Starting a Business in Silicon Valley
When it comes to starting a business, Silicon Valley is kind of a special place. You can start a successful business anywhere in the world, but no other place has the home of Google, Apple, Facebook, Tesla, and Netflix. Startup accelerators like Y Combinator and 500 Startups seek out new and perhaps inexperienced talent and give them the money and guidance they need to serve billion dollar markets. Angel investors rich on the Silicon Valley gold rush try their hand at investment, writing $50,000 checks in the coffee shops of Palo Alto - the birthplace of the personal computer. Stanford University pushes out some of the world's most talented minds and nearby Sand Hill Road feeds them cash from billion dollar Venture Capital funds.

Silicon Valley is the place where Mark Zuckerberg - a college drop out - was given $500,000 to continue development on a website that made no money. Zuckerberg, who is the same age I am, is now worth $70 billion.
16 days ago
SHA256, a by The Books Implementation - WebAssemblyCode
The source code makes references to the FIPS specification and uses the same variable names, explanations, when needed, are added. For instance, here is how the specification explains the SHA256 constants:
crypto  webassembly 
4 weeks ago
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