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batfic: Batfic: "Seven Night"
When he was Robin, things were a lot less complicated. No less psychosexually fucked, but less complicated. Bruce and Bruce's psychoses were over there. Dick and his issues were over here. Just the two of them, beating the crap out of ugly things every night until they almost felt better. Coming home at four in the morning when even the ugly things had gone to bed and staggering like dead men through the house.

He remembers standing in the front hall with no lights on and Bruce hugging him from behind.

It's so wrong that the biggest heart-kick he can remember since he left is Bruce whispering, "I missed you."

He was trying to explain the why of Jason, but still.

It felt so good.
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april 2010 by timberwolfoz
"Your bedroom," Dick says, and Bruce leads the way.
They leave their costumes in the Cave, some boundaries still
being inviolable. It's newly weird to strip down together
now, something they acknowledge with matched smirks of
wry self-consciousness. There's a wardrobe stocked with
workout clothes and robes. Alfred's away at Brentwood,
there's no one upstairs, but they were both raised in this
house; there's no question of their going naked through the
halls of Wayne Manor.
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april 2010 by timberwolfoz
I-Mockery.com - Tales from the Longbox!
When I first heard that Frank Miller was doing a new series for DC's new line of books called All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder (with Jim Lee on art duties), I was very excited to see what he would bring us. After all, he's the man responsible for what most people consider the two most important Batman stories ever told (Year One and The Dark Knight Returns). So I knew we'd be in for a real treat.
Only thing is, I didn't realize what kind of treat we'd be in for. You see, All Star Batman is so unbelievably awful a book, after I read the first issue, I thought there must've been some kind of mistake. I mean, Frank's written some stinkers in his day (see the issue of Spawn he wrote), but he's always done good by Batman. Maybe he was rushed, I thought. Maybe he'd been smoking crack. Maybe the fame from Sin City had gone to his head. Or maybe he got roped into writing a book that he didn't really want to write. There had to be some explanation.
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march 2010 by timberwolfoz

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