Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner Interview Each Other | Access Online
Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner Interview Each Other
FEBRUARY 27, 2015 3:13 PM PST
In 2006, longtime friends and co-stars Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner interviewed each other for Access.
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Mod The Sims - Spock - Son of Sarek
Part two of the Star Trek Original Series 50th Anniversary has arrived! I present you a Ying for a Yang. A science officer for the captain. You've guessed it! Please welcome Spock, son of Sarek, aboard the Starship Enterprise. Let the Bromance begin!
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11 hours ago
protowilson: suavebadass: spocksfatalboner: ...
yanno those white noise sites like rainymood.com or the cafe shop one? i’d like an Enterprise bridge one, please. Soft beeping, maybe some chill version of amok time theme or something, and every now and then the crew calmly issuing orders or reading something sciency. im watching the lights of zetar and this evasive scene? is super calming and i need it on infinite repeat somehow.
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Fandom Grandma — Did you ever get to meet any of the original TOS...
Did you ever get to meet any of the original TOS cast at any convention? Would love to hear stories if you have them!

Yes, I met all the original cast except Bill.

Oh goodness, I have so many stories it’s hard to know what to say here. But I get this question a lot, so I need to just start writing down memories as they come to me or I will never get a post out about this.

Jimmy Doohan (Scotty) gave the best bear hugs in the world. He was not just a cast member but a real Star Trek fan himself.  He loved the show, he loved Scotty, he loved the fans. He was a regular con fixture in the ‘70s, and you must remember that back then there were lots of conventions that had maybe 70 or 80 people in attendance. He didn’t care about audience size ; if you invited him, and he was able to come, he came.

Back then everything happened in one hotel. The con would take over the ballroom and a couple of side rooms, and there was always a welcome suite that acted as organization central. The actors stayed in the same hotel as the guests. It was mostly very amateurish, just a handful of dedicated fans getting a smallish group of people together.  Jimmy, George Takei (Sulu), De Kelley (Bones), and Walter Koenig (Chekov), could all be counted on to stick around and be pretty accessible all weekend.

George would always make an announcement that if anyone wanted to go running with him, to meet him in the hotel lobby (or wherever) at a set time.  Then a group would get together early in the morning and go for a run. He was a pretty hardcore runner, though, so I think most people who went couldn’t keep up with him. 

De always brought his wife Carolyn (I can only think of one time I saw him without her, and he apologized all weekend that she couldn’t make it). They were the sweetest couple, really warm to the fans and, what was especially nice, warm to each other. It was obvious they were best friends. And they’d been married close to 30 years by the time they were coming to those early cons.
Instant Espresso Powder | Ask Nigella.com | Nigella Lawson
We are sorry that you are having difficulty sourcing the instant espresso powder. In Australia we understand that there is a coffee called Moccona Espresso Style instant coffee granules and we feel that this may be the best alternative. However as they are granules rather than powder, they need to be dissolved before use.

To use the same weight of granules as powder, you need to use 1 tablespoon plus 1/2 teaspoon of the espresso instant granules for each 1 tablespoon of powder (or 1 1/8 teaspoons granules per 1 teaspoon powder). You need to dissolve the granules in as little liquid as possible but we usually find that the same volume of just boiled water as coffee works well (1 tablespoon just boiled water for 1 tablespoon granules).
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No-Bake Espresso Chocolate Cheesecake - Baker by Nature
Ok, so let’s talk about flavor for a second. Because this cheesecake has lots of it! And it comes from the chocolate and the espresso powder. So obviously you should use quality brands for both! You know I’m a major fan girl of Lindt chocolate, so I use their 70% dark chocolate in this recipe. And for the espresso powder, I use King Arthur. I highly recommend them both!!!
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MACH: The best and latest in Tech & Innovation | NBC News
No one is saying that any pointy-eared aliens live there, but astronomers have discovered an exoplanet orbiting 40 Eridani A, a star known to "Star Trek" fans as the host star of Spock's home planet, Vulcan.

The newfound exoplanet is 16 light-years from Earth in the Constellation Eridanus. It orbits its host star — a sunlike star with the formal designation of HD 26965 — just inside the habitable zone, where water could exist in liquid form and where life as we know it could be possible.

"It came as a total surprise to us," Jian Ge, a professor of astronomy at the University of Florida and co-author of a new paper about the discovery, told NBC News MACH in an email. "We did not have an intention to look for Vulcan orbiting HD 26965."

Leonard Nimoy as Spock in "Star Trek."CBS Photo Archive / CBS via Getty Images
The exoplanet is about twice the size of Earth and is considered the closest "super-Earth" orbiting a sunlike star. For now, it's known as HD 26965b, in keeping with naming guidelines set forth by the International Astronomical Union. But Ge said he planned to contact the Union to ask that the exoplanet be named Vulcan.
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A battle is under way to end Tony Abbott's 25-year political career
In the hours after Friday's Warringah preselection ballot, party members talked openly of the vote against Abbott being as high as 45 per cent. Behind closed doors, Abbott and his supporters have blamed disgruntled members for inflating the numbers, but a highly unusual decision to keep the outcome of the ballot secret for three days didn't help.

"The so-called progressives in our party who lionised Turnbull were always gong to be upset by his departure and this was just the almost inevitable turbulence in his wake," Abbott says.

"It's just a fact that at any one time there's probably 20 per cent of the local members who would prefer their representative was someone else. Mostly they just grin and bear it but occasionally they get stirred up and express themselves and that's what happened on Friday night."

Abbott also blasted party members for distributing false numbers: "Our Parliament and our political parties are populated these days by people who will smile and smile to your face, and soon as your back is turned will peddle all sorts of dreadful judgements and lies to others, including journalists."

Even Abbott's own supporters concede a 32 per cent protest vote was not just a shot across the bow, but a declaration of war. The army of moderates who had been rolling through neighbouring electorates are now on Warringah's doorstep.
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Space Shenanigans at an Alarming Rate — Fic Recs
An incomplete list of Star Trek TOS/AOS fics I recommend.
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9 Simple Cooking Tricks A Pro Restaurant Chef Swears By
Matbucha (a spicy cooked tomato salad with Moroccan origins), for example, is a versatile dish that all home chefs should learn. You can "eat it by itself, spread it on bread, or dollop it on any grilled meat," says Solomonov. The slow-cooked version is especially worth the effort. Get the recipe here.
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Band Sinister eBook: KJ Charles: Amazon.com.au: Kindle Store
Sir Philip Rookwood is the disgrace of the county. He’s a rake and an atheist, and the rumours about his hellfire club, the Murder, can only be spoken in whispers. (Orgies. It’s orgies.)

