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Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — pywren: pywren: “Shat was...
“Shat was interviewed on WNEW’s Midday Live, hosted by Bill Boggs. Asked “What do you think about this trend in fandom, where Kirk and Spock are more than friends?” Shatner replied: “Well, they’re gay, what do you think?” He followed that up with “There’s this sociological thing in the U.S., people are uptight about homosexuality. The fact that two men are close to each other can invite speculation that they are more than just friends.”
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i make simple spelling errors and cant draw feet: raisinsforsunday: la belle fleur sauvage...
It began, like every beautiful love story: at a kegger.

They were all scattered around a well-maintained garden at one of the group houses just off of campus. The main event was a fire-pit on a stone terrace with a circle of stone benches. The whole thing was surrounded by well manicured hedges

Joanna was admittedly surprised to see a Vulcan at an event like that, but times had changed.

But this Vulcan took her breath away.

She sat alone at the edge of the party on a low brick wall that circled the fire-pit, and fixated on the flames. Her face was awash in the warm flickering light. Joanna thought she was beautiful– her features framed by a halo of insane brown curls, tied back in a haphazard half-bun, hiding all but the tips of her pointed ears. She was tall, her long legs tucked up at odd angles, and she hunched over like she was trying to keep out the cold.

“Wow,” said Joanna. The epitome of poetic expression in the face of beauty, really.
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Fic: Row Row Row (Kirk/Spock) - rip_beedlebarg
I hate to admit it but you've got to respect Jim's skills. I've been Spock's physician for a long time now and, although Vulcan cultural mores mean that hasn't meant that much, I've seen his equipment up close and personal a few more times than I care to count. That Jim's managing to fit enough in his mouth to force Spock into making that deep grunt of pleasure says a lot about Jim's expertise or, at the very least, his enthusiasm. I'm not sure why but it surprised the heck out of me the time I disturbed them in the bathroom of that DS7 bar all those years back, Jim on his knees in front of Spock whose hands were twisting in Jim's hair rather more roughly than I'd have given him the credit for as Jim pumps his head over Spock's cock. Spock's face is utterly composed when he notes me gaping at them for one appalled minute before I turn, get the heck out of Dodge and start drinking myself into vegetative coma. Shore leave always seems to bring out the outdoorsman in Jim. Relatively speaking.

It's my own damn fault. Pounding back shot after shot one evening back on-board after a tough shift and I'm spilling to Jim about how that goddamn mirror Spock dumped a bunch of kinky thoughts about his own captain in my head. I guess I thought it might put him off as Jim's always been pretty vanilla, but I look across at him, face softened with booze, jaw working and glittering eyes narrowed as he considers it. Grins, rubbing at his chin with his fingers.

“Really? Spock's kinky?”

“Terran Spock is kinkier than a cat's tail after it got slammed in a door. It's going to take many years of pickling my neurons in alcohol before I'm likely to get all that out of my damn head, the things he wanted to do with a hypospray to various parts of his Jim fair boogles the mind.”
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Fic: The Squire of Eros (1/5) - Emergent Complexity
Summary: An old nemesis pays a social call to the Enterprise just in time for the annual Valentine's Day party. On this occasion it's Spock who draws the brunt force of his irritating personality. But when his holiday-inspired antics turn dangerous, it's up to the Captain and crew to take him down, and Jim is forced to confront his long-evaded desires.
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small dirty bathtub
memes practically made for star trek
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Fic: Cold Winter (K/S Advent) - Emergent Complexity
The melodies of more ancient Terran songs like this often reminded him of Vulcan musical sensibilities, with their minor keys and precise, predictable structures.  As was typical of human songs, the lyrics extolled the virtues of emotion.  Yet there was something about the metaphorical sentiment of repelling an unpleasant season with the company of others that seemed almost rational.  Regardless, the furrows in Jim’s brow smoothed out as Spock sang, and some of the tension in his shoulders visibly released.  Spock had to remind himself to focus on the music, rather than the effect it was having on the captain.

He began the second verse, and nearly came to a halt out of sheer surprise when he realized that there was another voice layering beneath his own.  He quickly skimmed ahead to memorize his next lines, then glanced up to confirm that Jim was, indeed, singing the counterpoint to his melody.  The captain’s voice was shy but practiced, and despite the relative difficulty of the song, he didn’t miss a note.  He still wasn’t looking at Spock, but rather at the floor, wearing the same expression he used when gazing out into the deepest reaches of space.
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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Original Star Trek
Why did NBC choose not to air the first Star Trek pilot, starring Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike? People usually blame it on a too-cerebral script, with too much deep philosophizing and introspection. But in fact, a major reason had to do with NBC's Broadcast Standards Office, being concerned about the "eroticism" of the pilot, with the green dancing girls and the kissing and all that raw sexuality. (To be sure, the network was also worried that it was "too smart," a female first officer was going too far, and Mr. Spock looked too demonic.) Later, after Trek was on the air, the producers used the network's concerns about sexuality to their advantage — they would deliberately put sexy stuff into episodes for the network to freak out about, so the censors wouldn't notice other things. For example, in the episode "A Private Little War," the producers deliberately put in a scene of Kirk having an open-mouth kiss with a half-naked woman, so the network could throw a fit about that — and not notice the blatant Vietnam allegory.
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Fic: Observations - Writing
Summary: First Officer Spock comments on life aboard the Enterprise and his service under Captain James T. Kirk.
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protowilson: suavebadass: spocksfatalboner: ...
yanno those white noise sites like rainymood.com or the cafe shop one? i’d like an Enterprise bridge one, please. Soft beeping, maybe some chill version of amok time theme or something, and every now and then the crew calmly issuing orders or reading something sciency. im watching the lights of zetar and this evasive scene? is super calming and i need it on infinite repeat somehow.
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Fandom Grandma — Did you ever get to meet any of the original TOS...
Did you ever get to meet any of the original TOS cast at any convention? Would love to hear stories if you have them!

Yes, I met all the original cast except Bill.

Oh goodness, I have so many stories it’s hard to know what to say here. But I get this question a lot, so I need to just start writing down memories as they come to me or I will never get a post out about this.

