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It's been a long, long time
Peggy and Steve used to give Colonel Phillips ulcers, now they do the same to Nick Fury  (aka how Peggy and Steve caused an international scandal while on a mission in Europe)
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The places you will be from. - Feather (lalaietha) - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
They don't quite have DT - the MCU canon as it is runs that instead of Obama in 2008 they got as Bush's Dem replacement oneMatthew Ellis, who had a slightly different arc to his two terms, where on the one hand he was not having to fight the massive fight of being the first black president (and all that went with that) but on the other hand he DID have the BoNY right in the middle, and the Mandarin, and everything else.

So especially after BoNY there was a hard swing towards militarism and crap anyway, much harder than we had, and they're not handling the Insight mess at all well (as witness the Congressional Hearings farce we get at the very end of CA:TWS).

So with this being around end of 2014/beginning of 2015 the Ellis Administration is in a very odd place where they too are starting to look at the 2016 elections, you have a BIG split in even the Dems between the militarists and the non-militarists, you actually also have some weird wobbles in even the Republicans because Actual Nazis Actually Aiming Laser Canons At Us changes the mental landscape, the Administration itself will be over in 2016 no matter what, and each party is starting to try to use the situation to set up for 2016.

But it still leaves things very unsettled and very, very prone to anyone and everyone in the government - either House or the Admin - with plenty of reason to try to pull Shady Shady Shit and to use the Winter Soldier as a potential lightning rod.

And, of course, the unspoken chance that hey: maybe in this totally fucked up world, Ellis WILL decide to try to throw out the two-term limit.


On the one hand, it becomes super unlikely in this verse that Trump would actually successfully get the nomination: there are specific things that allowed that in our 'verse that actually had a lot to do with the relative LACK of direct, serious, existential-level military threat against the USA in 2016 which let the entire underpinning part of the election be about "the economy" which was something Trump could exploit in order to get the Republican nom.

On the other hand it is actually possible for that situation to turn up shit even WORSE than Trump, because imagine if someone believed all the shit he does but was moderately competent and didn't do shit like get into twitter wars and leak secret operations and so on.

It'll come up again in this series, because they did HAVE their election while Steve Very Busy, so. ;)
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How the MCU Failed Its Captain America Characters | CBR
While the Captain America films are undoubtably some of the best movies in the MCU's arsenal, they tend to fall short on being true adaptations of Cap's mythos. When one thinks about a Captain America story, the key players are Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers himself. However, with the exception of Sam Wilson, the MCU's depiction of these characters sometimes miss the mark. Here's how.
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The Truthiness Is Out There • Tell me again why I need to like Steve and...
There’s just so much to know about these two idiot nerds, I don’t even know where to begin. Do I talk about their ‘to the end of the line’ marriage proposal? Do I give you a full breakdown of how Disobey-Super-Important-Government-People-Stupid Steve gets when Bucky’s in danger? Or do I talk about a love story that spans longer than most people’s life times?


And since I don’t know, I figured I’d reach out to a few of my fellow stucky compatriots to help convince you answer this very important question.

Strap on in.
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Avengers: Infinity War: Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan on Reuniting | Collider
What are you character’s reactions to seeing something like a talking raccoon?

Image via Marvel

STAN: As usual I question my own stability, mentally and wonder whether or not I should have just stayed asleep. Things clearly did not get better.

MACKIE: They did not work out well!
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The End of the Line (for my sanity) — Trying to track the Winter Soldier through both...
February 1945 - Bucky falls from a goddamn train in the Alps. We’ve gone over this.