Guy Frisby and his sister Amanda live in rural seclusion after a family scandal. But when Amanda breaks her leg in a riding accident, she’s forced to recuperate at Rookwood Hall, where Sir Philip is hosting the Murder.
Guy rushes to protect her, but the Murder aren’t what he expects. They’re educated, fascinating people, and the notorious Sir Philip turns out to be charming, kind—and dangerously attractive.

In this private space where anything goes, the longings Guy has stifled all his life are impossible to resist...and so is Philip. But all too soon the rural rumour mill threatens both Guy and Amanda. The innocent country gentleman has lost his heart to the bastard baronet—but does he dare lose his reputation too?
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Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken Drumsticks | Simply Happy Foodie Instant Pot Recipes
I have never had this dish in an Asian restaurant. Paul and I go to a few really great Asian restaurants, but I somehow missed a dish like this on their menus. Dark meat chicken in a sauce of wonderful garlic, ginger, balsamic vinegar, fish sauce, and honey. Then cooked all day in it!
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2 days ago
Slow Cooker Creamy Tuscan Chicken | Simply Happy Foodie Instant Pot Recipes
My Slow Cooker Creamy Tuscan Chicken recipe has great flavor from creamy garlic sauce with sun dried tomatoes, and tender chicken breasts. Making this crock pot creamy Tuscan chicken recipe is easy, and my whole family loves it!
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2 days ago
St. Anthony & Lost Items : Archbishop Curley High School
For those of us who have lost...
Our health,
Our peace of mind,
Our housing,
Our financial security,
A loved one,
Our dreams,
Our talents,
Our initial zeal,
Our sobriety,
Our faith,
Our self-respect,
Our perspective,
Our innocence,
Our independence,
Peace within our families,
Civil peace,
Our trust in others,
Our virtue,
Our home,
(Please add your own particular loss)

Lamb of God,
You take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us. (3 times)

Let us pray.
All loving God,
You have given us St. Anthony, the patron of the lost, as an intercessor of those who are in need of your mercy. Listen to his voice as he calls out to You on our behalf, and grant those things which will help us grow in Your love. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
4 days ago
Michael (archangel) - Wikipedia
Apart from his being a patron of warriors, the sick and the suffering also consider Archangel Michael their patron saint
4 days ago
Gifts of Inspiration
Anjian giftware sells around the world. A story accompanies each of our gifts. They come beautifully packaged.
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The power of one: How single people are finding a voice
The figures piqued the interest of Clare Payne, the author of One: Valuing the Single Life, a former employment lawyer who is globally recognised for her work in ethics and social issues. Payne began questioning the status of single people when, during her 20s and 30s, she was a single woman working in global firms in Sydney, London and New York.
6 days ago
The Book Seat - The Book Seat
The perfect reading support that holds a book open or a tablet computer in place for you while elevating text. Not only does it allow you to relax and read hands-free, its ergonomic design reduces discomfort associated with holding reading material. 
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WTF Is A Bullet Journal And Why Should You Start One? An Explainer
You may have seen the term "bullet journal" popping up on these here internet webs in the past few months.
In late December, one of my favorite bloggers mentioned she was thinking of starting something called a "bullet journal." As someone who used to be a pretty prolific journaler but who has since gotten out of the habit, I was super intrigued. I followed her link to learn more about the concept, and my immediate reaction was, "Wait...what???" The website's explanation (and this video) left me totally overwhelmed and filled with tons of questions. Like, is it a to-do list or is it a diary? What the fuck is a "future log"? And what kind of to-do list doesn't have you crossing things off, which we all know is the best part of keeping a to-do list?

So I looked at some other bullet journal blogs...and was still confused AF, especially because these beautiful, hyper-detailed layouts seemed so at odds with the barebones pages shown in the video above.
6 days ago
Fairfax-Ipsos poll: One key finding proves the Liberals have made a calculation that defies logic
In fact, Morrison has gone slightly backwards. Turnbull led by 48 to 36 per cent.

This is a damning finding for those within the Liberal Party who intensified pressure on Turnbull to the point where Peter Dutton launched a challenge.

Not for nothing are the plotters known as “the gang who couldn’t shoot straight” in some parts of Parliament House.
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6 days ago
'This will be Abbott's last term': Liberals call time on former PM as tide turns in Warringah
Fairfax Media has been told Mr Abbott - who ran unopposed on Friday - was backed by 46 members, while 38 others rejected his renomination to contest next year's federal election. Mr Abbott disputes this and insists he achieved roughly 70 per cent support.
7 days ago
Binging With Babish
Binging with Babish is a cooking show dedicated to discovering what the delectable (and occasionally horrible) foods from fiction actually taste like.
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7 days ago
Tony Abbott survives shock challenge but may have secured just 55 per cent of vote
The meeting erupted when officials refused to read out the numbers from the secret ballot. Members were heard shouting "disgrace", "transparency is dead", and "release the results".

"Unsurprisingly, when Tony was faced with the truth, Tony was too afraid to front up and reveal just how strong his opposition is," another member said.

NSW Liberal Party figures spent much of Saturday speculating about the result and what might happen next. Fairfax Media has been told by three sources that 46 votes were cast for Mr Abbott, 38 were cast against, and a further nine votes were informal - bringing the total number of members present to 93.

Under party rules, a majority of 50 per cent plus one is required to successfully endorse a candidate. If Mr Abbott did receive just 46 votes, he may have fallen narrowly short of the majority technically required.
8 days ago
Doug Anthony Allstars doco Tick F---ing Tock shows time isn't on their side
The second line included the phrase #MeToo, by which point, he says, "I was literally terrified. 'What have I done?'"

