Depaul Box Co
Moving boxes that benefit a youth homeless charity.
uk  moving  boxes 
4 weeks ago
Japan VegeMap
Vegan and vegetarian food in Japan (in Japanese)
food  japan  vegan  vegetarian  restaurants 
4 weeks ago
How the sandwich consumed Britain
It’s still mystifying to me that something so soggy and disappointing could be so popular.
food  uk  culture  sandwich 
4 weeks ago
The Boomtown That Shouldn’t Exist
‘Cape Coral, Florida, was built on total lies. One big storm could wipe it off the map. Oh, and it’s also the fastest-growing city in the United States.’
environment  florida  cities 
4 weeks ago
Common Crawl
‘We build and maintain an open repository of web crawl data that can be accessed and analyzed by anyone.’
web  crawler  search  spider 
5 weeks ago
History of the Arrow
As a direction indicator, it’s more modern than you’d think.
typography  wayfinding  design 
7 weeks ago
How to Make MOCK Eel Bowl / Unadon
Aubergine-based mock unagi rice bowl.
recipes  vegan  japanese 
8 weeks ago
Product that are ‘accidentally or unintentionally vegan’.
vegan  uk 
september 2017
My $169 development Chromebook
A development environment without rooting.
chromebook  security 
july 2017
Do passports restrict economic growth?
Nationality is immoral: ‘Many countries ban employers from discriminating among workers based on characteristics we can't change […] But, mostly, our passport depends on the identity of our parents and location of our birth.’
economics  history  migration  immigration  passport  nationality 
july 2017
The derelict town right under London's nose
About Silvertown, which I've passed many times on the DLR.
london  cities 
july 2017
Fine Prints: Japanese, Pre-1915
Ukiyoe from the US Library of Congress
art  japan  ukiyoe 
july 2017
After Brexit: the UK will need to renegotiate at least 759 treaties
‘FT research reveals that agreements with 168 countries must be redone just for Britain to stand still.’ It can’t possibly be a success.
brexit  uk  politics  economics 
june 2017
David Davis & Brexit Negotiations
In summary, he’s manifestly incompetent, unlikely to put in the work required, and the only plausible outcome is that he walks out of negotiations and blames the EU for his own failings.
uk  politics  brexit 
june 2017
‘Colormind is a color scheme generator that uses deep learning. It can learn color styles from photographs, movies, and popular art.’
design  colour 
may 2017
Creepy-crawly-inspired open-source robot.
robotics  3d-printing  open-source 
april 2017
Rent an onward ticket for $10 for countries that require you to have one.
travel  flight  visa 
january 2017
Free and open cross-platform data sync (like BitTorrent Sync).
sync  linux 
january 2017
Lakland Bass Setup With Carl Pedigo (Part 1 of 2)
Shows a different technique for setting neck relief to the one I'm familiar with. It looks easier.
bass  setup 
november 2016
Web Bloat Score Calculator
‘Compare size of a page to a compressed image of the same page’.
webdev  bloat 
november 2016
‘[A]n email-based, passwordless authentication service that you can host yourself’ that ‘considers itself a spiritual successor to Mozilla Persona.’
webdev  authentication  passwords 
november 2016
In defence of freedom of movement
‘The default position, in discussions such as this, is that immigration controls are the norm and that those advocating free movement have to justify what is seen as an outlandish position. I want to turn this claim on its head.’
politics  borders 
october 2016
SAP’s web UI framework. Reported to have excellent accessibility by default (ARIA etc.).
javascript  framework  ui  webdev 
october 2016
The Rise of Hateful Little England
‘[T]he greatest single destruction of economic value ever carried out deliberately as an act of policy by a British government.’
uk  politics  brexit 
october 2016
Sociologist Jay Coakley on Why Sports Are a Religion in America
‘Why questioning the value of sports is seen as blasphemy.’
sport  culture 
august 2016
The War on Cash
The civil liberties implications of eliminating cash.
privacy  culture  money  banking  economics 
august 2016
Pure Lua signal processing framework for software-defined radio.
sdr  lua 
july 2016
How big an issue is the nausea problem for Virtual Reality products?
According to someone who worked in military flight simulation, it's insurmountable.
3d  vr  health 
may 2016
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