Okay, we know Bucky was in Russian/Hydra hands by early ‘45. The first thing to look into is Operation Paperclip. You may recognize this from TWS, but it was not made up by the MCU, it was a real thing. In May of 1945, a U.S. Army Major Robert B. Staver sent a telegram to the Pentagon, pushing the idea of capturing and using German scientists toward the war effort in the Pacific. They proceeded to do just that, housing captured scientists in southern Bavaria. So smart, keeping the Nazis in Germany and stuff. By November, the project had been renamed Operation Paperclip. For secrecy?
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The End of the Line (for my sanity) — A Captain America: the First Avenger Timeline for...
September, 1930 - 12-year old Steve and 13-year old Bucky meet for the first time in Hell’s Kitchen, where Bucky scares off bullies trying to steal Steve’s money. What were they doing in Hell’s Kitchen? No one knows. Steve tells Bucky he’s been living in the orphanage ‘on 8th’ since his mother’s death. Which is odd since Bucky was apparently at her funeral when they’re both legal adults in a flashback scene from the Winter Soldier. For the purpose of this timeline, info from the movies will take precedent over info from the various tie-ins. Meaning Sarah Rogers is basically Schrödinger’s Ma for the next 6 years.
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Avengers Endgame: A lack of closure at the end of the line
Although Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers have been fixtures of each other’s character arcs, their relationship went ignored in Avengers: Endgame, undermining not only one a crucial storyline, but Captain America’s entire characterization. Major spoilers lie ahead.
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Avengers Endgame: Male Entitlement Undermines Steve Rogers' Core Characterization and Story Arc - Cinemalogue
At the conclusion of Endgame, Rogers struggles for five years with the aftereffects of living in a post-apocalyptic world.  A veteran of World War II, frozen for 70 years, almost every event in his life since receiving Doctor Erskine’s serum accumulates shock and trauma.  He’s left with a litany of unaddressed mental health issues (including depression and PTSD), never truly acknowledged by the franchise.

Despite this, Steve consciously chooses to return to an era not only unequipped to treat such issues, but one that actively stigmatized mental health.  The film frames domestic life with Peggy Carter as a cure-all, even though the man she mourned was a version 12 years younger, unburdened by the knowledge of every Hydra-related atrocity set to befall civilization.  He returns to the past fully aware that the Steve who Peggy last saw is still trapped beneath the ice.  The former Steve usurps the latter’s life anyway.

The entitlement doesn’t end there.  During CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, Steve Rogers met Peggy’s descendants at her funeral (including the pandora’s box that is Sharon Carter).  In the events of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, Steve studies photos of Peggy’s family in her hospital room.  He sees the joy in her eyes as she reminisces about her long and fulfilling life.  Watching archival film at Smithsonian exhibit honoring him and his elite World War II unit, Steve sees Peggy speaking of her husband—a soldier he rescued when he liberated the 107th Infantry division.
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Steve Rogers: America's Underdog, and the Importance of Representation - Cinemalogue
In the context of #MeToo, there has been a slew of online editorials penned about the confluence of the internet and fan entitlement, and how social media often acts as a conduit for hatred and bigotry. With the violent misogyny of reboot Ghostbuster-haters (sharpened to a crude peak in the form of Leslie Jones’ online harassment and abuse) and their gate-keeping, privileged ilk – so accustomed to being catered to – I felt it important to highlight how vital social media has become in providing a bullhorn to marginalized groups.

Comics are both an art form and a product shaped by capitalism. Creators are encouraged to be creative, but not too much; it is safer to appeal to a built-in, guaranteed demographic (presumably straight, white men) than risk losing their patronage by reaching out to “fringe” demographics. Creators themselves are primarily straight, white men who tell stories from the point-of-view of straight, white men. It is a self-sustaining cycle of benign neglect, consequently silencing and overlooking individuals in a world that already ignores them.