It turned out it was Tim Ferguson, his colleague in the comedy trio, rather than McDermott in the firing line over a series of abusive and sexually explicit notes and drawings faxed to News Corp journalist Candace Sutton in 1990. Even so, he says, "When someone says something of this nature to you... a lot of soul-searching goes on."

That incident is dealt with in an excellent new two-part ABC documentary on the Allstars called Tick F---ing Tock. In it, Ferguson again apologises for causing Sutton distress. Third Allstar Richard Fidler – now a respected broadcaster – admits they were all writing such notes to people and "often you'd sign them 'love and cunnilingus' with a dirty drawing… because that just what we often did".
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8 days ago
Regency rendezvous: inside the world of Jane Austen fandom | Books | The Guardian
“I was the only one in the class who enjoyed it and I felt I was I was the only person in the world who loved Jane Austen as much as I did,” says Andrews, who is now 22 and owns more than 100 editions of Pride and Prejudice alone. Less than a year later, she discovered the true extent of Austen fandom online. She started her own blog, and visited the Jane Austen festival in Bath, where she met a group of like-minded people and formed the Jane Austen Pineapple Appreciation Society. “We organised a picnic towards the end of the festival, and two of us said, a bit offhand, wouldn’t it be fun if we all had a house party together?”
8 days ago
The Liberals' religious right | The Saturday Paper
Ironically, the rise of Morrison has not helped the prosperity of the Liberal Party. As former leader John Hewson notes, Malcolm Turnbull was the biggest single donor before the 2016 election, putting in $1.75 million of his own money.

And the former deputy leader, Julie Bishop, was one of the party’s most successful fundraisers.

“And they’ve just canned the top end of town in terms of tax cuts,” says Hewson. “They’ve threatened a royal commission into the power companies. They’ve dumped the NEG [national energy guarantee]. From a business perspective, there hasn’t been anything positive in what Morrison has said. I reckon it’s going to be hard to tap business for funds.”
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8 days ago
Indira Naidoo’s guide to growing edible blooms in your own backyard
f you want maximum bang for your buck when it comes to what to plant in your garden, you can’t go past edible flowers.

Not only do you get a delicious edible addition to your home-prepared meals, but edible blooms also attract important garden pollinators such as bees and hoverflies, and they create a stunning array of colours and aromas in spring.

Edible flowers have been cultivated by different cultures for thousands of years.
8 days ago
Were the good old days that good?
But I will tell you something: This paper is now filled with the best young news-gatherers since editor Graham Perkin went on a nationwide talent hunt back in the 1970s. And in the era of so-called fake news, we need mainstream media more than ever before.

Those who say The Age has been dumbed down for online clicks ignore the truth. In a much-reduced newsroom there is a greater investment in serious (not boring) stories than in the past. The investigative unit is, without doubt, the best in The Age’s history. Where its predecessor would crank out two big yarns and 20 huge lunches a year, this mob produce massive revelations nearly every week. And they are doing stories no one else will touch.

We have people here who have helped solve murders, expose international corruption, cause royal commissions and call out workplace exploitation. It is the higher purpose of journalism.
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8 days ago
Mod The Sims - Happy mommy - 2! - Clothes for maternity
I created two attractive dresses for pregnant Sims who want to remain fashionable and beautiful even in the period of waiting for the child.
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9 days ago
Mod The Sims - Mommy's Makeover: 8 Maternity-friendly Outfits
Hello fellow Simmers! Inspired by the 'Maternity and Beyond' theme for August/September, I created eight different maternity-friendly outfits for EVERYDAY (not maternity) for your fashionable and trendy pregnant sims. The styles vary so there are plenty of options for all tastes.
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9 days ago
47 Lazy-Girl Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know
6. Contouring can be as simple as the number 3.
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9 days ago
Peregrine falcons on top of 367 Collins Street have webcam watchers awaiting hatching - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Last year, the eggs hatched and two fluffy white chicks emerged and animal lovers were able to watch them grow as their parents brought them food.

But it ended in tragedy with both chicks dying, most likely because they were fed poisoned pigeon.

"We have had trouble previously with the adults catching pigeons that have been incapacitated by bird deterrent-type chemicals that are used to try to eradicate feral pigeons from factories or industrial sites," Dr Hurley said.

"The peregrines feed almost exclusively on other birds, so they see this pigeon lame and they pick it up and it's covered in this fairly caustic gel which the peregrines then ingest themselves."

Volunteers from the Victorian Peregrine Project were unable to take samples from last year's chicks because both carcasses were removed from the nest by the parents within a day.

Peregrine falcon facts:
They mate for life
The female incubates the eggs and when the young hatch, both parents hunt
They fly at speeds of up to 300kph
They mostly eat other birds
They are found across Australia and also overseas, but are not considered common to any location.
"We're unclear exactly what the cause of death was; I'm just surmising on that one," Dr Hurley said.

"[Bird-deterrent chemicals] seems to be the most likely thing."

He said he had been told by Melbourne City Council that the chemical was illegal and no-one had permits to use it within city boundaries — but peregrine falcons hunt up to 10 kilometres from the nest.
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10 days ago
Morrison has failed in handling of Dutton controversy
I was surprised by the number of approaches I had from foreign media - from the United States, Europe and Asia - as the madness unfolded in Canberra. All began with the simple questions: “Actually, what did Malcolm do that was wrong?'' “Just why was he replaced?'' Morrison has decided to just leave such reasonable questions unanswered.

Morrison’s challenge is to attempt to reposition himself and his government to minimise the inevitable electoral fallout. But oddly, he has been acting as if he is the head of a newly elected government, not just another selected leader.
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10 days ago
Sally From Peanuts Made Me A Better Teacher | Kotaku Australia
One of Sally’s quirks, beginning in the ‘70s, is her tendency to talk to the school building. She has one-sided conversations with it, during which she confides her insecurities.

I used to find this silly, but now, as a teacher, I find it sad. She has no one in the school who empathizes with or understands her, no one she trusts enough to go to with her academic struggles. A brick facade is a better confidant to Sally than any of the faculty.
11 days ago
The royal who tried to break up Prince William and Kate Middleton - NZ Herald
They're happily married with three children, but it almost didn't happen for Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, thanks to the alleged conspiring of someone from inside the royal circle.

