a sound of agreement. "He does that to me, too. Silent but deadly. Maybe they taught it to him in the Navy."

"Maybe they used it on enemy combatants. Next time we pick up someone skeevy we should just lock them in the interrogation room with Steve and see what happens. No questions, no roughing him up. Just eight hours of classified applied farting."

"Screw you, I only fart for family."

Danny snorted. That explained so much about his relationship with Mary.
fic  *splorfle*  commentfic  h50  team 
january 2011 by timberwolfoz
pineapple_infested | you know what we need, is a fic meme up in here
That was when Danny walked back in. "Fucking Step-Stan, I just wanna wring his arrogant--" He stopped. "Hey, Toast."

"Jersey!" He and Danny exchanged a complicated fistbump greeting. "I just came by to thank you for that little favour you did me last week."

"No worries, dude," said Danny. Then he turned his attention to everyone else and narrowed his eyes. "Where did the cookies come from?"

"I made them for you," said Toast proudly, slinging an arm around Danny's shoulders.

"They're so good," said Kono.

Danny froze, eying everyone finishing their cookies. "Toast."


"Toast. Did you make me special cookies?"

"Only the best for my man Jersey!"

There was silence. Everyone looked at the plate of cookies. Then Chin, Steve and Kono looked at each other in dawning horror.
fic  h50  team  *splorfle* 
january 2011 by timberwolfoz
A.J. Hall stories - Paradise Naan by AJ Hall - Torchwood/Discworld crossover
Myfanwy's ill and Jack needs help. In a corner of Cardiff Library he finds a book - Diseases of the Dragon - and an unexpected assistant.
fic  torchwood  crossovers  discworld  jack  myfanwy  team 
january 2010 by timberwolfoz
Lifelike and Poseable - I Have Never
Post EoD. Jack's gone, Owen's in charge and he's decided that what the team needs is to partake in some team building exercises. Cue Alcohol...
torchwood  fic  posts1  1x13  team  jack/ianto  jack/owen 
december 2009 by timberwolfoz
The Torchwood Institute -
I remember thinking when I saw this picture that it was very different from any I had seen before. I was most struck by Gwen's and Ianto's position. Gwen is looking up as if gazing into the future while Ianto is looking down into the past. Jack is looking straight at the viewer, facing the ever present NOW. He has his hand on Gwen but Ianto has his on Jack. Jack is touched by the past and what he can not keep, what he can no longer touch. He has his hand on the future because it will eventually become his now. Gwen is human, all she can do is weather what comes and look to the future. It really is beautiful but so very sad.
meta  torchwood  images  team  ianto  jack  gwen 
september 2009 by timberwolfoz
Torchwood Flashfiction - They Grip the Ground, Undercover challenge
The Ronocijitikel snorted again, turned its head to look at them through one eye, then the other. Ianto held very still, arms tight around Jack's ribs, one foot between Jack's feet, Jack's thigh between his thighs, and thought, "We are a tree. We are a tree. Entwined."
fic  torchwood  jack/ianto  giddygeek  humour  team 
september 2009 by timberwolfoz
I've got Tupperware - Fan Fic: When Ianto Jones Was Rubbish at Making Coffee
When Jack is gone with the Doctor, Ianto does some exploring and learns some things about himself.
fic  torchwood  ianto  team  jack/ianto  ianto/other  posts1 
september 2009 by timberwolfoz
misswinterhill - Fic: Suspension 1/2
“How have we let this happen?” asked Tosh, voicing everyone’s guilty thoughts. “I thought we... I thought Jack... I think this is entirely our fault.”
“If Ianto is too bloody stubborn to to seek medical attention, that’s his problem,” said Owen, sharply.
“We pillaged Canary Wharf but we didn’t help the people,” said Tosh.
Gwen passed a hand over her head to indicate that she was out of her depth in this conversation. Tosh pressed on.
“We treated him like a villain when he arrived here just because he was from Torchwood One,” she continued.
fic  torchwood  ianto  tosh  team  jack/ianto  myfanwy  h/c  angst  1x04  misswinterhill 
september 2009 by timberwolfoz
B-Jewelled - FIC: I Dream Of Chocolate Fish (Torchwood)
This is how you know nothing much has changed: they take off the translator to preserve what little charge remained, and now it hangs in your tunnel on a bent nail. You still get your food brought to you, and they still let you come and go as you please, but now they call a greeting up to you when they enter or leave the cave. Sometimes one of them comes up and tells you about their day, or what’s going on, and you listen patiently. Sometimes they tell you deep dark secrets that they can’t tell anyone else. “I think I love him,” one says. "I have so many regrets," another confides. You don’t understand, but you sympathise with the tone. Sometimes you talk to them in return, and even though they can’t understand you, they do you the courtesy of listening, which helps, oddly enough.