These marginalized voices have circumvented content creators by utilizing social media to raise awareness about their exclusion, and to fight for positive, healthy representation in mainstream pop culture. For years they have been relegated to combing film, literature, and comics for subtextual themes or metaphors that remind them of their own experiences and identities. They have watched as these subtextual nods have gradually become textual, largely resulting in assurances that a harmful, cartoonish stereotype or a side-kick character is “good enough, so stop whining”.  It’s not surprising that under-represented voices are still demanding more than these meagre offerings.
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The Silence of Peggy Carter - Summer Barbeau - Medium
Peggy Carter has been many things. A World War II code-breaker. An operative of MI5. A member of the SSR. A founder and Director of SHIELD. A wife. An aunt. A woman who experienced great loss and mourned that loss, but did not let it stunt her growth. Who worked hard on herself — and helped others — to process and move on.
But all that doesn’t matter, because she is, most importantly, the love of Steve Roger’s life.
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Avengers: Why Were Bucky and Steve Sidelined in Endgame? | Vanity Fair
This post contains frank discussion of the most crucial plot points in Avengers: Endgame. If you’re looking for a spoiler-free, risk-free review, you can find it here. But if you’re about to wander into the article below, it means that you have either already seen the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or that you really, truly don’t mind knowing what’s to come. We’re going to give you one last chance to bail out—but after this GIF, the gauntlets are coming off.
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The End of the Line (for my sanity) — The Winter Soldier’s Arsenal
Oh boy. I’ve been saving this one because the sheer number of things Bucky has used to kill people overwhelmed me, tbh. It’s going to be … a ride. Here we go.

Yeah. So first of all, The Winter Soldier undoubtedly comes prepared to kick your ass. He’s not going to find himself without a weapon. The thing is, even if he does somehow blaze through the frankly astonishing amount of accoutrements he arrays on his person, he’s still not going to find himself without something that will kill you. Even if his arm is put out of service (or blown off, RIGHT TONY) he’s not going to be without something that will kill you.
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ew, throw on an emotional robe
“But it hadn’t always been like this… No, back when they were both growing up on New York’s Lower East Side, during the depths of the depression, the blond-haired adonis was nothing more than a stick-legged young dreamer with his head in the clouds and his hands forever drawing. Arnie Roth was the same age as Steve Rogers – but he was bigger, faster, stronger…” (Captain America #270)
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Please yell more about Bucky Barnes in Civil War,...
But it doesn’t hit home because there’s no goddamn indication they were ever friends.  After Avengers, I’d probably have believed they might have sorted their shit out offscreen, if there had been mentions of each other in their personal movies, if there had been a real friendship and camaraderie evident in Age of Ultron.  But there isn’t.  There is no indication that they progress AT ALL between those two movies, and then there’s that weird stiff handshake at the end of AoU and we’re supposed to believe it’s all good?  

Uh, no.  In fack, Fuck No.  Age of Ultron puts that relationship FIRMLY into the territory of “I’m gonna need to see that resolution onscreen to believe it happened”, because quite frankly Ultron almost destroyed a country and everyone in it and that should have been dealt with.  It should have been actually addressed that Tony helped create Ultron, rather than slotted into “oh, Tony’s afraid his friends are going to die, that’s so sad” and ignored, because THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT BASIS FOR STEVE AND TONY TO BUILD A FRIENDSHIP.  You could have done it with ONE SCENE in Age of Ultron, of Steve finding Tony in the barn rather than Fury, and the two of them having a conversation.  Here, I’ll even script it for you.
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Now I'm just imagining some weird amalgamation of...
Steve watches, and his hand slows to a stop–the figure in the road is stocky and broad, with dark hair framing a scowl, and for a second, Steve thinks he might be hallucinating.  

Because, see, it’s been seven decades and Logan never really lived his life like he planned to live a long one.  

And it is Logan, it has to be, even in seventy years two people couldn’t look so much alike.  His face is a little more deeply set into its scowl, and he’s not clean-shaven anymore, but otherwise he looks almost unchanged.  He walks differently than he used to, Steve notices numbly–heavier, almost, like it takes more work and he’s adjusted to it.

The reporter is still talking, Logan is talking, but Steve is caught up in the shock of it and doesn’t hear a word.  That’s Logan, Logan who used to back Steve up when the Commandos were out of commission, who used to complain that Steve looked like a walking bullseye even though that was sort of the point, who pawned his SSR-issue body armor onto Bucky and never picked up another set.  Logan, who one time slammed Steve out of the way and took three rounds to the chest and spat out blood and lead and kept moving like it was nothing more than an annoyance.