An author has claimed that a young William was advised by Camilla to ditch Kate Middleton, describing her as "pretty but dim" and from a "lowly" lineage.

According to The Sun, Christopher Anderson's new book, Game Of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate And The Throne, details how Prince Charles's second wife disapproved of Middleton because she lacked aristocracy. She deemed her not good enough to marry into the royal family.
12 days ago
Peter Dutton's backers refused to leave Liberal Party members' offices, demanded they reveal votes during spill - Politics - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Fresh details have emerged about the "nasty" standover tactics employed by some of the Liberal "insurgents" as they tried to build support for Peter Dutton during their failed leadership coup last month.

Key points:
Supporters of Mr Dutton entered fellow Liberal Party members' offices and refused to leave until they signed spill petition
Some Liberal Party members were forced to show their secret ballots to prove which way they had voted
Six of Mr Dutton's key backers have denied involvement in any alleged bullying
Sources have told the ABC that during the "horrible, bruising week", Mr Dutton's backers would enter colleagues' offices uninvited, and sometimes first thing in the morning, and refuse to leave unless they signed the petition to bring on a spill.

One MP said it was only after a "terse exchange" that their colleague agreed to leave.

But that pressure continued on the floor of Parliament where Mr Dutton's supporters would target MPs during divisions and try and force them to add their name to the petition.
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12 days ago
Where government found a home - CBD News
Although today Spring St is synonymous with government, in Melbourne’s early days, government was centred on the western end of what is now the CBD. Superintendent La Trobe and other government officials occupied a range of temporary accommodation in the area, including John Batman’s old house near Batman’s Hill.
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12 days ago
Chelsea Physic Garden, London: A historic botanical treasure
Perhaps it's some Proustian memory of British childhood; the few warm days of summer holidays, the peel of sunburnt skin, the oily slick of Ambre Solaire and the gentle drone of the fat bees that we just don't get in Australia.
13 days ago
The Claudio von Planta Interview - Zulkey.com
Did you know ahead of time how much you'd be on camera for both series? I don't think if you weren't a "character" in it, we wouldn't necessarily think about how much work must have gone into shooting them?
We didn't know upfront how much the filming/producing team will feature in the LWR and LWD series but we decided to include everybody in case something dramatic happens along the way and the story of a team member suddenly becomes relevant - for example Russ crashing his car or me having to replace the GS1150 BMW with the Russian 125cc Red Devil etc.

From a technical perspective, which shoots that you've worked have been the most difficult?
No doubt Rebels of the Forgotten World. In 1989 I didn't have the technology of today and I assembled 120 kg of equipment in water proof boxes to survive this 6 month long expedition. As my main camera I used a 13 kg heavy Beta-SP video camera and for charging the Nickel-Cadmium batteries I built a solar charging system. I also needed a short-wave radio transmitter to communicate with the outside world and I used one of the first satellite navigation systems, which was crucial to organize a helicopter rescue mission at the end of my trip.

If you did another project with Ewan and Charley, would you do anything differently?
I always try to evolve. First of all, the camera technology is getting better and better. We would have better on-board biking camera shots. I would use a lot of High Definition GoPro cameras. They are available since 2010. On the editorial front I would lobby to keep Ewan and Charley as much on their own as possible. Touching base with the production team can be fun and reassuring but it takes the edge of the adventure. Seeing Ewan and Charley solving problems on their own would always be more interesting than relying on the production backup team.

A lot of the work you do involves very serious subject matter: was LWR/D a departure for you?
Yes, the adventure entertainment angle of LWR&D was new to me. Traditionally I produced current affairs films focusing on serious issues like human rights violations, refugee crisis, illegal immigration, AIDS, sex slavery etc. The adventure aspect of my job was incidental. With LWR & D the experience of the adventure became the backbone of the story. I feel it has less purpose than many current affairs films but interestingly you can reach much larger audiences and most people only heard my name because of LWR&D. It's an interesting lesson and I'm trying to apply this for my new projects.
13 days ago
The story of how Cathy McGowan stormed Indi - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
On ABC News Breakfast Thursday, Virginia Trioli put it to McGowan that "you won’t be a kingmaker independent in minority government...you'll just be another vote".

McGowan responded: "There is no 'just' attached to being a member of parliament. I will be the member for Indi, a voice for the electorate."

And in a direct message to the Coalition, she said : "You should have seen this coming, guys."

That surely serves as a warning to the occupants of safe seats everywhere on both sides of politics. Work the turf, no matter how safe the seat. If you don't, another McGowan might be just around the corner.

Having a vote that counts for nothing is no fun. Finding a way to make it count has been a lot of fun for the Voice of Indi, and it just might catch on.
politics  australia 
13 days ago
The only question I have for Liberal men in denial
Among those milling about the CEW dinner were incoming Macquarie chief executive Shemara Wikramanayake, Coca-Cola Amatil chief executive Alison Watkins, REA chief executive Tracey Fellows, Herald and Weekly Times chair Penny Fowler, forrmer Reserve Bank director Heather Ridout, ABC chief Michelle Guthrie, Carnival Australia Chair Ann Sherry. And the mood was defiant.

CEW president Kathryn Fagg, chair of Boral and former Reserve Bank board member spoke of the “deep-seated resentment around women in leadership positions" that had been evident in the frothing about the exit of AMP chair Catherine Brenner, and said the ensuing public attacks on female directors was "harsh, unfair and sensationalist". The message was clear: women need to push back.

In the Liberal Party, the mood is the same. The women are sick of being pushed around, sick of being sidelined or cast aside in favour of less able male colleagues, sick of a culture of “bullying and intimidation” and sick of the paltry attempts to lure women into Parliament, of the shallow, infertile rhetoric about gender equality. We can all see it is no meritocracy and blokes run the show.
15 days ago
Inside the Cold War Between Prince Charles and William and Harry
The closest Harry came to expressing what many believe to be his deep-seated anger towards his father was in a an interview to mark her death when he said: “My mother had just died, and I had to walk a long way behind her coffin, surrounded by thousands of people watching me while millions more did on television. I don’t think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances. I don’t think it would happen today.”  