You’re stuck out of your time, but some days, you think, maybe this isn’t such a bad place to be stuck after all.
torchwood  fic  myfanwy  ianto  team  humour  bjewelled 
september 2009 by timberwolfoz
quick! before they see us! hide the jam! - Fic: Any Other Day: Monday (TW, WIP, bodyswap, team)
Hey, this one time? At Torchwood? Gwen and Jack switched bodies and everything went pear-shaped.
fic  torchwood  team  jack/ianto  gwen  tosh  crack  wip 
september 2009 by timberwolfoz
The Daydream Fairy - Why Fandom Likes Ianto Better than Gwen
Why Fandom likes Ianto better than Gwen.
Of the non Gwen bashing variety with added Ianto!love and CoE!fail rant on the side.
meta  torchwood  gwen  ianto  team 
september 2009 by timberwolfoz
The Stopwatch - fic: Babe in the Woods (1/2)
Besides, every time he headed towards one of the buildings he’d forget why he was going there in the first place. Not that he remembered all the times he’d forgotten. Mostly he’d be standing near a doorway with no idea how he got there. And the last time, when he’d turned around to head back to the SUV to find the list he’d left on the dashboard of all the things to be accomplished prior to their departure, he couldn’t figure out where the SUV had gone.
Or the police.
Or the ambulance.
Or the sun.
When had the sun set?
fic  torchwood  jack/ianto  team  h/c  angst  1x06 
september 2009 by timberwolfoz
Looking at the Stars - Expectations in Storytelling: Why our evaluations differ (Torchwood SPOILERS)
Ianto Jones' wanted to be more than he thought he was and more than his background. "Children of Earth" did the same and failed more miserably than Ianto did. In a "serious quality" show the power of the story is weakened when you see the flaws. These flaws do not become part of the show's charm, but become a liability. If Jack is behaving stupidly- as he did continually- it is harder to care about him and feel for him being broken. In fiction there is always some manipulation of the viewer or reader, but the flaws and contrivances make this manipulation more obvious and, thus, the story less emotionally true. If we look at our screens and say, "That is just unbelievable" the message is lost and the journey of the story comes to a halt.
meta  torchwood  s3  team  jack/ianto 
september 2009 by timberwolfoz
Sheree's Journal - Questions about COE
The thing is though, being the leader would have left less time for Owen to see to the medical side of things and Tosh to deal with the technical stuff. I can see Owen as starting to take the lead, but once he'd realise how much extra work there'd be on top of his other duties, he'd probably have been just as glad to let Gwen take over.
In my (not a fan of Gwen) mind, I think that the others let Gwen be in charge, simply because they all had plenty of other work to do and figured that since Gwen was the 'people person' it was no harm letting her be the liasion between Torchwood and the outside world.
meta  torchwood  team  gwen 
september 2009 by timberwolfoz
Golden Stories - TW Fic: The Tastes of Aliens
Jack had been in his office on a call to the PM, discussing VAT obligations and bored out of his mind. By the time he'd apologised and made his excuses (for some reason saying "My team are screaming like over-excited chimpanzees because they've found something shiny" didn't inspire confidence from politicians), the couch and coffee table had disappeared, a three-way tug-of-war was underway for the device, and Ianto was throwing worried glances towards the espresso machine.
fic  torchwood  jack/ianto  humour  team 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
Words half spoken and thoughts unclear... -
In terms of Jack/Gwen shippiness, I did find it heavy-handed and distasteful. But then again, it's pretty obvious that when Gwen says no one else would have her... all Jack had to do was say "I would," and things would have gone completely differently. Gwen seemed to be daring him to say it, too. But he didn't. If that was her saying "it's now or never," then Jack's answer was quite clearly "It's never." I can hope that this was tossed in as some kind of overblown resolution to the forced Jack/Gwen of S1...? God knows there are not enough male/female platonic relationships on TV.
meta  torchwood  2x01  team  jack  ianto  gwen 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
the blue blanket hotel - twdwslashfest prompt: "Family" A Weekend with Ianto Jones (Jack/Ianto)
“Yeah, I know what you meant. I think it would’ve just devolved into a game of ‘I Never’ and he’d’ve had us drunk off our pants and shagging like rabbits as he watched like a proud poppa, joining in for round two, of course.”
“Fun, though.” Ianto remarked after a beat.
fic  torchwood  posts1  team  jack/ianto  ianto/owen 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