Jimmy Doohan (Scotty) gave the best bear hugs in the world. He was not just a cast member but a real Star Trek fan himself.  He loved the show, he loved Scotty, he loved the fans. He was a regular con fixture in the ‘70s, and you must remember that back then there were lots of conventions that had maybe 70 or 80 people in attendance. He didn’t care about audience size ; if you invited him, and he was able to come, he came.

Back then everything happened in one hotel. The con would take over the ballroom and a couple of side rooms, and there was always a welcome suite that acted as organization central. The actors stayed in the same hotel as the guests. It was mostly very amateurish, just a handful of dedicated fans getting a smallish group of people together.  Jimmy, George Takei (Sulu), De Kelley (Bones), and Walter Koenig (Chekov), could all be counted on to stick around and be pretty accessible all weekend.

George would always make an announcement that if anyone wanted to go running with him, to meet him in the hotel lobby (or wherever) at a set time.  Then a group would get together early in the morning and go for a run. He was a pretty hardcore runner, though, so I think most people who went couldn’t keep up with him. 

De always brought his wife Carolyn (I can only think of one time I saw him without her, and he apologized all weekend that she couldn’t make it). They were the sweetest couple, really warm to the fans and, what was especially nice, warm to each other. It was obvious they were best friends. And they’d been married close to 30 years by the time they were coming to those early cons.
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Space Shenanigans at an Alarming Rate — Fic Recs
An incomplete list of Star Trek TOS/AOS fics I recommend.
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A 50-year Trekkie bestows Star Trek history upon the next generation: How fandom and fanfiction sparked the galaxy’s most controversial romance | Cover Story | Colorado Springs | Colorado Springs Independent
n 1966, my friend, who I’ll call “Dee,” was 26 years old, living in Oregon with two other young women, both in their early twenties. Dee’s family considered her a “spinster,” as she should have been married with kids by then, but Dee had no interest in finding a husband. She wanted a career in the medical field, to attend grad school and, more than anything, to write.
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Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — @spocksplum requested some recs the other day and...
@spocksplum requested some recs the other day and to that i say [as you wish]
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Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — little-smartass: can we talk about how in the...
can we talk about how in the motion picture novelisation kirk was literally asked “are you and spock fucking” and instead of just saying “haha nah we’re just friends :)” he went on a paragraph-long weird-ass ramble about spock’s refusal to address to those rumours, the nature of love vs gratification, completely avoids answering the question or even, like addressing it, and uses blatantly comparative language to describe sex with women indicating that he also has sex with people who aren’t women

all I can see is kirk going back to spock like “I PANICKED” and spock with his head in his hands like “…that is evident”
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Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — solitary-woman: pon-farr: (McCoy:) The Captain...
(McCoy:) The Captain left a message tape. It was his order
that it be reviewed by both of us should he ever be declared dead.
You have just declared Jim dead.
Alright, time to geek out about this. This scene, even though I’ve watched it a hundred times, is still so goddamn powerful. Let’s break this down.

This whole episode was essentially made to explore the relationship between McCoy and Spock. They often seem hostile towards one another but there is a deep admiration between them. At times it seems that their tenuous friendship is bound together by Kirk. In reality, McCoy is a emotional guy and is frustrated by Spock’s seeming indifference. As the series goes on, McCoy comes to understand Spock better and their bickering takes on a lighter - almost good natured - tone.

Right before this scene they where arguing. Past the point of their usual bickering, McCoy is lashing out, and even accusing Spock of wanting command of the enterprise and willfully endangering the crew for Spock’s own benefit. Now, Spock of course, doesn’t lash out, but throws himself into work. This frustrates McCoy even more because what McCoy wants is to ‘talk it out’, but Spock can’t do that.
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Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — kinklock: Someone asked Leonard Nimoy how he...
Someone asked Leonard Nimoy how he came to develop the complex relationship between Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock that was one of the chief strengths of the old Star Trek series. How had he gone about working out such a deep and authentic friendship beforehand? Nimoy simple said that he hadn’t–and in fact couldn’t have–worked it out in advance. Had he consciously mapped out Spock’s relationship with Kirk, that relationship would never have been any deeper than the plan he had worked out. Instead he played the character intuitively, and there was no limit to the depth the relationship could attain. 
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Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — sp00ky-spock: i love how even sarek’s like ‘who...
i love how even sarek’s like ‘who the actual fuck else would he join with, like- ???’
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Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — the-girl-with-three-faces: I’m watching TOS with...
I’m watching TOS with my 7-year-old little brother and he just turned to me and asked which episode Spock and the Captain get married in.
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Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — mostlyhydratrash: mysticben: What the fuck ...
What the fuck

#i also love how this was totally uncalled for#like they were just chilling in spock’s quarters#and spock is just randomly like ‘you know i love you with every fiber of my existence right’#idk#this scene kills me every time
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Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — museaway: Do you think when Jim’s having a bad...
Do you think when Jim’s having a bad day, there’s emotional spillover, so Spock is pissed off too, and the whole bridge crew just sits there on pins and needles.
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Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — prettyarbitrary: 22drunkb: ...
“Friend” was used as code or cover for homoerotic subtext in entertainment during intolerant time periods.  While perhaps not the writer’s intention, that context exists.
“Friendship” isn’t really a feeling anyway.  Which adds to the sense that Spock is confused and struggles to identify and label emotional urges.
He is “ashamed” of the feeling.  Not just feelings in general, but this specific one.  Yet in later episodes, he seems to have no problem labeling Kirk as a friend.  So again, it stands to reason there’s not just “friendship” at play here.
Years later, Roddenberry would invent a word for Kirk and Spock’s relationship that translates to some mysterious combination of “friend/brother/lover.”  i.e. he allowed for ambiguity.
Therefore, in hindsight it’s conceivable that Spock was referring to a t’hy’la-like feeling in this scene - a nebulous jumble of intense platonic bonds and potential romanticism.
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Misha Is My Angel • One of my all-time favorite thing happens during...
one of my all-time favorite thing happens during the opening credits of the search for spock. they show william shatner name then there is a glorious near 7 second gap where there is no name then deforest kelly is shown. the second place where leonard’s name is always shown is a blank space but it is still acknowledged because no one can take that place. and it kind of truly implies the journey of the movie and the entire series. that spock belongs by kirks side even if he is not there anymore. that space could be empty visibly but can never be fulfilled by anything or anyone. that’s kirk spock.that’s star trek.
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Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — benane: “There is a detailed account of the...
“There is a detailed account of the filming of this episode in the 1975 book Star Trek Lives! Co-author Joan Winston had the opportunity to spend six days on the set while “Turnabout Intruder” was being shot. Winston wrote that Shatner was very ill with the flu at the time, and had considerable difficulty in picking up and carrying Sandra Smith, the actress who played Dr. Lester, for take after take. Winston also recalled many amusing anecdotes that took place during the shooting. For example, William Shatner flubbed the line, “Spock, give it up. Come back to the Enterprise family. All charges will be dropped. And the madness that overcame all of us on Camus II will fade and be forgotten.” Instead, he blurted out, “Spock, it’s always been you, you know it’s always been you. Say you love me too.””
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Ex Astris, Scientia
After taking a closer look at the instances where the touch telepathic abilities of Vulcans are mentioned and or used during TOS and TMP I wanted to sum up the results in one last post on the subject.