Logan, who Steve knows.
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Peter’s Got a Gift for Gifts
Tony can feel a stack of papers inside as he undoes the clasp and then slides out what amounts to nearly a textbook’s worth of printouts.  The title page gives away the contents and Tony has to lean back against the wall because in a million years, he’d have never guessed what was coming.

Control and Manipulation of Magnetic Ultra-cold Neutrons Using Micro-Electromagnets

(And Peter Parker and Ned Leeds) has been written in ink under the typed print.

"What…?” Tony asks.

“He never finished it,” Peter explains.  "You– you mentioned Dr. Yinsen to me that one time and I was curious about his work so I looked him up and this project… he’d been working on it from 1999 until he died.  It was almost done, and it was so incredible and then I remembered that someone else had worked out the specifics on the ultracold neutron problem in 2012 and if he’d had that information while he was alive it just seemed like everything else would slide into place.  And I’m not trying to publish it or anything? Like that’s probably illegal without his permission. I just wanted to finish the paper.  For you.  For him.“

Tony’s eyes sting.  God.  He‘s not going to cry. He just isn’t.
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|• Cr: @voordeel from Youtube •|

I don’t think I’ve rebagelled anything in years at this point but I just watched this literally 7 times in a row soo

#there’s a great interview with her too in these curious times (via @cesperanza)

consider me curious! Is there a link for that?

Oh the interview part of the site is down! Boo!  But wayback has it. It’s got a bunch of parts as well.
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Magpie & Whale — Reasons MCU Howard Stark was an Ashkenazi Jew
Secular Jewish, but still Jewish.

Always remember that the original writers and artists of Marvel were Jews. They were Lieber and Kurtzberg before they were Lee and Kirby. Joe Simon was Hymie Simon. Their narratives are, in my opinion, inherently Jewish ones, and acting like the original Marvel characters (with the exception of Ben Grimm) must be Christian because that’s the dominant religion in the US is kind of silly.
Stark is typically a German surname, but that included plenty of Jews. The word שטאַרק (shtark) is a Yiddish variation of the word “stark”, meaning “strong”, and a quick google search indicates that it would not be unusual for a German Jew to carry this name.
Howard was named for his father, Howard Sr., who lived in America. I’m going to assume that his grandfather was an immigrant, although their legacy in America could go back further. It seems likely then that his grandfather immigrated sometime in the mid-19th century.
Howard is certainly not a Jewish name, but neither is my own grandfather’s. Plenty of Jewish families gave their children “American” names. See this post for more detail.
He worked on the Manhattan Project—since he’s a fictional character, we should draw parallels between Howard and the actual scientists involved. The most famous would be J. Robert Oppenheimer (Jewish). Then there’s Leó Szilárd (Jewish) and Albert Einstein (Jewish), who penned the Einstein–Szilárd letter together. Generally, these are agnostic or atheist Jews. Einstein actually remarked on the number of Jewish scientists he worked alongside during this period. 
Watching him testify before congress in Agent Carter, I couldn’t help but think of the ease with which American politicians have accused Jewish-Americans of being traitors to the country. Yes, the show is also evoking the Howard Hughes Senate hearings, but those hearings were not about Hughes’ loyalties, they were about his use of government funding.
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Hey, if you've the time, could you please explain to me this whole Tony Stark Defense Squad I see going on and why it's necessary?? I haven't been on tumblr in years because of the increasing vitriol on here but before I left, I'm pretty sure there wasn't all this Tony hate. Where the hell's it coming from?? Stony was at its height when I pulled the plug - everyone loved the PTSD-ridden asshole with a squishy heart of vibranium. It's just friggin' frustrating.
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can i be educated as to why his characterization... - Hello, Tailor
“Let’s start with that stick of his. It may be magical…“ "is that what just happened” and “seems to be powered by some sort of electricity” remind me of painting Steve as the naive, less intelligent younger brother that everyone gets tired of explaining everything thing to. Steve has a vocabulary. Steve Rogers grew up with electricity. He knows what it is. Steve Rogers also could have just said that it worked like the Hydra weapon, except there are these unnecessary comments to make Steve seem less than everyone else. I hate that whole scene.
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REVIEW: Doctor Strange Fails To Live Up To MCU Standards - CBR
As it was, joke after joke from Strange — including a run about people with solo names like Adele, Aristotle and Eminem — fell flat, leaving a cavernous silence in a theater where laughter was meant to be. This speaks to the central problem of “Doctor Strange”: Benedict Cumberbatch has been wildly, woefully miscast.