Suzie Shooter -
Comments now containing Top Gear/Torchwood fic of awesome by [info]sacred_sarcasm!
fic  torchwood  topgear  crossovers  team  ianto  jamesmay  jeremyclarkson  richardhammond 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
Why a whelk... - Asylum thoughts, actual serious ones.
'Gwen's actual onscreen rather pushy, ditzy, sometimes downright stupid, cheating-on-her-boyfriend etc etc behaviour' - "
more than all that, it's her selfishness that i think really makes jack's opinion of her as 'the compassionate one' hard to understand...especially when she repeatedly puts the whole team in danger by refusing to follow jack's direct orders, throws tantrums to get her own way, and endangers her fiance's life by giving him what she damn well knows is a dangerous drug instead of confessing her infidelity and facing the consequences. and beyond just being lazy writing, it makes jack really look bad as a leader: he repeatedly allows his special pet employee (that he might or might not want to shag) to endanger the other team members and gives her preferential treatment."
meta  torchwood  jack  gwen  team  radioplays 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
A Rei of Writing - I brought you here to heal you (Jack, Ianto; PG)
Jack dead. He’d imagined it before, even with himself holding the smoking gun. - explains how Ianto got to "I'll watch you suffer and die" to the stopwatch proposition.
fic  torchwood  ianto  jack  team  jack/ianto  1x04  1x07  1x08 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
A Rei of Writing - I brought you here to heal you (Jack, Ianto; PG), 2/2
“You don’t have to be shy about it,” she continues, very matter-of-fact. “The paramedics say that he didn’t let go of your hand the whole ride here.” - part 2 of a story that explains how Ianto got from "I'll watch you suffer and die" to the stopwatch proposition.
fic  torchwood  1x04  1x08  ianto  team  jack/ianto 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
dynamite with a laser beam - Fic: What Time Do You Get Off? - R
Everybody wanks. Jack likes to watch. Voyeurism, CCTV abuse, and self-pleasure.
fic  torchwood  team  jack  kink 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
A Rei of Writing - No Dramatics for Tosh (Tosh, the team; G)
TERMINATION IMMINENT. Life is funny, when one looks back at it near the threshold. She’s quite glad she hadn’t told Owen that she’ll be right behind him, since he might have gone a bit weird about her blood decorating the floor of his final working space. At least Ianto won’t have to take her far.
fic  torchwood  2x13  tosh  team 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
A Rei of Writing - The Adventure of Tea Bull and Honey Thorn (Ianto, team; PG-13)
“It’s probably a good idea, in my opinion.” Tosh blinked at the two set of eyes suddenly staring at her. “What? Ianto is- was a very… virile bull. He’s been as tense as coiled spring ever since he and Gwen turned human again. It’d do him good to work it off.”
fic  torchwood  humour  team  jack/ianto 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
Bring the happy - Happyfest is GO!
"It's good though. That Jack remembered?" he asked just as quietly. He could fake an alarm, lock down the Hub, even let a weevil loose. Anything to distract attention from her if that was what she wanted. Needed.
fic  torchwood  team  ianto  tosh  jack/ianto  adina 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
Sam the Storyteller - Interrogation
After Jack returns and John Hart departs, Ianto and Owen both get to confront Jack about his immortality in their own way. (Jack/Ianto)
torchwood  jack/ianto  fic  team  sam_storyteller 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
The Road to Hell
After an unplanned encounter with an alien plant, Owen and Ianto come to an arrangement: casual sex with no obligations. But good intentions only go so far.
fic  torchwood  ianto/owen  team 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
spiny - TW fic!
'Told from Ianto's perspective – the perspective of someone who records, details, and archives -- this story is such a love letter to the team, to the Hub, to Jack, to the very essence of Torchwood.'
fic  torchwood  posts2  ianto  jack  gwen  team 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
SFX: the leading science fiction, fantasy and horror magazine
A guide to the actors/team in Torchwood. Notable for a mention of GDL: "He's got one or two really big episodes during the series and I must say he's a real find. He plays fear and upset in his eyes like no other actor I know."
torchwood  team  guide  garethdavidlloyd 
august 2009 by timberwolfoz
Why a whelk... - Episode thinkies: Adam, aka Ianto was grown in a vat