The first time the Vulcan Mind Meld is used occurs in the first season episode “Dagger Of The Mind” (S1E11 in production order). Here Spock melds with Dr. Gelder to find out what happened to him. During the series there are a number of occasions when Spock has to meld with someone or something. It is always a last resort and only if there is no better way to solve the problem or handle miscommunication (remember the Horta?).

It took me by surprise to realize that the first Mind Meld with Jim only happens in season three. Episode 56 to be precisely. In “Spectre Of The Gun” Spock melds with the entire crew to convince their minds that what happens to them is not real, in order to save their lives. At first this doesn’t seem to be that much of an indicator for intimacy, but looking at the reactions of the other crew members it does prove interesting. While Scotty and McCoy freeze and seem terrified by having another mind in their head, Jim is comfortable and doesn’t display any signs of distress.
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Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — victorian-sexstache: girlkirk: jim googled ‘how...
Subtextually, Spock is saying that Jim could never be replaced in his heart. It’s one of those great scenes where Spock finds a subtle way to tell Jim that he is 1701% devoted to him that we Spirk shippers just love. (That sneaky romantic Vulcan.) Thus, Jim’s confidence is restored and he’s able to save the day when the computer inevitably goes rogue.

It’s based on a joke, yeah—like I seriously doubt that Spock would actually fall in love with a computer—but as I mentioned in this post long ago, there’s an interesting parallel between Spock and the Enterprise in the movies in relation to Jim. You could even say that this is foreshadowing to Spock’s connection with V’Ger in TMP and his epiphany that he’d rather feel things like love and be with Jim surround himself with friends than live as a cold emotionless loner.
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One Shirt Two Shirt Red Shirt Dead Shirt — Plato’s Stepchildren. Yes my legendary children,...
It is not what was done to him personally, but it is what Parmen did to Jim that is upsetting Spock beyond his ability to conceal or control it. Parmen humiliated Jim, hurt him, nearly killed him – worst of all, Parmen attempted to make Spock personally do it. And Spock. Cannot. Handle it.

This is one of the first times we see Spock in a rare moment exhibiting strong emotion without some outside influence or catalyst rendering the moment disingenuous. He is completely sound of mind, no spores, no plak tow, no being thrown back in time and regressing to ancient Vulcan savagery – this is a pure unfiltered organic Spock feeling, ladies and gentlemen.

And Spock. Is. Pissed.
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Star Trek's Underappreciated Feminist History by Shannon Mizzi | The Wilson Quarterly
Despite airing for only three seasons — from 1966 to 1969 — Star Trek is widely considered one of the most culturally influential series in American television history. In many ways it was a progressive offering, featuring a multi-racial cast, and male and female characters who worked together as equals. In the years since it went off the air, one criticism it has been repeatedly charged with repeatedly is sexism. In a recent article in Frontiers, Patricia Vettel-Becker contextualizes the position of female characters on the show and examines not whether Star Trek was sexist, but why it portrayed women the way it did.
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Get Trekked, sillyengineer: Ok so am I the only one that gets...
Ok so am I the only one that gets turned on when kirk displays how he could actually run his entire ship single-handedly if he wanted to? These are only a few screenshots I’ve gathered, but he knows his science station, communications, the helm and navigation, and helped scotty get an entirely broken starship on the move from down in engineering. He’s the best captain in the fleet because he knows exactly how you should be performing your job (from first-hand experience) and can direct you or even step in if need be. He’s so damn intelligent, and I think that needs more recognition. 
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(36) Tumblr
There’s a story that gets told about this early 70s ‘zine.

The Old Ones say that when Mark Lenard (the original Sarek) saw this displayed in the dealer’s room at a convention, he picked it up, gazed at the cover for a long silent moment, then closed his eyes and theatrically sighed,

“Oh my son, my son.”
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killabeez | brain = scattered
Hi, my Kirk/Spock roots. I guess I won't ever escape you, huh? Also, why do I loooove mindmeld fic, and yet loathe the whole soul-bond concept? Just the words "the bond" still make me shudder like fingernails on chalkboard. Give me your 2 cents. Mind melds? Soul bonds? Yay, nay? Specifics?

ETA: irishkate asked me to rec good Kirk/Spock mind meld fic, and-- I can't think of any! Most of my favorite K/S writers don't write it, and if they do, it's not what I remember about their stories. watergal, help me?