RELATED: Doctor Strange Opens With $9.4 Million in Thursday Previews

Yes, in full-costume he looks very much like the mystic comic hero come to life. But “Doctor Strange” makes clear that Cumberbatch doesn’t have the intense kind of innate charm that can make the character spark to audiences. Like Tony Stark, Strange is an arrogant jerk who uses his smarts and barbed sense of humor to keep others at a distance. But without that Robert Downey Jr. level of volatile charisma, Strange doesn’t come off as a bad boy with a heart of gold. He’s just an asshole. For as inventive as the visuals (a mix of “The Cell” meets “Inception” meets “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”) and action setups are, it’s hard to get invested in “Doctor Strange” when you’re cringing throughout over Strange’s piss-poor attitude.

Perhaps Cumberbatch’s portrayal could have been saved if the team of screenwriters (Jon Spaihts, Scott Derrickson, C. Robert Cargill) had given the “Sherlock” star a Watson equivalent, someone more relatable who could goose some humanity out of this seemingly selfish ass. Constrained to the expectations of solemnly spectacular martial arts movies, blandly blissful Ejiofor and Swinton deliver muted performances that dull the fantastical theatricality “Doctor Strange” could have possessed. Divorced from this mysticism plot, McAdams is a ray of warmth in this vague adventure. But she’s resigned mostly to rare hospital scenes, and confined to an underdeveloped and blunted romance. So we’re left with a new hero who leans hard on the arc of Iron Man, without the humor, charisma, or star power that’s made that Marvel movie such an enduring joy.
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The Sokovia Accords are not the Superhuman... | write like you need it to survive
Quick and dirty summary of Registration (based entirely on stuff I know by osmosis and from Wikipedia, so comics readers bear with me and feel free to clarify in reblogs): the whole point of the Registration act was that for the most part no one knew who the superhumans were, because secret identities are a thing in the comics. Steve himself was an exception, because historical record and whatnot, and his principled stand against registering was especially on behalf of people like Wanda, who in the comics is a mutant, born with her abilities and unable to give them up the way Tony could give up the suit or Sam could give up his wings. 

