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Git Overview - IMHO
Excellent Git overview if you already use a DVCS
git  tutorial  scm  dvcs 
february 2010 by thomasn
Amazon Web Services Developer Community : Using Parameterized Launches to Customize Your AMIs
Build an AMI that can be started with parameters -- for example, specifying which EBS volume to mount.
ruby  deployment  amazon  tutorial  ec2  aws  ami 
march 2009 by thomasn
Installing the latest Mephisto (and you probably have rails 2.1.0 gem installed) - Mephisto Blog | Google Groups
Using Rails 2.1 with Mephisto 0.8 -- vendor/rails/railties/environments/boot.rb needs to be copied into config/boot.rb
mephisto  rails  howto  tutorial 
october 2008 by thomasn
Setting up a new remote git repository
Git - push a local Git repo to a public server
git  tutorial  TODO 
october 2008 by thomasn
Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials
Includes claim code for DreamHost $70 discount
rails  tutorial  RubyOnRails  dreamhost  coupon  claim  code  dmmrails 
february 2006 by thomasn

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