The only mind meld story that I can think of right now is Open Circuit by eighth_horizon which is Supernatural, and I love it so very, very much omg.
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killabeez | 30 Days of TV: Day 28
It's Star Trek: The Original Series, of course. I feel like I just wrote a lot about Kirk and Spock — probably because I did. Not feeling well today, so I'm going to celebrate my first and longest fannish obsession by reccing a few awesome K/S stories.
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Fandom Grandma — Hi! I've recently came across your letter to...
I don’t have any zines in pdf format I’m afraid. Check with The Organization for Transformative Works and / or the K/S Archive to see if they might have materials you can access.
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Amok Time - Fanlore
Leonard Nimoy described it as: "An excellent script. Very poetic, dramatic, intense -- and important for Spock and for the Vulcans, because it was the first time we were going to go to Vulcan and see other Vulcans. I felt it immediately…. And there was that wonderful payoff where I believed I had killed Kirk. Great moment." [1]

Leonard Nimoy said that after "Amok Time" had been aired for the first time, his fan mail jumped from 400 to 10,000 letters a week. [2]
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Star Trek/Ho Yay | All The Tropes Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Jim Kirk and Spock from Star Trek the Original Series.
People have edited together various sound clips from the show for this trope. Type "lovetrek" into a search engine if you wish.
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october 2017 by timberwolfoz
Beyond Spock - A Leonard Nimoy Fan Page
There's a kind of calm certainty about Leonard Nimoy in certain moments and certain moods - particularly when he talks about STAR TREK - a certainty which is very attractive, very striking - and very much like Spock. Perhaps it is a kind of gift from Spock, or to Spock. The man who could think for Spock learned a great deal in the process, taught Spock a great deal, and - we are to hear this afternoon - both the actor and the Vulcan learned a great deal from and about a certain Human - captain or actor.
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october 2017 by timberwolfoz
Shatner: Where No Man... - Fanlore
Most fans probably do not remember that the prestigious SF author Theodore Sturgeon, who wrote the story outlines that became "Shore Leave" and "Amok Time", actually moved to California and began working on his scripts in the Star Trek offices when the show began. He speaks of being allowed to go everywhere on the set, to follow the actors so he could write their lines based on how they spoke in daily life. While he felt there wasn't much originality in the concept of Kirk, he thought that as the show went along Shatner began to invest the character with personal qualities that made him more dynamic and less of a stereotype. Sturgeon's comments about the actors, rarely if ever cited, should be of interest to today's fans:
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october 2017 by timberwolfoz
Shatner: Where No Man... - Fanlore
Most fans probably do not remember that the prestigious SF author Theodore Sturgeon, who wrote the story outlines that became "Shore Leave" and "Amok Time", actually moved to California and began working on his scripts in the Star Trek offices when the show began. He speaks of being allowed to go everywhere on the set, to follow the actors so he could write their lines based on how they spoke in daily life. While he felt there wasn't much originality in the concept of Kirk, he thought that as the show went along Shatner began to invest the character with personal qualities that made him more dynamic and less of a stereotype. Sturgeon's comments about the actors, rarely if ever cited, should be of interest to today's fans:
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october 2017 by timberwolfoz
Shatner Where No Man.. extract by Aconitum-Napellus on DeviantArt
The chapter 'The Man Who Invented a Universe: Roddenberry, The Common Ground' (Shatner, W., Marshak, S., Culbreath, M. Shatner: Where No Man.... New York, 1979. pp. 143-159)

I am uploading this for educational purposes only. A few paragraphs from this chapter of this out-of-print book are often quoted from on the internet during the 'is K/S canon' debate, but the full chapter is largely unavailable. So here it is, for however long it's allowed to stay... Get it now, before it's gone! Maybe someone braver than me will make it more generally available...
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october 2017 by timberwolfoz
Plaid is Love : hi do you have any fics to suggest??? I'm craving...
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Broken Images by Beverly Sutherland
A note from CatalenaMara:  “Broken Images” is considered one of the all-time classics in K/S fandom.  It is posted here with the permission of Beverly Sutherland, who passed away in 2014 before her work could be posted.
fic  k/s  kirk/spock  st  st:tos 
july 2017 by timberwolfoz
Reminisce With Me/The Big New York Cons, Part II - Fanlore
it was in New York City, at Bi-Cen-Ten that we first saw William Shatner, at his first convention. He did two appearances, the first in the main ballroom, up on a stage with a phalanx of security guards standing between him and the audience for his protection, which we all thought was amusing. Poor Bill was obviously terrified of his fans! But he went out on that stage in spite of his fear, and charmed and captivated even the most die-hard Spock fans in the audience! He was witty, he was bold, he had countless new stories to tell us.
And at his second appearance, on his second day, he showed us all what made him the fearless and peerless Starship Captain. In another, smaller ballroom at the hotel, we were seated on the floor; all the chairs had been removed to allow more people in. He came out on a small balcony that ringed the front of the room. And speaking very quietly to get his audience quiet, he said, "Now. If you are all very good and remain very, very still, I'm going to come down and walk around among you. . ." You could have heard a pin drop in that room, believe me! No one dared breathe, let alone move. We were arranged in square-ish blocks, with clearly defined aisle ways, and Bill did, indeed come down and step carefully among us, talking quietly all the while, conquering his fears, endearing himself even more to one and all.
Everything was going fine until Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand), also a guest at the con, decided to pull a prank. We saw her behind Bill's back. She held up a finger to her lips to ensure our silence as she quietly tiptoed behind him. In what was meant as a tease to her fellow actor, she suddenly grabbed him around the waist. You could see the utter shock on his face as he instinctively reacted by grabbing at her hand. What few of us realized was that he had taken her thumb in a karate move and was about to break it when he realized who was there. He laughed it off and made nice with her, but you could tell that he was genuinely furious with her! After she left, he resumed his talk, but it wasn't the same; she had ruined something intimate and real between Bill and his audience.
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assemble the tropes — Master Spirk Fanfic Rec List
– ☆ means I really liked it
– ☆☆ means I loved it
– ✇ means it’s crack and/or hilarious
– ¢ means it’s cheesy or cliché (but in a good way)

alright! I divided the rec list into three posts: AU, TOS, and AOS.
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february 2017 by timberwolfoz
Plaid is Love : So, question for you. Apologies if you've answered...
personally, i love the idea of jim materializing on the transporter platform and the first thing he sees is spock. the enterprise is undergoing reconstruction from the crisis that nearly killed pike and jim beams over to meet spock and more of pike’s execs. of course, they’ve seen each other when they were researching personnel charts but you know how pictures don’t really do justice to the real thing? lol so they have a mutual, internal screaming “oh no he’s hot” moment and then go on with the official business. :D

first meeting fic recs:
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february 2017 by timberwolfoz
How ‘Star Trek III’ explains Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner – EW.com
The age-old question with Shatner and Nimoy: Were they friends? The embedded question within that question: Did they hate each other? In later years they would both protest the latter point, with some teasing hesitation: “No! No! No! Well…”

When the old man looks back on his life, he might talk about his younger self the way he talks about his children. In his second memoir, I Am Spock, Nimoy recalled early days with his costar. “We were like a pair of very competitive brothers,” he wrote, “two squabbling kids.” (Shatner and Nimoy were both 35 by then, fathers of three and two, respectively.)