So the choice of registering or not was a meaningful one: it meant voluntarily putting yourself down on the list of people who would now be monitored as superhumans. But in the MCU, the cat is out of the bag for EVERYONE. Nobody has a secret identity–not Natasha, not Clint (whose decision to actively hide his family… doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable when you think about his abrupt transition from secret agent to One of the Six Most Famous People on Earth, like, maybe he just doesn’t want paparazzi bugging his kids), not Sam, not BUCKY, who is casually identified by full name as the Winter Soldier. 
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but alas! the creature grows degenerate.
This is possibly because there are no more good places for Steve to hover around like a big creep, though I guess if there wasn’t too much traffic he could have circled around Independence Ave and the Kutz Bridge a couple of times. 
But you know what’s even more fun to imagine? Steve grimly jogging away telling himself NO. LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE. YOUR LIFE IS A MESS, PLEASE DON’T MAKE IT WORSE BY STALKING ANY STRANGERS. JUST FINISH YOUR RUN AND GO HOME AND MAKE YOUR PROTEIN SHAKE AND GET THROUGH THE REST OF YOUR TRAGIC, LONELY DAY. So he keeps running his regular loop around the mall, feeling like an idiot, while Sam gets a peaceful 12 minutes or so on his weird (but pleasant! I’m not criticizing!) route.
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Doctor Strange in a Strange Land, or The Transnational Logics of Blockbuster Casting (part one) |
Last week, my Tumblr dashboard was flooded with opinions about the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch as Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the upcoming film of the same name. While some were excited, there was also substantial backlash to the announcement that was echoed in other corners of online fandom. On my own Tumblr dash, concern centered on the casting of a white actor in a role that some had argued should instead go to a non-white actor – a rare breed within the Marvel cinematic universe. That the role ultimately went to an actor already associated with ‘whitewashing’ (Cumberbatch’s casting as Khan Noonian Singh in 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness) seemed to add insult to injury, and resulted in – at least in my small slice of fandom – quite a few people proclaiming their disillusionment with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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august 2015 by timberwolfoz
, I loved your post on your expectations for Civil...
(Still, it’s worth noting that Ultimates - the universe Whedon favors, wherein Steve Rogers is made into a figure of hypermachismo – jingoistic, sexist, homophobic – Bucky is stripped of his importance to Steve, left alive, and effectively castrated: he’s taken from soldier to photographer [a job less “manly” within the language and expectation of 1940s masculinity - think Steve and his anger over the “little red wagon”], and marries a “Peggy” already pregnant with Steve’s child, a cuckhold to a dead Captain America.)

Brubaker’s reboot created a complicated situation, then, because it (literally) de-fridged a character that was only “safe” for Steve to pine for because he was no longer around for that pining to have consequences.  Moreover, Brubaker explicitly shifted Steve and Bucky’s relationship to one of equals: it’s no longer possible to argue that Steve is expressing distress over a needless loss of the life of a child, because reboot!Bucky is not one – at least, no more than Steve, who was now 24 when he died to Bucky’s 20.  Suddenly this is a relationship between equals, and Steve (who now, canonically, woke up screaming Bucky’s name) has spent the last ten years in a rolling timeline, mourning the loss of a friend and comrade-in-arms, rather than a protege or ward, to whom it could be argued he felt some obligation to.  

When I say “that ship has sailed” wrt the Cap franchise and homoerotic subtext, I’m thinking more in terms of that last part.  I should make clear, because I think it’s important, that as much as we may want otherwise, Steve/Bucky is not going to be canon in the MCU.  I don’t say that to be mean or to ruin anyone’s fun, but because I think it’s important to retain realistic expectations regarding the franchise for our own well-being.  But far too often, we see franchises, both film and television, develop a large fan base with an enthusiastic slash following that then experience a corresponding panic – particularly when said franchise has it in their head that their target market is Men And Only Men.
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single female (green) lawyer
I think the fact that it is “Captain America: Civil War” as opposed to “Avengers: Civil War” is very telling.

Because at the end of CA: TWS, Steve is underground, with Natasha speaking for him, when Congress and the Council and probably the UN and the world at large wanted to use him as a scapegoat. Steve is in search for Bucky - who is a wanted assassin who probably also killed Kennedy, not to mention Tony’s parents and countless others.

Which I’m pretty sure many governments would want to get their hands on.

And I’m pretty sure Steve would be VERY FUCKING UPSET ABOUT TBH.

Also this should take place post-Ultron, which means that the entire world has seen what ~superheroes can do when they run unchecked. So it could very well be the Superheroes Vs. Government storyline I have been BEGGING FOR since CA: TWS.

And Steve’s determination to bring Bucky in but absolutely NOT hand him over to the government could be driving a wedge between the Avengers, who try to reason with Steve (you don’t know in what state he’s in, he may be dangerous, he’s blowing up shit left right and center, etc) and Steve goes to ground (with Sam’s help, and Nat’s, and Clint even) trying to find Bucky and fight against the government, Shield, Hydra who still wants their asset AND Captain America.