Although Charles was not mentioned by name it’s hard to see how Harry could have had anyone in mind but his father.

William and Harry spent much more time with Diana than they did with Charles after their parents' divorce, and so were exposed to Diana's loathing and contempt for 'that woman' from an early age—and the relationship with Camilla has not been easy for them to accept.

Another figure who appears at many key moments in this story is Prince Charles's former adviser, Mark Bolland.
15 days ago
Mod The Sims - [No CC] Lemon Tea Habitat - starter, 1x1 1 bedroom 1 bathroom
An inexpensive but stylish starter house for 1-2 sims. Has a tiny backyard that can be turned into a garden.
- another good one for downtown/simcity.
sims2  lots  houses  tobegot 
16 days ago
Ring Sting importer of brides got herself arrested! - r/JUSTNOMIL - snew
Ring Sting attempted to break in to my apartment, AGAIN. She slimed her way past the security desk, faking an emergency, and front desk called 911. The cops showed up just as she was finishing up breaking all the mirrors in my empty flat and attempting to start a fire. (You guys think she was pissed that I slipped through her fingers?)

So attempted arson + vandalism + breaking the RO = homegirl got herself a few week stay in the pokey. My FM and the detective both tell me no one wants to bail her out, and Ex went to see her but refused to post bail for her.

She cleared out exFIL’s joint bank accounts, but apparently the joke was on her since their homes are in his name. ExFIL sent an apology letter to me through my lawyer, offered to cover my legal fees, and let me know that he asked their lawyer to stop. He’s finally woken up. Good for him.

Really hoping this is the end of the tales of Ring Sting. But thought this morsel would be pleasing for you psychic llamas who saw this coming.
16 days ago
Ring Sting and her magic flying carpet. - r/JUSTNOMIL - snew
So a few days pass, security gets upgraded at the place I'm staying, local police are aware of the situation and my current RO, security at work/HR is notified. My family friend that trains K9s sent me a couple of his more high strung dogs to hang out for a bit... So I think I'm pretty prepared if this nutass shows up. I'm also doubting she's going to show up since I am literally on the opposite side of This Great Nation from her, and while she's crazy I (idiotically) kind of doubt she will jump bail.


All 5'0 of Chinese Mother fury shows up at my home at 1:15am. SCREEAAAMMMIINNNNGGGGGG. Dogs are going nuts, neighbors are turning lights on, and this bitch proceeds to break every one of the downstairs windows.
16 days ago
Ring Sting and her magic flying carpet.
It takes police around 10 minutes to show up. But oh man do they show up. Helicopter and at least 5 cars come screaming down the street while Ring Sting is tearing up our living room and LITERALLY POURING BLEACH all over the place. Now, one of my parents is of a certain culture that is famous for its rugs. Parent's children are gifted with rugs every time Parent returns from their homeland. All of us have lots of really beautiful, really expensive rugs all over our homes. This bitch is fucking up my rugs. With bleach. Bleach on my beautiful rugs. Bleaching my beautiful rugs and trying to set the bleach on fire. Again with the fire.

We're huddled in neighbor's living room watching the security cameras on my phone as all of this happens. Dogs have finally shut up and are angrily whining while pacing. Roommate is still on the phone with 911 and narrating what is happening between crying and explosive laughter. We hear the distant wail of fire engines approaching, and it's now about 1:30am with the whole gottdam neighborhood out for the show.

An officer knocks on neighbor's door to find me (we told 911 where we are, and that we were not sure if she had any kind of weapon or someone with a weapon around). I show him security footage as it's happening (by now shes stabbing the fucking leather couches). Cops decide to roll in after using the loud speaker thingy to ask her to come out in both English and Mandarin. All we hear is an incoherent scream and crashing sounds. She tried to run. And my beautiful sweet magic carpet flew out from under her, causing her to crash into our glass coffee table.

You know... I've never been to a war zone. I am very lucky that I live somewhere that never sees real tragedy. Never have I witnessed a bomb go off, or the stench of chemicals and blood. Until I walked into what used to be my living room.
16 days ago
Key men behind Dutton deny speaking to Julia Banks during the spill
The group of conservative MPs behind Peter Dutton's failed campaign to become prime minister say they never personally lobbied the female backbencher whose decision to quit Parliament triggered a political firestorm over bullying and intimidation.

In a series of denials that will deepen the Liberal Party's internal divisions, seven of the Home Affairs Minister's key numbers men confirmed to Fairfax Media they did not contact Victorian MP Julia Banks because her loyalty to Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop was considered insurmountable.

The marginal seat holder last week announced she would quit Parliament after just one term, citing bullying and intimidation from "within my own party" and Labor. The explosive resignation statement was followed by other damaging claims of threats and standover tactics against other female MPs including Lucy Gichuhi and Linda Reynolds.
politics  australia 
17 days ago
Bob Woodward's book details Trump's chaotic and dysfunctional White House | US news | The Guardian
Days after the nation mourned the death of the Arizona senator and Vietnam war hero John McCain, there are bombshell disclosures about the depth of Trump’s disdain for the man. Woodward is reported to describe a dinner at which Trump told senior White House officials that McCain had been cowardly in getting himself released early from a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp.

The defense secretary, Jim Mattis, had to correct the president by pointing out that the truth was in fact the direct opposite – McCain had refused an offer of early release from his captors, out of solidarity with fellow prisoners.

Perhaps the most disturbing element of the Post’s rendition of Woodward’s book is the alarm it portrays among top national security officials about Trump’s lack of grip over world affairs. After one high-stakes meeting in January of the National Security Council over the North Korean missile threat, Mattis was so exasperated he told associates that the president had the understanding of a 10-year-old schoolchild.

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Top officials plot among themselves, the author writes, in a collective effort to thwart Trump from carrying out his more outlandish desires. Senior officials swipe documents from the president’s Oval Office desk so that he cannot act on them.
politics  usa 
18 days ago
The End of the Line (for my sanity) — The Winter Soldier’s Arsenal
Oh boy. I’ve been saving this one because the sheer number of things Bucky has used to kill people overwhelmed me, tbh. It’s going to be … a ride. Here we go.