He remembers a vintage Hollywood incident of egomania. There was a photographer taking pictures of Nimoy becoming Spock, in the same makeup room where Shatner was becoming Kirk. Suddenly, the photographer disappeared. “Bill had gone to the assistant director,” recounts Nimoy, “and said, ‘I won’t continue while this is going on. Get rid of this guy.’”

Was Shatner upset that Nimoy was getting too much attention? In the Captain’s retelling, he was simply confused by the presence of the photographer – and upset that an outsider “had gotten permission to invade this actor’s sanctuary.” (Sanctuary!) Sure, he complained to the producers. But: “In my memory, I asked politely,” he writes in Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship With a Remarkable Man.

Shatner, it seems, had approval of still photographs taken on the set. Follow this, if you can: In his retelling of the incident, Shatner says Nimoy said Shatner said, “[The photographer] wasn’t approved by me.” Shatner now has no memory of saying that. By way of apology, he writes: “Years later, if I really remembered saying this, I certainly would have regretted it.” Politicians, take note.
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Lame Cherry: To Boldly Rape Where No Man Has Raped Before
Filming continued on into the next Tuesday, but Whitney had confided in Leonard Nimoy she had been raped, and he was there in makeup when Roddenberry appeared with a "jewel token" for Whitney and left.
Whitney was informed she was fired after this by her agent.

Grace Lee Whitney went into an addictive tailspin after this, and would have commited suicide if not for Leonard Nimoy. In her memoirs she never mentions the identity of the rapist, but states that like Bill Clinton, Gene Roddenberry was a sex addict.
It is a reality that Roddenberry kept Nichelle Nichols as part of his sex nest.

Leonard Nimoy is on record before his death that he hated Gene Roddenberry. When finally being lured back to star in the first Star Trek movie, Nimoy came back to just not be hounded by questions why he would not do the movie. In a few weeks, Roddenberry was pushed aside and it would be Shatner and Nimoy who created the vision of the first movie, which began without a script.
It probably explains why the movie scripts for the movies were old Star Trek scripts redone, and relied not on acting, but characters being killed off and big sets that got in the way of the movie.
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an Enterprising pair
“ What Roddenberry did was develop the parameters of STAR TREK, sell the series, and recruit the writers. He insisted that the cast be multi-racial and multi-ethnic and refused to take Lt. Uhura [Nichelle Nichols] off the bridge to suit a Southern market. At the same time, he was a devout sexist and Network executives had a field day keeping Roddenberry’s sexual fantasies off the little screen. In a production meeting, he agreed that women should be represented equally on a planet, but “you’d never want to let women actually get into power. All women are cunts, and you can’t trust them [p. 241].” The network couldn’t keep his mistress out of the series in spite of her lack of acting ability. Majel Barrett kept showing up as Nurse Chapel. “No one liked her acting,” said Herb Solow. “She got the part because she was Roddenberry’s woman [p. 65].”
Gene continued to insert his sexual fantasies and when he was jamming possible characters for STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, he described Lt. Commander Troi as “a four-breasted, oversexed hermaphrodite [226],’’ a description which made Dorothea Fontana angry. She hated the idea of this character and wrote:“I honestly believe you will offend most women, and maybe a lot of men with this character. Besides, how are you going to arrange those four provocatively shaped breasts? Four in a row? They had better be small. Two banks of two? Do you know how much trouble women have with the normal number–keeping them out of the way of things, I mean, four straight up and down? Don’t be silly [227].” Fontana worked for Roddenberry as a writer and secretary for years, but they had a falling out when he tried to cheat her out of Guild wages on a script. She went to the Guild to complain and was punished by being moved to a tiny noisy office where she could not work effectively. An accomplished writer with many stories to her credit, Roddenberry considered her his factotum and couldn’t accept her independence. In today’s business climate, Roddenberry would be fighting more than one sexual harassment lawsuit. ”
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january 2017 by timberwolfoz
The forbidden topic: Who raped Grace Lee Whitney? | The Ark, Home of SFC Models
n that chapter she goes on at length about Genes atheism and the struggle of the portrayal of religion in the show, then she mentions his affair with Nichelle Nicols, and finally about his self admitted sex addiction and womanizing, as reveled by a couple of excerpts of Genes interview for Yvonne Ferns book "Gene Roddenberry: The Last Conversation" . She is quite forgiving in tone, and states that this is because "I was even more sex-obsessed and out-of-control than Gene. So I don't judge him. I identify with him."

There is the fact that a week after the incident, her agent called Grace to tell her that she had been wrotten out of the show, despite her popularity. At the time her confidant was Leonard Nimoy, and she states that if it where not for him, she would have committed suicide. He is the only person other than Grace that knows the identity of the "Executive".

So in reading the two chapters together (The "Rape" chapter is the first chapter in the book, Gene's is second to last) it is fairly obvious that Gene is the one, but also that Grace has totally forgiven him.
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Plaid is Love : What are the gayest episodes of tos? I'm...
so many, too many. they’re always eyehumping, touching, flirting with, and sacrificing themselves for each other. this list is by no means exhaustive.
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Gene Roddenberry on Fan Fiction
There has been a great deal of misinformation floating around fandom in recent years, especially on the Internet. A lot of this misinformation comes from supposedly professional individuals, writers and editors, who have their own motives for cracking down on fan fiction, including the elimination of quality competition. One of the more annoying and untrue statements concerns the creator of Star Trek himself. Rumor has it that Gene Roddenberry himself despised fan fiction and wanted to put an end to it. This is being repeated by the editors and writers at Pocketbooks; it is being repeated by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. It has been posted on-line. The only person that has apparently been quoted, however, is not Gene Roddenberry. He was not he who spoke those words. Instead, self-annointed Star Trek historian/spokesman Richard Arnold is the only individual who has made the claim that Roddenberry uttered them. This was concocted by Arnold (along with other attributions he's made) in order to substantiate his opinions. It was patently untrue. It is a lie.

