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If it’s hot, airy churches like San Giovanni provide the weary pilgrim with a spiritual and physical oasis. Most likely, you’ll be sweaty and your feet sore from treading the miles of cobblestone streets in the Eternal City. Walk up the worn marble steps of San Giovanni and enter. Head down the left aisle and, at the end, you’ll notice a striking silver reliquary in the shape of…a foot. Inside this reliquary is the foot of Saint Mary Magdalen. (This is Rome, folks, so get used to seeing bones encased in elaborate gold and silver surrounded by vigil candles and corpses under altars and many other things that will certainly strike some Americans as odd or macabre. The Church has been doing this for ages.)
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The Fitness-Friendly Way to See Rome’s Bloody Side
If you’re visiting Rome and want a change from the Colosseum or the Sistine Chapel, why not explore the city’s walls? These are among the oldest and best preserved of their kind in Europe. And, if you know where to look, their stones have many stories to tell, of Rome’s most traumatic and violent moments. Somehow Rome emerged as the extraordinary, beautiful and fascinating city it is today. A tour of the city’s walls, sites of so many traumas and disasters, shows us how remarkable this is.
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