Образы и модели – Danil Kovchiy – Medium
«дизайнер из команды Яндекс.Поиска»: у тебя в голове веб-технологии с их возможностями и проблемами, n-мерное пространство экспериментов, закон больших чисел, пробирки с оттенками синего и так далее. У других: «Учти, что на четверке тени не работают», «Высота строки не настраивается», «Давай раска�%8
6 weeks ago
Exactly what to say when recruiters ask you to name the first number… and other negotiation word-for-words – interviewing.io blog
Exploding offers, in my book, are the last bastion of the incompetent. The idea goes something like this… if we give a candidate an aggressive deadline, they’ll have less of a chance to talk to other companies. Game theory for the insipid.
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8 weeks ago
Don't Do This in Production · Stephen Mann
The department that built the product had recently come into existence, and they hired a team of developers without having a technical person on staff to vet them. It’s difficult enough for a technical person to vet a developer – I can’t even imagine vetting a candidate without having a technical background. They hired the first developer, and he vetted the second developer, and so on until they had a development team.
8 weeks ago
What the f*** is the edge?
I still remember a call with a potential investor I had a while ago at deepstreamhub, a company selling realtime data servers to enterprises. Things were going well, we churned through the technical concepts, use cases, customer adoption and business metrics and she seemed to like what she heard. But then her tone of voice lowered - a long pause ensued, and I could tell that she was about to ask something really, REALLY important. I braced myself - here it came:

"But is it ... on the edge?"
9 weeks ago
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