Allow me to repeat what Gene Roddenberry himself wrote in his 1976 introduction for Star Trek: The New Voyages, a Bantam published book edited by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath:

...Certainly the loveliest happening of all for us was the fact that so many others began to feel the same way [about Star Trek as we did]. Television viewers by the millions began to take Star Trek to heart as their own personal optimistic view of the Human condition and future. They fought for the show, honored it, cherished it, wrote about it--and have continued to do their level best to make certain that it will live again.

...We were particularly amazed when thousands, then tens of thousands of people began creating their own personal Star Trek adventures. Stories, and paintings, and sculptures, and cookbooks. And songs, and poems, and fashions. And more. The list is still growing. It took some time for us to fully understand and appreciate what these people were saying. Eventually we realized that there is no more profound way in which people could express what Star Trek has meant to them than by creating their own very personal Star Trek things.
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january 2017 by timberwolfoz
Plaid is Love : the footnote?
In those links I added above, you’ll find in-depth analysis of the entire quote because there’s evidence backing up both of these points and more.

3. Anyone (like Mr. Gerrold) who says the footnote was included to discourage K/S hasn’t read the rest of the novel, seen the movie, or understood Gene’s values or intentions. There is nothing in the footnote that outright confirms or denies their involvement with each other.

So why was it included? It was written to appease the entire audience: people who support the K/S relationship and those who oppose it. Smart move! Because this was what divided the fanbase into threes: people in the “yes homo”, “platonic love only”, and “no homo” camps.

Gene was very aware of what was going on in fannish circles back during this time. He knew people shipped it. He knew people saw the love between them. If he wanted to discourage this, I promise you that:

a. The word t’hy’la wouldn’t even exist

b. TMP would have had a very, VERY different storyline.

c. There would be no parallels drawn between Jim with Spock and Decker with Ilia.

d. There would have been female interests for both Jim and Spock, or at least one of them. This is a classic lazy writing tactic that we see used over and over and over in movies.

e. He would have gone out of his way to ensure their relationship was a very clear cut friendship. (aka: no TWOK glass scene, no The Search for Spock.) Literally every single TOS movie would have been much, much different.
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Plaid is Love : happy fluffy feel-good spirk fic recs
happy fluffy feel-good spirk fic recs
- Music by cowgirldressage [G] [1.6k]

Jim doesn’t realize Spock is courting him, so when Spock invites him to a concert, Jim is confused and insecure. Spock, of course, has a way of telling him how he feels, in a unique way.
- (not the hell) Our Whales by thesadchicken [G] [2.8k]

The Universe hasn’t been kind to Jim and Spock lately. But everybody knows that whale watching is the cure to just about anything. Right?
- Breaking Tradition by Raven_Knight [E] [16.3k]

Newlyweds James T. Kirk and Spock spend their Holiday shore leave alone together in a remote cabin once belonging to Jim’s grandparents.  They learn more about each other and Jim introduces his new husband to the Winter Holiday traditions - even if he doesn’t quite understand why he take part in them himself. An unexpected event occurs that disrupts the couple’s newlywed bliss. Luckily, one of them has experience with taking charge of a situation.
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december 2016 by timberwolfoz
Plaid is Love : Hi I just joined the Star Trek fandom. I was...

Oh! Of course, honey!
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alien romances: Guest Post - Star Trek Fan Fiction Writer, Author of Sahaj, Leslye Lilker
She is one of the Greats of Star Trek's original fan fiction writers.  Her series of stories about Sahaj, an original character she created, has the same stature as Kraith, Night of the Twin Moons, and half a dozen others that are still famous.
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november 2016 by timberwolfoz
Sime~Gen - Fandom
In April of 1967, as a long-time Science Fiction fan, I (Jacqueline Lichtenberg) became a dedicated, full time fan of the original Star Trek. In 1969, I started selling Sime~Gen Universe stories. Two of those early stories are posted online for free reading, Operation High Time and Channel's Exemption.

Around 1970, about a year after my first story was professionally published, I started publishing Star Trek fiction in Spockanalia and T-Negative, the earliest all-Trekzines. Through the Star Trek fanzines, I met Jean Lorrah, who was already a professionally selling author and whose work showed that professionalism.
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november 2016 by timberwolfoz
Plaid is Love : 4, 13, 17?
Killa. i can’t speak highly enough of Killa’s work…the plot, the imagery, the beautiful prose. Reading their work inspired me to try writing again and i’m forever grateful for that.

Carolyn Spencer. they have such an interesting writing style that i completely fell in love with. their stories are wonderfully emotional and honestly just a real pleasure to read.

cowgirldressage. i remember reading their stories back when i was a little anonzy reading things on the KSA. their stories made me smile and laugh and feel good things–and made me want to try getting back into a fandom once more.
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november 2016 by timberwolfoz
Was Kirk a lady-chaser?
Does Kirk actually have sex with every girl that crosses his path?  Well, here's the absolute TRUTH!  From "The Cage" to "Star Trek: Generations", I will count every single time Kirk kisses or has sex with a girl for the sole purpose of sexuality. I will also point out times references to Kirk's past loves are implied, and times he uses his charm to gain a tactical advantage. Here's something that will make people that believe this myth cringe: FACTS! The totals will be at the end of the page.
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october 2016 by timberwolfoz
Plaid is Love : theconsultingredhead: The Original Series...
Reading this epic fic was a commitment and was how I knew I was becoming obsessed with Spirk fanfic. This is probably the slowest slow burn I have ever read as they don’t get together until the end. Though they are both pining for each other, Spock believes that humans and Vulcans are physically incompatible evidenced by his parents’ relationship. Angst^100.
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october 2016 by timberwolfoz
My Happy Space Family: plaidshirtjimkirk: Fic Rec Party with my fave...
Fic Rec Party with my fave people running @textsfromtos YEAH~!!!
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Trekkie! | Dangerous Minds
Come Monday morning, I went to Gene. He’s sitting behind that same dang desk. I told him what happened, and I said, “If you still want me to stay, I’ll stay. I have to.” He looked at me, and said, “God bless Dr. Martin Luther King, somebody knows where I am coming from.” I said, “That’s what he said.” And my life’s never been the same since, and I’ve never looked back. I never regretted it, because I understood the universe, that universal mind, had somehow put me there, and we have choices. Are we going to walk down this road or the other? It was the right road for me.
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october 2016 by timberwolfoz
How "Star Trek" Created, Lost, And Won Back Pop Culture's Most Devoted Fandom
“When Spock yelled out ‘Khan!’ — I was done,” Tim Robertson, a NASA engineer, told BuzzFeed News about 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness. “All the fans I know didn’t like it because of that.”
“I only saw the first reboot, and that made me not want to see the second one,” said Trina Phillips, a creative futurist at the consulting firm SciFutures, of the 2009 Star Trek. “It’s like, even if you strip the Star Trek name away, I think it failed as a movie.”
It was amid these fans that Abrams, sitting on a circular stage that vaguely resembled the Enterprise bridge, began the event by more or less officially handing the Trek baton to Beyond’s director — Fast & Furious impresario Justin Lin.
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june 2016 by timberwolfoz
Rhymes With Nerdy – None of this is new: An Oral History of Fan Fiction
To the fan-adjacent outsiders who are at least aware that fan fiction exists, it’s often associated with high-profile examples like the bad-fic-turned-bad-novel Fifty Shades of Grey and, well, Harry Potter erotica. Those more in-the-know might mention Cassandra Clare or Naomi Novik, both fan writers before publishing original work, or bring up Diana Gabaldon or Anne Rice, both notoriously opposed to fic based on their work. At some point in this hypothetical conversation, someone will probably mention Star Trek.

