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Jenny Lam MasterChef 2018 Elimination Interview | POPSUGAR Celebrity Australia
Jenny: My cookbook is coming out in March next year. We already started writing and doing photography for the front cover, which is exciting! The book is called Eat Like a Viet and it's very lighthearted, and being Vietnamese-Australian, there are so many cultural things that a lot of my friends and relatives my age don't know, because they grew up in Australia. So the introduction to the book is going to be kind of funny and share things like, for example, if you get invited to dinner, you never tap chopsticks at the table because the superstition is you're going to become poor, or eat before the elders give you permission . . . Just cute things like that, as well as what you'll need cooking as a Vietnamese chef, like a cleaver, all these cool nuances that you wouldn't know unless you're Vietnamese.

There will be 90 recipes and it'll be all about easy, authentic, Vietnamese home cooking. In the meantime, Brendan and I are also going to be at the Good Food and Wine Show with a dumpling stall in Perth. For now, those are my two main projects, and the long-term goal is to open up a cooking school and restaurant in Swan Valley.
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