I think the Russos know what they’re doing. I think Civil War is not doable in MCU, and if they’re borrowing the title to then fit it to an interesting cool narrative that is still Bucky-Steve centric as the Russos have said multiple times, I’m pretty hopeful.
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november 2014 by timberwolfoz
The Sundry Times, Civil War
Setting aside the whole superhero thing, you don’t register a specific segment of the population because you like them. You register them because that’s the first step in being able to round them up and segregate them. That was Steve’s basic and immovable objection — not to having his name made public, since it was already in the comics anyway by then, but to having his name on a list. And while I do fault him for seeming to violently object to making superheroes accountable for their actions, I can’t fault him for stridently objecting to the US government making that kind of list when he last saw lists like that in Nazi-occupied Europe. 
So, you know, by all means, make fun of Civil War, I do that all the time. But keep the mockery of the idea of having to register to a dull roar. That actually is a pretty big deal, and if we say it’s not, that normalizes something I do not want to see normalized. 
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a room of my own
MCU Films Bonus Features Collection

Videos are on Google Drive. Audio commentary tracks are on Mediafire.
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caring is not an advantage | No but I see a lot of gifsets and comments about...
The thing about Steve being part of the so-called greatest Generation isn’t nostalgia, isn’t a reminiscence of the ‘good old days (as we know from his conversation with Sam). Steve appreciates the future, but he’s  just lost in it  He doesn’t know what the fuck he’s supposed to do now, not because he woke up and wow, cell phones! No. He doesn’t know what to do with himself because when he went overseas, when he was fighting World War 2 and when he was fighting with the Commandos, there was a clear line of communication and there was a clear enemy. There were no covert agendas in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Telling Steve you did a lot of nasty stuff during WWII while in the same breath preparing to launch massive drones stand ins which would allow Shield to institute authoritarianism and potentially commit massive genocide is so fucking insulting I don’t even know where to start. 

The greatest thing about Steve in this movie is that he has a fresh fucking set of eyes. That’s the beauty of TWS to me, it’s that it’s a geopolitical thriller as much as it is a superhero movie (if not more). Because what’s the damn difference between SHIELD and NSA, between drones and project Insight? Is it in the name? What’s terrifying about the movie is that Zola’s speech is utterly fucking true. Humanity is willingly relinquishing their freedom. We make jokes about how the CIA is reading our emails, tracking our internet history, and in the meantime gmail throws me ‘recommended’ links based on my email conversations and my latest searches. How far off are we from Zola’s algorithm and more importantly, are we just too jaded to do anything about it?

I’m digressing and this got away from me as usual, so I’ll wrap this up, but what I’m trying to say is that Steve isn’t a Greatest Generation  man because he hasn’t lived enough to romanticize that period. He isn’t naive and he isn’t ashamed of what he had to do. Steve is a man who has principles in a world where principles have gone to shit, and he is trying to find himself in this new context and figure out what the fuck it means to do the right thing now, when Shield and Hydra are one and the same. Because authoritarianism is intrinsically bad, not just because Shield had been infiltrated.
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wage your wars against the one who adores you
I think it’s one of the more interesting relationships in the MCU, and one of the least explored. Bruce’s backstory was modified for the films to be directly linked with Steve. No more gamma bomb and shoving Rick Jones in a ravine—now it’s a failed attempt at a replicated serum that directly causes the Hulk. So let’s talk arrogance. Bruce was sure enough of himself and his research to try the injection on himself, with disastrous results. The whole point is, though, that Bruce knew about Steve before they ever met—his destiny was intertwined with Steve’s from the day he started research on the supersoldier serum. But what is Steve to him? Nothing but data. Maybe, maybe, some old photographs. But much more likely, just charts and graphs and entries into a database. Numbers. Those vials of blood in cold storage. That is Steve Rogers’s legacy for men like Bruce. (Phil Coulson worshipped the hero. Bruce Banner knelt before the altar of the science that enabled him.) In the way of scientists, Bruce and his team may have referred to Steve by name every now and again—his strain of blood may have even had its own name (SteRo, like the HeLa cells)—but he was never a person.

