The rise and fall of the Gopher protocol | MinnPost
It was mid-March 1992, and Mark McCahill had never been to San Diego before. Back home in Minneapolis, the skies had been dumping snow for six months, and would…
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august 2016
A Brief History of the ''War on Cops'': The False Allegation That Enables Police Violence
A Brief History of the "War on Cops": The False Allegation That Enables Police Violence Thursday, 21 July 2016 00:00 By Dan Berger , Truthout | Op-Ed font size…
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july 2016
Categorizing the Orlando response: The four paths
It’s interesting to observe the multiple contending ways different folks are trying to define the tragedy that occurred in Orlando. You have many “security…
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june 2016
Where Is Black Lives Matter Headed?
Alicia Garza, a labor organizer in Oakland, espouses a type of ecumenical activism. Credit Photograph by Amy Elkins for The New Yorker On February 18th, as part…
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march 2016
osx - What functionality do 'marks' offer in the El Capitan Terminal? - Ask Different
"The new Terminal marks (available starting with OS X 10.11 - El Capitan) are similar to Bookmarks, which are also available in the Terminal, allowing you to mark window positions and then giving you the option of going back at a later point.

"Marks (or Bookmarks) don't refer to your command history, but to the scroll buffer used in the Terminal window/tab."
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october 2015
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