The shape of fandom as it is today owes a lot to the communities that formed around Harry Potter and anime in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s and to the increasing accessibility of the internet over the past decade or so. The shape of those fandoms, in turn, was due to those that migrated out of meatspace onto the brand new baby internet, which of course owed their structure to the zine-based fandoms of the ‘70s and ‘80s. All of which can be traced back to – you guessed it – Star Trek.
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june 2016 by timberwolfoz
They Boldly Went: A Star Trek Tumblr. : 1 of 1
This is the unauthorized, uncensored and unbelievable true story behind the making of a pop culture phenomenon. The original Star Trek series debuted in 1966 and has spawned five TV series spin-offs and a dozen feature films, with an upcoming one from Paramount arriving in 2016. The Fifty-Year Mission is a no-holds-barred oral history of five decades of Star Trek, told by the people who were there. Hear from the hundreds of television and film executives, programmers, writers, creators and cast as they unveil the oftentimes shocking story of Star Trek’s ongoing fifty-year mission — a mission that has spanned from the classic series to the animated show, the many attempts at a relaunch through the beloved feature films.
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november 2015 by timberwolfoz
William Shatner: Ted Cruz calling Kirk a Republican is 'silly' | MSNBC
Self-professed “Star Trek” nerd and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz believes Captain Kirk was “quite likely” a Republican. And William Shatner, who starred as the character in the original 1960s hit television series, is having none of it.

Star Trek wasn’t political. I’m not political; I can’t even vote in the US. So to put a geocentric label on interstellar characters is silly
— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) July 23, 2015

“To put a geocentric label on interstellar characters is silly,” Shatner tweeted Thursday after The New York Times Magazine published an interview with the Texas senator in which he offered “a little psychoanalysis” on why Kirk was probably a Republican and Jean-Luc Picard, the starship captain in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” was a Democrat.
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july 2015 by timberwolfoz
Spookyfbi's Stuff - Meta - Spock as The Captain's Woman
So anyway, I got a little carried away with the picspam, so let’s just put this train back on it’s tracks. In Mirror Mirror, we have Marlena as the Captain’s Woman, and Spock as the First Officer, but watching the episode, I couldn’t help but mentally combine the two. Spock is of course privy to Kirk’s command decisions, and is the only one who weighs in on them with his own opinion, something that he does several times in this episode. Kirk even asks for Spock’s opinion, and he gives it with no hint of surprise or hesitation. Marlena, despite her title as the Captain’s Woman, gives no indication that she feels in any way owned by Kirk. In fact, just the opposite. Like Spock, she is privy to secrets Kirk would share with no one else, like the Tantalus Field. She even operates it for Kirk. She fully expects to be let in on Kirk’s ‘scheme’, yet trusts implicitly that he knows what he’s doing, even if he won’t tell her. I really felt that Marlena and Spock were similar enough, and the episode played in such a way that they could both have been the same character.

The idea of a universe in which Spock is literally the Captain’s Woman is incredibly compelling to me, and I think it offers an interesting way of exploring this dynamic. What, if anything, would change about their relationship if Spock were a woman. In my view, nothing about Spock’s life or experiences should change if he were a woman in the regular Trek universe (the whole aiming for gender equality thing), but there may be some changes in the Mirrorverse. Despite this, the dynamics between Spock and Kirk should remain essentially unaltered, since the whole point of this is that their dynamics are that of Captain and his Woman.
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This is quite homoerotic - 20 TOS K/S fic recs
Yes FINALLY I've gotten around to doing this. I've finally read enough TOS fics to make a small rec list, I'm so proud of myself. :') Later on I'll do another STXI one since the last one I did was way back in June, so expect that one sometime soon. And so in no particular order...
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The Truth About What Went Wrong With The Third Season Of Star Trek
The original Star Trek was a revolutionary television show... that came to an ignominious end. The classic space opera saw a huge drop in quality in its final season, and then was cancelled. Legend has it the ratings were terrible, and the new producer, Fred Freiberger, ruined it. But the truth is a bit more complicated.

The third volume in Mark Cushman's essential These Are The Voyages series of books about the making of Star Trek is out, covering the third and final season. And it's a fascinating inside look at a TV show that's coming apart at the seams, due to a variety of factors.
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march 2015 by timberwolfoz
Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83 - NYTimes.com
Leonard Nimoy, the sonorous, gaunt-faced actor who won a worshipful global following as Mr. Spock, the resolutely logical human-alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise in the television and movie juggernaut “Star Trek,” died on Friday morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. He was 83.

His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed his death, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Mr. Nimoy announced last year that he had the disease, attributing it to years of smoking, a habit he had given up three decades earlier. He had been hospitalized earlier in the week.