Jack needs a guy he can trust and confide in and he's chosen Ianto to be that guy. But it illustrates very well exactly what Ianto means when he says that Jack needs him, this is what Jack needs him for. Jack needs someone he can go to when he needs to talk, not someone who'll push him like Gwen, but someone who will just let him talk and leave it at that.
meta  torchwood  tencrush  2x05  team  jack/ianto 
july 2009 by timberwolfoz
Adina's Journal - Fic: Seller's Remorse (Torchwood)
Just a snippet set after Jack leaves at the end of season one. Gwen and Ianto discover something while doing paperwork.
fic  torchwood  adina  posts1  team  tosh 
july 2009 by timberwolfoz
Adina's Journal - Fic: Geek Gifts (Torchwood)
Ianto/Tosh friendship fic with a wonderfully geeky and intelligent Ianto.
torchwood  adina  fic  ianto  tosh  team  recs 
july 2009 by timberwolfoz
Adina's Journal - Fic: The Long Game (Torchwood), Part 1 of 2
An utterly brilliant AU of the events post 'Cyberwoman' -- which could easily slot in between Cyberwoman and Countrycide, perhaps excepting Small Worlds. Ianto is rectonned post Cyberwoman but finds it doesn't/knows it won't work on him, and he comes back to help the team when it comes to the point of saving Cardiff, using all the skills and intelligence he has. :D
torchwood  ianto  angst  au  fic  jack  jack/ianto  tosh  team  recs  adina 
july 2009 by timberwolfoz
Torchwood Flashfiction - C12H22O11, by Jane St Clair
And in the end, because it seems most sensible, he calls Jack, and cautiously explains that he has found a small, tearful, possibly injured something in the archives. Jack listens and asks for colours and scents and also the particular key in which the something is crying. Ianto listens and suggests C sharp. He's not sure why he can hear Jack nod.
torchwood  jack/ianto  fic  sweet  janestclair  ianto  team 
july 2009 by timberwolfoz
See the Fangrrl Squee - Torchwood - It's Fanfic Time!
As a strange, grinding/mechanical noise fades from the Hub, the remaining members of Torchwood wonder what happened and what to do next.
fic  torchwood  team  funny  posts1 
january 2009 by timberwolfoz
The Maple Tree on Mooncycle Street - Lunch To Go
Part of her could actually have cried with anger. Myfanwy swooped high above the Hub, her beak snapping around Tosh's sandwich. Or rather, it was her sandwich before Owen had decided to use it to play 'catch' with Myfanwy. It wasn't the pterodactyl's fault. She was clearly a fan of salmon and cucumber sandwiches.
fic  torchwood  ianto  team  jack  myfanwy  owen  tosh 
january 2009 by timberwolfoz
Love! Slash! Angst! - Fic: "Out Standing in His Field"
All Owen wanted to do was file the damn report. (The problem with having Tosh control the computers? No ability to delete comments. The problem with having shared computers in a small office? Everyone's free to chip in.) Supplemental prequel drabble to LSA's "Faithful".
fic  gen  torchwood  team  owen 
january 2009 by timberwolfoz
Scrying the Rift - Fic update - bAD DOG
Werewolf hunting can be a complicated business.
fic  torchwood  ianto  team  jack  au  tanarian  s1 
january 2009 by timberwolfoz
The Machine That Dreams - Torchwood: "Business As Usual" (Jack/Ianto, PG-13)
“So far?” Ianto sighed. “Like an easy listening station with a DJ who wants to shag everyone.”
torchwood  jack/ianto  team  humour 
december 2008 by timberwolfoz
Torchwood Calender 2008 - Day 9
Ianto picked up his notebook with the minutes of the meeting, and added, Bats to stay and assist Toshiko. It was far from the oddest sentence in the book.
fic  laligin  humour  torchwood  team 
december 2008 by timberwolfoz
out_there: TW Fic: Confessions
"If you're going to be presumptive enough to 'borrow' a kiss from the future, why choose a kiss like that?"
Jack felt his eyebrows jump in surprise. And interest. "What sort of kiss would you have chosen?"
"Something more like this," Ianto said, reaching out and yanking him forward, pulling Jack's mouth to his. Ianto kissed open-mouthed and *dirty*, pushy tongue and sharp teeth and a hand clenched tight in Jack's hair, holding him close. It wasn't quiet -- Jack could hear the wet, slippery sounds of suction, the noisy, ragged breaths of Ianto dragging air through his nose -- and it wasn't restrained.
torchwood  fic  jack/ianto  slash  ianto  out_there  team  jack  angst  1x06  h/c  top!ianto  recs 
september 2008 by timberwolfoz
Proof of Your Existence
"Can you offer me proof of your existence? How can you? When neither modern science nor philosophy can explain what life is."
jack/ianto  torchwood  au  fic  slash  sarcasticchick  team  tosh 
june 2008 by timberwolfoz
we meanies only take NO for an answer. - FIC: The Honey Trap
"Do I--" Duncan stopped, recognition breaking across his face. "Good God. Jack?"

"Duncan," Jack said with more feeling.
basingstoke  torchwood  highlander  crossover  jack  duncan  fic  ianto  team 
april 2008 by timberwolfoz

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