Yeah. So first of all, The Winter Soldier undoubtedly comes prepared to kick your ass. He’s not going to find himself without a weapon. The thing is, even if he does somehow blaze through the frankly astonishing amount of accoutrements he arrays on his person, he’s still not going to find himself without something that will kill you. Even if his arm is put out of service (or blown off, RIGHT TONY) he’s not going to be without something that will kill you.
meta  buckybarnes  reference  captainamerica  wintersoldier  mcu 
19 days ago
In the Face of Adversity: The Saga of the Parkdale Pigeon - Broadsheet
Pigeons cop a lot of flak, most of which they deserve. They crap on everything. Stump legs are not uncommon. When all you want to do is eat your sandwich in peace, their push for crumbs is relentless. At least their bird call is cuter than a seagull’s, but in the wrong environment their presence can work as a beacon to the flying sea rats.

And yet, despite going unrecognised by the Guardian in its Bird of the Year poll, one pigeon in Parkdale deserves to be recognised as a gleaming example of rebellion, creativity, family values and love. All of this in the face of the bureaucratic-behemoth that is Public Transport Victoria doing its best to keep a little bird down.
parkdalepigeon  melbourne 
19 days ago
Julie Bishop conquered the world – but couldn't face her own party
Bishop doesn't say so, but people close to her say that she couldn't work in a Morrison cabinet and in a leadership group increasingly under the sway of the right-wing faction headed by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

Bishop might have confronted China, Russia and the Trump administration, but she appears to have despaired at the prospect of confronting the Liberal leadership in a post-Turnbull government.

Among the big running arguments that Bishop had been conducting in the government's inner counsels, she had been holding the line on three particularly fraught issues. She was refusing any further cuts to Australia's overseas aid. She was keeping Australia as a participant in a voluntary new international pact on the treatment of refugees. And she was resisting efforts to take Australia out of the Paris climate accord: "What's the point of withdrawing from a voluntary agreement where we're already going to meet our target anyway?" she has argued to colleagues. Bishop's withdrawal may be a signal that she judges these causes to be lost in a Liberal Party at ideological and factional war with itself.

In the end, it seems that while the world was manageable, Liberal Party politics was just too tricky for Julie Bishop.
politics  australia 
19 days ago
Ajay's Simblr
The Loner Family’s new home (1/2 - externals)

Ajay Loner is an Architect, and both he and Lola are bringing in a nice lot of simoleons, so it was time for a step up on the housing ladder.

House was based on this plan, although I tweaked it to add an extra bedroom.

Out front there’s a little covered area and a nice long planter, covered porch and garage access. The back has a covered patio, roof terrace, pool and some planted areas.
sims2  lots  strangetown 
21 days ago
A Maxis Match Made In Heaven -  BIG OL’ HAIR DUMP FOR simhow! I’m super sorry I...

I’m super sorry I couldn’t do the child one, it kept throwing hissy fits :/, but here’s the rest! 

Just a few notes about each (because I like to make sure you know what you’re getting):
sims2  hair  remi  tobegot 
21 days ago
100% low res joke farm (What are the best over 90,000 word fics that you...)
Anonymous asked: What are the best over 90,000 word fics that you have read?


hoo ok here we go
fic  recs  steve/bucky 
23 days ago
ew, throw on an emotional robe
“But it hadn’t always been like this… No, back when they were both growing up on New York’s Lower East Side, during the depths of the depression, the blond-haired adonis was nothing more than a stick-legged young dreamer with his head in the clouds and his hands forever drawing. Arnie Roth was the same age as Steve Rogers – but he was bigger, faster, stronger…” (Captain America #270)
marvel  mcu  steverogers  arnieroth  buckybarnes 
23 days ago
Killer Gays of the Galaxy
(I don’t know what specifically you’re looking for in a fic so I chose ones I’ve read before and liked– you can find more on ao3! Fics with ** contain mature content, all fics have a happy ending and most are just fluff lol)
fic  recs  k/s 
23 days ago
Dark tourism, bright future: Ararat's plan to attract more visitors - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
As the only Australian town home to two former mental asylums, Ararat in western Victoria has a unique and dark history, and the local council plans to use that to its advantage to tap into the co-called dark tourism market.

Dark tourism involves travel to sites that are marked by death, suffering or trauma.

Media player: "Space" to play, "M" to mute, "left" and "right" to seek.
AUDIO: The ethics of 'dark tourism' (Blueprint for Living)
Ararat Rural City Council's tourism manager Julie Kilpatrick said dark travel was a niche market.

"Ararat has one of the best examples of dark tourism," she said.
australia  tourism  ghost 
25 days ago
Malcolm Turnbull axing leads Chisholm MP Julia Banks to quit Parliament after leadership spill
her colleagues told Fairfax Media she came under intense pressure from conservative colleagues in the lead-up to the leadership ballot on Friday.


The Liberal Party is teetering on the brink of extinction
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Several MPs have named conservative Victorian MP Michael Sukkar as one of those who put pressure on MPs to vote for Mr Dutton but Fairfax Media was told he did not speak to, email or text Ms Banks last week.
politics  australia 
25 days ago
The Liberal Party is teetering on the brink of extinction
But in its current state the Liberal Party cannot even organise an assassination, let alone run the country.

Although it is tempting to focus on the personalities, the betrayals and the poisonous personal feuds, there is much more at stake amid the current chaos within the federal Coalition. The government of the nation is paralysed. And the Liberal Party is teetering on the brink of permanent schism or even extinction.
politics  australia 
25 days ago
Nightvisions by Carol A Frisbie, Susan K James
As Kirk heard the approaching steps he raised his head looking directly at Spock and asked in a quiet, low voice:

"Is that you, Bones?"

His eyes looked wide open and unblinking at the Vulcan, and Spock knew. Kirk was blind.
k/s  fic  kirk/spock 
25 days ago
Steal A Peet: dothesmustle - Page 2
I finally got around to uploading my sims. It took forever, because bodyshop HATES me.
- source for nathan peet (partner/husband of helena summerdream)
sims2  sims  tobegot 
26 days ago
togina (Can I make a drabble request? one where steve and...)
“We can backdate some photos, create speculation articles and date them to the media frenzy when SHIELD pulled Steve out of the ice,” she outlined, writing with a stylus on a screen she tugged into the air from her phone.  “That way it will look like this has been brewing for awhile, potentially since the forties.”