Continue reading the main story

For Leonard Nimoy, Spock’s Hold Made Reaching Escape Velocity FutileFEB. 27, 2015
Leonard Nimoy Was Not (Only) SpockFEB. 27, 2015
Nimoy Remembered on Social MediaFEB. 27, 2015
His artistic pursuits — poetry, photography and music in addition to acting — ranged far beyond the United Federation of Planets, but it was as Mr. Spock that Mr. Nimoy became a folk hero, bringing to life one of the most indelible characters of the last half century: a cerebral, unflappable, pointy-eared Vulcan with a signature salute and blessing: “Live long and prosper” (from the Vulcan “Dif-tor heh smusma”).
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february 2015 by timberwolfoz
Leonard Nimoy Showed Us What It Truly Means To Be Human
Before Spock came along, alien beings in mass media (and most written SF as well) were one-dimensional. They represented the "other," the strange and unknowable beings who could only throw our human characters in relief. In the hands of most actors, Spock would have been a one-note joke character: the guy who spouts off formulas and equations in a monotone. Spock could easily have become the butt of Star Trek's jokes, or just a weird side character.

But Nimoy imbued Spock with a life and complexity that were impossible to deny. Far from being a one-note character, Spock became one of the most complex and nuanced people on television. From his inner torment to his quiet amusement at the humans around him to his occasional flashes of anger, Spock was a constantly surprising mystery, with a lot of layers.
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february 2015 by timberwolfoz
(Source: ohhtheperiphery)
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Everything is better with buttsex // I think if I had given Kirk and the others what I...
think if I had given Kirk and the others what I suspect 23rd century values and morals may actually be, they would have either angered or scared the pants off the average viewer.
Gene Roddenberry (x)
ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME. Where has this been hiding? I mean first of all holy shit, it’s about 12 minutes into the video, Roddenberry says he had to make the characters from the 23rd century have the values and morals of the 20th century so he could bill it to a 1960s audience. I mean, the show was already being so progressive, showing a future in which we obtain global peace, money does not matter, race doesn’t matter, and feminism is not even needed because guess what everyone is equal, no biggie. This is interesting enough, but combine this quote with that other fucking famous K/S quote, and it gets SUPER INTERESTING. Don’t remember the other quote?
"…the only difference being, the Greek ideal— we never suggested in the series— physical love between the two. But it’s the— we certainly had the feeling that the affection was sufficient for that, if that were the particular style of the 23rd century."
He said that shit after Wrath of Khan came out, and this interview came out in 1984, the year of THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK. Gene Roddenberry designed Kirk and Spock to be an interspecies love story, you can’t convince me otherwise.
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september 2014 by timberwolfoz
Koenig: Leonard Nimoy Fought To Get Nichelle Nichols Pay Equity For ‘Star Trek’ + Nimoy Confirms | TrekMovie.com
Koenig: Leonard (Nimoy, Mr. Spock) was always kind of unapproachable. But a very good man. Sound ethics and a good sense of morality.

LV Sun: How so?

Koenig: When it came to the attention of the cast that there was a disparity in pay in that George [Takei] and I were getting the same pay but Nichelle was not getting as much, I took it to Leonard and he took it to the front office and they corrected that.

TrekMovie reached out to Mr. Nimoy who confirmed the story. He also clarified that it "was during the Desilu years," meaning during the production of the original Star Trek series. Nimoy also recalled a similar incident (which has been reported before) about how during the 1970s he again went to bat for his co-stars, noting…

Nimoy: There was also the case where George and Nichelle we’re not hired to do their voices in the animated series . I refused to do Spock until they were hired. Mr. Roddenberry started calling me the conscience of Star Trek.
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TOS :: TrekCore
Our episode database profiles every episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. Each episode features background information (plot • trivia • interviews • behind the scenes info • shooting script) and a media collection (HiDef BluRay & DVD screencaps • audio caps • soundtracks • trailers)
july 2014 by timberwolfoz
dark furniture of the radio
I love all of these fics (who knew this fandom was filled with such great writers!) but my favorites (i.e. ones I re-read) are marked with a **
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My Happy Space Family: The scary thing about ships with Spock in it is, Vulcans are 3x as strong as humans. This has the liberty of being very frightening or very sexy.
he scary thing about ships with Spock in it is, Vulcans are 3x as strong as humans. This has the liberty of being very frightening or very sexy.

*cries softly for at least eight minutes*

They like it.

Thank you for this reminder.  This is a beautiful thing that I will strive to incorporate into literally every Star Trek fic I ever write, from now on.
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These are the texts...
These are the texts...

Sadly defunct ST:T0S TFLN tumblr.
graphics  picspam  tumblr  st:tos 
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Intergalactic Explorer - What if TOS had 900% more central female...
What if TOS had 900% more central female characters?
(Since I don’t want to stretch your dashboards any more than I have already, I’ve written some thoughts about the characters and the process that went into making the graphics under the cut.)
This AU was inspired by many things seen around Tumblr, but especially this graphic. I wanted as much diversity as possible, so I tried to dig up TOS crewwomen of as varying ethnicities as I could find.
Uhura was the most obvious choice for captain, since she’s the boss anyway. A fun fact is that Prime Uhura was actually on the command track before transferring to the operations division, as evidenced by the yellow uniform she wears in Mudd’s Women and The Corbomite Maneuver. According to the Trek novel The Fire and the Rose, Kirk was not happy with her choice, since he felt that she was throwing away her command abilities and leadership potential. Well, in this AU that potential is realized! :) I always found the TOS command uniforms to be a really drab shade of yellow (and so did Nichelle Nichols, since she reportedly requested that she could have a red uniform instead of the yellow one she wears in those two episodes), so I made them this really saturated shade of lion/saffron yellow instead. By the way, the background of the graphic is the Federation star chart “The Explored Galaxy.”
According to comics, Prime Carol Marcus was a member of Starfleet, so I made her the first officer and science officer of the Enterprise in this AU. Though it was more of an excuse to try out my Photoshop “skills” and splice together at least half convincing younger Carol. I used a promotional TOS Uhura image as a base and attached the head of a younger Bibi Besch to it… after first having colored the black and white photo (since it was the only one I could find). Such fun.
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