Then the Hulk. Oh, the Hulk. The main emotion associated with him is and always will be anger, but let’s look at the inherent guilt and shame that come from this modified story. The MCU’s Hulk isn’t born in a moment of heroism, but in a moment of arrogance. Bruce becomes a walking reminder that he failed in what should’ve been his life’s work. Betty knows it, Ross knows it, everyone who survived the birth of this monster knows that it is the embodiment of failure. Bruce calls it a nerve, exposed—yes, it is, in more ways than he let on. So he builds his walls, couches his shame in self-deprecation and vague threat, makes it about the anger because who would antagonize the Hulk?

Then Steve is found. And they’re brought together. Steve Rogers is perfect, literally perfect—that’s the point. He is everything gone right, sixty years before Bruce’s time. And worst of all? Steve knows about Bruce. From the moment they meet, Bruce knows that he knows. (“That the only word on me?” / “Only word I care about.”) That just touches on that exposed nerve, because how can you be the failed reflection of perfection and not have it smart? But Bruce, he’s there to play nice, so he does.
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Marvel | MCU - YouTube
Published on 20 Jul 2014
Marvel, an MCU fanvid by lim
Music: Festivo by Keiichi Suzuki

--thanks to Speranza, Astolat, and Kate Bolin x
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single female (green) lawyer
Also, just throwing this out there to make people sad, but…

When he’s thawed out he’s laying down. He was frozen laying down. And the plane hit the water when he was in the pilot seat- we saw that.

Which means he wasn’t knocked out by the initial impact. And it doesn’t look like he drowned, either. He had time to see his expected death coming, after the impact, and lay himself down. My guess is some internal injuries from the crash, followed by freezing to death inside the plane.

So just go ahead an add a little scene in your head of Steve surviving the crash, but knowing that wet and isolated on a field of ice, in a plane that’s still sinking, nobody would get to him in time. But he knows he’s done his job. So he lays down, and closes his eyes, and maybe wonders if anyone will ever find his body, and bring it back to be buried by his mom and dad, since Bucky never was buried. But either way they’ll have a service for him, and that will be nice, and the priest will say the words and he’ll be at rest. And he feels bad, leaving his men, and he regrets everything he never told Peggy, and that he won’t be there for her now, but at least he did his part, right? He got the job done, and that’s what counts. If he dies alone, bleeding out and freezing, that’s all that Bucky got, to. So that’s all right.

I’m not crying. My eyes are just leaking.

…Or the film-makers just aren’t as smart as the people on Tumblr.

you go to your corner
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Silver Cities Rise
I love this in particular for the point about suddenly having privilege when before he had none. (Like those anecdotes from men who discover, after transitioning from female, that they’re treated differently all of a sudden, getting told their work is better than “their sister’s,” etc.) Like, I enjoy fanon’s Social Justice Steve Rogers, but I like him better when he is still in the process of becoming a better person. I like the idea that he occasionally says clueless stuff around Sam about, like, but race doesn’t really matter it’s all about the inside and Sam is like “… No, Steve, the fact that I’m black is in fact something that matters in lots of ways,” that kind of thing. Where he takes over a task for a veteran with a prosthetic arm because he’s big and fast and uses those abilities without thinking before being reminded that she can, in fact, do it for herself.

And what makes that version of Steve Rogers great in my head is that, when he fucks up and does something problematic and gets called on it, he goes “oh, shit, I’d better work on that.”

anyway A+ meta would incorporate into characterization again
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I can’t see them as anything but brothers. Mostly because Steve reminds me so strongly of my big brother.
if we’re talking 616, then yep, definitely. i could see like…a teenage crush situation, but nothing further than that.

mcu, though? those two boys are fucking each other right, left, and sideways.
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