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Sayuri - silvercistern - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
Released from prison after five years, Oikawa Tooru is greeted by a world that he barely recognizes. His career is over, his family's splintered, the love of his life is in the arms of his worst enemy, and all of his go-to hair products have been discontinued.

On the positive side, Japan has legalized gambling while he was away. Which is convenient, since he’s at the point where he can’t get any lower.

Time to get the gang back together and rob the most luxurious casino in Tokyo.

Here, have a heist AU.
fandom:haikyuu  status:multichapter  status:incomplete  source:ao3  author:silvercistern  pairing:iwaizumi/oikawa  pairing:bokuto/akaashi  pairing:ushijima/iwaizumi  pairing:hanamaki/matsukawa  pairing:kageyama/hinata  pairing:tsukishima/yamaguchi  pairing:kuroo/kenma  pairing:daichi/suga  pairing:asahi/nishinoya  genre:au  genre:crime  category:ptsd  category:bipolar  character:ensemble  status:dead 
june 2017 by thirteenhours

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