“Hear that, Stevie?” Bucky muttered, too quiet for anyone else to hear the amusement curled like syrup through the words.  “It’ll be like you’ve loved me since the forties.”

“Jerk,” Steve shot back, the word no more than a puff of air too far from Bucky’s ear to make him shiver.  No one but Steve noticed the flush it brought to Bucky’s cheeks.

Pepper didn’t ask Steve and Bucky for their input, and Steve was grateful for that, too.  He knew nothing about publicizing a fake wedding—admittedly, he knew nothing about real weddings either, since the last wedding he went to had been in 1944, using shredded SSR files as confetti while Peggy’s secretary and her new husband had signed their names on the appropriate lines.  He assumed that most weddings weren’t held in sub-basements with crotchety colonels officiating, or followed by rowdy bar brawls when the Commandos had imbibed too much free beer.
fic  tumblr  steve/bucky 
26 days ago
The damage is done as the Coalition has lost the trust of jaded voters | Peter Lewis | Australia news | The Guardian
Here’s the thing about being an addict. There are actually no surprises. You know what you are doing is no good for you; you know the people around you will inevitably get hurt by your indulgences. But in that moment none of it matters because the high is so damn good.

As the Liberal party surveys the wreckage of their weeklong binge of leadership blood-letting, the madness at the centre of their lust for power is becoming clear. The government has been hit hard in both support and reputation, more in anger than in sadness, by a jaded electorate sick of playing the role of enabler.
politics  australia 
26 days ago
Mod The Sims - SoHo Townhouse Starter Apartment Building with Home Business 1 of 3~Part of The Living in SoHo Series
These Brownstone townhouse starters are the last part of this series. The ground floor storefront is suitable for almost any business. Homes are in move in condition with all plumbing.
- see other houses in soho for simcity. Could be useful for a JRO startup or some of the other ALT groups.
sims2  lots  houses  tobegot  simcity 
26 days ago
Strange Tomato
General Buzz’s ghost is very aggressively haunting the Specter lot, and his thought balloons make me really sad. He constantly thinks about Tank and also about Ripp with a big X through him, but nothing at all about poor little Buck. It aligns pretty well with the way he thought about them (or didn’t) for most of the time he was alive.
sthwc  sthwcmeta  sims2 
26 days ago
Mathias Cormann could have made one phone call to change the course of history - Politics - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
There was a moment last Thursday night when blood-curdling horror flashed across Mathias Cormann's face.

He had realised that his best mate Peter Dutton didn't have the numbers to become prime minister after all.

One witness said the normally unflappable, inscrutable political professional had the look of someone who'd gladly commit murder.

Mathias Cormann doesn't like to lose.
politics  australia 
27 days ago
power aspiration penguin
Thought I’d make a little index for my makeover downloads so they’re easier to find, rather than forcing people to go through my tag. Any without links means I haven’t got to them yet, but check back! Sim names in brackets are simply “serving suggestions” - they don’t come with sims or anything like that :)
sims2  lots  makeovers  tobegot 
27 days ago
It’s no wonder Australians are so annoyed
It’s important to remember that Parliament is a hot house environment at the best of times. A slim majority just adds more humidity. Everything is magnified. It’s a petrie dish for schisms. People with a score to settle have an already unstable environment in which to foment discontent.

Once the bomb throwers of instability set about their task it gets even more edgy. Sniping and undermining creates that air of uncertainty that breeds stupidity. Decent people rightly go on alert. Sadly, some have shown their capacity to make the right decision under pressure isn’t great. It’s not terminal for them. Their colleagues and the media now realise their capacity to read the political landscape isn’t great. Hopefully they see it themselves. They’ll be more careful next time.
politics  australia 
27 days ago
Angry Bride Disowns Friends And Family In Scorched Earth Facebook Rant
I love nothing better than a tale about an angry bride going absolutely to town and unleashing her fury on all the people who’ve wronged her, and oh boy, this one really is the mother of them all. Grab a snack and pour yourself a beverage, folks, then prepare yourselves for a wild fucking ride.

A series of screengrabs, shared this week on That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming then on Reddit, tell the story of Susan, a bride who demanded cash from her friends and family to help throw her $60k dream wedding, then became increasingly unhinged and unstable when nobody would cough up.

The post starts out in highly dramatic fashion, with Susan cancelling her wedding four days out, then vowing to delete her Facebook and spend the next two months on a backpacking trip in South America, ridding herself of “toxic energy brought on  my my friends and family.”
28 days ago
WhatsApp messages reveal why Julie Bishop lost
Explosive WhatsApp messages between Liberal MPs reveal why Julie Bishop never stood a chance in last week's second leadership ballot.

In the group chat messages leaked to ABC Insiders, MPs are warned of an alleged plot by Peter Dutton's backers to defeat Scott Morrison by spreading misinformation about the level of support for Ms Bishop from her fellow West Australians.

"[Senator Mathias] Cormann rumoured to be putting some WA votes behind Julie Bishop in round 1. Be aware that this is a ruse trying to get her ahead of Morrison so he drops out & his votes go to Dutton," came the warning from Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher.
politics  australia 
28 days ago
London Curiosities
Magpie Alley that cuts between Bouverie Street and Whitefriars Street has a hidden treasure, for beneath the railings of a new office development, down in the basement is this 700-year-old crypt displayed in a glass case. This is the only remains of the Whitefriars Monastery that has lain hidden for hundreds of years beneath a house, where the vault was used as a coal cellar. This medieval crypt offered sanctuary in the Middle Ages for thieves, murderers, and prostitutes as the lawmen of those times were afraid to enter this monastic crypt.
london  history  travel 
28 days ago
Hello Rupert, bye-bye Malcolm | The New Daily
Anyone who doubts Rupert Murdoch’s role in the political chaos that has played out in recent days has never worked for him at a senior level.

Murdoch’s annual visits to Australia invariably trigger seismic events both in and outside News Corp, the company he’s presided over for decades.

So is it any surprise that Malcolm Turnbull has lost his job less than a fortnight after Murdoch arrived here? Of course it isn’t.

Murdoch flew in on August 10 and set about doing what he always does: he attended the annual News Awards, which fete the company’s best and brightest journalists, conducted one-on-ones with his editors and then signed off on the inevitable promotions, demotions and executions of the company’s most senior staff.
politics  australia 
29 days ago
New Prime Minister Scott Morrison will bring no end to mad dance for Liberal Party
Dutton didn’t say a word. He didn’t need to. From the outset, Abbott criticised, baited, tormented and destabilised the Turnbull government. As the new deputy Liberal leader, Josh Frydenberg, told Channel Nine in April: “Tony Abbott, I mean, he’s is always going to cut across what the prime minister has been saying lately.”
politics  australia 
29 days ago
Top public servant rubbishes claims he cut off phone and email access to Dutton backers
The nation’s top public servant has rejected as “false reporting” claims that Malcolm Turnbull instructed officials to cut off email and phone access to disloyal ministers in a bid to thwart Peter Dutton’s leadership push.

Martin Parkinson, head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and Australia’s top-paid bureaucrat, on Saturday issued a strongly worded statement denying a front page story in The Australian that claimed Mr Turnbull ordered the “swift and furious” payback against frontbenchers who had moved their support to Mr Dutton.
politics  australia 
29 days ago
Julie Bishop was no 'Lady Macbeth'
But this was never about winning elections, which is perhaps the most peculiar part of a peculiar week. Once, such consistently high, definitively favourable polling might have on its own been sufficient to propel a candidate to leadership. One who reportedly no longer wanted to serve as a man’s deputy.

The inevitable cliches of course quickly emerged. The headlines proved the adage that the moment a woman sticks her head above the parapet, hoary stereotypes kick into play: "Malcolm Turnbull in a skirt."

In The Australian, while Peter Dutton was the “Brickie’s son”, and Morrison the "Lieutenant", Bishop was not lawyer and deputy leader, but “Lady Macbeth”. The lead to the profile of her read: “Julie Bishop’s enemies in the Liberal Party call her the 'cockroach' because for 11 years she has survived as deputy to four leaders; Brendan Nelson, Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott and Turnbull again.”
politics  australia 
29 days ago
Pointless: Australian democracy is now an even bigger laughing stock
It achieved no benefit on any level but came at great cost to the government and to Australia.

There was no great principle at stake. The only policies at issue could have been worked through with a bit of goodwill, as Malcolm Turnbull said. The new prime minister isn’t even as electable as the one he replaced.

Only 54 per cent of the Australian electorate had even heard of Scott Morrison in an April recognition poll conducted by the Australia Institute.

In truth, a piece of factional foot-stamping within the ruling party created an earthquake.

It brought down a prime minister, destabilised the government, damaged the standing of the ruling party, unsettled the country, and made Australian democracy an even bigger laughing stock. Without satisfying the disgruntled faction that started it all.
politics  australia 
29 days ago
Abyss stares back at the Liberals
So what was all that about? After a week of self-destruction and the evisceration of a prime minister, Liberal parliamentarians decided, essentially, for more of the same sort of leadership they had had before, or, at the least, against rewarding those plotters against the prime minister. They looked at the abyss on offer from Peter Dutton, the abyss looked back, and they turned and walked away.

Most Australian political leadership contests leave a field strewn with blood, from which the victors declare, piously, that the vanquished must now unite behind them, with everyone, once they have regained their breaths, likely to be better off as a result of the resolution of a problem. Malcolm Turnbull was himself ruthless in twisting the knife in the belly and back of former leaders and no stranger to flesh wounds. He cannot complain about a lack of loyalty, or a sense of being cheated. What’s different about this is that it is difficult to say how the government, or the Liberal Party, is better off as the result of his assassination.
politics  australia 
29 days ago
How coup capital status is hurting Australia | afr.com
Long before the US comedian John Oliver realised there was gold to be mined from Capital Hill in Canberra, the cultural cringe had been displaced in the minds of many Australians by a sense of political inferiority.

Tony Abbott's penchant for raw onions, Barnaby Joyce's response to Johnny Depp's Yorkshire terriers, and a conga line of here-today-gone-tomorrow prime ministers have made Australian public life an international laughing stock.

Those looking for antipodean political star power and stability have increasingly found it over the Tasman Sea, from Jacinda Ardern, the new mum PM who has almost achieved cult status, and John Key, who won three back-to-back elections.

By contrast, Australia had three different prime ministers during a single trimester in 2013. As the BBC's Australia correspondent, I once dubbed Canberra "the coup capital of the democratic world". I wish now I had copyrighted the phrase.
politics  australia 
29 days ago
Leadership spill: the most beloved memes and tweets
If it's astute political commentary you're after, turn back now. My colleagues will have you well covered in that domain. So if you're still with me, feast your eyes on some of the stellar ways social media has processed the leadership spill.
politics  australia 
29 days ago
Peter Dutton and the other losers will be lucky to avoid seeing his career turn to ashes
Peter Dutton reached for the leadership trophy and found himself clutching a funeral urn instead. He will be lucky to avoid seeing his career turn to ashes.

Dutton exaggerated his support and fooled too many of his colleagues and some in the media. His tactics brought government to a halt. Rather than clearing the air, his ambition choked the Parliament.

The stench will linger within the Liberal Party for some time.

Three cabinet ministers claimed in public that Turnbull had lost majority support among his colleagues and that they had to bring the leadership dispute to a head.

They were wrong. The vote on Friday showed the government could have kept its head, in more ways than one, if those three ministers had kept theirs.

Mitch Fifield, Mathias Cormann and Michaelia Cash said Malcolm Turnbull had lost majority support.

Photo: Alex Ellinghausen
Mathias Cormann, Michaelia Cash and Mitch Fifield resigned their portfolios to bring on the spill. Fifield switched camp to Morrison. They may be restored to the ministry but Australian voters would be right to raise a question. Do they deserve saving?

Those who did the numbers for Dutton, such as Victorian conservative Michael Sukkar and ACT Senator Zed Seselja, heavied their way through the party room to force colleagues to sign up.

“Their reputations have been shredded this week,” says one MP.

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politics  australia 
29 days ago
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